Decisions of the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges

This list includes those since 2009 which are or were found online in their orignal PDF form (machine searchable and readable for the blind). At present, those for before FY 2015 are no longer online, so the following provides links to a local archive when copies exist. There are many that are not online, perhaps because they were withdrawn so they have no link in the following list, or the staff simply failed to put them online. Click here for a list. (I am trying to get copies, but I don't seem to be able to get a response out of county officials.)

The earlier zoning case files are being placed online. Those for 2014 and before are available. These are a scan of the entire case file, including a copy of the order, plats, appeals, etc. If you need one that is prior to 2015, try the following to get it. Enter the year and the case number and click "Get!". If you get a 404 error, it is not yet available through this utility (maybe doesn't exist).
Year    Number    

As an alternative, use MyNeighborhood, find the property by address and, from the Layer List, make sure that "Zoning History Cases" is turned on, click the 3 dots to the right to make sure that pop-ups are enabled. Then click on the property that shows cross-hatching and step through the displays until the desired case is shown, scroll down to "More info" and click to download. This currently contains cases up through 2014.

Variance, Special Exceptions, etc.

Entries highlighted in light red are those in which the owner of this website appeared or testified (or will) as a protestant or petitioner.
Items highlighted in light blue were attended out of interest.
Those without entries in the last column are mostly requests for setback variances or narrow lots.

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Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2018-0001-ANicholaos G. and Victoria A. Diacoloukas7515 Days Woods CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0002-AP & S Builders, Inc.499 A Epsom RoadVariance 
2018-0003-AJay M. King13410 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin Variance 
2018-0004-APaul and Margherita Virgintino2313 Estate AveVariance 
2018-0005-SPHArkady and Svetlana Klimenko5158 Byerly RoadSpecial Hearing 
2018-0006-ARandi and Erik Kaustel206 Dumbarton RoadVariance 
2018-0007-SPHXBaltimore County Game and Fish Protective Assoc. of Glen Arm3400 Northwind RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionCommunity building
2018-0008-A Familia Posterus, LLC3120 W Golf Course RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0009-AGregory T. Pederson and Stacey L. Kerr104 Greenbrier RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0010-SPHWellhan and Guang Li8334 Bletzer RdSpecial HearingDismissed
2018-0011-SPHAHarold Jolle and John Grewe, Owners;
Masen Jolle, Purchaser
Wilson RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0012-AMary Linda Haddaway1712 Beechwood AveVariance 
2018-0013-AChesapeake Custom Properties, LLC 3200 Grace RoadVariance 
2018-0014-ADaniel and Yehudis Hutman 6702 Maurleen RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0015-SPHAProsperity Investment Enterprise, LLC2507 North Point Rd Parking 19/20, business parking in res.
2018-0016-AFrank L. Cherry 3rd and Pamela L. Cherry1931 Hillside DrAdmin Variance 
2018-0017-SPHJohn M. and Adrian Goodman7702 Bay Front RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0018-A, 2018-0019-A, and 2018-0020-ASt. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, Inc.26, 28 and 30 Shipley RdVariance 
2018-0021-ADonna Lee Dolly and Theresa M Ash962 Lance AveVariance 
2018-0022-AThomas S. and Alisha D. Wrightson9134 Philadelphia RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0023-SPHAAvadhut Donuts, LLC6100, 6102 & 6104 Old Frederick RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking33/53, signage limits
2018-0024-SPHDeborah J. Cascio and Terri L. Miller1937 Silver LnSpecial HearingCombine 2 lots
2018-0025-ACraig Andes2124 Alma AveVariance 
2018-0026-AJoseph L. and Karen C. Jenkins111 Gothard RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0027-AMichael & Sue Ann Glover601 Upland RdAdmin variance 
2018-0028-ARichard and Gloria Bruzdzinski2501 Holly Neck RdVariance 
2018-0029-AAvrohom Y. and Elisheva Goldsmith6812 Cherokee DrVariance 
2018-0030-XHHK Farms, LLC, owner;
OneEnergy Development, LLC leesee
1139 Monkton Rd Solar array
Appealed, CBA hearing 9/20/18+
2018-0031-ARichard T. and Karen T. Shortess13414 Longnecker RdVariance 
2018-0032-SPHJohn F. and Ann R. Whelehan2712 Holly Beach RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0033-A9800 Reisterstown Road, LLLP9800 Reisterstown RdVarianceParking 99/193
2018-0033-A9800 Reisterstown Road, LLLP9800 Reisterstown RdCorrectionParking 99/197, restriction on signs
2018-0034-AGeraldine E. and Joseph W. Bonner Sr.1003 Nicodemus RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0035-ACharles A. and Giovanna E. Gilman11106 Greenspring AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0036-ADaniel R. and Ashley L. Easton2113 Lodge Farm RdAdmin Variance 
&  08-0886
CR Golf Club, LLC11700 Falls Road Development Plan 
2018-0038-AAnita Delahay829 Loyola Drive Admin Variance 
2018-0039-AAdam R. and Chaya B. Caine 6800 Darwood DriveAdmin Variance 
2018-0040-SPHAJune 7, 3:302918 Willoughby Rd  
2018-0041-ABruce B. and Kimberlee A. Eline604 Stone Barn RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0042-SPHA 221 Oak Ave  
2018-0043-AThelma Lee Podles7214 River Drive RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0044-AJane Beach1230 Engleberth RdVariance 
2018-0045-AJohn J. Squires Jr. and Elizabeth Squires 10882 Sandringham RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0046-A 4029 Holly Knoll Dr 3 horses, withdrawn
2018-0047-XDec 18, 10am15637 York Rd Solar pannels - 9a - granted
Appealed, CBE hearing 8/21/18+
2018-0048-SPHXAMahe Properties, LLC, Owner;
Mission Maryland, LLC, Lessee
6328 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceParking, signs
2018-0049-AEleanor M. Pettipaw and David Hardell2826 Ridge RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0049-AEleanor M. Pettipaw and David Hardell2826 Ridge RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2018-0050-SPHXOct 2, 1:30 - Royal Farms107 Mt Carmel Rd Floor space of 11,576 sf
2018-0052-XADonald E. and Kathleen Lippy, Owners;
New Source Generation, LLC. Lessee
15700 Hanover RdSpecial Exception and VarianceSolar facility, denied
Appealed, CBA hearing 9/18/18+
2018-0053-ALarry M. and Susan E. Weissman3507 Northridge DrAdmin Variance 
2018-0054-SPHXMD Transportation Authority, Lodge 34 Of Fraternal Order of Police, Owner;
Prime Tower Development, LLC Lessee
730 Wampler RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionCell tower
2018-0055-AGFV Shawan Office, LLC, Verizon Maryland, LLC99 Shawan RdVarianceSigns
2018-0056-AJames F Cox Sr. and Doris M. Cox2543 Barrison Point RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0057-ADortzbach Family Care Trust51 Burkshire RdVariance 
2018-0058-AEric & Angela Surratt5207 Carroll PlAdmin variance 
2018-0059-SPHXAPerry Hall Boulevard Commercial, LLC, Owner;
Two Farms, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee
Perry Hall & White Marsh BlvdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceAccess thru residential, signs
2018-0060-AYougendranath and Roop R. Sampathi2030 Willowcrest CirAdmin Variance 
2018-0061-SPHAWinterset LLC1524 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking in residential
2018-0062-AGary Hofmeister2306 Martin DrVariance 
2018-0063-SPHMichael Gitagia and Shareba Kerriem4 Marbledale CtSpecial HearingAssisted living facility, denied
2018-0064-ADavid and Terri L. Yox10607 Vincent Farm LnAdmin Variance 
2018-0065-SPHATyler J. Williamson931 Susquehanna AveSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0066-SPHMichael Gitagia and Shareba Kerriem9101 Bengal RdSpecial HearingAssisted living, dismissed (FTA)
2018-0067-SPHATurnpike Associates, LLLP11706 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0068-AJin Xu6320 Southwood RdAdmin variance 
2018-0069-APatrick C & Diane M Malone8 Old Manor CtAdmin variance 
2018-0070-AThe Keith B Sullivan trust1227 Cleghorn RdAdmin variance 
2018-0071-ARockpool Property Acuisition Trust10136 Falls RdVariance 
2018-0072-XJerry Philips, owner; Forefront Power, lessee19735 Graystone Rd Solar field
2018-0072-XJerry Philips, owner; Forefront Power, lessee19735 Graystone RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted in part
2018-0073-ALeroy Nesbitt Jr.3500 Washington AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0074-SPHA1402 York Rd, LLC1402/6/8 York Rd Wholesale flower farm
2018-0075-AAlleen Wiggins and Evelyn Chatmon, Owners;
The Kiley Property Group, Purchaser
7407 Beech AveVariance 
2018-0076-SPHFrank2800 Monkton Rd "Non-commercial, private parties", withdrawn
2018-0077-XDec 4, 1:30 postponed2316 Ridge Rd Solar Field
2018-0078-XDelores White-Rose, owner;
Forefront Power, lessee
9155 Old Court RdSpecial exceptionSolar field
2018-0079-ADavid A. and Patricia L. Mayhew 2 Nuthatch CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0080-AAlex and Mary Hertzman1402 Maywood AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0081-XRodick Realty, LLC, owners; Two Farms, Inc, leessee10740 Pulaski Hwy Car wash, etc.
2018-0082-APatrick D. Pretty Jr. and Sondra L. Pretty1306 Felton CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0083-AAldis1600 Old Eastern Ave Parking 76/94
2018-0084-SPHRolling Road Plaza Business Trust, owner
Bridgestone Reatil Operations, lessee
1100 N Rolling Rd Signs
2018-0085-AHenry & Angela Putty8260 Streamwood DrAdmin variance 
2018-0086-APatrice Bullock4 Geier Ct Denied 11/2/17
appealed 11/23/17?
2018-0087-A 976 Seneca Park Rd  
2018-0088-ADavid A. Fogle and John P. Miller207 South Rolling RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0089-AJoseph & Michaela Moran309 W Chesapeake Ave  
2018-0090-XA9719 Investment, LLC9717 Reisterstown Rd Used car lot, signs
2018-0091-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4204 Louisa Ave  
2018-0091-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4204 Louisa AveMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0092-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4202 Louisa Ave  
2018-0092-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4204 Louisa AveMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0093-AJames R. Morgan and Elizabeth M. Bidinger12 Foreston Valley CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0094-AJoshua and Elise Steinharter2713 Woodcourt RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0095-SPHXA11956 Phil Rd, LLC, owner;
Turning Point Energey, LLC, lessee
11956 Philadelphia Rd Solar facility, setbacks
2018-0096-XACEC Tollgate, LLC10620 Reisterstown Rd Car wash
2018-0097-ASteven & Phyllis Gardener2312 Riverview RdAdmin variance 
2018-0098-ARichard & Sharon Childs13 White Spruce CtAdmin variance 
2018-0099-SPHXJames & Marlene Barbey10821-10825 Philadelphia Rd Service garage expansion
2018-0100-SPHEnvision Builders, LLC925 Ellendale Dr Undersized lot, appealed
2018-0101-XStilling Properties, Owner; Two Farms, Lessee6124 Edmonson Ave (Royal Farms) Flood plain
2018-0102-SPHACEM Securities, owner; Panda Express, lessee7699 Harford Rd Signs
2018-0103-SPHCedar Grove Church2015 Mt Carmel Rd Changeable copy sign - denied,
appealed - dismissed
2018-0104-AThomas & Kimberly Bonvissuto19025 York RdAdmin variance 
2018-0105-XDavud Musayev, owner; Sunay Ahmedov, lessee1200 White AveSpecial exceptionUsed car sales
2018-0106-AKurt Heydt12500 Jerusalem Rd Denied
2018-0107-SPHAMarcy Stempler40 Caveswood Ln  
2018-0108-AVincent & Linda Muffoletto4549 Fitch AveAdmin variance 
2018-0109-XAShirlen Co, owner; National Motors, lessee6612 Baltimore National Pike Used vehicle sales, parking 20/92
2018-0110-SPHACole Wm Randallstown MD, LLC, owner;
Wall-Mart Stores East, lessee
8730 Liberty Rd Signs, parking 661/805
2018-0111-SPHXAStephen & Helen Elmore, Star Bright Farm2950 Garrett Rd Farm market and ag & trade school
2018-0111-SPHXAStephen & Helen Elmore, Star Bright Farm2950 Garrett RdMotion for reconsiderationClarification granted
2018-0112-SPHDulaney Valley Memorial Garden200 E Padonia Crematorium
2018-0113-SPHSt Ambrose Housing Aid Center8 Shipley Ave Lot line
2018-0114-SPHASt Ambrose Housing Aid Center10 Shipley Ave Lot line
2018-0116-AJonathan & Constance Thayer7211 Bellona AveAdmin VarianceGranted with conditions
2018-0116-AJonathan & Constance Thayer7211 Bellona AveMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0117-SPHADennis Kundratic41 Northwood Rd  
2018-0118-SPHADennis Kundratic39 Northwood Rd  
2018-0119-XAJas Real Estate9115/9127 Liberty RdSpecial exceptionUsed vehicle sales, signs
2018-0120-XChesdel Associations, LP. owner
AGG Wellness, Inc, lessee
101 E Chesapeake Ave Cannabis dispensary
2018-0121-SPHAWellhan & Guang Li8334 Bletzer Rd Accessory apartment
2018-0122-XNepali American Cultural Center12231 Harford Rd Church in RC2 - granted
Appealed, CBA hearing 7/19/18+
2018-0123-SPHXMargaret Neubauer, owner; Solar Smart, LLC, lessee9203 Dogwood Rd Solar
2018-0123-SPHXMargaret Neubauer, owner; Solar Smart, LLC, lessee9203 Dogwood RdMotion for reconsideration< 6a
2018-0124-SPHXMargaret Neubauer, owner; Solar Smart, LLC, lessee10021 Old Court Rd Solar
2018-0125-SPHANoth Point Shopping Center, LLC and Wal-Mart2399 North Point Blvd Signs
2018-0126-AFrank & Michele Cimino18400 Vernon RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0127-XBGE10790 Raphel Rd Solar array
2018-0128-AMDK Martin Farms, LLC7216 Ridge Rd  
2018-0129-ARobert Kelly & Holly Taylor14045 Sunnybrook RdAdmin variance 
2018-0130-AJan 5100 Villa Capri Cir (Not on MyNeighborhood)
2018-0131-AMichael & Melissa Bondi6621 Edenvale RdAdmin variance 
2018-0132-AAndre & Barbara Brown3721 Lanamer Rd  
2018-0133-XSt Mary's Orthodox Catholic Church911 Shawan Rd Cemetery
2018-0134-SPHXA2700 North Point, LLC2700 North Point Rd Trucking facility, etc.
2018-0135-ABrandon & Emily Munson, owner;
Laura Robertson, purchaser
16743 Wesley Chapel Rd Hearing 1/5/18, order 1/8/18
2018-0136-ABush River, LLC4813 Ridge RdVarianceAppealed
2018-0137-SPHAAdvantage Homes, Inc10131 Bird River Rd  
2018-0137-SPHAAdvantage Homes, Inc10131 Bird River RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0138-AJonathan & Jennifer Vassil6421 Murrary Hill RdAdmin variance 
2018-0139-SPHA2710 Hammonds Ferry Road. LLC2710 Hammonds Ferry Rd Used car lot
2018-0139-SPHA2710 Hammonds Ferry Road. LLC2710 Hammonds Ferry RdMotion for recon.Used car lot
2018-0140-SPHXWHite Marsh Truck Stop, LLC11424 Pulaski Hwy Used vehicle sales
2018-0142-XARosedale Investment, LLC, Owner;
Auto Point Enterprise, LLC, Lessee
8302 Pulaski Hwy Used motor vehicle sales
2018-0143-SPHACandlelight Realty1835 Frederick Rd  
2018-0144-SPHAMegan Avery14 W Seminary Licensed professional planner?
2018-0146-AEthan Haire18820 Fox Chase CtAdmin variance 
2018-0147-AShaewn Schaeffer & Christine Anderson6610 Mt Vista RdAdmin variance 
2018-0148-AScott Dawson, owner; Joshua Wisneski, purchaser114 Mace Ave  
2018-0149-SPHAPremier Lounge, LLC180 Winters Ln Bus parking in res, parking 7/91
Denied, appealed
Hearing 8/7/18
2018-0150-AColonial Stoler, LLC11309 Riesterstown Rd  
2018-0151-AMeir Strobel and Sara Gerstenfeld2901 Chokeberry Ct  
2018-0152-SPHJohn Copsey8432 Oakleigh Rd  
2018-0153-AJoseph & Karen Jenkins111 Gothard RdAdmin variance 
2018-0154-AMillard & Karen Leary1513 Burke RdAdmin variance 
2018-0155-SPHEl Paso Colby, Inc6136 Deer Park Rd  
2018-0155-SPHEl Paso Colby, Inc6136 Deer Park RdMotion for recon.Denied, appealed
2018-0156-AFrank & Kimberly Battaglia1126 Susquehanna RdAdmin variance 
2018-0157-SPHOMO Dynasty, LLC5A Elmont Ave  
2018-0158-AEdward Auld8211 Peach Orchard RdAdmin variance 
2018-0159-AEllen Elaine Warner11309 Mayberry Ave  
2018-0160-SPHASalvatore & Karen Difatta413 Osage Rd  
2018-0161-SPHBlue Ocean Seoul Plaza6901 Security Blvd Granted, appealed
2018-0162-AJames Kelly1801 Dunwoody RdAdmin variance 
2018-0163-ALuke & Deirdre Reavey913 Arran RdAdmin variance 
2018-0164-AHarry & Deanna Groff9306 Sea Horse CtAdmin variance 
2018-0165-SPHAPatrick and Deborah Svehia1721 Edmondson Ave  
2018-0166-SPHAOwings Mills Harvest Church of God, Inc605 Westminster Pike Expand church
2018-0167-SPHAMarina McDonald8219 Scotts Level Rd Assisted living within 100ft
2018-0168-XASG Maryland, LLC; Two Farms, Inc9500-9526 Pulaski Hwy Gas station, signs (Royal Farms)
2018-0169-AOlympic Holdings, LLC11156 Red Lion Rd  
2018-0170-AMarc & Abigail Randell5 Dutton AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0171-X13523 Long Green Pike, LLC2718 North Point Blvd Auto repair and used car sales
2018-0172-XShops at Perry Hall, LLC, owner;
AutoBell Car Wash, Inc, Lessee
9805 Belair Rd Car wash in BL
2018-0173-ASherlin Enterpriase, Inc, owner;
Harbor Freight, purchaser
6212 Baltimore National Pike Parking 63/108
2018-0174-AThomas & Kerry Vaydo624 Yarmouth TerAdmin variance 
2018-0175-AHunt Valley Towne Center, LLC, owner;
Lifebridge Health, Inc, lessee
118 Shawan Rd Sign
2018-0176-SPHA9804 RR, LLC9804 Reisterstown Rd Signs (lots), hearing 3/2/18, order 3/6/18
2018-0177-SPHADavid Lee Harris1035 Cedar Creek Rd  
2018-0178-AAlan & Marci Elkin11989 Long Lake DrAdmin variance 
2018-0180-SPHKaren Pritchett10251 Bird River Rd  
2018-0181-AJustin & Emily Hartzell57 Windmere ParkwayAdmin variance 
2018-0182-AAlice Lambert, rep. of Owner;
Taylor Lambert, purchaser
2025 River Rd  
2018-0183-ABrett Williams & Nicole Brummer6406 Murray Hill Rd  
2018-0184-ADMS Parkville, LLC7803 Harford Rd  
2018-0185-SPH1630 West Joppa Rd LLC, Two Farms, Inc1628&1630 W Joppa Rd Royal Farms, flood plain
2018-0185-SPH1630 West Joppa Rd LLC, Two Farms, Inc1628&1630 W Joppa RdMotion for reconsideration Granted
2018-0187-AEllen & Arnie Katz2005 Thistlewood Rd  
2018-0188-ARichard & Nancy Hudes1115 Hidden Trail Dr  
2018-0189-AElliott & Ashley Mutch8 Swanhill Dr  
2018-0191-SPHXAChristina Kesting10932 Philadelphia Rd Class B Group child-care, 100 children on 1a - denied
2018-0192-AOekos Dundalk, LLC1401-1417 Merritt Blvd Signs (lots)
2018-0193-AGood Luck Homes, LLC201 South Patapsco Ave  
2018-0194-XAtkinson; One Energy Development932 Freeland Rd Solar - granted
Appealed, hearing 7/24/18+
2018-0195-XAWillowdale Farm Addociates, owner;
Farmacy Cultivated Craft, leesee
3100 Black Rock Rd Farm Brewery
2018-0196-ABrian & Erika Wodka808 Walker Station Ct  
2018-0197-AHenry and Nancy Abrams7606 Curving LnAdmin variance 
2018-0198-AJeffrey & Teresa Hollar11127 Bird River Grove Rd Chickens on .26a
2018-0199-AGer Construction, LLC1110 Burke Rd  
2018-0200-SPHATaylor Shoffner and Susan Kennan2125 Benson Mill Rd In-law apartment
2018-0201-SPHSharon Hall5219 Forge Rd Undersized lot
2018-0202-ARoberta & Paul Jenkins, owners
Shane Snyder & Jody Costa, purchasers
344 Miles Rd  
2018-0203-AJames & Stephanie Wacker2312 Turkey Point Rd  
2018-0204-A 1513 Burke Rd (address is wrong)
2018-0205-AEverygreen Homes, LLC3 S Morerick Ave  
2018-0206-XDays Woods Properties, LLC8104 Philadelphia Rd Service garage
Corvette sign
2018-0207-XAOlufemi Olawale and Omowumi Olawale3507 North Rolling RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceCommunity care center
2018-0208-APaul & Tracy Carroll611 Worcester Rd Order 3/16/18
2018-0209-AMargaret Susan Guiou3 Kilkea Ct  
2018-0210-ARebecca Gephardt & David Lawson3004 Dungalow Rd  
2018-0211-XDominique & Coery Hannah4406 Worthington Ave Private kennel
2018-0212-ABrian & Denise Fiorucci13309 Bottom Rd  
2018-0213-AWarren & Nancy Mickey9810 Oakpark DrAdmin varianceOrder 3/16/18
2018-0214-AOwings Mills Mall, LLC10300 Mill Run Cir Signs (lots)
2018-0215-ACharles Matthews500 Deacon Brook CirAdmin varianceGranted 3/22/18
2018-0216-ARobert & Sharon Stark6111 Hutschenreuter Rd  
2018-0217-AEva Ward12033 Jerusalem RdAdmin varianceGranted 3/22/18
2018-0218-AWilliam & Amy Nicely2241 Monocacy Rd  
2018-0219-SPHAThe Pikesville Jewish Congregation, Inc.7644 and 7646 Carla RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0220-ASASC Stone Properties, LLC18 Delray Ave Hearing 4/13, granted 4/16
2018-0221-ALarry Murray1510 Rawlings Well Rd Order 3/29/18
2018-0222-ACharles Horich2911 Rain Tree Ct  
2018-0223-XHolly Neck, LLC1015&1017 Back River Neck Rd Child care
2018-0224-SPHAJohn and Cynthia Markley6718 North River DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceGarage as guest dwelling
2018-0225-SPHPierre V Jr & Sherree Burton3930 Sybil Rd Pigeons
2018-0226-AKaren M Barry2 Farnham Way  
2018-0227-A 5433 Joppa Rd  
2018-0228-A 923 Bowleys Quarters Rd  
2018-0229-AMcDonogh School8600 McDonogh Rd Hearing 4/13, granted 4/16
2018-0230-A1313 York Road, LLC1313 York Rd Signs
2018-0231-AJefrrey M & Veronia M Goodwin3704 Marriottsville Rd  
2018-0232-A 8 Hillsyde Ct Withdrawn
2018-0233-AJoseph W Cutrone & Anna L Duval823 Kingston Rd  
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, owner
Isaac Yair, leesee
520 Reisterstown Rd Used cars, trailer, part denied
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, owner
Isaac Yair, leesee
520 Reisterstown RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, owner
520 Reisterstown RdMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2018-0235-AJohn J & Eileen Kavanagn2003 Windys Run Rd  
2018-0236-SPHMDC Investments7938 33rd St Undersized lot
2018-0237-AAndy P & Mark Beytin710 Church Rd  
2018-0238-ASandy Swaim926 Fairmount Ave  
2018-0239-AKaren Ellen Bush8203 Tama Ct  
2018-0240-SPHManor Tavern Real Estate, LLC15819 Old York Rd Manor Tavern - parking
2018-0241-SPHRoss and Emily Taylor, owner;
Marcia & Barry Friedman, petitioners
8641 Park Heights Ave CE CC1800019, appealed
2018-0242-ACalro & Theresa Gizzi3118 Northwind Rd Chickens
CE CC1800780
2018-0243-AManubhai & Geetaben Rami32 Harrod Ct  
2018-0244-AVadim & Allison Shapiro12408 Garrison Forest Rd  
2018-0245-ARichard Kinkel & Jonanna Biehler247 Blanheim Rd  
2018-0246-ACharles & Giovanna Gilman11106 Greenspring Ave Order 4/13/18
2018-0247-ABernard Cumberland7612 Cedar Rd  
2018-0248-AGerald & Cecile Marin5808 Dillon John Ct  
2018-0249-AMoshe & Muriel Assouline-Shoshan3423 Terrapin Rd  
2018-0250-AMatthew & Rebecca Hudson6601 Darnall Rd  
2018-0251-SPHGlen Arm Properties5323 Glen Arm Rd Access not thru fee-simple
2018-0252-SPHAMargaret Geigan and Monica Geigan213 Glider DrSpecial Hearing and VarianceAppealed
2018-0253-ARyan & Melissa Williams7600 Belmont Ave  
2018-0254-AAnna Marie Smith1111 Hart Rd  
2018-0255-AThomas & Frances Gray9321 North Point Rd  
2018-0256-AMartin Masemore18221 Forreston Rd 150ft setback in lieu of 300ft - denied
2018-0257-ARussell Irvin218 West Seminary Ave  
2018-0258-AAnn Holmes30 Arkla Ct  
2018-0259-XBoumi Temple Corporation, Owner; Verizon Wireless, Lessee5050 King AveSpecial ExceptionTelecom tower
2018-0260-XHearing 5/292401 Stringtown Rd Telecom tower
2018-0261-AAllen & Susan Wroe8 Worthington Hill Dr  
2018-0262-ARichard & Cathy Stryjewski9026 Hinton Ave  
2018-0263-ATimothy & Patricia Mann5026 Shirleybrook Ave  
2018-0264-ADavid & Douglas Schafer, owners;
Eris Bers, purchaser
2925 Illinois Ave  
2018-0265-ADavid & Douglas Schafer, owners;
Eris Bers, purchaser
2927 Illinois Ave  
2018-0266-AJerry Ciezkowski7517 Fort Ave  
2018-0267-ACMW Properties, LLC7519 Fort Ave  
2018-0268-SPHCarolyn Whittington, Owner; Paulette Ringley, Trading as Humane Domain, Lessee4231 Wards Chapel RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0269-SPHAJohn Liepold11420 Reisburg Ln  
2018-0270-SPHHearing 6/214 Geier Ct Assisted living 978 ft distant
2018-0271-XAFiona Langham & Ronald Rash13401 Jarrettsville Pike Kennel
2018-0272-AChesapeake Custom Properties, LLC1708 Beechwood Ave  
2018-0273-AKatrina Koch, Owner; Brian Stachorowski, Purchaser4003 Bay DrVariance 
2018-0274-XAHoward Hospitality, Inc.4508-4514 Painters Mill RdSpecial Exception and VarianceSigns
2018-0275-AElle Management, LLC611 Reisterstown RdVariance 
2018-0276-ARipley Family Trust;7343 Brightside Rd  
2018-0277-AMargaret Pierson1900 Wilson Point Rd  
2018-0278-SPHAGeorge B. and Ellen M. Antonakos4403 Meadowcliff RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0279-AEliane & Pangiotis Patiniotis507 St Francis Rd  
2018-0280-AJohn Christou and Tracy Dofflemyer Christou8111 Duvall AveVariance 
2018-0281-AJames & Susan Szamski11747 Harford Rd  
2018-0282-AMartiza Muneton8307 Oakleigh Rd  
2018-0283-SPHHal & Lori Kilberg7531 Stream Crossing Rd Hearing 5/18, granted 6/26
2018-0284-SPHKaren Lynn Weeks2262 Monocacy RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0284-SPHKaren Lynn Weeks2262 Monocacy RdOrder on remand from BoA 
2018-0285-SPHAWayne & Debra Sullivan8929 Philadelphia Rd  
2018-0286-AShirley Alderson12 Timber Way Ct  
2018-0287-SPHATrustees of Collective Christian Ministries, Inc., Collective Christian Ministries, Inc.; Edward Jr. and Cleotha McLaurin, Owners; P and S Development Company, Applicant/Developer9136-9138 Liberty Rd  
2018-0288-ACesar Urgiles Rodriguez3020 Virginia Ave  
2018-0289-SPHLorraine-Windsor, LLC5800-5806 Windsor Mill Rd Cemetery monument sales
2018-0290-ALindsay & Robert Barranco15710 Yeoho Rd  
2018-0291-AJana May Leonard6526 Blackhead Rd  
2018-0292-SPHABrian Schmuff13012 Harewood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceGarage - denied
2018-0292-SPHABrian Schmuff13012 Harewood RoadMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2018-0293-ABradford & Patricia Herling2430 Lightfoot Dr  
2018-0294-AIan & Courtenay Shure1208 Boyce Ave  
2018-0295-ATimothy Hines & Diane Molina10 Cedar Grove Ct  
2018-0296-SPHXACloverland Farms Dairy, owner;
Two Farms, Inc, purchaser
7701-7703 German Hill Rd (Royal Farms) Parking 31/37
2018-0297-AGGCV Real Estate, owner;
Palio-Foundry Row LLC, lessee
10100 Reisterstown Rd signs
2018-0298-SPHFredrick J & Michelle Burgeson12504 Dover Rd  
2018-0299-ALeonard C Redmond III & Shelly R Redmond7 Barstad Ct  
2018-0300-A1801 YR, LLC1801 York Rd  
2018-0301-SPHA623 S Marlyn Ave 5 houses and commercial use
Hearing 6/25, granted 6/26
2018-0302-A 2104 Streamway Ct Hearing 6/25/18, order 6/26/18
2018-0303-SPH5700 Edmondson, LLC5711 Edmondson Ave  
2018-0304-SPH5700 Edmondson, LLC5701 Edmondson Ave  
2018-0305-AJennifer L. Ashton432 Virginia AveAdmin variance 
2018-0306-SPHSatyr Limited Partnership2023-2053 Joppa RoadSpecial HearingParking 267
2018-0308-XSchool of Living21300 Heathcote RoadSpecial ExceptionCamp, commmunity building - denied
Schools - granted
2018-0309-AEllen R. and Mark A. Sizemore (Trustees)11910 Ridge Valley DrAdmin variance 
2018-0310-SPHLeonard Berger / Holly Neck LLLPHolly Neck Rd  
2018-0311-SPHAAshley Suprik4620 Forge RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceGroup child care center
2018-0312-A1740 East Joppa Road, LLC1740 East Joppa RoadVariance 
2018-0313-SPHAJoshua and Ashley Hines11638 Greenspring AvenueSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0314-AMichael F & Fay A Short12813 Cunninghill Cove Rd  
2018-0315-AShirley Wright1103 Pleasant Valley Dr  
2018-0316-SPHXTimonium SAB, Inc, owner; Sheetz, Inc, lessee400 W Padonia Rd Parking, etc.
2018-0317-XTwo Farms, Inc100-114 W Padonia Rd Service station/car wash
2018-0318-ATariq & Donna Khan1331 Dillon Heights Ave  
2018-0318-ATariq and Donna Khan1331 Dillon Heights AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2018-0319-ACanterbury Property, LLC, owner; Riggs, LLC, purchaser300 Whitney Ln  
2018-0319-ACanterbury Property, LLC, owner, Riggs, LLC, puchasher300 Whitney Ln Final order
2018-0320-A 15251 Dover Rd Withdrawn
2018-0321-SPHAGregory V. Ottensmeyer3339 Edwards LaneSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0322-SPHDavud Musayev, Legal Owner; Sunay Ahmadov, Lessee 1200 White AvenueSpecial Hearing 
2018-0323-SPHATimothy Arnett3617 Telmar RoadSpecial Hearing and Variance
2018-0325-ABattaglia Homes, LLC 2909 Raintree CourtVariance 
2018-0326-AJoseph Esposito8116 Redstone RoadVariance 
2018-0326-AJoseph Esposito8116 Redstone RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted for new variance
2018-0327-XThe Shops at Perry Hall, LLC, owner; Mid Atlantic Lubes, LLC, lessee9805 Belair Rd Service garage in BL
2018-0328-AAnne Dalsheimer Milch1011 Wagner RoadVariance 
2018-0330-AAustin & Tracey Root316 West Wind Road  
2018-0331-XACreech Company, LLC, owner;
Lerch Brothers, LLC, lessee
14538 (Old) York Rd Landscape co. in RC
2018-0332-XANov 1410811 Pulaski Hwy Used vehicle lot
2018-0333-ARicardo & Ana Lobo3616 Stansbury Mill Rd  
2018-0334-AEdward Stuckey Jr & Nicole Stuckey11718 Hillside Ave  
2018-0335-ASean & Katherine Holt30 Montview Ct  
2018-0336-SPHTSC Marriottsville, LLC10530 Marriottsville RdSpecial hearing 
2018-0337-A15 Belfast Rd, LLC15 Belfast Rd  
2018-0338-SPHAPerry and Jill Sparr958 Seneca Park RoadSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0339-AWinston & Elizabeth Jackson235 N Beaumont Ave  
2018-0340-XYogeswar, Inc., Owner; Charm City Relief Partners, LLC, Lessee5225 Baltimore National Pike Cannabis
2018-0341-AAlbert Smith & Kelle Moran921 Dunellen Dr  
2018-0342-SPHMGJ Properites1101 Bowleys Quarters Rd Office and indoor/outdoor storage (in BL) denied
CE CC1710981
2018-0343-ARobert & Lisa Copton202 Abbeyhill Ct  
2018-0344-XMichael R. Cooke and Alexandra Von Paris, owners; Elizabeth Pieper, Lessee14345 Jarrettsville PikeSpecial ExceptionAnimal grooming
2018-0345-SPHABrandon Chasen1712 Pin Oak AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDismissed - no show
2018-0346-SPHXADan Mar Enterprises, LLC, Owners;
10825 Beaver Dam Road, LLC, Purchaser (Highs)
10901 McCormick Rd Fuel service station, signs
2018-0347-ACharles and Mary Pierce3704 Stansbury Mill Rd  
2018-0348-ATheodore and Cheri Taylor602 Westminster Pike  
2018-0349-AJoseph and Debra Glenn601 North Woodward Dr  
2018-0350-SPHAW ARC PH Centre owner VIII, LLC8867, 8903, 8905 Belair Rd  
2018-0351-SPHAW ARC PH Centre owner VIII, LLC4313 Ebenezer Rd Lots of Signs
2018-0353-AChristopher W. Jeffries2005 Hammonds Ferry RdAdmin variance 
2018-0354-APremier A-2 Timonium MD, LLC9701 Beaver Dam Rd  
2018-0355-AJennifer A. and Paul Swanson2107 Forest Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2018-0357-AMelvin Joseph Carter11520 Stocksdale RdAdmin variance 
2018-0358-SPHACasey & Joann Carvell3504 Chapman Rd(Not posted online - D4)
2018-0359-SPHXAWoodbrook Corner, LLC, Owner;
Shamim Malik, Lessee
6201 Charles St Car wash
2018-0360-AChristopher Neal and Julia Nyman13940 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin variance 
2018-0361-AAdam Whiteford3005 Wells RdAdmin varianceOrder 7/27/18
2018-0362-ABrett & Laura Szalkowski5318 Bangert StAdmin varianceOrder 7/27/18
2018-0364-AS. Habeeb & Aneesa Ashruf1301 Lincoln Woods DrAdmin variance 
2018-0365-ATradepoint Atlantic, LLC1600 Sparrows Point BlvdVariance 
2018-0366-AFrank and Thelma (Stapf) Bright 537 Bayside DrAdmin variance 
2018-0367-ACharles S. Rehak 3rd and Linda M. Rehak5 Periwinkle Ct  
2018-0368-SPHAKeith Barko, Owner; Michael Knighton Jr., Purchaser;3606 Southside AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDenied - deed restriction
2018-0369-APedro Aponte 901 Emerson Avenue Admin variance 

Hide           Fiscal 2019 cases (filed July 2018 - June 2019)
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2019-0001-AAaron Naiman6711 Darwood Dr  
2019-0002-SPHAVincent M. and Alison C. DeAugustino18827 Spooks Hill RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2019-0003-ACR of Maryland, LLC926 Ellendale DrVariance 
2019-0004-AThomas & Rena Fiorello11101 Greenspring Ave  
2019-0005-SPHAJonathan R. Eber8500 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceBoarding house - denined
2019-0006-AByrd Design and Build LLC6109 Falls RdVariance 
2019-0007-ASteven & Jill Crawford1310 Musgrove Rd  
2019-0008-A 1416 Francke Ave 9 chickens on .22a, denied, order 10/10/18
2019-0009-ABruce Leibowitz & Karyn Dillon2 Sunnydale Way  
2019-0010-AMelissa Le Roux (Peterson)602 Goucher Ave  
2019-0012-SPHAPIC Capital, LLC7909 Pulaski Hwy Residential, car rental
2019-0013-ADelores & Adam Cassell3111 Rheims Rd  
2019-0014-ASylvester and Isata George26 East Elm AveAdmin variance 
2019-0015-ATimothy J. Clancy6720 Laurel DrAdmin variance 
2019-0016-AKurt Heydt12500 Jerusalem Rd See 2018-0106-A
2019-0017-AVincent and Heather Kerner314 Worthington RdAdmin variance 
2019-0018-AAmir Raminfar and Youna Mehrabi6500 Gardenwick RdAdmin variance 
2019-0019-AVivaldi Q. Nguyen929 Bardswell RdAdmin variance 
2019-0020-APamela A. and Thomas A. Walinski9400 Georgia Belle DrAdmin variance 
2019-0021-AKensington Associates, LLC817 Maidens Choice Ln Signs (not posted online - D1)
2019-0022-SPHEstate of Robert L. & Christine Martin, PR, Owners; Alpha Homes, LLC, Purchaser7002 Railway Ave Pub in res. (Hops Inn) denied
2019-0023-SPHEstate of Robert L. & Christine Martin, PR, Owners; Alpha Homes, LLC, Purchaser7004 & 7006 Railway Ave 2+2 dwellings - denied
2019-0024-ARubin & Ester Rakovsky7623 Carla Rd  
2019-0025-XAWithdrawn4805 Joppa Rd Group child care
2019-0026-SPHJohn A Miller, owner; Benjamin S Gary, purchaser6307 Cedarwood Rd  
2019-0027-ARay G. Decker Sr. and Michelle D. Decker4316 Leola AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0028-AGraig C. Brubaker and Carolyn Anthon1100 Linden AveAdmin variance 
2019-0029-AReginald W. and Caula Frazier1013 Rowe LaneAdmin Variance 
2019-0031-SPHAGeorge S. Nyquist Jr.873 Ivy Hill Rd Tennis court in floodplain (not posted online - D2)
2019-0032-ATobias Ott974 Seneca Park Rd  
2019-0033-AWindsor MZL, LLC1809,1811 Rolling Rd Parking 378/452
2019-0034-AJames K. and Stephanie L. Wacker2312 Turkey Point RdAdmin Variance 
2019-0035-AWilliam Orval Henry4422 Ridge AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0036-SPHALife Bridge Health, Inc5400 Old Court Rd Signs
2019-0037-ATrina Culbreath704 Hunter Way  
2019-0038-AGurdial Bhulla and Baljinderjit Kaur6600 Kelly Ann WayAdmin variance 
2019-0039-AMatthew Cimino & Jessica Lehson215 Melancthon Ave 11 chickens on .93a
2019-0040-AMary Susan Cole13 Seminole AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0041-ABaltimore County, owner
TLR Land Ventures, purchaser
Greenspring Dr Order 10/10/18
2019-0042-SPHASolov 13, LLC11117 Reisterstown Rd Non-conforming use
2019-0043-ARobert N. and Megan K. Oster6649 Walnutwood CirAdmin Variance 
2019-0045-ALenore Rudick1 William CtAdmin variance 
2019-0046-AJohn W. Sanders 3rd and Judith B. Sanders5902 Church LnAdmin Variance 
2019-0047-XAFazal, LLC8202 Pulaski Hwy Used vehicle sales
2019-0048-ALikainvest, LLC7917 Elmhurst Ave  
2019-0049-SPH7600 LLC and 7604 LLC7600/7604 York Rd Parking in ROA
2019-0050-AThomas & Patricia Kane308A Oberle Ave  
2019-0051-ADaniel & Kelly Hunter308 Oberle Ave  
2019-0052-ACharles Brown619 West Seminary Ave  
2019-0053-SPHX901 Monkton, LLC1901 Monkton Rd Non-conforming commercial building
2019-0054-ALiberty Plaza Holdings, LLC, Owners;
SunTrust Bank, Lessee
8700 Liberty Rd Signs
2019-0055-SPHAAmy Deputy914 Lower Glencoe Rd  
2019-0057-XThe Farm, LLC, owner
Forefront Power, LLC, lessee
20920 Old York RdSpecial ExceptionSolar field
2019-0058-APTL Re Corp, owner; Matthew W Baumgartner & Shannon Kief, purchasers1722 Beechwood Ave  
2019-0059-AWilliam & Mildred Jones6930 Gunder Rd  
2019-0060-APaul A. Moskunas12428 Harford RdAdmin Variance 
2019-0061-ABobs Transport & Storage, owner; Airgas USA, lessee8130 Norris Ln Storage of gases, tank of propane
2019-0062-AFP SUB, LLC7923,7925,7927 Belair Rd Signs
2019-0063-AJames & Mary Kalb33 Bloomingdale AveAdmin variance 
2019-0064-ANicholas & Erin Miskelly5 Whitwick CtAdmin variance 
2019-0065-AJames & Cacelia Hughes3502 JoAnn DrAdmin variance 
2019-0066-SPHOct 257436 Bradshaw Rd 2 or 3 unit dwelling
2019-0067-SPHXOwings Mills Sports Arena Partner, LLC, owner;
Diamond Automotive Service, LLC, purchaser
12400 Owings Mills Blvd Auto service
2019-0068-ACarole Huselton & Eric Smith6829 Echo Acres LnAdmin variance 
2019-0069-SPHBarry & Taunia Durst1316A Mt Carmel Rd  
2019-0070-XHoward Bank, owner;
Mid-Atlantic Lubes, LLC purchaser
1641 Joppa Rd Service garage
2019-0071-AJohn & Deanna Sakellaris702 Ivy Hill RdAdmin variance 
2019-0072-ASadaf Mustafah & Naser Eddin6604 Weymouth CtAdmin variance 
2019-0073-AJames L & Lindsey Ellison9416 Dogwood RdAdmin variance 
2019-0074-AJoseph K & Lauren McNamara5080 Springhouse CirAdmin variance 
2019-0075-AAbraham Kidane & Semira Maharena7514 Knollwood RdAdmin variance 
2019-0076-AMaria Yavorivsky1400 A Edmondson AveAdmin variance 
2019-0077-SPHAV & E Industries, owner
Copart Inc, purchaser
Patapsco Ave Temp storage of used and damaged cars
2019-0078-AZoya Aronova & Juliya Leviyeva2913 Garnet Rd  
2019-0079-AMartha Parsons Nelson3505 Houcks Mill RdAdmin variance 
2019-0080-ADavid Bryson & Joyce Wooten3705 Tulip AveAdmin variance 
2019-0081-AGregory & Tracy Stolins11502 Wallace DrAdmin variance 
2019-0082-AReisterstown Village Investors, LLC10 Village Center Rd Signs (Weis)
2019-0083-AAdam & Elizabeth Gerber11964 Park Heights Ave  
2019-0084-SPHRobin Buettner1100 Westminster Pike ECC outside URDL - denied
2019-0085-ADavid & Sara Sides17106 Masemore RdAdmin variance 
2019-0086-SPHMetthew Riemer7418 Cheapeake Rd Bath house with kitchen
2019-0087-AChristopher & Caitlin Taddiken2311 Rockwell AveAdmin variance 
2019-0088-ASheehy White Marsh Property, LLC5361 Nottingridge Rd Signs
2019-0089-AMeir Strobel & Sara Gerstenfeld2901 Chokeberry CtAdmin variance 
2019-0090-SPHNov 304730 Byron Rd Assisted living w/in 1000 ft
2019-0091-ARaymond Havard346 Wye Rd  
2019-0092-SPHDec 31838 Greene Tree Rd Health club/parking 96/498
2019-0093-AJames Pitcher410 Belfast Rd  
2019-0094-SPHXANickbiel, LLC, owner; Jabber Five, Inc, lesee1701 York Rd Medical clinic, parking 13/21 (listed as 19-157)
2019-0095-ASpencer & Bria Sinnott25 Deep Dale DrAdmin variance 
2019-0096-AWilliam & Caroline Moore510 Gun RdAdmin variance 
2019-0097-AMali Sateri8207 Anita RdAdmin variance 
2019-0098-ANasir Hamidy6302 Chesworth RdAdmin variance 
2019-0100-XANov 269808 Liberty Rd Medical clinic
2019-0101-AKien T Le4061 North Point Blvd  
2019-0102-AYing Wei Lum & Lauren Lum8308 Tally Ho RdAdmin variance 
2019-0103-ADKW Non-DST Trust12416 Hunters Glen  
2019-0104-AMichelle Weatherby1885 Northurst DrAdmin variance 
2019-0105-XADec 108301 Oakleigh Rd Child care, 20 kids, 0.197a
2019-0106-AJason & Alexis Timoil509 East Seminary AveAdmin variance 
2019-0107-ADavid & Avigail Weatcatch2721 Woodcourt RdAdmin variance 
2019-0108-ADec 719675 Eagle Mill Rd setback from pasture
2019-0109-A1923 Brady Avenue, LLC1923 Brady Ave  
2019-0110-A1923 Brady Avenue, LLC1925 Brady Ave  
2019-0111-AAnthony & Patsy Norris28 Rhonda CtAdmin variance 
2019-0112-A 222 North Point Blvd  
2019-0113-SPHADec 132630 Masseth Ave  
2019-0114-A 501-519 Schmidt Rd  
2019-0115-AChristine Kelly13235 Old Hanover RdAdmin variance 
2019-0116-A7611 Fitch Ln  
2019-0117-ALisa Ann Phelps10705 Lakespring WayAdmin variance 
2019-0118-A 5 Glider Dr  
2019-0119-AAndrea Mitsos & Dale Lawrence706 Goucher AveAdmin variance 
2019-0120-A 208 Woodbrook Ln  
2019-0121-SPHDec 136305 Mount Ridge Rd Non-conforming 2 unit dwelling
2019-0122-A 7609 Fitch Ave  
2019-0123Dec 27 (Royal Farms)8301 Perry Hall Blvd  
2019-0124-A 6011 Loreley Beach Rd  
2019-0125-AThomas Leon17 Elm DrAdmin variance 
2019-0126-A 2006 Poplar Rd  
2019-0127-A 7606 Riddle Ave  
2019-0128-A 7608 Riddle Ave  
2019-0129-ADennis & Doris Balsarick6915 Harewood Park DrAdmin variance3 RVs
2019-0131-A 4 Chelmsford CtAdmin variance 
2019-0133-SPHADec 311907 Ridge Rd  
2019-0134-AEirc & Melissa McDemmott Lane16540 Yeoho RdAdmin variance 
2019-0135-APedro & Christina Damil4825 Sweet Air RdAdmin variance 
2019-0136-A2700 West Woodwell Rd  
2019-0139-AWesley & Tonica Henry3312 Offutt RdAdmin variance 
2019-0140-AThomas & Tamara Watson538 Belfast RdAdmin variance 
2019-0147-XJan 2, 2019715 Westminster Pike Solar
2019-0149-ALeah Cooper & Michael Klunk618 Warren RdAdmin variance 
2019-0152-A 7518 Far Hills DrAdmin variance 
2019-0154-AJames Jr and James Smith Sr9017 Ermike CtAdmin variance 
2019-0155-ADerrick Agyemang-Duah2400 Perring Woods RdAdmin variance 
2019-0157-ABenjamin Hoffman8500 Topping Rd  
2019-0179-A 3028 Dunglow RdAdmin variance 
2019-0180-A 2222 Caves RdAdmin variance 

Note: Those without links have not yet been concluded or published (or they just failed to post them online).

Updated 12 Dec 2018