Decisions of the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges

This list includes those since 2009 which are or were found online in their orignal PDF form (machine searchable and readable for the blind). At present, those for before FY 2015 are no longer online, so the following provides links to a local archive when copies exist. There are many that are not online, perhaps because they were withdrawn so they have no link in the following list, or the staff simply failed to put them online. Click here for a list. (I am trying to get copies, but I don't seem to be able to get a response out of county officials.)

The earlier zoning case files are being placed online. Those for 2014 and before are available. These are a scan of the entire case file, including a copy of the order, plats, appeals, etc. If you need one that is prior to 2015, try the following to get it. Enter the year and the case number and click "Get!". If you get a 404 error, it is not yet available through this utility (maybe doesn't exist).
Year    Number    

As an alternative, use MyNeighborhood, find the property by address and, from the Layer List, make sure that "Zoning History Cases" is turned on, click the 3 dots to the right to make sure that pop-ups are enabled. Then click on the property that shows cross-hatching and step through the displays until the desired case is shown, scroll down to "More info" and click to download. This currently contains cases up through 2014.

Variance, Special Exceptions, etc.

Entries highlighted in light red are those in which the owner of this website appeared or testified (or will) as a protestant or petitioner.
Items highlighted in light blue were attended out of interest.
Those without entries in the last column are mostly requests for setback variances or narrow lots.

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Fiscal 2009 cases (filed July 2008 - June 2009)
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2009-0001-ADouglas K. Woodward & Elissa F. Borges6207 Falls RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0002-AMichael & Sharon Loving7507 Ashton Valley WayAdmin Var. 
also IV-677
US 30, LLC PropertyW side Hanover Pike, S of Weywood DrHearing Officer / Development Plan & Var. 
2009-0005-ACraig & Angela Mahoney8612 Lawrence Hill RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0006-ACharles E. Jr. & Leanne M. Maddox7344 Gunpowder RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0007-XVernon Boozer, Don Marino121 Earls RdSpecial ExceptionArcade
2009-0008-ABGE, owner; Verizon Wireless, lessee10223 Bird River RdVariance 
2009-0009-AMichael M. Grady629 Regester AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0010-AMarilyn Lenz3814 Wards Chapel RdVarianceAlpacas, horses
2009-0011-ARonald & Dawn Silverthorn-Cerra3 Wesley Woods CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0012-AHans John Pfab3507 Gwynn BrookAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0013-X1708-1716 Whitehead LLC, owner;
Skateworks LLC, lessee
1716 Whitehead RdSpecial ExceptionArcade
2009-0014-ADaniel D. Graybeal918 Kinwat AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0015-SPHWilliam Bissell Jr.3005 Linwood AveSpecial HearingUndersized lot
2009-0016-ALeroy & Ann Meads5042 Kemp RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0017-XRoy G. & Linda Albin1090 Jordan Sawmill RdSpecial ExceptionWinery
2009-0018-AMarcel & Amy Bourasseau3000 Westchester AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0019-ALawrence & Susan Korman3112 Lightfoot DrAdmin Var. 
2009-0020-AEdward G. & Debra F. Sherwin12 Lochmoor CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0022-AFrank R. Bon424 Earls RdVariance 
2009-0023-SPHASt. Joseph Medical Center, Inc.7601 Osler DrSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2009-0024-ALeon & Barbara Babb7619 Cedar RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0025-AMichael L. Bocklage7837 Patricia LnVariance 
2009-0026-AIoannis Korologos, Tyro1 LLC10741 Pulaski HighwayVarianceParking - Double T
2009-0027-ASiddhartha & Aditi Sen28 Belfast RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0028-ASt. Joseph Medical Center, Inc.7601 Osler DrVariance 
2009-0029-AJack D. Alexander & Jacqueline E. Miller2424 Alma RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0030-ADaryl & Angela Johnson2203 Lawnwood CircleAdmin Var. 
2009-0031-AJames A. Ruggiero1808 Beechwood AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0032-A, 2009-0033-A,
& 2009-0034-A
Thomas G. Tzomides827, 829, 830 Cedar AveVariance 
2009-0035-SPHThomas H. & Cynthia G. Hutson2205 Tufton Ridge RdSpecial HearingResubdivision
2009-0037-AJocelyn & Carol Salisbury20458 Middletown RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0038-AHugo & Laura Mattheiss21 Russet CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0039-AEdward M. Passano Jr. & Catherine Passano McDonnell2312 Greenspring Valley RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0040-AStanley J. Goddard2907 FreewayVariance 
2009-0041-APaul & Cheryl Zimmerman7703 Charlesmont RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0042-SPHXRobert & Astra P. Brantley14821 Hanover PikeSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionParking, retreat center
2009-0043-ASchuman Holdings, III, LLC7042 Greenbank RdVariance 
2009-0044-AThomas G. & Janet Stallings16 Kittridge CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0045-ASunit N. & Ina U. Patel2401 Long Ridge RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0047-AEarl Nolan Hurley1920 Belle AveVariance 
2009-0048-ATarragon, Inc.9810 & 9820 Belair Rd & 4040 Schroeder AveVarianceParking
2009-0049-XRonald & Sandra L. Hlopak4412 North Point BlvdSpecial ExceptionUsed car sales, no signs
2009-0051-SPHXAElias Rizakos67 Main StreetSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Signs, animal boarding
2009-0051-SPHXAElias Rizakos67 Main StreetSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Remand
2009-0052-ALeslie D. Hershfield & Heidi Beilis1003 Monaghan CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0053-ADoris Roeder35 Glenwood AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0055-ARoberta Geidner-Antoniotti3006 Benson Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0056-AClaire J. Salkowski & Richard P. Bartlett12628 Fork RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0057-ANeal Rumley16510 Dubbs RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0058-SPHEdrich Manor East, Parcel A Edrich Farms, Inc.SE corner of Offutt Rd & Edrich WaySpecial Hearing 
2009-0059-ARyan Yaffe333 Hillen AveVariance 
2009-0060-ADavid S. Blum3315 Timberfield LnVarianceWindmill - denied
2009-0061-SPHAJohn R. Dozier, Jr. & Lea Maire Dozier3629 Lochearn DrSpecial Hearing & Var.Assisted living
2009-0062-AJoseph C. Glorioso, Jr. & Dottie Glorioso & George Harris2922 Pennsylvania AveVariance 
2009-0064-AKent G. & Cynthia M. Phagan130 Summer Woods WayVarianceRV
2009-0066-AJohn E. & Karen B. Simms19602 Old York RdVariance2000 ft panhandle
2009-0067-AMcCloskey Group, LLC24 Virginia AveVariance 
2009-0068-AJonathan M. & Judy A. Goff1041 Mace AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0069-ALouis J. & Deborah A. Sellmayer9501 Dawnvale RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0070-SPHAJoseph A. Burlock, Sr. Judith Ann Burlock4130 Beachwood RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Front yard
2009-0071-AJohn & Kathleen McCormack11222 Bird River Grove RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0072-SPHAHeirs of John Basement, owner; Howard Rothschild, D.D.S., Purchaser4 Sudbrook LnSpecial Hearing & Var.Office building
2009-0073-SPHACurt Cashour2606 Westchester AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0073-SPHACurt Cashour2606 Westchester AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0074-ACharles & Pamela Ward3 Moales LnAdmin Var. 
2009-0075-AKimberly Jane Dugan4021 Briar Point RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0076-SPHAThor Eastpoint Mall, LLC7800 block of Eastern AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2009-0077-AJoan Koehlerschmidt, owner; Sherwood Rd Properties, LLC, purchaser1905 Sherwood RdVariance 
2009-0078-ARonald S. Deutsch Sam A. Leopar452 Main StreetVariance 
2009-0079-SPHAMcComas Associates, LLC936 York RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0080-XSAJennifer M. Hitt1807 East Joppa RdSpecial Exception, Var. & Special Var.Parking aisle
2009-0081-AEugene L. III & Leslie K. Perkins7006 River Drive RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0082-ACecilia C. Kisielewski & Deborah A. Berdych2315 Ruth AveAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0083-AGladding Estate, LLC Joseph R. Steneman119 South Hilltop RdVariance 
2009-0084-ARegina Powers3309 Sollers Point RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0085-AAllen & Valerie B. EstepNW side of Traceys Store Rd, 600' ne of Foreston RdVariance 
2009-0086-AEfroseni D. Kokotis & Roman Hammonds524 47th StreetVariance 
2009-0087-AWilliam R. & Debbie H. Eichner8101 Bletzer RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0088-ANorman & Jann Seff2 Candlestick DrAdmin Var. 
2009-0089-AThomas & Marsha Brett5002 Hilltop Acres RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0090-AJeremy & Carmetta Manowski9133 Cuckold Point RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0091-AGerman & Sylvia Davila321 Greyhound RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0092-XEdward St. John, LLC, owner; Wawa, Inc., lessee11905 Market WaySpecial ExceptionFuel station
2009-0093-SPHXAUnion Bethel A.M.E. Church of Randallstown, Md., Inc.8611 Church LnSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Church, community building
2009-0094-ADorina P. Strickland4708 Avatar LnAdmin Var. 
2009-0095-SPHXSands Enterprises, LLC9617 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionService garage - 30 day limit
2009-0096-SPHCharles R. Brown3637 Hernwood RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0097-ADonald H. Kirk, Jr.10227 South Dolfield RdVariance 
2009-0098-ARonald & Ronald Cassett Jr.8038 Bradshaw RdVariance 
2009-0099-XAIgor, Alla, & Alexandr Braun5 Carlvon RdSpecial Exception & Var.Used car sales - 30 day limit
2009-0100-AArthur D. & Janet S. Brooks502 Delaware AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0101-ARussell & Sharon Brooks11709 Bellvue AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0102-AThomas S. & Joy L. Shaneybrook400 Crisfield RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0103-AJames A. Jr. & Kathleen A. Pine2330 Poplar RdVarianceGarage
2009-0104-SPHTravis Vibbert5512 Selma AveSpecial Hearing 
2009-0105-SPHAThanh Tam Nguyen & Den Canh Phan5660 Gunpowder RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0106-AJohn E. Tis & Dawn V. Bedlivy1004 A Hilton AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0107-AWilliam P. Rausch303 Stonecastle AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0108-ARobert W. Evett10 Gunpowder RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0109-A & 2009-0110-ARita L. Staab201 & 203 Linhigh AveVariance 
2009-0111-ACarriage Hills Townhouses, Clark Turner CompaniesSouth Liberty 659 ft nw of the c/l of Pikeswood RdVarianceCommunity signs
2009-0111-ACarriage Hills Townhouses; Clark Turner CompaniesSW side of Liberty Rd, 659' NW of centerline of Pikeswood RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2009-0112-SPHADouglas & Christine Byerly1214 Overbrook RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0113-A &
Michael & Amanda Warren2203 Lincoln AveVariances 
2009-0115-SPHFriends of Lubavitch, Inc.6710 Old Pimlico RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0116-AGeorge W. Aberts18503 Upper Beckleysville RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0117-AThomas Rumsey9 Rozina CtVarianceRV - denied
2009-0118-SPHMyron N. Jr. & Judith A. Almony5616 Emory RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0119-AGreenwood Place LP, owner; Hopkins Uniform Company, lessee5 Greenwood PlVariance 
2009-0120-SPHEdward A. Meekins & Dr. Mehrdad M. Massumi1308 & 1312 Gateshead RdSpecial HearingLot line
2009-0121-A925 York Business Trust, LLC Phoenix Foods, LLC925 York RdVariance 
2009-0122-XDavid F. Black & Michelle A. White103 Warren RdSpecial ExceptionOffice building
2009-0123-AKurt & Alison Hupper2508 Holly Beach RdVariance 
2009-0124-SPH &
Estate of Elizabeth W. Constable by James W. Constable; Eleanor W. ReadeOld York RdSpecial HearingNon-density transfer
2009-0126-AAlford Homes, Inc.; Willie R. Alford, Jr.19234 Falls RdVarianceAccessory structure
2009-0127-ATwo Farms, Inc.1601 Middleborough RdVarianceSigns
2009-0128-ATwo Farms, Inc.3320 Eastern BlvdVarianceSigns
2009-0129-AMark J. & Lorri A. Bocklage3904 Goose Harbor RdVariance 
2009-0130-AJoseph & Marietta Kirk8516 Arry PlaceVarianceRV in front - denied
2009-0131-SPHAAnna N. Nji6610 Liberty TerraceSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0132-SPHCharles & Cynthia Sturm1612 Barthel RdSpecial HearingSeptic
2009-0133-SPHJames & Barbara Frack2013 Shepperd RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0134-AShelly Legeer-Heimbach2008 Holly Neck RdVariance 
2009-0135-AThomas Edward Ihle, Sr. & Shirley Camiolo822 Cold Spring RdAdmin Var. 
  & XI-989
Tanner Property Forge Valley, LLCN side Forge Rd, w side Hidden Valley RdHearing Officer / Development Plan & Var. 
2009-0137-AScott Lee Robison1432 Providence RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0138-AWayne K. Thornton528 48th StAdmin Var.RV
2009-0139-ADiane Lasek306 Townsend RdAdmin Var. 
 & XI-1065
Operating Engineers Local 37 Elm Street Development5737 Allender RdHearing Officer/ Development Plan & Special Hearing 
2009-0141-SPHAPiekarski Properties, LLC; 40 Geipe, LLC6323 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing & Var.Parking
2009-0142-SPHRose Marie Yuhas, Widow19210 Falls RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0143-SPHHolabird East, Inc.7444 Holabird AveSpecial HearingParking
2009-0144-SPHIman Crown, Inc.6819 Loch Raven BlvdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0145-ABernard O. Jeffers7930 Pulaski HighwayVariance 
2009-0146-SPHJoseph & Noelle Bordenski8909 Whitecliff LnSpecial Hearing 
2009-0147-SPHS. Glenn & Ruth P. Elserod. owner; Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore, purchaser5425 & 5520 Mt. Gilead RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0148-SPHXSMO, Inc, owner; B.M. Donuts, Inc., lessee7520 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Special Exception 
2009-0153-SPHXLynn R. Hogg & Elizabeth A. Smith505 Gun RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionChild care
2009-0154-SPHACongregation Ohel Moshe2808 Smith AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0155-XAJaved A. Aizaz6824-6826 Dogwood RdSpecial Exception & Var.Service garage in ML
2009-0157-SPHXRichard P. & Delores Auffarth; Dawn Auffarth1904 Pot Spring RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionInsurance agency
2009-0158-SPHAStanley E. & Mary F. Radecki17815 Foreston RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Garage
2009-0159-ADouglas M. Vojik & Deborah Weitzel3508 Orbitan RdVariance 
2009-0160-AStamatoula Mavrophilipos1206 Oak Croft DrVarianceGarage too high
2009-0162-AEstate of Joseph S. Miller, by Barton Sidle; Jennifer Lynn Margolese6808 TimberLn RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0163-AAaron E. & Rebecca F. Peck629 Chestnut AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0164-XFaith Fellowship Church of Baltimore, Inc.; Robert J. Brosmer of Central Md.4375 Ebenezer RdSpecial ExceptionCommunity building
2009-0165-ALeo V. Miller Jr. & Vicki L. Devalck1039 Corbett RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0166-SPHATwo Farms, Inc.1601 Middleborough RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Car wash - hours
2009-0167-AJames A. Fahey, III602 Cascade View CtVarianceRetain old structure
2009-0168-SPHBeth El Congregation of Baltimore, Inc. Enterprise Housing Corporation9705 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0169-AMichelle A. Bland4308 Star CircleAdmin Var. 
2009-0170-ARobert & Sally Carper3807 Rockdale RdVarianceGarage
2009-0171-SPHAMark G. Banks, Chris Caldwell204 Clyde AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Rooming house in DR5.5
2009-0172-ARussell O. IV Tina M. Beard11614 Bonaparte AveAdmin Var.Denied - not unique
2009-0173-AJeffrey & Janis Silbersack813 Nicodemus RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0174-ADouglas A. & Laura K. Will7404 Greenbank RdVariance 
2009-0175-SPHAndrew T. McQuaid421 Schwartz AveSpecial Hearing 
2009-0176-A &
Erik M. Griffin6545 Crooks Rd & 6537 Blackhead RdVariance & Special Hearing 
2009-0178-SPHAKenneth & Lois Watkins3912 New Section RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0179-ADavid & Judith Ann Horst20017 Grave Run RdVariance1500 ft panhandle
2009-0180-ASunny Luisa Cooper, NHS Baltimore, LLC441 A Pennsylvania AveVariance 
2009-0181-ADundalk Renaissance Corp40 Brdship Rd .Variance 
2009-0182-SPHXGeorge Helfrich T-Mobile7301 Dogwood RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionAdult daycase and cell tower
2009-0182-SPHXGeorge Helfrich T-Mobile7301 Dogwood RdMotion for Recon 
2009-0184-ABrian P. Znamirowski Robin L. Znamirowski4803 Bart Allen LnVariance 
2009-0185-ACarl L. Rossmark3729 Chestnut RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0186-AJosef L. Lacher1119 Bowleys Quarters RdVariancePole barn
2009-0187-A &
Margaret Mary & Charles Henry Hanes, III2730 & 2732 Daisy AveVariance 
2009-0189-AWheelock Winspear & Karen Warmkessel17736 Foreston RdAdmin Var.Pole barn
2009-0190-AAmy Karey1419 Chesapeake AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0191-AMatthew & Michelle Christensen7128 Cunning CircleAdmin Var. 
2009-0192-ACPR Investment Properties6730 Whitestone RdVariance 
2009-0193-SPH &
Edward B. & Penny Rae Wilson; Richard Ciman & Mary Zodhiates18603 Falls Rd & 4209 Beckleysville RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0195-ALinda Harrington, Dawn Lichty & Carolyn Rasmussen6868 Leslie RdVariance 
2009-0196-AGloria B. Westerman7421 Bay Front RdVariance 
2009-0197-AMilton & Mary Elise Rehbein1426 Burke RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0198-ADeereco Rd Associates Ltd. Partnership9615 Deereco RdVarianceSigns
2009-0199-AMatthew & Edith Bradley6401 Craigmont RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0200-A3928 Washington Boulevard, LLC3928 Washington BlvdVariance 
2009-0201-AJames Grace2905 Sparrows Point RdVariance 
  & VIII-651

Maryvale Preparatory School, Inc.SW side Falls Rd, N side Greenside Valley RdDevelopment Plan & Special Hearing & Var. 
2009-0203-ASheriden H. Henderson II & Richard D. Henderson9406 Howard AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0204-SPHScott L. Simmons1636 Bowleys Quarters RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0205-ASara W. Saron1717 Glencoe RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0206-ADavid Brower810 Cockeys Mill RdAdmin Var.Retain old structure
2009-0207-SPHX12 Music Fair Rd, LLC, PLMD, LLC12 Music Fair RdSpecial Hearing & Special Exception 
2009-0208-AKirk Kness11837 Manor RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0209-SPHXA4 Sudbrook, LLC4 Sudbrook LnSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Office building, parking
2009-0210-AMichael Hawk3518 Bay DrVariance 
2009-0211-XPAK US CO Zulfikar Shah7110 Liberty RdSpecial ExceptionUsed car sales
2009-0212-AEarl Kidwell; Morgan C. Kelly16 Dunbar AveVariance 
2009-0213-SPHACondominium Mill Homes at Nine Mile Circle2804-2828 Nine Mile CircleSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0214-ATracy Ijams & Anthony Cigna, III1262 Locust AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0215-SPHHarry & Marian Randall, owner; Douglas Hamilton, puchaser2003 Belfast RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0216-A &
Herbert & Melie Oliver7704 South Cove Rd & 7702 South Cove RdVariance & Special Hearing 
2009-0218-ABrain & Alisha Fullerton11325 Beach RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0219-SPHBohica LLC Neil Miller212 Cockeys Mill RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0220-AGrace Y. Lambert, owner; Donald Warrener Jr., purchaser21336 York RdVariance 
2009-0222-XVenture B.G., LLC3551 Washington BlvdSpecial ExceptionCommunity building (health club) in BL
2009-0223-SPHMichael & Alex Flanagan, owners; Michael A. Goff, purchaserYork RdSpecial HearingNon-density transfer
2009-0224-SPHJohn Grason Turnbull, II, Anne Hottel Turnbull, Owners; Michael A. Goff, purchaser501 Belfast RdSpecial HearingNon-density transfer
2009-0225-SPHRobert H. VanDevender & Eleanor R. VanDevender4402 Leeds AveSpecial Hearing 
2009-0226-SPHJoseph M. Smor4701 Ruby AveSpecial HearingComm vehicle on res.
2009-0227-AKeith & Alison Kelley951 Cromwell Bridge RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0228-SPHAGrace Bros., Inc.2319 Hammonds Ferry RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0229-AWilliam R. Johns Sr. Joan K. Johns9008 Ave BAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0230-SPHADenger Family, LLC Town & Country Automotive11021 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0231-SPHARuth Thompson, owner; Randy Slaysman, purchaser21429 York RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Meat processing
2009-0233-SPHAJGS, LLC, James G. Sakellaris12916 Gent RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Barn
2009-0236-AEarl & Constance Gibson3430 Sollers Point RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0237-SPHHerbert B. & Joan A. Gampel104 Embleton RdSpecial HearingCommercial vehicles
2009-0237-SPHHerbert B. & Joan A. Gampel104 Embleton RdMotion for ReconsiderationCommercial vehicle & ads - allowed
2009-0238-SPHThomas Pringle & Anita P. Major606 Quiet Oaks LnSpecial Hearing2nd house - denied
  & VIII-836
H. George Meredith, Jr., James Meredith, & John MeredithS side Ivy Hill Rd & E of Falls Rd; Meredith PropertyHearing Officer / Development Plan & Special Hearings 
2009-0243-AJames & Mariellen Angelo7 Middle Woods CtAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0244-SPHXLiberty Rd Kings Point Associates, LLC; Shirelle A. Thorne9946-9948 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionCommunity building
Kings Point Associates, LLC, owner; Shirelle A. Thorne, Lessee9946-9948 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionCatering hall
2009-0245-AFaith A. Person401 Upland RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0246-AAlan & Nancy Gilbert11401 Marbrook RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0248-AWilliam Parker8412 Allison LnAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0249-ATowson Promenade, LLC21 Lambourne Rd, 707, 711, 713, 715 & 717 York Rd Towson PromenadeVarianceSigns
2009-0250-XDemy Investment Group, LLC4021-4023 Annapolis RdSpecial ExceptionFuneral home in BL
2009-0252-AGeorge & Denise Winterling1224 Bayside RdVariance 
2009-0253-ARichard Diotte11650 Eastern AveVariance 
2009-0254-SPHAFlorence W. Bell2994, 2995 & 2998 Falls Run RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0255-AMichael Aronoff3605 Woodvalley DrAdmin Var. 
2009-0256-AMaurice L. Bailey, Sr., Cittie R. Bailey10800 Powers AveVariance 
2009-0257-AGelu Nicolae & Diana Domnita Gavrila2300 Shaded Brook DrAdmin Var. 
2009-0261-ARaymond & Linda Reitenauer2715 Placid AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0262-AWayne & Leslie McCullough5724 Oakland RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0263-ABrenda Yarrison7308 Cheryl AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0264-SPHGlen Meadows Retirement Community Jeffrey J. Davis, Sr.11630 Glen Arm RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0265-ABoumi Temple Corporation5050 King Ave
2009-0266-A &
Russell Beard, Jr.5707 Hamilton Ave & 5711 Hamilton AveVariance 
2009-0268-SPHBay Vanguard Federal Savings Bank7114 North Point RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0271-AJoyce H. & James T. Sears345 Dark Head RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0272-XHunt Valley Towne Center, owner; PRISMM of Hunt Valley, LLC, Lessee118 Shawan RdSpecial Exceptionarcade
2009-0273-ARichard & Marcie Rosario1005 Coachford CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0274-AJason & Lisa Manuel6303 Bellona AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0275-SARave-On Enterprises, LLC1801 Joppa RdSpecial Var.F Intersection
2009-0276-SPHXJohn Wilkerson5300 Hydes RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionWinery
2009-0277-ADiana Dudek12126 Jerusalem RdAdmin Var.In-law apartment
2009-0278-ASeth A. & Mirra B. Siegel6707 Laurelwood AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0279-ADavid Jacobs2606 Holly Beach RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0280-SPHDenise L. Smith3651 Campfield RdSpecial Hearing 
Denise L. Smith3651 Campfield RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0281-ADennis & Dorette Davies10835 Philadelphia RdVariance 
2009-0282-AFR White Marsh, Inc. c/o Federal Realty Investment Trust SunTrust Bank627 York RdVariance 
2009-0283-SPHMary Margaret Grace4420 Walnut AveSpecial HearingAccessory structure
2009-0284-SPHA9611-9615 Pulaski Highway, LLC9611 - 9615 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0285-ABrian & Mary Stone5901 Shady Spring AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0286-AValerie E. Thurmond11212 Bird River Grove RdVariance 
2009-0287-AMichael V. Ruth7910 Omega CtAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0288-SPHWilliam C. & Nancy G. C. Trimble, owner; Stephen J. & Susan C. Immelt, purchaser1021 Greenspring Valley RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0289-SPHXA513 & 515 Pleasant Hill, LLC513 & 515 Pleasant Hill RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Used car sales
2009-0290-AKevin James Richardson4220 Hanwell RdVarianceDenied on appeal
2009-0292-AMoshe & Shoshane Rubin6517 Wickfield RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0293-ARobert Morsberger713 Fredrick RdVarianceDeck, parking
2009-0294-AJason R. & Anna M. Geisinger212 Wickersham WayAdmin Var. 
2009-0295-SPHXAnne M. Deford12820 Long Green PikeSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionWinery
2009-0296-AMichael C. & Sara Weber2119 Gibson RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0297-ADavid Cain & Christy A. Lynn3007 Michigan AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0298-AMark D. & Laura M. Nemec4455 Carroll Manor RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0299-AJohn Edward Johnson, Patrick Brailsford6602 Parsons AveVariance 
2009-0300-SPHRaymond & Ingeborg McLaughlin1237 Ten Oaks RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0301-SPHCarole S. Demilio (Trustee)Old York Rd, opposite Markoe RdSpecial Hearing 
2009-0302-AGladys & Carteen Wilkerson, owner; Gladys Wilkerson, purchaser8617 Wilenoak CtAdmin Var. 
2009-0303-AJoann Davis9837 Hickoryhurst DrAdmin Var. 
2009-0304-SPHNew Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC2021 Fredrick Rd Stagco CorporationSpecial Hearing 
2009-0305-ALAT, LLC1114-1116 Reisterstown RdVariance 
2009-0306-AEugene Einolf9334 Shady Creek WayAdmin Var. 
2009-0307-SPHAJohn & Dawn Mynaugh8 Rider Mill CtSpecial Hearing & Var.Child care
2009-0308-ASteven & Julie Burleson12310 Michaelsford RdAdmin Var.Not unique
2009-0308-ASteven & Julie Burleson12310 Michaelsford RdReconsiderationDenied
2009-0309-AThurman & Lisa Huhn62 Wagners AveVariance 
2009-0310-ARonald & Sharon E. Watts1911 Falls RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0311-ADennis & Lynette Burns715 Race RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0312-AErik Griffin6537 Blackhead RdVariance 
2009-0313-SPHAMichael T. & Jennifer A. Lawrence500 Stoneleigh RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0314-AJonathan & Geannine Darby5234 Morning Dove WayAdmin Var. 
2009-0315-ANadine Knoche10407 Liberty RdVariance 
2009-0316-ABrain P. & Robin L. Znamirowski4803 Bart Allen LnAdmin Var. 
2009-0317-SPHANetivot Shalom The New Shul of Baltimore, Inc. Howard M. Lederman, President7602 Labyrinth RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0318-SPHAMario A. De La Rosa19912 Middletown RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Garage
2009-0319-AMuriel Edwards1012 Susquehanna AveAdmin Var. 
2009-0320-AAngela & Henry Putty8260 Streamwood DrAdmin Var. 
2009-0321-SPHJames & Heidi Johnston Aimee & Christopher Smith2619 Pot Spring RdSpecial HearingTo deny building permit
2009-322-X &
silo exhibit
C. Richard Lehnert Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless700 Belfast RdSpecial ExceptionCell tower - silo
2009-0323-A2415 Zion RdSharon SerioAdmin Var. 
2009-0324-AMeredith Van Den Beemt & Mary Mills1630 Walker RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0325-SPHHafeez AnjumGay Brook RdSpecial HearingBathroom - denied
2009-0326-ARobert S. Pilling & Richard A. Pilling3907 Beckleysville RdVariance 
2009-0327-ARuth E. MacGregor1335 Middleford RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0328-SPHAPV Realty - Holly Hill, LLC Stephen P. Bellone531 Stevenson LnSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2009-0329-ADavid J. & Tammy T. Mintz9124 Avondale RdVariance 
2009-0330-AJoseph R. & Mary A. Steneman119 South Hilltop RdVariance 
2009-0331-ARobert & Gail Vogel208 Bentley RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0332-ACatherine R. Crump Resavage1 Forest RdAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0333-ADebra Stillman & George Poscover509 Brook RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0334-ASamuel W. & Eva A. House2405 Beach AveVariance 
2009-0335-A &
William & Pasqulina Biggs, owner; Amber & James Bertholdt, purchaser7315 Waldman Ave & 7317 Waldman AveVariance 
2009-0337-ATodd & Trina Miceli5416 Bangert StreetAdmin Var. 
2009-0338-AAlbert S. Jun & Susie N. Chung800 Ridgeleigh RdAdmin Var. 
2009-0339-AMelinda J. Munk3102 Moreland AveAdmin Var.Garage
2009-0340-AMichael J. & Barbara W. McQuade2710 Holly Beach RdVariance 
2009-0341-A &
James J. Perkowski333 Maple Ave [Lot 67] & 333A Maple Ave [Lot 68]Variance 
2009-0343-AJohn & Carolyn Hotz18 Sparks Farm RdAdmin Var.Garage
Fiscal 2010 cases (filed July 2009 - June 2010)
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2010-0001-ARobert & Barbara Jones14824 Thornton Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0002-A6333 Baltimore National Pike, LLC Patient First Corporation6333 Baltimore National PikeVariance 
2010-0003-AThomas J. & Elizabeth A. Billings7509 Park DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0004-SPHDennis K. & Elizabeth J. Agboh6411 Liberty RdSpecial HearingAppealed
2010-0005-AMichael & Charlene Reilly4617 Magnolia AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0006-AM-10, LLC Advanced Radiology1209 York RdVarianceSigns
2010-0007-SPHAMartin Financial Associates, LLLP & Martin Financial Associated LP1420 Martin BlvdSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2010-0008-AWilliam & Frances Seibert14228 Manor RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0009-AGregory J. Summons Sr. & Penny A. Summons3023 5th AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0010-AEdie E. Beard308 New AveVariance 
2010-0011-SPHDaniel, Jr. & Charlotte Marie Breeden12209 Eastern AveSpecial Hearing 
2010-0012-AJames Martin & Karen Frances Hill65 Oakway RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0013-AGregory J. & Penny A. Summons10801 Stevenson RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0014-SPHAGary Lee Jacobs & Micaela M. Aigner-Jacobs1502 Galena RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0015-SPHASpringlake Farms, Inc. & Bush Meadows, LLC Bosley Construction Company12910 Hanover RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0016-SPHAMays Chapel United Methodist Church, Inc. James Emerick1804 Ridge RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0017-AElla Nora Hoerl300 Bloomsbury AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0018-SPHAMorton J. Macks & Thomas O. Frech, Spirit & Truth ChurchLiberty Rd at Anne Hathaway DrSpecial Hearing & Var.Denied
2010-0019-AMona S. & Fouad E. Gellad, Trustees11 Valleywood CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0020-AJohn & Linda Shifflett23 Locust DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0021-AOtto Duke Hart Jr. & Robin Ann Hart7214 Bucher AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0022-SPHAPleasant Hill Development Associates II, LLCPleasant Hill RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0023-AEdward & Lisa Macsherry922 Breezewick CircleAdmin Var. 
2010-0024-SPHCharles A. & Cynthia K. Sturm1612-1615 Barthel RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0025-AMichael L. & Nancy D. Spicer13110 Pendleton CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0026-ALee & Ellen Krich8422 Cove RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0027-SPHStemark, Inc.2705 Rolling RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0028-XJames Scott Cooper, Harko Court LLC3 Harko CtSpecial ExceptionService garage
2010-0029-ASt. John's Evang. Lutheran Church3911 Sweet Air RdVariance 
2010-0030-ADavid & Melissa Eichelberger10 Macintosh CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0031-SPHXAFour Corners Square, LLLP14333 Jarrettsville PikeSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.medical building
2010-0032-ABenjamins Zonis1319 Kingsbury RdVariance 
2010-0033-ARonald Hoffman9117 Cove Point RdAdmin Var. 
  & II-615
CSI Support & Development Services5105 Old Court RdHearing Officer/ Development Plan & Special Hearing & Var. 
2010-0035-AWilliam C. & Barbara A. Brown11252 Red Lion RdVariance 
2010-0036-AAndrew S. & Lisa J. Mullins19B South Lake WayVariance 
2010-0037-AJohn J. Wamhoff, III323 Elinor AveVariance 
2010-0038-ASterling S. Wyand Steve Schneidereith428 Wake Robin DrVariance 
2010-0040-AAnthony Blango6723 Greenspring AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0041-AJohn & Elizabeth Linehan10 Malvern CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0042-SPHWayne J. & Lisa S. Knell115 Burke AveSpecial HearingRooming house - denied, appealed - denied
2010-0043-AMark E. & Leah A.K. Hayes121 South Hilltop RdVariance 
2010-0044-AAlbert Cloutier, Jr. James & Patricia Rosner3528 Galloway RdVariance 
2010-0045-AGeorge E. Jr. & Grace I. Brune1563 Cottage LnAdmin Var. 
2010-0046-ARonald Kelbaugh & Deborah Sparks937 York Rd, LLC York RdVariance 
2010-0047-ABrian Schriefer7538 Old Battle Grove RdVariance 
2010-0048-AKathleen Simmers1627 Worthington Heights ParkwayAdmin Var. 
2010-0049-AElizabeth A. Sinofsky Signature Homes, Inc.,108 Clarendon AveVariance 
2010-0050-AMatthew & Susan Kolarosky7809 Doe Ridge DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0051-ACharles Howard3722 Brentford RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0052-ADelores B. & Adam Cassell3115 Rheims RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0053-SPHACignal Corp.King AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Parking in floodplain
2010-0054-ADavid Brown & Kate Knott323 Dixie DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0055-AMeeram Realty, LLC1812 Taylor AveVarianceSigns
2010-0056-AAnthony Dale Peterson6724 Brentwood AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0057-AJason W. & Herbert Tart, Jr.5022 Forge RdVarianceAppealed, dismissed
2010-0058-AJames P. & Janet T. Lister5 Mill Town CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0059-ABill & Kim Tien8500 Wirsing WayAdmin Var. 
2010-0060-ADan Sheahan & Larissa Shimoda5464 Hillrise RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0061-AKeith L. & Frances V. Garner3 Newbridge CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0062-SPHDawn Harris & Robert M. Alark5622 Prince George StSpecial Hearing 
2010-0063-AThomas L. & Jane Marie Shoemaker, Gary Morris, Caroline Eifert8810 Chesapeake AveVariance 
2010-0064-ALinda Dauses & Dennis Szymaszak Erwin J. & Deborah A. Pawlicki1703 Division AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0064-ALinda Dauses & Dennis Szymaszak Erwin J. & Deborah A. Pawlicki1703 Division AveMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2010-0065-SPHAllender Property I, LLC5305-5325 Trenton Mill RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0066-SPHARonald W. Parker11424 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0067-AWendy Darnall & Brian Joseph Marshall721 49th StreetAdmin Var. 
2010-0068-AThe Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church of Baltimore County, Inc.7601 York RdVariance 
2010-0070-ATresa L. & Fredrick R. Howington211 North Tyrone RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0071-AMichael J. Demchuk, Jr.10 Blueleaf CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0072-ARobert H. & Patty A. Francis4400 Greencove CircleAdmin Var. 
2010-0073-ACharles B. & Gail E. Jones8300 Carrbridge CircleAdmin Var. 
2010-0074-SPHAStanley F. Stockwell Karen & William Glazer411 Jefferson AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0075-AEdward R. & Sherrie Y. Norton723 Lenstrom Friend CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0076-AJudith E. Hall & Susan L. Hall19708 Old York RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0077-SPHMax L. Cohn12 Mary Hill CtSpecial Hearing 
2010-0078-SPHXADennis G. Foster, Jr., D.D.S & Carol R. Foster2340 & 2342 York RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var. 
2010-0079-SPHANicholas D'Adamo, Jr.9128 Hinton AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0080-AMichael E.L. & Sheila L. Herrman407 Armstrong RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0081-AEdward B. & Karen E. Connelly207 Sanford AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0082-SPHRobert Boutwell Carl F. Parker18426 Falls RdSpecial HearingAppealed
2010-0083-SPHCharles H. Ahmer, Sr.4014 North Point BlvdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0084-AIrvin S. & Debra C. Sass106 Lamport RdVarianceRV
2010-0085-AMary A. Beard306 New AveVariance 
2010-0086-SPHXAEstate of Charles E. Chlan Angela Amatruda and/or Assigns7200 Belair RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Slide processing (medical)
2010-0087-SPHARustica, LLC2307 Gadd RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Livable space in pool house
2010-0088-ADavid & Marilyn Carp7019 Pheasant Cross DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0089-ACharles Phelan812 Regester AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0090-AJohn C. & Mami R. Buchanan6100 Collinsway RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0091-AWilliam P. & Laura T. Siciliano910 Old Oak RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0092-SPHADavid D. Smith1320 Ivy Hill RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0093-AMichael E. & Barbara C. Wagner4812 Silver Spring RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0094-SPHChristopher James Malstrom8301 Wilson AveSpecial HearingAdd 2nd floor in floodplain, granted
2010-0094-SPHChristopher James Malstrom8301 Wilson AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed, waiver granted
2010-0095-AThomas L. Nickerson13 Carriage Walk CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0096-AScott P. Recher514 Charles Street AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0097-AJoyce M. Miller3201 Elizabeth AveVariance 
2010-0098-ARichard F. Riley, Sr.618 Norris LnVariance 
2010-0099-AMcDonald's Corporation2222 Dundalk AveVarianceSigns
2010-0100-ANicholas Markakis949 East Piney Hill RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0101-SPHRandall-Wood Corp.5624 Old Court RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0102-SPHANW TRP Suburban Second, Inc.8870 McDonogh Rd & 4515 Painters Mill RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2010-0103-AEdward & Eleanor English3302 Hillsmere RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0104-SPHAJames Sylvia, Senior Vice President, Dundalk Acquisition, LLC1115-1211 Merritt BlvdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0105-SPHDave Duggan, Vice President of BP Lubricants USA, Inc.9300 Pulaski HwySpecial HearingNot oil refinery
2010-0106-AZinoviy Fradlin & Alla Fradlina2 Jill CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0107-AAlice J. Burrow Roy C. Borrow Wanda Taylor-Douglas Elwood Douglas6746 Windsor Mill RdVariance 
2010-0108-SPHAMerril E. & Adelina P. Plait8412 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0109-SPHLinda Schulte7404 Mount Vista RdSpecial HearingLLA
2010-0110-SPHXAKF Ghauri, LLC8207 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var. 
2010-0111-AAnthony E. & Brenda A. Difabbio101 Morgan Elis WayAdmin Var.Denied
2010-0112-AWilliam George Sullivan, Jr.5420 Hamilton AveVariance 
2010-0113-SPHAR & H Motor Cars, Ltd.9727 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0114-AJovy Vallamattam & Anu M. Joseph3724 Green Oak CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0115-SPHAWilliam & Katharine Foard14614 Manor RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0116-SPHXAAnna B. Beaty, Raymond H. Beaty, Jacqueline Anne Mickiewicz, Macro Holdings, LLC8212 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Parking 394/500
2010-0117-AJohn B. & Kathleen M. Fowler10504 Gateridge RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0118-AThomas & Susan Esposito2818 North Wind RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0119-SPHS & J Management, Inc.516 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0120-SPHJMJ Savoy Properties, LLC8511 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0121-ALiisa A. Binebrink15261 Dover RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0122-ADr. Harry L. June & Terri A. White9116 Cuckold Point RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0123-SPHADavid M. Donovan2499 Island View RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0124-AAndrew & Virginia Stills9835 Clanford RdAdmin Var.Denied
2010-0125-ADallas Lee & Ellouise Griffin1907 Woodlawn DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0126-AMichael Osborne, Sr. & Patricia Osborne517-B Middle River RdSpecial Hearing10ft panhandle
2010-0127-SPHXATerri L. Stowars New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC12935 Eastern Ave ExtendedSpecial Exception, Special Hearing, & Var.Cell tower
2010-0128-ALorraine I. Guzman16 Hinesleigh CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0129-AAnnette Civera12338 Michaelsford RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0130-ADale E. Keesee Cedar Square Homes, Inc.2799 Yarnall RdVariance 
2010-0131-A &
Andrew L. Straka Frances P. Straka7302 & 7304 Bay Front RdVariances 
2010-0133-SPH16 Skidmore Ct, LLC16 Skidmore CtSpecial HearingRooming house
16 Skidmore Ct, LLC16 Skidmore CtMotion for reconsiderationDenied, appealed, dismissed
2010-0134-ARalph E. Thomas Jr. Karen A. Thomas700 Wilson Green CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0135-ALCO Services, LLC Allan W. Laird14009 Jarrettsville PikeVariance 
2010-0136-AEarl L. Stanson Jr. & Deborah C. Stanson2857 Louisiana AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0138-AGerald W. & Betty J. Hart2 Darney CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0139-AJeffrey M. Seligson Sharon A. Seligson2409 Old Frederick RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0140-AImtiaz Ahmed & Irfana A. Ahmed1022 Ingleside AveVariance 
2010-0141-AMindful, LLC125 Slade AveVarianceParking, signs
2010-0142-AMeir & Michal Levinger-Shamay2417 Lightfoot DrVariance Admin 
2010-0143-ANicklas Brandt Nicole Brandt222 Gateswood RdAdmin Var.Not unique
2010-0144-ALeRoy A. Maddox1409 Hallwood RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0145-SPHADavid M. Donovan & James S. Brown2500A Island View RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0146-SPHWG Properties, LLC605-619 Main StreetSpecial Hearing 
2010-0147-SPHALiberty Crossing Land LLLP Verizon Wireless8514 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0148-AJames T. & L. Wanda Streett5611 Williams RdVariance 
2010-0149-ALynn Miller Weiskittel Jaeger7700 Rider Hill RdVariance 
2010-0150-SPHASharmeil L. Hodge9900 Hoyt CircleSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0151-AHoward & Cindy Cummins2310 Velvet Ridge DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0152-AKaren Treat & Alverta Tutchton2610 Holly Beach RdVarianceAppealed, dismissed
2010-0153AMichael & Denise Novak2361 Vandermast LnAdmin Var. 
2010-0154-ALisa M. LaVina3121 Paper Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0156-ARonald & Pamela Denise Tate7 Calgary CtAdmin Var.Appealed
2010-0157-AArmand J. Volta Jr. & Debra Volta17 Nayborly CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0158-SPHABear Creek Properties, LLC; 3 B's, Inc.601 Wise AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Tavern vs. nightclub?, parking 60/88, granted, appealed, granted
2010-0159-XAMJM Associates, LLC Salvage Direct, Inc.8143 Beachwood RdSpecial Exception & Var.Junkyard
2010-0160-AJohn R. & Sara R. Barber7503 Rocksham DrAdmin Var. 
  & 08-848
Anderson Automotive, Inc. & Anderson Motors, LLC by Bruce Mortimer10111, 10125 & 10131 York Rd & 10 Halesworth RdHearing Officer / Development Plan & Special Hearing 
  & VIII-796 - Revised
Anderson Automotive, Inc. & Anderson Motors, LLC by Bruce Mortimer10111, 10125 & 10131 York Rd & 10 Halesworth RdHearing Officer/Development Plan & Special Hearing 
2010-0162-SPHXAArthur F. Gnau & Sons, Inc.6809 Loch Raven BlvdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Service garage
2010-0163-ATodd M. & Susan A. Cope2223 Corbett RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0164-AEric J. & Megan D. Straczek615 Meadowridge RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0165-AWilson F. Bieman130 First AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0166-SPHPeter R. Myers Theresa B. Myers8 North Beechwood AveSpecial Hearing 
2010-0167-SPHWallace A. Eddleman & Aaron M. Eisenfeld12 York RdSpecial Hearing2 apartments
2010-0168-SPHRobert E. Rosso6701 Brentwood AveSpecial Hearing 
2010-0168-SPHRobert E. Rosso6701 Brentwood AveMotion for recon.Denied
2010-0169-AAllen C. & Danielle M. Keeney15217 Hanover PikeAdmin Var. 
2010-0170-ANechama Goldman Sarah C. Manning1008 Scotts Hill DrVariance 
2010-0171-AMatthew R. & Erin M. Gillis2726 Paper Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0172-AThomas J. Byrne Baron Jay Byrne10212 Old Court RdVariance 
2010-0173-SPHRuss & Brenda Kahn14225 Longnecker RdSpecial HearingCabinet business - denied, appealed, not an "artist", denied
2010-0174-AMichael Brewer801 Woodrow AveVariance 
2010-0176-XJoseph's Fullerton, Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc.8420 Belair Rd St.Special ExceptionCemetery
2010-0177-ANancy S. Seidel607 Rockaway Beach AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0177-ANancy S. Seidel Berg Contracting Services LLC607 Rockaway Beach AveMotion for recon.Granted
2010-0178-AWendy & Michael Piniecki8021 Lansdale RdVarianceNot unique
2010-0179-ARalph H. & Judy A. Weidel1429 A Providence RdVariance 
2010-0180-AH-K Real Estate Holdings, Inc.; 6631 Baltimore Pike Corp.6631 Baltimore National PikeVariance 
2010-0181-ACraig J. Sigismondi9905 Old Court RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0182-XAQuartner Commercial Properties, LLC5509 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Exception & Var.Car wash, appealed, dismissed
2010-0183-AWilliam Su313 West Seminary AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0184-SPHADelight Manor Farm, LLC Giant of Maryland, LLC11604 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0185-A &
4306 Stanwood Ave , LLC7335 & 7337 Greenbank RdVariance 
2010-0187-ARound Hollow, LLC Safeway, Inc.1015 York RdVarianceSigns - Safeway
2010-0188-AHarry L. & Kathleen A. Cox1922 Ewald AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0189-AMichael & Karen James8264 Bullneck CtAdmin Var.Rec vehicles in front
2010-0190-AJoseph & Sabrina Doetsch8256 Bullneck CtAdmin Var.Rec vehicles in front
2010-0191-AMeadows Shopping Center, LLC Atlantic Realty Companies McDonald's USA, LLC Lee May6650 Security BlvdVarianceSigns
2010-0192-ACarlson Ln Northwest Hospital Center, Inc.,5415 Old Court Rd & 8505VarianceSigns
  & VIII-831
Section Two - Curran Property David D. SmithEnd of Ivy Reach Ct, W of Happy Hollow RdHearing Officer / Development Plan & Special Hearing 
2010-0194-ADavid L. Thompson1006 Lourdes RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0195-AJames B. & Alise A. Davies640 Murdock RdVariance 
2010-0196-AMichael R. Rosman12621 Mt. Laurel CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0197-SPHXAPolish National Catholic Church of the Holy Cross, Inc., 101 Development Group, LLC,7110 German Hill RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception, & Var.Convalescent home
2010-0198-AFrederick L. Riedel, Jr. & Louise E. Riedel1928 Sue Creek DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0199-APerry Hall Investment Group Time Out for Sports, Inc.9716 Belair RdVariance 
2010-0200-AEinbinder Properties LLC GREGG Appliances, Inc6026 Baltimore National PikeVarianceSigns
2010-0201-AJai & Debra Seunarine1239 Berans RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0202-ARussel Family, LLCBaltimore National Pike, 1917 Powers Ln, 1000 North Rolling RdVarianceSigns
2010-0203-ARobert & Allison Dahne310 East Cherry Hill RdAdmin Var.Denied, not unique
2010-0204-AWhite Marsh Commerce Park, LLC9913 Philadelphia RdVariance 
2010-0205-AKevin & Dawn Corun3504 East Joppa RdVariance 
2010-0206-AAnne Lundvall Cornell2000 Far Out LnAdmin Var. 
2010-0207-ADwayne Dixon Bradley Kincade5505 Link AveVariance 
2010-0208-AJ. Orem Helen J. Orem1210 Stumpfs Rd PhillipVariance 
2010-0209-AStephen W. & Catherine S. Carroll306 Kaufman RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0210-AWillie J. McClain Jr. & Wanda D. McClain8012 Norris LnAdmin Var. 
2010-0212-AHoward A. & Cindy L. Cummins2310 Velvet Ridge DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0213-AJohn Johlito, Jr. & Elizabeth Johlito3812 Chestnut RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0214-ACraig Richard & Andrea Nusinov8210 Anita RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0215-ARichardson Holdings, LLC5028 Ebenezer RdVariance 
2010-0216-SPHXFoxtail LP Kiddie Crusoe, LLC10-14 West Aylesbury RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionCommercial recreational facility
2010-0217-ALubomir G. Todorov14006 Jarrettsville PikeVarianceAppealed, dismissed
2010-0218-SPHWoodland Services, LLC2701 Rolling RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0219-SPHAFunstate, LLC5811 Allender RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0220-SPHAndrew J. Mattes, III D. Franklin Beck, Sr. Mae M. Beck Daniel F. Beck, Jr. Theresa J. Guckert2534 Island View RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0220-SPHTheresa J. Guckert James S. Brown & David M. Donovan Theresa J. Guckert2534 Island View RdMotion for recon.Denied
2010-0221-ARobert N. Gensler Elizabeth E. Gensler11 Forwood CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0223-ADavid B. Abramoff Sandra F. Abramoff12143 Woodsyde CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0224-A8208 Liberty Rd, LLC8208 Liberty RdVariance 
2010-0225-XWilliam & Grace Harris; New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC16620 Wesley Chapel RdSpecial ExceptionCell tower
2010-0226-AMichael C. Hawk3518 Bay DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0227-SPHEstates at Windy Hill - aka Namdi Iwuoha & Gail Iwuoha4301 Windy Hill RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0228-AKasey Simon Colby Simon12403 Dover RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0230-AEugene & Silvia Schmelzer2113 Burdock RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0231-APauline Y. Rasel3119 Short WayVariance 
2010-0233-ABrian J. & Kelly M. Mitchell4628 Magnolia AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0234-ADaniel N. & Jennifer N. Thomas1618 Holly Tree RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0235-ASteven Patrick Newton329 St. Georges RdVariance 
2010-0236-AMcDonald's Corporation934 York RdVariance 
2010-0237-ADonald L. & Anna M. Kimmell1110 Raven RdAdmin Var.Not unique
2010-0238-SPHNancy L. Rhoten & Kelly E. Rhoten12149 Park Heights AveSpecial Hearing 
2010-0239-AAshley Elizabeth Hach302 North AveVariance 
2010-0240-ASultana Nayyer & Ahmed Nadeem1424 Harberson RdVariance 
2010-0241-AMatthew McConville & Renee Vanderstelt6219 Windy Ridge RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0242-AJoan M. Flynn & Joseph Bradley6804 Old Pimlico RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0243-SPHBrian J. Eurice6502 Blackhead RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0244-ADaniel J. & Michelle A. Kile5114 Crest Haven WayAdmin Var. 
2010-0245-ASteven E. & Fabienne Jones1219 Hilldale RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0246-ATroy M. Workman200 Ridge AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0247-ACrondall Corner Associates, LLC11299 Owings Mills BlvdVariance 
2010-0248-ADavid & Stacey Berman2800 Grasty Woods LnAdmin Var. 
2010-0250-ARobert Duley Sandra Duley2010 Poplar RdVariance 
2010-0251-AChristopher Nickerson17905 Bunker Hill RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0252-SPHALawrence Leroy McConkey, Sr. Gilbert M. France Joseph France1954 Catanna AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0253-SPHAGarrison Forest Associates, LPNE Corner of Reisterstown Rd, 52' S of Owings Mills BlvdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0254-AYong & Soon Hee ParkBaltimore County, MD; 7500 Windsor Mill RdVariance 
2010-0256-SPHAGreenspring Valley Home Company, LLC328 Garrison Forest RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0256-SPHAGreenspring Valley Home Company, LLC328 Garrison Forest RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0257-ADavid Nguyen1010 Handy AveVariance 
2010-0258-AClarence H. Ford, Jr. Deborah L. Ford18929 Middletown RdVariance 
2010-0260-SPHCharles G. Pepin & Ellen J. Pepin; Richard T. Moreland Mary-Agnes Moreland1822 Corbett RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0262-SPHAFerdinand D. Maisel & Tanya Y. Hege-Maisel144 Longview DrSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0263-ADennis & Amanda Weinman610 Hillstead DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0264-ARoy & Diane Poole2124 Southland RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0265-ACory & Rabecka Koons5215 Larlin RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0266-AJerome & Sarah Gottlieb12607 Nancy Lee CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0267-SPHAJames L. Mosley & Angela T. Mosley3804 Schroeder AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0268-AJeanne Linton & Joseph Pilkerton220 Embleton RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0269-X111 Hanover Pike, LLP111 Hanover PikeSpecial ExceptionContractors storage yard
2010-0270-A &
Troy Smith Neil Stillerman11 & 13 Homberg AveVariance 
  & 15-957
NKC Properties LLC Nester's Landing aka Schweitzer Property1915 Turkey Point RdSpecial Hearing Development Plan 
2010-0273-SPHLoyola University Maryland, Inc.Stablersville RdSpecial HearingRetreat center
2010-0275-ANorman Hillenburg Jr. & Margaret Hillenburg6924 University DrVariance"From Policy Manual"
2010-0276-ASylvester J. & Nadean M. Knox8200 Poplar AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0277-XJoyce A. Smith4112 Pine Hill RdSpecial ExceptionOffice in residence
2010-0278-ANeel S. & Monique D. Satpute2044 Myrtlewood RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0279-SPHALawrence Odeyemi4902 Hazelwood AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0280-SPHRainbow Hall, Inc., owner; Valleys Planning Council, Inc., petitioner10729 Park Heights AveSpecial Hearing 
2010-0281-AMary Beth Fitzpatrick13025 Beaver Dam RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0282-AJoseph V. & Karen L. Maranto3908 New Section RdVariance 
2010-0283-ANeil J. & Joann N. Ruther1915 Monkton RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0284-XMarion A. & Janet L. Martin Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless18132 Falls RdSpecial ExceptionCell tower
2010-0285-SPHLee E. Maglov & Alan B. Entwistle12307 Jericho RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0286-AWilliam & Patra Yacumis3030 Dunglow RdVariance 
2010-0287-SPHBP Lubricants USA, Inc.9300 Pulaski HighwaySpecial HearingParking surface
2010-0288-AVishwanath R. & Sulalitha V. Shetty7 Prince William CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0290-AEmil A. Schott Jr. & Barbara J. Schott, Power of Attorney Kafo, LLC; Dr. Patricia A. O'Brien4416 Fitch AveVariance 
2010-0292-ARaymond M. & Patricia A. Holtschneider98 Rollingbrook WayAdmin Var. 
2010-0293-SPHDouglas & Sue McKenzie1711 Wilson Point RdSpecial Hearing 
2010-0294-SPHASharon Watkins2219 Hamiltowne CircleSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0295-ARichard J. and Donna L. Schissler2022 Sue Creek DriveVariance 
2010-0296-AMohan Suntharalingam17 Hillsyde CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0297-A1801 YR, LLC1801 York RdVariance 
2010-0298-XAMary Susan Buck (formerly Engle)5711 Allender RdSpecial Exception & Var.Kennel
2010-0299-ABryan T. & Deborah L. Rowe142 Sanford AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0299-ABryan T. & Deborah L. Rowe142 Sanford AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0300-AJohn & Leslie Tunney606 Greenwood RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0301-APamela & Ira Rigger2 Thurkill CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0302-SPHAWal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust (Store No. 2435)2399 North Point BlvdSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2010-0303-ALauren M. McCombs403 Deacon Brook CircleAdmin Var. 
2010-0304-ASteven Goodmuth & Karen Koelbel10803 Davis AveVariance3 goats
2010-0305-AJames A. & Janet M. Small4112 Kahlston RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0306-AThomas E. Greely12238 Manor RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0307-AThe Cove LTD. PartnershipSW Corner Miller & Woodland Aves (formerly the Eastern Manor Subdivision)Variance 
2010-0308-SPHGerman Hill LP7611 German Hill RdSpecial HearingUsed car sales
2010-0309-SPHJoseph F. Shanahan Patricia A. Shanahan3505 Glenwood RdSpecial HearingApartment, appealed, dismissed
2010-0310-AIra C. F. Rigger Jr. & Pamela J. Rigger2 Thurkill CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0311-APer Bogh & Kim Karlsen304 Hammond AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0312-AWillard E. Johnson103 Sollers Point RdVarianceNo parking space
2010-0313-AGrigoriy Rubinshteyn & Marina Kuznetsova2000 Jolly RdVariance 
2010-0314-SPHXADennis Agboh & Elizabeth Agboh6411 Liberty RdSpecial Exception; Special Hearing & Var.Class B child care, appealed, denied, see 10-04
2010-0315-ACraig & Elizabeth Shotwell10225 Old Court RdVariance 
2010-0316-AJason S. Dugan6133 Wheatland RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0317-AWilliam Besnoska, Regina Besnoska, & Jeremy Besnoska1907 Poplar RdVariance 
2010-0319-SPHAKingsville Volunteer Fire Company11601 Bellevue AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0320-SPHSCI Maryland Funeral Services, Inc.1101 Sulphur Spring RdSpecial ExceptionCemetery and mausoleum
2010-0322-XA8629 Philadelphia Rd, LLC Special8629 Philadelphia RdException & Var.Class B Office
2010-0323-SPHXWestview Center Assoc., LLC/ Wharton Realty Group CEC Entertainment, Inc.5912 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionAmusement devices
2010-0324-ASamuel E. & Margaret A. Nuttall10320 Greentop RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0325-AMarcelo A. & Florita A. Ramiro5914 A Baltimore StreetAdmin Var. 
2010-0326-AMoshe Schwartz800 Queens Park DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0327-XA8220 Pulaski Highway, Inc. Alberain International, LLC8220-8224 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Exception & Var.Outdoor sales area
2010-0328-ARichard Kotlas3505 Shenandoah AveVariance 
2010-0329-ARaymond H. Weinreich Jr. & Amy L. Weinreich2209 Maple RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0330-AJason & Kelly Riebel5527 Overlook CirAdmin Var. 
2010-0331-ARonald C. & Rena Marie Mack24 Fox Brier LnAdmin Var. 
2010-0332-SPHAPamela D. Colbert1334 Canberra DrSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0333-SPHXATwo Farms, Inc.11905 Market Way BC Area 3 Lot 1 LLCSpecial Exception, Special Hearing, & Var.Signs
2010-0334-AAnnette Civera12338 Michaelsford RdVariance 
2010-0335-AJames J. Li & Yannan Liu27 Warren Manor CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0336-ARussels, LLC6624 Baltimore National PikeVariance 
2010-0337-SPHAPaul Bonneville Marjorie M. Bonneville John K. Burk2427-2429 Barrison Point RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0338-SPHRecovermat2202 Halethorpe Farms RdSpecial hearingJunkyard?, withdrawn 22 Apr 2013
2010-0339-AChristopher Stone Deborah E. Atwood4501 Maple AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0340-SPHARetail Trust I Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.8118 Perry Hills CtSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0341-AGloria J. & John C. Holthaus Thomas A. Lentz2809 5th StreetVariance 
2010-0342-ACraig S. & Gina Marie Vacovsky4818 Carroll Manor RdAdmin Var.Large garage
2010-0342-ACraig S. & Gina Marie Vacovsky4818 Carroll Manor RdAmended 
2010-0343-AM&G Investments, LLCW side The Byway RdVariance 
2010-0344-SPHAHenry C. Smith III & Tanja M. Smith11100 Cedar LnSpecial Hearing & Var.Garage
2010-0345-AWilliam F. McGowan1114 Fuselage AveVariance 
2010-0346-AManuel J. & Tammy L. Rivera21010 York RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0347-AKathleen M. & William H. Young II1 Class CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0348-AAntonino & Doreen M. Passaniti18315 Peters AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0349-AAdam A. & Sharon L. Strine22 Right Elevator DrVariance 
2010-0350-AJohn J. Wamhoff III323 Elinor AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0351-AAlexander & Jessica Hafer21 Long Knoll WayAdmin Var.Large garage
2010-0352-A & 2010-0353-ARoy C. Jr. & Diane E. Vest Homes of Woodside, LLC4421 & 4419 Poplar AveVariance 
2010-0354-SPHARandall W. Mattheu & Irene K. Mattheu11706 Reynolds RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Large accessory building
2010-0355-ARushi & Kalpana Bhatt324 Brushwood DrAdmin Var. 
2010-0356-AArthur H. Adler5 Huntersworth CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0358-ACharles T. & Eugunia G. Robinson1818 Clearwood RdVarianceRV
2010-0359-ALori A. Mahoney1731 Langford RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0360-AAmy Nicole Shelpack3105 Orchard AveAdmin Var. 
and Exhibit
Creta Enterprises, LLC12607 Fork RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2010-0362-ARiverview Square, LLC & Epimetheon Investments, LLC15, 23, 25 & 27 Eastern BlvdVarianceSigns, parking
2010-0363-AWoodholmeReisterstown RdVariance 
2010-0364-ABryan P. & Elizabeth Fitzgerald13000 Gent RdAdmin Var. 
2010-0365-ADaniel Reihani & Devora Alyesh2905 Chokeberry CtAdmin Var. 
2010-0366-ASandra L. & Roy O. McCoy321 Clyde AveAdmin Var. 
2010-0367-ARobert & Diane Brown21 Greenwood AveVariance 
2010-0368-ASusan M. & Stephen H. Kopriva9238 Todd AveAdmin Var. 
Fiscal 2011 cases (filed July 2010 - June 2011)
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2011-0001-AClinton J. Fuchs & Kathleen Nora Flynn-Fuchs1837 Clarke BlvdVariance 
2011-0002-XCrossRds Reserve, LLC; Bismarck Real Estate Partners9653A & 9655 Belair RdSpecial ExceptionService garage - appealed, dismissed
2011-0003-AJohn & Patricia Coulson1606 Dennis AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0004-AAnnamaria Marzola1 Branch StreetAdmin Var. 
2011-0005-ALouis Hejl Jr. & Elizabeth Hejl12 Bush Cabin CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0006-AJason & Zachary Kohajda2649 Spring RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0007-ADeborah C.and Littleton Nowlin, Jr.6600 Dalton RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0009-AStevenson Village, LLC10401-10417 Stevenson RdVarianceSigns
2011-0010-ATerese Reamer414 Overbrook RdVariance 
2011-0011-ARonald P. & Linda K. Stringer900 Wiseberg RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0012-ACharles J. & Bernice “Ann” Swam1527 Freeland RdVariance 
2011-0013-ARichard C. Brash Karen S. Brash10811 Acme AveVarianceChickens - denied
2011-0014-ABilly R. & Thelma S. Horne9301 Todd AveVariance 
2011-0015-SPHAChong O. & Hye S. Ryee Pramukh Swami Donuts, LLC1504-1508 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0016-ARichard T. & Laura L. Chisolm7833 Perry RdAdmin Var. 
  & XIV-480
5705 Kenwood Ave Property Stonewall5705 Kenwood AveDevelopment Hearing Officer/ Dev. Plan & Special Hearing 
2011-0019-AEdward W. & Kathleen L. Gabrielson11730 Camp Cone RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0020-AKevin L. Bowlby20908 Keeney Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0021-AElddar Rakhamimov & Tatyana Kolker6606 Rosetta RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0022-ARaymond K. O'Connor & Joyce M. O'Connor8029-A Shore RdVariance 
2011-0023-ARay C. & Deborah A. Paul3 South Hill Top RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0024-ACharles E. Kelly3733 Chestnut RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0025-AKathleen K. Saxon406 Overbrook RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0026-SPHXAWest Chesapeake, LLC301 West Chesapeake AveSpecial Hearing, Special Exception, & Var.Class B child care
2011-0027-AThomas S. Luchini9229 Wrights Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0128-SPHARedeemed Christian Church of God7704, 7710 WIndsro Mill Rd Appealed
2011-0029-ADavid B. Kellerman240 Glenmore AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0030-AJohn W. Conrad Jr.2226 Monocacy RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0031-ARobert L. & Mary Beth Beasley601 Hollow RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0033-SPHXCarbroc, LLC9811 York RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionArcade (Pivs)
2011-0034-X9400 Liberty LP9400 Liberty RdSpecial ExceptionUsed motor sales
2011-0035-ACharles L. Brigermann610 Cameron Ridge CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0036-AYefim Cheremeshnyuk6801 Hunt CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0037-ASaul Subsidiary I LP Giant of Maryland, LLC8100 Loch Raven BlvdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0038-AReister Court, LLC Giant of Maryland, LLC3757 Old Court RdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0039-AInar & Vidia Maharaj456 Delaware PlAdmin Var. 
2011-0040-AVEI Dundalk, LLC Giant of Maryland, LLC1400 Merritt BlvdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0041-AWhite Marsh Plaza Business; Trust Giant of Maryland, LLC7944 Honeygo BlvdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0042-A &
Scott Copinger & Barbara Prichard1305 & 1307 Third RdVariance 
2011-0044-AMichael McCarty5658 Gunpowder RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0045-ASean A. & Katherine Magnusson7909 Roldrew AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0046-ATowson VF LLC Noodles & Company, Inc.801-803 Goucher BlvdVarianceSign
2011-0047-AAnthony O'Brien Eva Simmons-O'Brien1304 Malvern AveVariance 
  & VII152
Eagan Property Resubdivision of Lot 3 Michael Eagan1126 Piney Hill RdHearing Officer Zoning Relief & Development Plan Order 
2011-0049-ARobert Marshall & Ralph Marshall Edwin Howes3021 Third AveVariance 
2011-0050-AChaim Steinberg2406 Hal CircleAdmin Var. 
2011-0051-SPHAndrew J. Mattes, III, et ux, Owners/Respondents Theresa J. Guckert, et al Petitioners2534 Island View RdSpecial HearingAppealled
2011-0051-SPHAndrew J. Mattes, III Stephanie L. Mattes2534 Island View RdMotion to DismissDenied
2011-0052-ARakhmin Khoshayev3301 Timberfield LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0053-AJerry L. & Jeanne M. Houck11106 Thompson AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0054-SPHJessica Lynn Mayne5001 Carroll Manor RdSpecial HearingAssisted living
2011-0055-AMark R. & Atussa Haynes905 Sue Grove RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0056-AMichele Gizzi & Shannon Lee Burns10320 Bird River RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0057-SPHBrenda L. Scott2612A Saffa RdSpecial HearingApartment
2011-0058-XANicholas Andrew Foehrkolb9501 Philadelphia RdSpecial Exception & Var.Fast food/carry out in MLR
2011-0059-APaul & Shirlee Reinke3 Fourth AveVariance 
2011-0061-SPHCraig J. & Karen M. Kehoe19520 Burke RdSpecial HearingAppealled
2011-0062-AJonathan D. & Lisa G. Kaufman12600 Waterspout CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0063-APeter Janney & Linda Hobson Schwab408 Stablers Church RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0064-ASusan S. Williams6822 Dunbar RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0067-ACharles D. & Susan K. Levine12423 Hunters GlenAdmin Var. 
2011-0068-AWalter & Jamie Nicholson804 Oakleigh Beach RdVariance 
2011-0069-AVictoria H. Chew Tracy A. Lott15214 Carroll RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0070-AJohn C. & Doris M. Manaras1 Malbay CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0071-AThomas J. & Teresa D. Giblin; Charles S. Wolinski9321 Todd AveVariance 
2011-0072-AJohn W. & Sherry L. Whaples9406 Oak White RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0073-AAlvin Moon Sr. & Ethel M. Moon100 Buttonwood CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0074-A &
Garey Simmons PLP XVI, LLC6800 River Drive RdVariance 
2011-0076-AFranklin Square Hospital Center, Inc.9000 Franklin Square DrVarianceSigns
2011-0077-ACharles V. Palmer627 Washington AveVariance 
2011-0078-ASafeway, Inc., owner; Seven Mile Food Market, LLC, purchaser201 Reisterstown RdVariance 
2011-0079-SPHAJPH, LLC Tower Development Corporation6923 Ebenezer RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0080-SPHAlexa Enterprise, LLC3211 & 3215 Hammonds Ferry RdSpecial HearingFloodplain
2011-0081-SPHACarol A. Reed4800 Deer Park RdSpecial Hearing & Var.In-law apartment, appealed
2011-0082-ALeslie E. Townsend16603 Trenton RdVariance 
2011-0083-XEwings Enterprise, LLC New Bengies Rd Ka-Boom IndustriesS side of New Bengies Rd, 1940 feet SW of the c/l of Earls RdSpecial ExceptionExplosive material
2011-0084-ALuther H. Immler III & Margaret Immler1203 Maple Leaf CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0085-AJohn J. & Donna M. Carbone874 Seneca Park RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0086-ABruce C. & Patricia F. Frame826 East Joppa RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0087-AWilliam J. & Susan L. Bates1216 Merediths Ford RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0088-SPHThomas & Joanne Booth108 Montrose AveSpecial Hearing5 apartments
2011-0089-AJ. Robert Huber, Sr. & Eleanor J. Huber8438 Dogwood RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0090-SPHDavid Lock & Donna Lock Patrick Meadowcroft17034 York RdSpecial HearingService garage
2011-0091-AKeith M. & Debra S. Hart620 Riverside DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0092-SPHADominic & Antinino Correlli9819 & 9822 Correlli LnSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0093-ABKL York II, LLC10139 York RdVarianceSigns
2011-0095-AAlvin K. & Deborah I. Medlin8016 Penwood AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0096-AMargaret Webster-Butler & Ella Webster240 Oak Leaf WayVariance 
2011-0097-XJon Charles & L. Diane Meadowcroft Cellco Partnership20234 Middletown RdSpecial ExceptionCell tower
2011-0098-AEric W. & Cheryl Lee George33 Sunnyview DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0099-ADaniel Thomas Jennifer Thomas905 Middle RdVariance 
2011-0100-AWilliam F. Kern & Ida M. Riccobene5400 Council StAdmin Var. 
2011-0101-AMohammad Akram, owner, Walayad Khan (son), leesee202 Fox Haven CtVariancePigeons - denied, appealed, granted (non-conforming use)
2011-0102-AJohn C. & Elizabeth Curry46 Kingston Park LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0103-SPHANathan Carter Oscar Cordova21 Harrison AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0104-AMark J. & Cynthia L. Carter4300 Blakely AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0105-ACraig R. Dranbauer3721 Middle River AveVariance 
2011-0106-AScott Rupprecht8614 Valleyfield RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0107-SPHAFrederic Charles Hilnbrand2006 Emmanuel CtSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0108-ASteven K. & Teresa L. Wonnell1503 Locust AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0109-SPHFRP Bird River, LLC Freestate Gun Range11500 CrossRds CirSpecial HearingIndoor range
2011-0112-SPHAJohn M. Pearce8225 Oakleigh RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0114-ACOHB, L.L.C.3939 New Section RdVarianceAppealed
2011-0115-SPHPohlhaus Properties, LLC14224 Hanover PikeSpecial Hearing 
2011-0116-APeter C. & Nancy M. O'Donnell2876 Meandering DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0118-ATimothy L. & Geraldine T. Sobus4036 Cedarside DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0119-APamela Ann Felix3029 Linwood AveVariance 
2011-0120-AJohn Edward Hauser, Jr. Dorothy Burnette826 Sue Grove RdVarianceAppealed
2011-0121-AMark T. & Elizabeth F. Hughes15 Burnbrae RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0122-ADouglas Gencel & Sheila Dingus4420 Mt. Carmel RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0124-AGloria Heise1018 Grovehill RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0125-ATrisha L. Miconi12 Misty Meadows CtVariance 
2011-0126-SPHAPutty Hill Associates, LLC Giant of Maryland, LLC7920 Bel Air RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2011-0127-AFrank A. Cosentino Donna M. Cosentino106 Patapsco AveVariance 
2011-0128-AWindell Wise & Patricia Holt9400 Concord CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0129-AMark Wilson10705 Park Heights AveAdmin Var., appealed, dismissed
2011-0130-AStuart B. & Paula Beth Taub7805 Seven Mile LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0131-ARobert & Dana Edmond1922 Poplar RdVariance 
2011-0132-SPHMichael & Kristen Loveless4026 Chestnut RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0133-AU.S. Construction, LLC Farhat Cheema426-430 Eastern AveVariance 
2011-0134-SPHABobby Brooks & Theresa Santoro Sarandos A. Macris Eva Macris1742 Joppa RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0135-ACharles L. & Mary W. Omlor14 Moline CtVariance 
2011-0136-AMichael S. Ferger Sr.4821 Forge Acre DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0137-AKensington Associates, LLC Giant of Maryland, LLC4622 Wilkens AveVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0138-AAbiodun & Omobolarinwa Somide9601 Liberty RdVarianceAppealed
2011-0139-AJohn C. Wang & Paula Y. Woo2007 Tufton AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0140-SPHMichael P. Lamonica, Doris P. Lamonica & Linda L. Monk1747 Rayville RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0141-ARobert Moore613 Murdock RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0142-AMark T. & Deborah L. Neebe116 Oak DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0143-AVG Property Management 110 LLC2201 Shefflin CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0143-AVG Property Management 110 LLC2201 Shefflin CtMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2011-0144-ADuLny Center Business Trust, Merrill Lynch901 Dulaney Valley RdVariance, appealed, dismissed
2011-0146-ATimothy & Katrina Lovell2404 Westchester AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0147-AJohn L. Bidlack Sr. & Roxanne M. Bidlack11903 Greenspring AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0148-SPHAMathew F. & Dulany R. Dent6 Betty Bush LnSpecial Hearing & Var., appealed, dismissed
2011-0149-XTD Bank, NA, Entourage Ventures, LLC8733 Pulaski HighwaySpecial ExceptionDrive-in restaurant
2011-0150-A &
Charles A. Sommers Virginia Sommers Robert & Deborah Wilson2100 & 2100A Tred Avon RdVariance 
2011-0152-SPHAHunt Valley Towne Centre, LLC118 Shawan RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0154-AAngela L. Huth13215 Cherwin AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0155-AMarcelo & Maria Garcia4501 King George CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0156-AScott J. & Bonnie G. Tarantino1105 Justa LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0157-ATimothy G. & Janet Lockemy2135 Lodge Forest DrVariance 
2011-0158-ADavid S. & Deborah Z. Prout12518 Happy Hallow RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0159-APhilip A. & Patricia A. DiPietro6534 Blackhead RdVariance 
2011-0162-AChristopher Barr, Jr. & Mary Ann Barr7326 Manchester RdVariance 
2011-0163-SPHBarbara L. Miller20116 Valley Mill RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0166-AStephanie L. Ferrari12 Ridgemoor RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0168-SPHIman Crown, Inc.6819 Loch Raven BlvdSpecial HearingCell tower
2011-0169-ABetty Lou Adolph Capital Telecom Acquisition, LLC1726 York RdVariance 
2011-0170-ABetty A. Stemley27 Overbrook RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0171-XANorth Point Rentals, LLC NAC Automotive & Truck Specialists, Inc.4054 North Point RdSpecial Exception & Var.Service garage
2011-0172-AJerry William Wisner3910 Chestnut RdVariance 
2011-0173-SPHDawn M. Symonds13212 Falls RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0174-ADonna Mite Inn, Inc., fka Ledfords Welding Co., Inc Michael S. Miller11565 Philadelphia RdVariance, appealed, dismissed
2011-0175-AJohn & Lisa Tsigounis103 Leslie AveVariance 
2011-0176-SPHMary Josephine Sexton1 Hillside AveSpecial HearingTwo apartments
2011-0177-AScott E. & Patricia L. Harman12515 Falls RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0178-AEstate of Leroy Y. Haile, Jr. & Leroy Y. Haile, III405, 407, 409 East Pennsylvania AveVariance 
2011-0179-AEstate of Leroy Y. Haile, Jr. & Leroy Y. Haile, III1433 & 1435 Bellona AveVariance 
2011-0180-AGrace K. Silverman & Chester K. Hoover18 Hawthorne AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0181-AKrisy Ann Brashears105 North Essex AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0182-ADonald G. Hafner94 KentwayVariance 
2011-0183-SPHDamian & Bozena MichalakCowenton AveSpecial Hearing 
2011-0184-AScott D. & Sally O'Hara20413 Kirkwood Shop RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0185-SPHJocelyn E. Simcock & Jacqueline D. Simcock3317 Black Rock RdSpecial HearingSeptic on adjacent lot
2011-0186-AFish Lips, LLC7211 Rolling Mill RdVariance 
2011-0187-ATerry Ann Schunck33 Lombardy DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0188-ABrian T. & Donna M. Abt7213 Gough StreetAdmin Var. 
2011-0189-ADDRTC CP LLC Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.9991 Pulaski HighwayVarianceSigns - Dollar Tree
2011-0190-ATrue Gospel Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. M & G Investments, LLCLots 1 through 21 – McDonogh GreenVariance 
2011-0191-AWilliam J. & Lisa L. Stromberg11307 Mays Chapel RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0192-AJames Djunia Osborne5701 Allender RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0193-ADanaiel W. & Angela A. Risley11902 Woodberry PlaceAdmin Var. 
2011-0194-ATerry Martin2925 Eastern Ave Cox Properties, LLCVariance 
2011-0196-AJohn D. & Ruth A. Honeycutt1208 Bluemont RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0197-AChristine O. & Ross B. Diffenderffer, Jr.1854 Circle RdVariance 
2011-0198-AStevenson RailRd, LLC Jason & Tammi Smith1931 Old Valley RdVariance 
2011-0199-AJoseph & Cynthia Galli13901 Mantua Mill RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0200-AJake & Jill Properties, LLC200 North Point BlvdVariance 
2011-0201-AMakris Properties, LLC6081 & 6083 Falls RdVariance 
2011-0203-ARonald F. & Lissen T. Tutrone616 Greenwood RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0204-APatricia M. & Steven E. Peck, Sr.6 Brett Manor CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0205-SPHMerril E. & Adelina P. Plait8414 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0206-SPHIntegrity Recycling, Inc.7921 Philadelphia RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0207-ADavid P. & Raquel F. Maynes1637 Cold Bottom RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0208-AOwings Mills Mall, LLC GMRI, Inc.6 Restaurant Park Drive NorthVariance 
2011-0209-SPHSS&H II, LLC, et al10810 York RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0210-AMack P. & Joan C. McKinley606 Seabrook RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0211-AKevin C. Keller & Lauren B. Kallins209 Glydon Meadow RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0212-AThomas A. Traill14954 York RdVariance 
2011-0214-SPHXTowson VF LLC (Bally)801 Goucher BlvdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionCommunity building (health club)
2011-0214-SPHXTowson VF LLC (Bally)801 Goucher BlvdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionDismiss
2011-0215-ARakhmin Khoshayev3301 Timberfield LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0216-AGregory S. & Lauren B. Hurlbrink1725 Circle RdAdmin Var.Garage
2011-0218-SPHYMCA of Central Maryland850 South Rolling RdSpecial HearingCommunity building
2011-0219-SPHACurley P. & Pamela J. Smith7931 Elmhurst AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0220-SPHAlan L. & Amy Yerkes Schmaljohn19601 Gunpowder RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0221-XAWindsor Mercy Holdings II LLC1734 York RdSpecial Exception & Var.Medical clinic
2011-0222-ACharles & Ingrid Castonovo1601 Shore Rd , appealed, granted
2011-0223-A1407 Clarkview Rd, LLC1407 Clarkview Rd & 6240, 6242 Falls RdVariance 
2011-0224-ARobert C. Waldhauser924 Thompson BlvdAdmin Var. 
2011-0225-SPHAJudith Ann Pierce & Gregory & Barbara Maliszewski4022 Chestnut RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0226-SPHRonald E. & Dennis L. Wilhelm3030 Traceys Store RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0227-AJamie E. & Kyle F. Condon3113 Hernwood RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0228-AJeremiah Paul Hosford27 Edgemoor RdVariance 
2011-0230-ADouglas C. & Joyce E. Lauenstein9309 Georgia Belle DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0231-AJohn M. & Michele R. McMillion, Jr.7420 Greenbank RdVariance 
2011-0232-AJoyce Bosley Neimiller502 Fuselage AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0233-A &
G.W. Site Services, Inc.5400 & 5401 Overlook CircleVariance 
2011-0235-AMark William Liberato342 Wye RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0236-AWilliam R. & Wendy A. Stumpe732 Sue Grove RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0237-SPHPMIG MD 074, LLC9610 Harford RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0239-ADiane C. & Michael F. Bruns, Sr.9431 Dawn DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0241-SPHAWest Chesapeake LLC303 Chesapeake AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0243-AOliver & Felicia Webb7205 Fairbrook Rd , appealed, denied (not unique)
2011-0244-AWilliam P. & Suzan L. Paradise1408 Wilson Point RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0245-AMcDonald's Corporation934 York RdVariance 
2011-0246-AEric & Molly M. Bodendorfer17304 Big Falls RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0247-AMark Hafner, Jr.23 Flagship RdAdmin
2011-0248-SPHAAlbert & Ilisa Nigrin12 Paladia WaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0251-ASyed E. & Shahab N. Abidi2 Old Lyme RdVariance 
2011-0256-SPHACharles R. & Cindy L. Popp1516 Arbutus AveSpecial Hearing & Var.In-law apartment, appealed, dismissed
2011-0257-XAMark P. Hanley, Jr., Esquire1104 & 1106 East Riverside AveSpecial Exception & Var.Living quarters in commercial building, appealed
2011-0258-SPHXAJoann Garrity, Owner; Martin Schwartz, Purchaser5230 Washington BlvdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Used car sales - denied
2011-0258-SPHXAJoann Garrity, Owner; Martin Schwartz, Purchaser5230 Washington BlvdMotion for reconsiderationUsed motor vehicle sales
2011-0259-AJohn Ross Germano2020 Ridge RdVariance 
2011-0260-ADouglas & Darlene C. Ford4557 Bennerton DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0261-AStephen J. Sortino, Owner; Paul Sortino1702 Providence RdVariance 
2011-0262-AReisterstown Shopping CenterReisterstown RdVarianceSigns
2011-0263-SPHAPtach of Baltimore, c/o Associated Jewish Charities Asian American Community Association, Inc.10712 & 10714 Marriottsville RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Adult day care
2011-0264-SPHParadox Properties, LLC GRS Fitness, LLC8502 Kelso DrSpecial HearingSign on community building
2011-0265-ADavid L. & Marie I. Burford4020 Chestnut RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0266-AGrace Ekpenyong807 Painted Post CtVariance 
2011-0267-SPHAJohn Hatfield, Jr., Owner; TVI Properties, LLC, Purchaser10501 Falls RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0268-AKathleen M. & John F. Legere, Sr.5612 Aubree LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0269-SPH9330 Liberty Rd Acquisition, LLC Stellar Cars, LLC9330 Liberty RdSpecial HearingUsed motor vehicle sales
2011-0271-AWilliam Scott Weber8122 Bullneck RdAdmin
2011-0272-ABrian & Marcia Lasky18 Caveswood LnAdmin Var. 
2011-0273-AKenneth M. & Darlene Y. Morrison2212 Lukewood DrAdmin Var. 
and 14-482
Amro Development, LLCShadow Knoll PropertyHearing Officer Hearing 
2011-0275-AJoshua & Rivka Volosov6607 Shelrick PlaceAdmin Var. 
2011-0276-AThomas G. TzomidesLot 86 Cedar AveVariance 
2011-0277-AKyong Suk & Herman Ramsel III1319 Stablersville RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0278-AThomas N. & Ruth Ferguson1608 Chesaco AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0279-SPHXDebbie Sharp & Joseph Campayno8729 Dogwood RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionParking/riding stable/driveway, ganted, appealed, granted
2011-0280-SPHAVincent J. & Karen M. Bonolis1820 Beechwood AveSpecial Hearing & Var.2 houses
2011-0281-ATerry & Nichol Martin1606 Holly Tree RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0282-SPHXJohn A. Brown, Jr.19529 Old York RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionUsed motor vehicle sales/junkyard
2011-0283-SPHXJewish Community Services9621 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionCommunity building
2011-0284-AChristine A. & Peter P. Hajewski, Jr.5643 Gunpowder RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0285-AThomas J. & Jennifer Mullen506 Beck AveVariance 
2011-0286-AZachary Canfield7823 Westmoreland AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0287-SPHARonald W. Parker11424 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0288-AThomas J. & Kathleen M. Beres6908 Markel AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0289-SPHAShirley W. & James H. Potter, Sr. James Potter4530 Tapscott RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Assisted living
2011-0290-ACombined Properties LP Five Below, Inc.,6459 Baltimore National PikeVarianceSign
2011-0291-AMary E. Buckman114 Danbury RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0292-ACharles G. & Ellen J. Pepin1732 Corbett RdVariance 
2011-0293-SPHWilliam & Bonnie Clarke11 Chesterfield CircleSpecial HearingSolar panels
2011-0294-AJennifer & Matthew Snyder1518 Denton RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0295-AStonehenge, LLC by KIMCO Realty Corp., owner; Giant of Maryland LLC, purchaser11399 York RdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0296-AGolden Ring (E & A), LLC, Giant of Maryland LLC8665 Philadelphia RdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0297-ADKA Associates, LLLP c/o Metropolitan Management Co., owner; Giant of Maryland LLC, purchaser11604 Reisterstown RdVarianceSigns - Giant
2011-0298-AEileen D. & Paul F. Connor Jr.14 Hollis CircleAdmin Var. 
2011-0299-ASharlene I. Schnepfe2448 Springlake DrVariance 
2011-0300-ARegina T. Dabkowski428 Wake Robin DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0301-AFrancis A. & Barbara D. Novak10123 Charington RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0302-AChristiane M. Rothbaum300 Hopkins RdVarianceNot unique
2011-0305-AChristopher R. & Rebecca F. Dempsey8 A Quaker CircleAdmin Var. 
2011-0306-AWilliam N. & Jo Ann B. Loeliger2337 Tickwood RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0308-AJeffrey Y. & Rebecca M. Flynn333 Golf Course RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0309-A152 Church Ln, LLC152 Church LnVariance 
2011-0310-ABryon L. & Barbara L. Blubaugh105 Delmar AveVariance 
  & 02-705
Christian Life Church c/o Dr. Hugh Bair6605 Liberty RdDevelopment Plan & Hearing Officer HearingLarge church, approved
  & 02-705
Christian Life ChurchChristian Life Church
FKA Deer Park Reserve
Motion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed, affirmed
2011-0313-SPHXGreen Spring Valley Hounds, Inc.13920 Mantua Mill RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionKennel
2011-0314-SPHAPhillip Martin Enterprise, Inc., Owner;
Robert Knudsen, Purchaser
724 Hollow RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0315-SPHAJacob H. France, Jr, owner; Morgan C. Kelly, purchaserClifton AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0316-SPHAJohn W. Searfoss & Charles P. Patterson, owners;
Nicolett Zizos, purchaser
2 Parkwood RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0317-ADiane & Charles Utermohle, III11 Grace CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0318-ANorman A. & April K. Prachniak1757 Drexel RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0319-AThomas & Karen Carroll14205 Robcaste RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0320-SPHJames R. & Amalia A. Hatfield7730 Chapman RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0321-ADawn M. Faulks19 Gwynnswood RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0322-SPHSt. Mary's Orthodox Church909 Shawan RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0323-SPHXARobert W. & Mary A. Gorman & David M. & Donna M. Saffer8820 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Class B office building
2011-0324-ATiffany N. Boblitz29 Riverside RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0326-AGeorge W. Denlein10356 Pot Spring RdVariance 
2011-0327-SPHAThomas M. & Lynda A. Davenport907 Prestwood RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0328-ATracey M. & Arnold H. Musick, Jr.4507 Linden AveAdmin Var. 
2011-0329-AHugo J. & Monica B. Warns12301 Highgrove CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0332-AJLM Property 24306 Spencer StreetVariance 
2011-0333-ADonald G. & Mary Ann T. Regester7714 Babikow RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0334-AJames C. & Margaret M. Clemmens814 Wellington RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0335-XAFWS Real Estate, LLC20231 Middletown RdSpecial Exception & Var.Community building in BL
2011-0336-APatricia E. Groves14521 York RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0337-AMargaret C. Cook307 Lennox AveVariance 
2011-0338-AMelissa Ann & Carl H. Crenshaw, III9101 Naygall RdAdmin
2011-0339-A & 2011-0340-ATrevor Builders, Inc.1426 & 1428 Railroad AveVariance 
2011-0341-AJames L. & Sara A. Ball12831 Stone Eagle RdVariance 
2011-0342-SPHA8032 Belair Rd, LLC, Owner; Robert Stichel, Purchaser8032 Belair RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0343-AMcDonald's Corporation7927 Belair RdVariance 
2011-0344-ADavid M. & Michele L. McWilliams2803 2nd StreetVariance 
2011-0346-SPHARobert P. Poleski9015 Cuckold Point RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0347-ADonna Pollard Huddleston1215 North Point RdVariance 
2011-0348-ALanzhi Wang9828 Magledt RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0349-ASarah Bagley6500 Ridegeborne DrAdmin Var. 
2011-0350-ALaurie Ann & James J. Barbour, Jr.2130 Riverview RdAdmin
2011-0351-ARichard P. & April Lynn Naill11440 Philadelphia RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0353-AJames C. Turner7512 Knollwood RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0354-ACasey B. & Jennifer J. Allender5701 Emory RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0355-SPHASandra Joan & Donald E. Warrener, Jr.14423 Thornton Mill RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0356-AGary W. & Michelle L. Dellinger68 Del Rio RdVariance 
2011-0357-SPHAShawn & Theresa Durkin1407 Vesper AveSpecial HearingLarge garage
2011-0358-ABaltimore County, Md802 Overbrook RdVariance 
and 01-536 (PUD)
SK Homes at Eden Terrace, LLCEden Terrace PUD/AlternateSpecial
  01-536 (PUD)
SK Homes at Eden Terrace, LLCReconsiderationDevelopment Plan & Special Hearing 
2011-0360-AFrank B. & Catherine R. Brown1512 Denton RdVariance 
2011-0362-SPHSpirit & Truth Worship Center, Inc.164 Wesley AveSpecial Hearing 
2011-0363-AFarley Y. Cofiell606 Hollow RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0364-SPHGilroy, LLCGilroy RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0365-ASuhair Alkhatiband & Maha Barazanji750 Chapel Ridge RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0366-ASADat T. Tran1402 East Joppa RdVar. & Special Var.Nail salon, trafficshed, denied, appealed, granted
2011-0367-AFrancis Darby & Suzanne L. Boyle5 Ivy Brook Farm CtAdmin Var. 
2011-0368-SPHRobert L. & Noreen M. Alban2464 East Ruhl RdSpecial Hearing 
2011-0370-SPHAEric Tietz, Nicole Tietz & Margaret Jones7924 Ellenham AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2011-0372-ADavid F. & Deborah E. Adams3407 Louth RdAdmin Var. 
2011-0373-ARonald M. & Stephanie Attman5 Mandel WayVariance 
2011-0374-ANancy L. Bagley7602 Old Harford RdAdmin Var. 
Fiscal 2012 cases (filed July 2011 - June 2012)
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2012-0002-ARegina G. & William A. Ehinger, III3432 McShane WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0004-AMary Anne & Raymond A. Pearson, Jr.104 East Chestnut Hill LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0005-XABahram R. Bagheri1763 East Joppa RdSpecial ExceptionUsed vehicle sales
2012-0006-AShannon & Dave Parsram9816 Dee WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0007-SPHPutty Hill Investments, LLC, Owner; McAvoy Enterprises, LLC, Lessee2531 Putty Hill AveSpecial HearingParking, granted, appealed, granted (restrictions)
2012-0008-AStephanie Klaben1113 Cold Spring RdVariance 
2012-0009-SPHAKnights of the Rd, Inc.2207 Sparrows Point RdVariance 
2012-0012-AFrank C. Meyer, Jr. & Kathleen C. Long323 Murdock RdVariance 
2012-0013-SPHANechay Family Realty, LLC3814 Bay DrSpecial Hearing 
2012-0014-SPHXANorthview Associates, LLP 9620-9646 Belair RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Fuel service sttation and convenience store
2012-0016-ACharles R. Alexander418 Bloomsbury AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0020-XAOne Beaver Ct, LLCOne Beaver CtSpecial Exception & Var.Service garage in ML-IM
2012-0022-SPHAMichael Kraus516 Riverside DrSpecial Hearing & Var.Parking
2012-0024-AGary Kevin & Debbra Ann LaBarre21717 Gunpowder RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0025-AAllender, L.C. & NVR, Inc.11591-11595 Allender Rd, 5700-5732 Fieldcrest Drive, 11505-11526 Ridgedale DrVariance 
2012-0026-AJason & Christine Charlton13 Birchbrook CircleAdmin Var. 
2012-0027-ARandall-Wood Corporation5624 Old Court RdVariance 
2012-0028-AMargaret A. Hood Admin1845 Cape May RdVariance 
2012-0029-SPHMichael J. Rinehart5603 Saint Marys AveSpecial Hearing 
2012-0031-AAmber M. & James S. Bertholdt, Jr.7317 Waldman AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0031-AAmber M. & James S. Bertholdt, Jr.7317 Waldman AveVariance 
2012-0032-ADerrick & Tiffany Thomas3994 Whispering Meadows DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0033-ACatherine M. Letke6619-6621 Blackhead RdVariance 
2012-0034-ARobert R. & Cathy Anne Rosensteel3922 New Section RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0035-AJane W. Reilly & Jacob P. Laaveg115 New Market CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0036-ABrian & Kimberly Sanner 4227 Riversedge WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0037-ABartholomew F. Rommel1112 Belfast RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0038-ADaniel W. Hubers & Charlotte W. Pine, owners;
Zaremba Group, LLC, purchaser
215 Back River Neck RdVarianceParking
2012-0039-SPHXAScott A. Margroum742 Berrymans LnSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.Landscape service operation
2012-0040-ADavid Scott & Patricia Ann Lee4724 Mawani RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0041-AWilliam M. Smith, 3rd & Ann L. Bowen1727 Lynncrest RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0042-ARobert Barrett & Sophia Dritsas3920 New Section RdVariance 
2012-0043AJames A. Baseman19836 Old York RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0044-SPHRichie Dare S. McCall, Owner; Catherine J. Wanveer, Purchaser8812 Littlewood RdSpecial HearingRooming house - denied
2012-0045-AMark & Patricia Sauerwald3316 Grace RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0046-AMalcolm A. Curry25 Greenapple CtVariance 
2012-0047-AKathleen Turner2819 Virginia AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0048-ASteve & Maria Danielczyk2207 Abell LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0049-SPHASalvatore & Karen DiFatta424 Osage RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0050-SPHIrene N Angelos11905 Greenspring Ave Granted
2012-0050-SPHIrene N Angelos11905 Greenspring AveMotion for reconsiderationDenied, appealed, denied
2012-0051-SPHXHerbert Bank, St. Thomas Joint Venture, Owner;
Glenn Norris, Yoga Studio, LLC, Lessee
9900 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionFitness center
2012-0052-AEarl L. Stanson, Jr. & Deborah C. Stanson2857 Louisiana AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0053-SPHXBroad Heights Development, LLC, Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc.,Broad AveSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionCommunity building (health club and catering hall)
2012-0054-ABarbara L. Mahoney & Rosemary B. Fabian4401 Norfen RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0055-AJames K. Warrington, Jr.3501 Glennwood RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0056-ADonna & Mark Simmons203 Saint Marys RdVarianceChickens - denied
2012-0056-ADonna K. & Mark R. Simmons203 Saint Marys RdMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2012-0057-SPHX307 Wise Ave. LLC4401 North Point BlvdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionUsed vehicle sales
2012-0058-SPHATimonium Land Corporation, Owner; Express Fuel, Inc., Lessee 2127 York RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0059-AFrawing Galan7105 Eastern AveVariance 
2012-0060-SAFoxleigh Enterprises10749, 10751, 10803, 20089 Falls RdAdequate public facilitiesDenied, appealed
2012-0061-ADavid J. & Elisabeth Perry5108 Morning Dove WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0062-SPHAKhashayar & Nicole Varzandeh9402 Belair RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Off-site parking
2012-0063-ADonald J. & Tina L. Bauer907 Catherine AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0064-AKaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.1701 Twin Springs RdVarianceSigns
2012-0066-SPHBryan L. & Patricia A. Amig6630 Ebenezer RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0067-SPHAGeneral German Orphan Association aka The Children's Home205 Bloomsbury AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0068-AAlfred & Wendy Greiser1701 Searles RdVariance 
2012-0070-XASkipper Investments, LLC328 Main StreetSpecial Exception & Var.Service garage
2012-0071-AThomas M. & Mary R. McDade2035 Pleasant Villa AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0072-AWilliam Corboy, III111 Register AveVariance 
2012-0073-SPHADustin Ellwood1106 Wiseburg RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0074-ABrent H. & Terry L. Fendlay3435 Yardley DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0075-ARodney Wooten8528 Lucerne RdVariance 
2012-0076-AJames D. & Kimberly M. Bass10606 Bird River RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0077-AMartin Financial Associated, LLLP, owner; McDonald's Corp, purchaser1472 Martin BlvdVarianceSigns
2012-0078-SPHAThor East Point Mall, LLC, owner;
McDonald's USA, LLC, purchaser
7801 Eastern AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Signs
2012-0079-AWilson R. & Jeanne M. O'Neil1110 Gladway RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0081-AAllan R. & Karen A. Swenson7410 Old Harford RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0082-AYorkridge Shopping Center, LLC30-115 West Ridgely RdVariance 
2012-0083-AGary L. & Judith A. Longerbeam1003 Meadow Glen RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0084-AEastern Ave 1609 LLC, owner; Essex Dog & Cat Hospital, purchaser1609 Eastern BlvdVariance 
2012-0086-SPHVallie V. & Kay Taylor2140 B Harris Mill RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0087-ARalph T. Prophet54 Blister StreetAdmin Var. 
2012-0088-SPHJohn W. Powers, Jr. & Sharon A. Powers11618 Franklinville RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0089-SPHXJohn M. Strycula169 Frederick RdSpecial Hearing & Special Exception 
2012-0090-ALiza & David Hicks500 Oella AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0091-XRainbow Hall, LLC10729 Park Heights AveChurchGranted, appealed
2012-0092-ALawrence A. & Lois E. Pelletier12116 Sugar Mill CircleAdmin Var. 
2012-0093-XAGrahamp LP, owner; David Key, purchaser3430 Sweet Air RdSpecial Exception & Var.Parking
2012-0094-AViolet McElwee944 Lance AveVariance 
2012-0095-SPHJanet L. Feuerstein & Paul Anthony Richards, Sr.112 Cherrydell RdSpecial Hearing2-family dwelling - denied
2012-0096-ADonald H. & Diana S. Romano607 Dunkirk RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0097-ARobert James Evans1320 Chesapeake AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0098-ABradford D. Harris & Jessica H. Katznelson114 North Beechwood AveVariance 
2012-0099-SPHSouthside Oil, LLC, Kelly's Corner10410 York RdSpecial HearingPharmacy - grandfathering
2012-0100-SPHXFrank & Geraldine Rynarzewski7303 Old Battle Grove RdSpecial Exception & HearingFishing facility
2012-0101-ABetty L. Karl224 Stonewall RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0102-AKelly A. Wilkinson413 Buedel CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0103-ALaureen R. Penn1314 Pleasant Valley DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0104-ADonna Ariosa Gauthier aka Savitri Gauthier14411 Falls RdVariance 
2012-0105-SPHMatthew B. & Jill Benicewicz 8 Opie RdSpecial HearingSmall lots
2012-0106-ATimothy A. Tribble2701 Delk CtVariance 
2012-0107-AGeorge F. Jones, III & Monica Brandes819 Stags Head RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0108-A &
Estate of Helen Johnson, Owner; Matthew Lidinsky, Personal Representative Gary M. Persinger/Lisa M. Piastrelli37-39 Belfast RdVariance 
2012-0110-SPHACarol A. Reed4800 Deer Park RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0111-AChristopher M. & Donna M. Noble822 Wampler RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0112-AConsolidated Franklin Square, LLC, Todd A. Tilson100 Lionhead CtVarianceSigns
2012-0113-AMichael S. & Natalie P. Cerasoli11 Misty Hollow CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0114-ATravis L. & Stacy J. VanAssche906 Chariot RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0115-ARoger & Catherine Acker445 Neepier RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0117-ASteven A. Miller & Joyce Anne Miller2211 Wiltonwood RdVariance 
2012-0118-AWindlass Overlook Two, LLC10500-10506, 10514-10518, 10526 Windlass Run RdVariance 
2012-0119-ATerry Lee Herbert313 Homberg AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0120-SPHAWG Properties, LLC & Sambor, LLC605-619 MainSpecial HearingRentals w/service garage
2012-0123-AThe A. Berman Family, LLC, Chick-fil-A, Inc.10142 York RdVarianceParking
2012-0124-AJames & Kathryn Poleto2704 Garnet RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0126-ADaniel J. & Elizabeth E. Jarkiewicz5220 Scenic DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0127-ADonald R. Schlereth & Rhonda K. Burkett256 Green Fern WayVariance 
2012-0128-SPHAOmer Sheikh407 Montemar AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Boarding house - denied
2012-0129-ALatifat A. Raimi4020 Amy LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0132-ATricia R. Dring19 Dutton AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0133-AWilliam M. & Karen M. Kolb1246 Bayside RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0134-XEdward F. & Belinda E. Royston, Owners; Laura Duirk, Purchaser227 Cockeysville RdAdmin Hearing 
2012-0135-SPHXATwenty Seven Hooks Ln, LLC27 Hooks LnSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.100% medical office, parking
2012-0136-AMcDonald's Corporation6830 Loch Raven Blvd.VarianceSigns
2012-0137-SPHAudrey L. Leamer, Owner; Charles E. Kunarski, Resident (Son)7349 Geise AveSpecial HearingPigeon coop
2012-0138-XAWilliam J Turner3219 E Joppa RdOffice in res., parkingGranted, appealed, denied
2012-0139-AWayne Allen Sody11116 Bird River Grove RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0140-SPHWarren E. & Laurie A. Thomas9202 Avondale RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0142-SPHHoward Hospitality, Inc.Painters Mill RdSpecial HearingExtend SE
2012-0143-SPHADining Out LLC & General Associates, LLC2119 York RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0145-ADennis W. & Elizabeth M. McFaul9020 Simms AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0146-SPHAAbdul Hassan5210 Wilkens AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Rooming house - denied
2012-0147-SPHWayne L. & Valerie M. Rogers12202 Worthington RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0148-AVal Gorodisky3213 Woodvalley DrVariance 
  & 08-796
Anderson Motors, LLC, DeveloperAnderson GM – 10111, 10125, 10131 York Rd & 10 Halesworth RdDevelopment Plan, appealed
2012-0151-ADarrell D. Sanders8207 Daren CtVarianceSatellite dish
2012-0152-AHD Development of MD, Inc.9955 Pulaski HighwayVarianceSigns
2012-0153-AJill Glick3405 Janellen DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0154-AParcel 1206 3621 Burmont, LLC3621 Burmont AveVariance 
2012-0155-XMax Real Estate, LLC, Owner; James Quarry, Purchaser/Lessee4212 Ridge RdSpecial ExceptionContractor's storage yard
2012-0157-AJennifer M. & Garth R. McDonald, Trustees13612 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin Var. 
2012-0158AWilliam H. Peoples IV1513 Ingleside AveVariance 
2012-0160-SPHAHighland Homes, Inc.12416 Happy Hollow RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0161-SPHAF & E, LLC8247 Eastern AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Flood plain, parking
2012-0162-AMFB Randallstown, LLC Owner; Chase Braxton Health Services, Inc., Purchaser8727 Liberty RdVarianceSigns
2012-0163-ANancy S. Hall1403 Valley View AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0165-ARollingwood Pool, Inc.30 Balfred AveVariance 
2012-0166-AClaudine C. & Thomas N. Biddison III825 West Padonia RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0167-AH. George & Howard Shapiro6901 Copperbend LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0168-AJoseph C. & Diana S. Fernkas3901 Schroeder AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0169-XHarko Court, LLC3 Harko CircleSpecial ExceptionService garage
2012-0170-AKevin J. & Susanne V. Machlinski8322 Bletzer RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0171-ATerry L. & Deborah D. Eyet3402 Hiss AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0172-AGene M. Hibler7312 Wenig Ave AdminVariance 
2012-0173-SPH &
Robert A. Penoyer, Jr.14120 Jarrettsville Pike & 14200 Jarrettsville PikeSpecial Hearing 
2012-0175-ATVI Properties, LLC10501 Falls RdVarianceParking
2012-0176-SPHAKimberly Fretwell & William Meckley5661 Gunpowder RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0177-AEdward I. Wight, Owner; Timonium Rd Property, LLC; Purchaser 56 West Timonium RdVarianceParking
2012-0178-SPHAYork Rd 2301, Inc.2301 York RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Parking, signs
2012-0179-SPHAndrew R. Marani1127 Engleberth RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0180-A6408 BNP, LLC, Owner; Enterprise RAC Company of Baltimore, LLC, Lessee6408 Baltimore National PikeVariance 
2012-0181-ALois Ann Corkran 4030 Chestnut RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0182-AJulia Monikang & Curtland Tabong100 Grist Stone WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0183-SPHXCurtis E. Sherrer2019 & 2029 Monkton RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionWinery (cider)
2012-0184-AFuk Wah & Alice Mo9514 Oakbranch WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0185-ADane E. & Jo M. Lewis500 Durango RdAdmin Var.Apartment
2012-0186-SPHFP Sub, LLC, Owner; McDonald's USA, LLC, Purchaser7927 Belair RdSpecial HearingSigns
2012-0187-SPHX and
William R. Rosenberger, Owner; BGE, LesseeHanover RdSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionBGE utility use
2012-0188-AAlberta & William Edward Hensel, Sr.2449 Ellis RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0189-AGary C. & Susan L. Miller2521 Hillcrest AveVariance 
2012-0190-APatrick A. & Allanda F. Monnig11 Fir DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0191-ARubert (deceased) & Venus Stump, Owner; Robert Stump, Purchaser1438 Kent RdVariance 
2012-0192-ANew Plan Maryland Holdings, LLC8700 Liberty RdVarianceSign - Walmart, appealed
2012-0193-AMargreta Rathbau Admin6805 Wellwood CtVariance 
and 11-1109
Gunpowder Farms, LLC9895 Belair RdDevelopment Plan & Var. 
2012-0195-AStanley Black & Decker, Inc.701 East Joppa RdVariance 
2012-0196-SPHXA246 Cockeysville Rd Partnership (Richard Clarke), Owner; Best Friends Fur-Ever, Inc., (Kelly Cullum), Purchaser/Lessee246 Cockeysville RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception, & Var.Dog run in floodplain
2012-0198-AGregory P. & Helene D. Belcher4315 Northcliff RdAdmin Var., appealed
2012-0199-ARaymond & Shirley Winkler5309 Forge RdVariancePigeons
2012-0200-ARichard D. & Nancy J. Taylor8624 Wise AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0202-AEleanor C. & Dwain C. Wolf, Jr.755 Seawall RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0203-AEthan C. Adler & Eyleen Reina Ramirez219 Gateswood RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0204-ASuzan J. Smith8257 Bull Neck RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0205-ADavid Bimestefer, Owner; David & Cheryl Dansberger, Purchaser/Lessee2315 Martin DrVariance 
2012-0206-AHeidi Ortmeyer8808 Harkate WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0207-SPHAJohn Calhoun18827 Spooks Hill RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0209-ACharles R. Casper, Owner; George C. Huber, Jr.,508 Warren RdVariance 
2012-0210-ARobert LeRoy Spielman7731 North Cove RdVariance 
2012-0211-AEllwood Building Corporation19007 Sam Hopkins Ct
605 Calder Castle Ct
2012-0212-AMichael & Mary Ellen DeLuca702 Stevenson LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0213-AZgorski Family at Eastpoint, LLC, Owner; Essex Moose Lodge, Lessee/Purchaser 7418A &7418B Eastern AveVariance 
2012-0214-ACaroline J. & Morse Davis1709 Newport CircleAdmin Var. 
2012-0215-AJason R. & Barbara M. Gray9004 Hour Glass CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0216-ARobert R. & Eileen C. Wagner9212 Smith AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0217-ASteven L. Michael, Rita Marie Ritrovato, & William J. Wade8118 Perry Hills CtVarianceSigns - Walmart
2012-0218-SPHARavenette Realty LLC, Owner, Candice Holt, Purchaser8611 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0219-ADominic D. Hoenig6014 Shady Spring AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0220-AMichael S. & Deborah Loncala7304 Gephardt AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0221-AChristiane M. Rothbaum300 Hopkins RdVariance 
2012-0222-ANicole Brown1518 Kirkwood RdVariance 
2012-0224-AAthleen J. Conigliaro11823 Manor RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0225-ADavid E. Warner & Gwendolyn Warner (Deceased)7015 Sollers Point RdVariance 
2012-0226-ASilvia Pinto604 Kahn DrVariance 
2012-0227-SPHAJohn C. & Maleena M. Kantorski5516 Maudes WaySpecial hearingClass A child care - granted
2012-0227-SPHAJohn C. & Maleena M. Kantorski5516 Maudes WayMotion for ReconsiderationClarification
2012-0228-AHermann & Anne B. Schmid112 Ridgefield RdAdmin Var., appealed
2012-0229-AGary Lee & Karen Allen Williams11206 Ridgeway Ave SouthAdmin Var. 
2012-0233-XGeneration III. LLC, Owner; Surf's Up Body Shop6709 White Stone RdSpecial ExceptionService garage
2012-0234-AArthur A. & Paulyne A. Piccirilli, Owners; Hendrik D. & Pamela L. Shoemaker311 Railroad Ave (Lot 2B)Variance 
2012-0235-ARonald W. & Jean Ruff1218 Elm Ridge AveVariance, appealed
2012-0236-SPHAKary Holdings, LLC, Owners; Craig Longenecker, Purchaser16928 York RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0237-AWilliam Howard Conner 3rd & Linda Conner2814 Ohio AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0238-SPHAChaka Zekarias327 Hillen RdSpecial Hearing & Var., appealed
2012-0239-SPHWilliam M. Lagna3920, 3922 & 4000 Chestnut RdSpecial HearingBoat club, denied, appealed
2012-0240-AMartha J. Scanlan397 Butler RdVariance 
2012-0241-ARebecca Goetz238 Colgate AveVariance 
2012-0242-ABoycutt F. & Tocarra K. Frederick Petitioners5710 Country Farm RdVariance 
2012-0243-A1 Mile West, LLLP, c/o The Fedder Company, Owners; Sungwoon Catonsville, LLC, Purchaser/Lessee6600 Baltimore National PikeVarianceParking spaces
2012-0244-AJohn & Melinda Baylor3023 Taylor AveVariance 
2012-0245-ADalimchand Megnauth519 Maryland AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0246-SPHABaltGem Development Corp., et al, Owners; Redner's Markets, Inc., Lessee Petitioners7933 Eastern AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Parking, signs
2012-0247-AArtur Grzegorz Kasperski & Marta Kasperska601 Goucher AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0248-SPHAElaine M. & Henry Krus2204 Lodge Forest DrSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0249-AElaine M. Krus2206 Lodge Forest DrVariance 
2012-0250-ABrian J. & Erin E. Donovan513 Piccadilly RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0251-ARobert A. & Dyana L. Zomoida3516 Bay DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0252-ANorman D. & Linda J. Dixon518 Gun RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0253-AJoseph & Margaret Ardolino1502 Walker RdVariance3000ft panhandle, appealed, dismissed
2012-0254-AKimberly Marie Heid14006 Sunnybrook RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0255-AHarry M. Schleicher31 Sproul CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0256-SPHARodger Glenn Price6727 B Windsor Mill RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0256-SPHARodger Glenn Price6727 B Windsor Mill RdSpecial HearingRecon
2012-0257-XHendricks Commercial Property, LLC, Owner; Vehicles for Change, Purchaser4111 Washington BlvdSpecial ExceptionUsed car sales
2012-0258-XANew Plan Maryland Holdings, LLC, Owner; Carroll Branded Fuels, Purchaser/Lessee8710 Liberty RdSpecial Exception & Var.Stacking spaces
2012-0259-AWayne Allen Sody11116 Bird River Grove RdVariance, appealed, dismissed
2012-0259-AWayne Allen Sody11116 Bird River Grove RdVarianceRecon
2012-0260-ARabin Moinzadeh & Helen Zarinkhou3313 Lee CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0261-XAKings Court Retail, LLC, Owner; Hidden Treasures, LLC, Purchaser/Lessee9530 Philadelphia RdSpecial Exception & Var.Arcade
2012-0262-SPHAAnthony Mortis, Collenia Linzy & Helen Dortch200 East Burke AveSpecial Hearing & Var.Boarding house - denied
2012-0263-SPHAJesse Goles601 Tampa Rd Special Hearing & Var. 
2012-0264-SPH10815 LLC10815 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing 
2012-0265-SPHBaltimore Christian Faith Center, Inc.10240 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0266-SPHAWSL Owings Mills Investors, LLC & The Groveton, LLC, Owners9401 Groveton Circle & 4730 Atrium CtSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0267-XAFrank M. & Geraldine Rynarzewski, & Frank M. Rynarzewski IV7303 Old Battle Grove RdSpecial Exception & Var.Fishing facility
2012-0268-AJohn W. & Michelle L. Grace7815 Denton AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0269-AJohn R. Crunkleton, III, Owner; Primax Properties, LLC, Purchaser/Lessee6808 North Point RdVarianceParking spaces, aisle
2012-0270-AAaron Margolis, Trustee & H Toyota, Contract Purchaser/Lessee15 Music Fair RdVariance 
2012-0271-AAaron Margolis, Trustee, under the Will of Ronnie Russel, Owners; R & H Toyota, Purchaser/Lessee9801 Reisterstown RdVarianceSigns
2012-0272-XANew Antioch Baptist Church, Owner; Marcorp, Ltd., Purchaser/Lessee5616 Old Court RdSpecial Exception & Var.Funeral establishment, parking 134/178
2012-0273-ABrian L. & Janiece S. Timmons518 Education WayAdmin Var. 
2012-0274-SPHMoshe Y. & Malka Markowitz2422 Lightfoot DrSpecial hearing 
2012-0274-SPHMoshe Y. & Malka Markowitz2422 Lightfoot DrMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2012-0275-AJoseph C. & Diana S. Fernkas3901 Schroeder AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0276-SPHARonald C. & Denise M. Kuhar3914 Glenhurst RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0277-AHartwig & Ann Balke502 Dogwood LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0278-AJacob Smith, Trustee of Reisterstown St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church58-60 Bond AveVariance 
2012-0279-AStephen & Amanda Osborne3732 Parkfield RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0280-SPHAGary Dean & Joedy Ann Welch1703 Middleborough RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0281-ACampbell Boulevard I Business Trust, Owners; Merritt Athletic Clubs LLC, Purchaser/Lessee5325 Campbell Blvd.VarianceParking 264/425
2012-0282-AJesse W. & Irina B. Sleeper4105 Pine Hill RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0283-AGlen Manor, LLC1031 Old Eastern AveVariance 
2012-0284-AShopping Center Associates, et al1955 Joppa RdVariance 
2012-0285-ASilver Bell Associates, LLC, Owners; The Twisted Harp, LLC, Lessee8700-8830 Belair RdVarianceParking
2012-0286-AShar N & Robina Hamdani2 Adil CtVariance 
2012-0287-ABarbara L. Sullivan3822 New Section RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0288-ARed Lion Farm, LLC5600, 5601, 5603 & 5605 Country Farm RdVariance 
2012-0289-AAMCB Perring, LLC, Owner; Shop Rite of Perring Parkway, LLC, Purchaser/Lessee2401 Cleanleigh DrVarianceSigns
2012-0290-ATheresa Ann & Edward G. Reckley, Sr.13215 Eastern AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0291-XARobert H. Rueter, Sr.27 Glen Alpine RdSpecial Exception & Var.Dog run
2012-0292-AStephen S. & Ruth K. Kramer2105 Burdock RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0293-ADavid B. & Karen A. Hescox8 Park DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0294-AErnest F. & Kelly E. Lehr10 Flintridge CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0295-AClaire J. Salkowski & Richard P. Bartlett12628 Fork RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0296-AAlbert T. & Patricia A. Collins1228 Birch AveVariance 
2012-0297-ATheresa A. Spiegel2919 Cornwall RdVariancePigeons
2012-0298-AMike & Eileen Aubele25 Offspring CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0299-AClaude J. Nelson Jr. 6701 North Point Rd Admin Var. 
2012-0300-ATimothy W. Starkey3643 Bay DrVariance 
2012-0301-SPHAPatrick M. & Jamie L. Riley411 Lorraine AveSpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0302-AJohn P. Sheldon & John W. Sheldon 4017 Klausmier RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0303-SPHAFerdinand H. Onnen, Jr., Owner; Patient First, Purchaser/Lessee950 York RdSpecial Hearing & Var. 
  & 03-291
Dr. David M. Paige & Nancy E. Paige Esperanza Court, LLC DevelopersPaige Property at Roslyn StationSpecial Hearing, Var., & Development Plan 
2012-0305-ASylvia Price, Owner; Donzella Burton, Purchaser16 Betlou James PlaceVariance 
2012-0306-SPHATerry C. & Dana E. Shird6732 Fox Meadow RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Child care center
2012-0307-SPHCharles L. Felbinger, Owner Kevin Felbinger, Contract Purchaser8044 Bradshaw RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0308-AAlfred L. & Priscilla L. Mason, Owners; Alfred L. Mason, Purchaser7801 Doe Ridge DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0309-ANickolaos Diakantonis7208 Bridgewood DrAdmin Var. 
2012-0310-APaul A. & Ana Straw32 Bramleigh RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0311-ARussels, LLC6624 Baltimore National PikeVarianceSigns
2012-0313-SPHThomas J. Beres6915 Markel AveSpecial HearingElectric meter
2012-0314-AJana M. Von Bramer12235 Jerico RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0315-XBA Co9831 Van Buren LnSpecial exceptionDismissed
2012-0316-ALouis C. & Paula P. Berger6 Saxony CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0317-SPHFriendship Dental Laboratories, Inc8510 Philadelphia RdSpecial Hearing 
2012-0318-AGeorge & Tracy Mink12301 Harford RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0319-ACatriona L. & Douglas W. Schmidt313 Weatherbee RdAdmin Var. 
2012-0320-XJames Ralph Medley, Owner; New Cingular Wireless, PCS, LLC, Lessee6850 Sunshine AveSpecial ExceptionCell tower - granted
2012-0320-XJames Ralph Medley, Owner; New Cingular Wireless, PCS, LLC, Lessee6850 Sunshine AveMotion for Recon.Partially granted
2012-0321-AAvi & Sara Greenlinger6506 Hal CtAdmin Var. 
2012-0322-XThe Polakoff Family, LLC, Owners; Wayne Schaefer, Lessee Petitioners10307 Davis AveSpecial ExceptionRiding stable
2012-0322-XThe Polakoff Family, LLC, Owners; Wayne Schaefer, Lessee10307 Davis AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2012-0323-AHarry & Joanna L. McGowan, Owners; Kevin & Dawn Harris, Purchasers3916 Chestnut RdVariance 
2012-0325-SPHARonald W. Parker11424 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2012-0326-ADavid P. & Gay L. Warshaw13 South Beaumont AveAdmin Var. 
2012-0327-AMichael J. & Sonya S. Weinfeld1 Kittredge LnAdmin Var. 
2012-0329-SPHGeorge McNeal7828 Babikow Rd ?
2012-0330-ADouglas & Julie Reh2206 A Ridge RdAdmin Var. 
  & 02-163
Jan Schnaper, Owner/DeveloperPikeswood Apartments aka Schnaper PropertyDevelopment PlanParking, etc.
2012-0332-AWendy E. & E. Neil Jacobs536 Piccadilly RdAdmin Var. 
Fiscal 2013 cases (filed July 2012 - June 2013)  
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2013-0001-APete & Dianne Riddleberger Patras2112 Riverview RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0002-AHenry A. & Pamela B. Knott1005 Rolandvue RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0003-ARobert W. & Pamela G. Sharps6 Brierleigh CtAdmin Var. 
2013-0004-SPHACharles P. and Yvonne M. Roe1236 E. Riverside AveSpecial hearing & variance2nd story on garage w/ bath
2013-0005-ARobert C. & Lisa M. Atwell12206 Jerusalem RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0007-SPHXWilmer Realty, LLC, Owner; Titan Games, Lessee1924 Greenspring DrSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionIndoor games, etc
2013-0008-ABeverly Wilder-Beckett8803 Hargate WayAdmin Var. 
2013-0009-AJoseph P. & Adrienne A. Grant2735A Still Haven CtAdmin Var. 
2013-0010-SPHMark R. and Josephine B. Eber18403 Ensor Farm CtSpecial HearingDismissed
2013-0011-ATodd & Lauren Rebbel1502 Burke RdVarianceUndersized lot
2013-0012-SPHATrentham Mansion LLC 135 Village Queen DriveSpecial hearing & varianceParking, amenity
2013-0013-XAMerritt-031, LLC .3716 Washington BlvdSpecial Exception & Var.Fuel service station, parking
2013-0014-ALinda Senez341 Worton Rd Setback, denied, appealed, denied (not unique and self-inflicted difficulty
2013-0015-APalmetto Group, Inc., Owner; Olympia Properties, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee1414 Walnut AveVarianceUndersized lot - denied, appealed, dismissed
2013-0015-APalmetto Group, Inc., Owner; Olympia Properties, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee1414 Walnut AveMotion for Reconsiderationgranted - unique
2013-0017-SPHBessie M. Martin119 Main StreetSpecial Hearing2 apartments in DR5.5
2013-0018-SPHAEdgardo & Felisa Quiogue1312 Burleigh RdSpecial Hearing & Var.Group child care
2013-0019-AWayne T. & Debra A. Fleming3601 Buckingham RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0020-AWilliam J. & Sandra V. Bathgate8243 Longpoint RdVarianceRV in front
2013-0021-AIngeborg & Domenico Occorso12519 Falls RdVarianceSetback, granted, appealed, denied (not unique)
2013-0022-AWindsor Mercy Holdings II, LLC, Owner; Mercy Medical Center, Inc., Lessee1734 York RdVarianceSigns
2013-0023-ASchaefer Timonium, LLC20-22 W. Timonium RdVarianceSigns
2013-0024-AShmuel & Nechama Luxenburg2533 Farringdon RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0025-ALouis J. & Leman Domenici7 Overhill RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0026-SPHXRichard W. Opfer Jr.13801 Jarrettsville PikeSpecial Hearing & Special ExceptionRes. art saloon in RC6
2013-0028-AJane L. Denbow1319 Malbay DrAdmin Var. 
2013-0029-ABrian D. Horn & Brenda R. Baldwin309 Delight Meadows RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0030-ACatonsville Plaza, LLC5401 Baltimore National PikeVarianceSigns
2013-0031-AJennifer L. Rennebu & Stephen Luckett12 Oakwood RdVarianceChickens on <1a - denied
2013-0033-AEtta Clay3937 Chaffey RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0034-AStephen J. Moulis & Annie M. Greer714 Murdock RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0035-ASatyr LP2033 Joppa RdVarianceSigns
2013-0036-AJeffrey & Veda Diegel5803 Pine Hill DrAdmin Var. 
2013-0037-SPHXAMartin G. Kutlik 10845 Philadelphia RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception & Var.100% medical office
2013-0038-XCharles W. & Laurie E. Stafford, Owners; Amanda Manown, Lessee5012 Mt. Carmel RdSpecial ExceptionRiding stables
2013-0039-SPHPaul M. Dziwanowski 1401 Regester AveSpecial HearingService garage
2013-0040-ADavid C. Weymouth & Wu Pei Rueng3310 Blenheim RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0043-SPHAMartin Financial LP, Owners; McDonald's USA, LLC, Lessee Petitioners1472 Martin BlvdSpecial hearing & varianceSigns
2013-0044-ADonna Reynolds303 Dale AveVariance 
2013-0045-AStuart A. & Gayle R. Erdman2211 Pine Valley DrAdmin Var. 
2013-0046-ARonald H. & Nellie I. Pugh21 Right Aileron StVariance 
2013-0047-SPHACSS Crest, LLC10015 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing & Var. 
2013-0048-APamela S. Ryan825 Queens Park DrAdmin Var.Garage
2013-0049-SPHAAllen D. and Deborah L. Nickels734 Essex AveSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0050-AStephen E. and Ellen A. Granger1907 Cape May Rd Admin varianceGarage
2013-0050-AStephen E. and Ellen A. Granger1907 Cape May Rd Motion for ReconsiderationDenied
2013-0051-AJared & Ashley Grodnitzky12220 Dover RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0052-ARoger L. and C. Gregory Elliott15815 Falls Rd Variance 
2013-0053-SPHACT Carriage Hills Business Trust9401, 9403, 9405, 9407, 9409 and 9411 Silver Charm DriveSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0055-AArthur L. & Karen A. Hauck2909 Knoll Acres RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0056-ABarry and Darlene A. Koluch6920 River Drive Rd Variance 
2013-0057-AWilliam J. and Charlotte M. Wesley, et al3 Kingston Cove Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0058-ASarah L. D. Woods6523 Darnall RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0059-ARonald & Wendy Daurora119 Williams AveAdmin Var. 
2013-0060-SPH21043 York Rd , LLC 21043 York Rd Special Hearing 
2013-0061-ANelly P. & Wayne J. Younger103 Kingston RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0062-AAlan and Bernice A. Poole11217 Liberty Rd Variance 
2013-0063-AJavier Quintero3834 Terka CirAdmin Var. 
2013-0064-AScott A. & Donna L. Marshall9535 Gunhill CirAdmin Var. 
2013-0065-SPHAParvin B. Toolabi224 East Padonia Rd Special hearing & varianceChild care
2013-0066-ADavid A. & Annette Schloss10904 Liberty RdAdmin Var. 
2013-0067-AGene M. Hibler7312 Wenig AveVariance 
2013-0069-AEdward S. and Mary E. Wasilewski, Owners; Casey Weikle & Stephanie Montalvo, Purchaser/Lessee11216 Bird River Grove Rd Variance 
2013-0070-AAnatoliy & Nelya Roydich307 Lantana DrAdmin Var. 
2013-0071-SPH1600 Frederick Rd , LLC1600 Frederick Rd Special Hearing, appealed, dismissed
2013-0072-AJonathan M. and Susan W. Schmitt18209 York Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0073-ACarleton J. and Barbara A. Michenfelder1144 Dairy Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0074-A Lisa M. Lucido3 Kings PlaceAdmin Variance 
2013-0075-AJames C. Barr, Owner; William Colberg, Purchaser820 Seneca Park Rd Variance 
2013-0076-ATimonium, LLC Owner; Timonium Chrysler, Inc., Lessee10300 York Rd Variance 
2013-0078-SPHKoluch Properties, LLC, Owner; Jacob W. Britt, Purchaser1919 Wills Rd Special Hearing2-family dwelling with warehouse
2013-0079-SPHAGordon M. and Linda M. Bosse 1615 Middleborough Rd Special hearing & variance 
2013-0080-XWilliam D. and Mary Groff, Owners; DMS Tollgate, LLC, Purchaser10609 Reisterstown RdSpecial ExceptionService station, relocate floodplain, granted w/restrictions, appealed, affirmed
2013-0081-AJames K. Peach904 Palladi DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0082-ARobert T. and Jennifer S. Powers 726 Dunkirk Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0083-ACapital Acquisition Funding Group, LLC, Owner; Daniel Baird, Purchaser/Lessee1422 Clarkview Rd Variance 
2013-0084-AJack L. Tincher, Jr.610 Wampler Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0085-AMatthew P. and Kendra L Zeller10 Right Aileron StreetVarianceWithdrawn
2013-0086-AThompson 124 Northpoint Ltd. Partnership, Owner; Thompson Lincoln Mercury, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee124 North Point BlvdVariance 
2013-0087-AExecutive Plaza, LLC 11350 McCormick Rd Variance 
2013-0089-AMatthew J. and Mary S. Czlonka16 Overbrook Rd Variance 
2013-0091-ACharles A. Poehler and Linnea D. Strein3503 Glenwood Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0093-XConsolidated McCormick, LLC, Owner; Two Farms, Inc., Lessee11119 McCormick Rd Special ExceptionFuel service station
2013-0095-SPHABilly B. Pennington708 Grantwood Rd Special hearing & variance 
2013-0096-AAngela Acitelli1216 Burke Rd Variance 
2013-0097-APaul E. Murphy1030 Saxon Hill DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0098-ADonald Wenger12532 Eastern AveVarianceParking
2013-0099-SPHChristopher and Josias Cromwell1510 Serpentine Rd Special Hearing 
2013-0100-AMeadows Shopping Center, LLC, Owner; Ross Stores, Inc.6646 Security BlvdVarianceSigns
2013-0101-A 130 W Ridgely Rd 5 signs - granted
2013-0102-AJames W. and Rebecca Williams1400 Carrollton AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0103-SPHXAAssociated Catholic Charities, Inc.2829 Lodge Farm Rd  Parking, 6/16, Denied
2013-0103-SPHXAAssociated Catholic Charities, Inc.2829 Lodge Farm Rd Motion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed, mixed decision
2013-0104-SPHAYorkridge Shopping Center, LLC30-115 West Ridgely Rd Special hearing & varianceParking
2013-0106-A3114 Hammonds Ferry Rd , LLC3114 Hammonds Ferry Rd Variance 
2013-0107-AStephen T. and Gengy E. Vaikness8202 Yarborough Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0108-AWilliam P. Colbert, II 27 Belmore Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0109-AChaim M. and Deena E. Meister6803 Chippewa DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0110-AWilliam and Ann Hach1652 Glencoe Rd VarianceWindmill
2013-0112-ALaverne Kennedy-Suggs8400 Summit AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0113-SPHAMcDonald’s Corporation8227 Liberty Rd VarianceParking, signs
2013-0114-ALesley A. Rhoads1807 Trenleigh Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0115-XShreyas and Nisha Panchigar4381 Hollins Ferry Rd Special ExceptionService garage, appealed, dismissed
2013-0117-SPHXWilliam E. and Kathleen Skullney10813 Davis AveSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionBusiness parking in Res.
2013-0118-AG and Z Land Corporation, Inc10208 Greenside DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0119-AEnrique A. and Nicole K. Sanchez1306 Hubner AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0120-SPHXNicodemus Ventures, LLC, Owner; Pikesville Auto & Body Repair, Inc., Lessee1 Nicodemus Rd Special Hearing and Special ExceptionTowing lot
2013-0121-ABradley Cole and Stephanie Amos1417 Rosewick AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0122-SPHAEric M. Tenney & Rachel L. Christopher10518 Vincent Farm Rd Special hearing & varianceGarage
2013-0123-AThomas C. Jr. and Susan Brennan1709 Taylor AveVariance 
2013-0124-AShelly Z. Hurta, Senior Counsel McDonald’s USA, LLC 11310 York Rd VarianceSigns
2013-0125-ASteven W. Haywood15 Middle Woods CtAdmin Variance 
2013-0126-ADaniel Nace & Cynthia Neumann503 E. Seminary AveVariance 
2013-0127-SPHAIacoboni Realty, LLC, Thomas J. Iacoboni9301 Philadelphia Rd Special hearing & variance 
2013-0128-APauland Rosemary Dillingham136 Newburg AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0129-ABrian Balish and Amanda Laatsch20500 Old York Rd Variance 
2013-0131-SPHMarina Holdings, LLC 1100 East Riverside AveSpecial Hearing 
2013-0132-XA9400 Liberty LP, Owner; Two Farms, Inc., Purchaser/Leesee9043 Liberty Rd Special exception & varianceFuel station, car wash, granted, appelaed, remand
2013-0132-XA9400 Liberty Limited Partnership, Owner; Two Farms, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee9043 Liberty RdRemandNo car wash, granted
2013-0133-A9654 Belair Rd , Inc.9654 Belair Rd VarianceParking, aisle
2013-0134-AGary Horan1423 Hopewell AveVariance 
2013-0135-ACharles A. and Susan M. Hammond12221 Jerusalem Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0136-AGloria J. Fair-Pineda 621 George AveVariance 
2013-0137-ACaroline M. and Raymond W. Brewer1808 Hanford Rd Variance 
2013-0138-AWilliam J. and Sharon L. Grauling 1706 Hilltop AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0139-AThe Meadows LLC, Mona Family, LLLP, Mona Management, Inc.16 Greenmeadow DriveVariance 
2013-0140-ABrian A. and Denise D. Fiorucci13309 Bottom Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0141-SPHLuz Elena Ampudia-Kordell and Elizabeth Kordell404 & 406 East Pennsylvania AveSpecial Hearing 
2013-0142-AMark Haynes, J and M Investments LLC863 Sue Grove Rd Variance 
2013-0143-ATimothy F. Gerst 7847 Bank StreetAdmin Variance 
2013-0144-AMark F. and Christie A. Williams1206 Boyce AveVarianceChickens - granted
2013-0145-AThe Estate of Mildred J. Mizell, Owner; Mark A. Fuchsluger, Purchaser/Lessee1628 Cape May Rd Variance 
2013-0145-AThe Estate of Mildred J. Mizell, Owner; Mark A. Fuchsluger, Purchaser/Lessee1628 Cape May Rd Motion for ReconsiderationGranted
2013-0147-SPHAReverend Lucy Ware4512 Old Court Rd Special hearing & varianceChurch - denied, appealed - denied
2013-0148-AStephen A. and Deborah S. Huster (Trustees)6708 Broadview Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0149-ACraig R. and Mary Jo Dranbauer3721 Middle River AveVariance 
2013-0150-SPHARobert A. Sr. and Robert A. Jr. Sersen3802 Chestnut Rd Special hearing & variance 
2013-0151-AMichael C. Myronuk1130 Greenway Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0152-SPHARoland Benjamin Sr. and Roland Benjamin Jr. Cassett8038 Bradshaw Rd Special hearing & varianceGarage
2013-0153-ACharles J. and Bernadette A. Spallitta2424 Stanwick Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0154-SPHADeborah and Kenneth L. Wolf Jr4433 Foerster Rd Special hearing & variance 
2013-0155-SPHA3318 Hollins Ferry LLC3318 Hollins Ferry Rd Special hearing & variance 
2013-0156-SPHACrystal and Michael Barksdale3436 Lynne Haven DriveSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0157-SPHXCoppermine, LLC1400 Coppermine Terrace Rd Special Hearing and Special ExceptionParking
2013-0157-SPHXCoppermine, LLC1400 Coppermine Terrace Rd AmendmentParking
2013-0158-ABenjamin G. and Stephanie A Baron11 Carroll Meadows DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0160-ALaura C. Hearn (Concannon)11539 Cedar LnAdmin Variance 
2013-0161-SPHABaltgem Development Corp., et al, Owners; Golden Ring Hip Hop Fish and Chicken LLC, Lessee7938 Eastern AveSpecial hearing & varianceSign
2013-0162-AWards Chapel United Methodist Church11023 Liberty Rd Variance 
2013-0163-XACatonsville Plaza, LLC5401 Baltimore National PikeSpecial exception & varianceDialysis clinic
2013-0164-AMichael Barrett15901 Trenton Rd Admin VarianceChickens
2013-0165-AAndrew Johns, Managing Member836 Middle River Rd Variance 
2013-0166-XThe Belvedere Baptist Church of Baltimore, Owner; Davenport Preschool LLC, Lessee1301 Cheverly RdSpecial ExceptionGroup child care, appealed, dismissed
2013-0167-AGreco Brothers Construction1407 Knecht AveVariance16' driveway
2013-0168-ACynthia E. Russo8330 Tally Ho Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0169-ARichard and Dawn M. Huffman13035 Long Green PikeAdmin Variance 
2013-0170-SPHBernadette Rhebooth and James Jones1512 Woodlawn DriveSpecial HearingFlood plain
2013-0171-SPHXAMichael R. Mardiney, Jr., M.D., Owner; Tom Berhle, Entourage Development LLC, Purchaser/Lessee2027 York Rd Special Hearing, Special exception & varianceParking in res. - denied (not unique)
2013-0171-SPHXAMichael R. Mardiney Jr., M.D., Owner; Tom Berhle, Entourage Development LLC, Purchaser/Lessee2027 York Rd Motion for reconsiderationGranted, appealed, affirmed
2013-0173-SPHCascarsan, LLC608 Stoney LnSpecial HearingUndersize lot
2013-0174-SPHAClassic, LLC603-605 Oakdean Rd Special hearing & variancePier
2013-0175-AChristopher Pasko7355 Chesapeake Rd Variance 
2013-0176-AClaude and Lois J. Profili1147 Engleberth Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0177-SPHCarol S. Daisey1406 Mount Carmel Rd Special Hearing 
2013-0178-AMichael and Charlene Petersen2509 Butler Rd Variance 
2013-0179-AMarion Knott1507 LaBelle AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0180-SPHXAArtistic Ventures, LLC, Owner; Maria S. Goebel, Purchaser/Lessee1707 Edmondson AveSpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceLiving quarters in commercial building
2013-0181-SPHABasha J. Jr. and Pia M. W. Jordan3205 Green Knoll Rd Variance Special HearingHorses
2013-0183-SPHGlenn Yoder1752 Parsonage RdSpecial HearingPanhandle drive for 6 lots
2013-0184-AMichael K. and Barbara Forster19430 Vernon Rd Variance 
2013-0185-SPHAShaun Gormley2815 Virginia AveSpecial hearing & varianceUndersized lot
2013-0186-AHarold W. Diehl Jr. and Barbara W. Diehl6514 Maplewood Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0187-SPHMichael W. Hall7321 Greenbank Rd Special Hearing2 residences on lot
2013-0188-ABagel Shop, Inc4800 Benson AveVariance 
2013-0189-A Lee May, Area Construction Manager McDonald's Corporation12012 Reisterstown Rd VarianceParking, signs
2013-0190-AKurtis and Terrina A. Brooks13 North Beaumont AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0191-SPHAJoyce Hartley6602 Ridgeborne DriveSpecial hearing & varianceParking
2013-0192-AJihad Zablah8615 Liberty Rd Variance 
2013-0193-SPHMilford Apartments I, LLC19 Warren Park DriveSpecial HearingSubdivide - granted
2013-0193-SPHMilford Apartments I, LLC19 Warren Park DriveMotion for ReconsiderationMotion denied
2013-0194-XAChristopher W. and Barbara A. Pasko11437 Eastern Avenue Special exception & varianceContractor's storage yard, 10' drive
2013-0195-AMichael J. and Linda D. Wagner2126 Carroll Mill Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0196-A Derek C. Hasselhoff300 East Burke AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0197-AEdward L. and Doris A. Stuckey1718 Wilson Point Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0198-AOleg and Benedikta Vesnovsky7214 Denberg Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0200-SPHAJoanne L. Booth, Personal Representative for the Estate of Thomas E. Booth, Owner; Stephen D. Maddock, Purchaser/Lessee910 Frederick RdSpecial hearing & varianceCommercial parking - dismissed
2013-0202-AJohn Edward and Beth Sara Myers10608 Bird River Rd Variance 
2013-0203-SPHAN.M. Phillips Company, Inc., Owner; Rossville Holdings LLC, Purchaser6015 Rossville BlvdSpecial hearing & varianceRiverine floodplain
2013-0204-AOwings Mills Auto Park LP11212 Reisterstown Rd VarianceSigns
2013-0205-ALydia T. Helmer4025 Bay DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0206-AWhite Marsh Plaza Business Trust7944 Honeygo BlvdVarianceParking
2013-0207-A11200 York Rd Holdings LLC11200 York Rd VarianceSigns
2013-0208-AMarc E. Raley and Mariah B. Gillis1013 Overbrook Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0209-ARobert C. and Valerie Dernetz1008 Timber Trail Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0210-AScott Nortman2609 Bauernschmidt DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0211-AAnthony K. and Ruthann K. Hardy, Owners; Samuel Hammaker, Purchaser2829 Eastern BlvdVarianceParking
2013-0212-AEarl T. Krause429 Virginia AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0213-ARichard Laufer733 Bentley Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0214-AKirk and Engrid Randall, John A. Pinnock, Stephanie Bailey and Dwane and Kaydesha Plummer, Owners; Beatrice Properties, LLC, Purchaser7125-7131 Windsor Mill Rd Variance 
2013-0215-APadonia Village Shopping Center A,B, and C, Business Trust, Eugene C. Parker, Owners33 East Padonia Rd VarianceSigns
2013-0216-AG & Z Land Corporation Inc., George & Zoe Perdikakis, Owners10208 Greenside DrVariance 
2013-0217-AFrank & Joyce Habicht5809 Hazelwood Ave Denied, appealed
2013-0219-SPHAJoseph and Darlene Brinkmeier326 Maple AveSpecial hearing & variancelarge garage
  & 02-710
Marriott Kirk Property - First Material Amendment8200 Kirk Farm RvdSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0221-AFrederick John Jr. and Clarice L. Neukam1213 Engleberth Rd Variance 
2013-0222-SPH2907 Hillcrest Avenue, LLC 2907 Hillcrest AveSpecial Hearing2-unit apartment
2013-0223-AMichael L. and Sandra M. Peregoy3601 Bay DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0224-SPHCarroll E. Hofstetter Jr. 1232 South 48th StreetSpecial HearingGarage on other lot 
2013-0225-ALeonard J. and Karen Zimmerer11749 Camp Cone Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0226-AJohn and Beate Reynolds3462 Logan View DriveVariance 
2013-0227-SPHHoward B. LintzJarrettsville PikeSpecial HearingWell & septic
2013-0228-AJohn J. and Janet S. Selway1718 Hunter Mill Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0229-SPHADaniel E. Rosenberger1901 Halethorpe AveSpecial hearing & varianceshipping containers, commercial parking
2013-0230-AMax A. and Melissa M. Gasker7846 Denton AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0231-AJamille and Antwaun R. Lee3015 Edrich WayVariance 
2013-0232-AChristopher M. Steg3601 Claires LnVariance 
2013-0233-ABeverly Jane Slade4309 Deer Park Rd Admin Variance 
2013-0234-AScott and Michelle Krosnowski12852 Stone Eagle RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0235-AJoseph A. Uzupus and Colleen Maynard517B Oella AvAdmin Variance 
2013-0236-SPHAAllender L.C.Autumn Terrace DrVariances 
2013-0237-SPHAKevin R. Yang1335A Lafayette AveSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0238-SPHKevin R. Yang1335 Lafayette AveSpecial Hearing 
2013-0239-ADarryl R. and Sharon Hitt332 Miles RdVariance 
2013-0240-SPHAJoanne Henderson12240 Greenspring AveSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0241-AJohn E. and Patricia Lamb4127 Piney Grove RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0242-SPHAHerbert M. McGowan Jr.514 Spring LnSpecial hearing & variance 
2013-0243-AGeorge and Linda Ann Lang6829 South River DriveAdmin Variance 
2013-0247-AWilliam J. and Denise Shade1824 Wilson Point RdVariance 
2013-0249-SPHAVicky L. and Joe Sladek2219 Hawthorne RdSpecial hearing & varianceKennel
2013-0250-AWoodholme Properties Ltd. Partnership and Greenebaum and Rose Investments, Ltd.Reisterstown Rd VarianceSigns
2013-0251-AThompson Motor Sales, Inc.1000 Merritt BoulvardVarianceSigns
2013-0252-XAJoseph and Angelica Grant9405 Flagstone DriveSpecial exception & varianceAnimal boarding, kennel
2013-0255-APatrick McCann1614 Burke RdVariance 
2013-0256-ARobert U. Pritchard and Lynn A. Fontana, Owners; Richard and Marcie Rosario, Purchaser/Lessee12202 Happy Hollow Rd Admin VarianceGranted, appealed, dismissed
2013-0257-ATimothy W. and Kelly L. Bayne-Kerins11 East Main BlvdAdmin Variance 
2013-0259-ALBUBS 2006-C37839 Mall LLC, Rudolfo S. Lauredo, Owners; Rose Casual Dining, L.P, Lessee7801 Eastern AveVarianceSigns
2013-0260-AJavid Hariri6601 Amleigh RdVariance 
2013-0261-APaul Blinkin1605 Hicks RdVariance 
2013-0262-AGary S. and Virginia E. Wentworth9015 Tarpleys CircleAdmin Variance 
2013-0265-SPHAKim Hammond6314 Falls RdSpecial hearing & varianceGranted, appealed
2013-0266-ASamantha and Bryan Winterling2517 H Sycamore AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0267-SPHXAApex Ground Properties, LLC7400 Dogwood RdSpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceHoricultural operation
2013-0269-SPHMarvin R. Bell and Eric L. Dorsey6700 Dogwood RdSpecial HearingChurch
2013-0270-AJohn Sauer II and Michael Sauer2 Ian CtVariance 
2013-0271-ALynn Breedlove3933 Chaffey RdVariance 
2013-0272-XA Perry and Laureen Wright6126 Ebenezer RdSpecial exception & varianceLandscape service operation
2013-0274-APDG, LLP, Owner; Robert Riederman, M.D., Lessee1312 Bellona AveVarianceSigns
2013-0275-ARonald J. Kozich Jr. and Veena L. Mootoo5002 New Forge RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0276-ACARS-DB4, L.P., Owner; Heritage of Towson, II, Inc., Lessee801 York RdVarianceSigns
2013-0277-ANaylors Office Property Venture, LLC, Owner3903 Naylors LnVarianceSigns
2013-0278-SPHGlenn Boyd 8231 Rosebank AveSpecial HearingDwelling in ML
  & 08-0722
Sparks, LLC, care of P.F. Obrecht and Sons5 Fila WaySpecial Hearing and Development Plan 
2013-0280-SAAIAMIC, LLC501 Frederick RdVariance and Special VarianceSigns
2013-0282-SPHYossef Shavi7021 Reisterstown RdSpecial HearingService bay
2013-0283-AAlan J. Naylor and Brenda J. Logue10105 Davis AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0284-A Barbara C. Washington8808 Church LnAdmin Variance 
2013-0285-A3407 Starlite, LLC72 Oakway RdVariance 
2013-0286-ASteven Silverman903 Greenspring Valley RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0287-AAlexandra Jones(Polyakor), Katherine Polyakor and Robert Jones Jr.8 Barn Gate CtVariance 
2013-0288-AStephen A. and Angela N. Patrick11636 Greenspring AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0289-AJ and M Investments, LLC1312 Goose Neck Rd Variance 
2013-0291-XMatilda L. Albrecht 5132 Long Green RdSpecial ExceptionSlaughterhouse
2013-0292-A Donald W. and Deborah A. Babikow9212 Nottingwood RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0293-AAvidan and Ilana Milevsky 6500 Gardenwick RdVariance 
2013-0294-AW. Kyle and Paula Gore631 West Timonium Rd Variance 
2013-0295-SPHHarlan K. Zinn 809 Cold Spring Rd Special HearingDenied, appealed
2013-0296-APaul Crist1132 Susquehanna AveVarianceGranted
2013-0296-APaul Crist1132 Susquehanna AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2013-0297-AFox Chevrolet, Inc.6633 Security BlvdVarianceSigns
2013-0298-XARobert L. and Ellen M. Quinn 7300 Old Pimlico Rd Special exception & varianceYoga studio and parking
2013-0299-AChristy and Timothy J. Layte Sr.3905 Goose Harbor RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0300-ARaymond L. Tinsley208 Greenview AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0301-AStephenand Sandra Smith8706 Maravoss LnVarianceChickens
2013-0302-AStephen T. and Lucia B. Zabrenski 20 Wesley Woods CtAdmin Variance 
2013-0303-AJames N. and Mary Lou Dubyoski1411 Forest Glen CtAdmin Variance 
2013-0304-AKevin Richard Mercer9 North Beaumont AveVarianceChickens - granted
2013-0305-SPH7920 Harford Rd , LLC7920 Harford Rd Special HearingService garage
2013-0306-AKamilah Shortridge5939 Prince George StreetVarianceDenied, appealed
2013-0309-AThomas W. and Catherine E. BearesParcel 2, Dyer AveVariance 
2013-0310-SPHACove Point Apartments Ltd. Partnership, Cove Point Apartments II Ltd. PartnershipPeninsula ExpresswaySpecial hearing & varianceParking
2013-0311-ARavenwood Shopping Center, LLC, Owner; Sleepys, LLC, Lessee 912 Taylor AveVarianceSigns
2013-0312-ADr. Cheryl Burke6350 Frederick RdVarianceSigns
2013-0313-AKelly S. and Carl D. Broscious Jr.311 Oak Forest AveAdmin Variance 
2013-0314-AKathleen M. Austin and Kimberly S. Harmeyer Ruark 4914 Berry Hill CirVariance 
2013-0315-AJeanette Drosinos 901 Saxon Hill DrAdmin Variance 
2013-0316-AMatthew P. Gamble18128 Gunpowder RdAdmin Variance 
2013-0317-ARobert P. and Sheila M. Everett12 Holly Spring CtVarianceRV in front
2013-0318-AGardenview Apartment Associates, LLC8601 Gray Fox RdVarianceSign
2013-0319-SPHAAMCB Perring, LLC, c/o Acadia Realty Trust, Owners; McDonald's USA, LLC, Lessee/Petitioners7309 McClean BlvdSpecial hearing & varianceSigns
2013-0320-SPHXScott Shinsky221 South North Point Rd Special Hearing and Special ExceptionParking
Fiscal 2014 cases (filed July 2013 - June 2014)  
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2014-0001-ACharlene M. and William Klapka Jr.613 George AveVariance 
2014-0002-ACharlene M. and William Klapka Jr. 611 George AveVariance 
2014-0003-AWilliam and Stacey DeCarlo630 Eastern AveVarianceParking
2014-0004-SPHXATCJ Company, LLC, Owners; GCN Real Estate LLC, Purchaser/Lessee 2617 N. Rolling Rd Special Hearing, Special exception & varianceParking
2014-0005-SPHAGeorge and Joann Holback13924 Baldwin Mill RdSpecial hearing & varianceIn-law apartment
2014-0006-AJ and M Investments, LLC858 Sue Grove RdVariance24' Garage
2014-0007-ABenjamin C. Sweet1723 Magnolia AvAdmin Variance 
2014-0008-ARichard J and Minnie L. Murray5829 Loreley Beach RdVariance 
2014-0009-SPHAHenry John and Donna Marie Nooft 542 Back River Neck RdSpecial hearing & variancePole barn
2014-0010-SPHASunfire Homes, LLC, Owner12833 Dover RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0011-AAlexander and Jessica Wodaeczyk, Owners; ACDH Maryland, LLC, Lessee/Petitioners 12518 Eastern AveVarianceParking
2014-0012-APhill Mill, LLC, Owners; ACDH Maryland, LLC, Lessee/Petitioners9515 Philadelphia RdVarianceParking
2014-0013-SPHADwight R. Heinmuller 16529 Dubbs RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0014-SPHAInternational Society for Krishna Consciousness, Owner 200 Bloomsbury AveSpecial hearing & varianceChurch
2014-0015-SPHARichard Niehaus, Owners; Bruce Benkert, Lessee7525 Belair RdSpecial hearing & varianceTattoo parlor, appealed, denied?
2014-0016-AJohn E. and Mary Byrd Demyan1634 Worthington Heights PkwyAdmin Variance 
2014-0017-AEugene Lipman, Authorized Representative York Rd 2301, Inc. Petitioner2235 York Rd VarianceSigns
2014-0017-AEugene Lipman, Authorized Representative York Rd 2301, Inc.2235 York RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2014-0018-AThomas J. Stone and Corinna McShane1312 Regester AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0019-AJohn R. and Sandra L. Stemmer8709 Weitz Manor LnAdmin Variance 
2014-0020-AChristopher B. and Nancy Baggan1801 Ridge RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0021-AKB of Baltimore, Inc.4101 Wholesale Club DrVarianceSigns
2014-0022-AChristopher and Jennifer Rodriguez 1513 W. Joppa RdVariance 
2014-0023-SPHAlbert Koon Yu and Kirby Hom, Owners; Howard L. and Judith M. Dubick, Purchaser/Lessee 202-204 Eastern BlvdSpecial HearingPawn shop, appealed, dismissed
2014-0024-SPHBoys School of St. Paul's Parish11152 Falls Rd Special HearingGranted, appealed
2014-0025-A 161 Sanford Ave Withdrawn
2014-0026-ARobert L. and Lois J. Donaldson, Owners; 2919 Virginia Avenue, LLC, Purchaser 2919 Virginia AveVariance 
2014-0027-A2919 Virginia Avenue, LLC2921 Virginia AveVariance 
2014-0028-XA925 Todds Lane, LLC, Owner925 Todds LnSpecial exception & varianceParking inop. vehicels
2014-0029-SPHMudgett Properties, LLC8306 and 8310 Harford Rd Special HearingBusiness parking in res., service garage
2014-0030-ADanielle N. Dupuis and Dina J. Fehr446 Neepier Rd Admin Variance 
2014-0031-AA. Glen Jr. and Katherine W. Mansberger 152 Holly CircleVariance4 RVs
2014-0032-AMcDonald's Corporation3223 Washington BlvdVarianceSigns
2014-0033-XJoseph L. and Lynn A. Farrell204 Brackenwood CtSpecial ExceptionProfessional office, appealed
2014-0034-ADonald S. and Susan E. Wernecke Petitioners5 Junco CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0035-SPHXBradley S. Glaser, Authorized Representative of VEI Middle River, LLC, Owner; Jumping Jamboree, LLC, Lessee901A and 915 Middle River Rd Special Hearing and Special ExceptionRec facility in ML
2014-0035-SPHXBradley S. Glaser, Authorized Representative of VEI Middle River, LLC, Owner; Jumping Jamboree, LLC, Lessee/Petitioners901A and 915 Middle River Rd 2 Motions for ReconsiderationDenied
2014-0036-SPHA 1434 Railroad Ave Granted
2014-0037-ANoel Gonzales and Nora Pina Rico1915 Oak DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0038-ADaniel W. Boer321 Harlem LnVariance 
2014-0039-SPHAJames A. and Laura L. RudyKeech Rd Special hearing & varianceIn-law apartment
2014-0040-SPHAStephen and Darlene Ramsey8545 Philadelphia RdSpecial hearing & varianceUsed car sales in BR
2014-0042-ADaniel T. Brulinski Jr., estate of Theodore J. Brulinski, Owners; Gast Construction Co., Inc., Purchaser970 Seneca Park RdVarianceGranted
  & 04-0736
Dolfield Townhouses Dolfield Rd, LLC9014 and 9018 Dolfield Rd Variance 
2014-0044-AJohn and Kelly Schuit122 First AveVariance 
2014-0044-AJohn and Kelly Schuit122 First AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed, dismissed
2014-0045-ALeonard M. and Shannon K. Shetler 506 Sussex RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0047-ATracey McKee Sabree4221 Colonial RdVariance 
2014-0048-AWilliamsburg Restaurant and Motel, LLC11131 Pulaski HighwayVarianceSigns - partially denied
2014-0048-AWilliamsburg Restaurant and Motel, LLC11131 Pulaski HighwayMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2014-0049-A John and Beate Reynolds3462 Loganview DrVariance 
2014-0050-AMichael and Athena Lakis, Owners; Kingsville Holdings, LLC, Purchaser Eastern Blvd.VarianceParking
2014-0051-AThe Meadows LLC, Mona Family LLLP, Owners; Brotman Financial Group, Inc., Lessee16 Greenmeadow DriveVarianceSign
2014-0052-A Jay Davis and Virginia Thompson105 Greenbrier RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0053-XA 11510 Reisterstown Rd Gas station, conv store, car wash
2014-0054-AHong T. and Dung Viet Nguyen909 Bardswell RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0055-ARosallio and Rhea Baccay9619 Hickory Hurst DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0056-SPHAMo's White Marsh LLC, Owner9727 Pulaski HighwaySpecial hearing & varianceParking
2014-0057-AStephen Hook Jr., Caitlin R. Hook and Stephen Hook Sr.157 Sanford AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0059-SPHXACandlelight Realty, LLC, Owner; Witzke Properties, Purchaser1835 Frederick RdSpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceRTA
2014-0060-SPHAGurmeet and Santosh Dhillon, Owners21 Brett Manor CtSpecial hearing & variance"Pool" house
2014-0061-SPHAJohn and Elizabeth Johlitz, Owner3812 Chestnut RdSpecial hearing & varianceGarage
2014-0062-A 12139 Woodsyde Ct  
2014-0063-SPHAGudmar MG, LLCMorning Glory LnSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0064-SPHReverend Lucy Ware4512 Old Court Rd Special HearingDenied res judicata
2014-0064-SPHReverend Lucy Ware4512 Old Court RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed
2014-0065-ACPC Properties, LLC, Owner2829 Eastern BlvdVariance 
2014-0066-AKenneth and Susan Anderson1822 Beechwood AveVariance 
2014-0067-ASouthside Oil, LLC, Owners; Zone 27 LLC, Purchaser3920 Washington BlvdVariance 
2014-0068-SPHAHD Development of Maryland, Inc.125 Industry LnSpecial hearing & varianceParking
2014-0071-A 7 Norris Run Ct Granted
2014-0072-SPHXACatonsville Development Group, LLC 6159 Edmondson AveSpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceRec facility in MLR
2014-0073-AJoseph and Monique Herkalo6 Apple Valley CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0076-ALise E. Criswell & Jason J. Glanville704 Riverside DrVariance 
2014-0077-ARichard J. Scholl and Julie B. Gorbey8519 Westford RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0079-ACarl and Melanie Merhar1920 Shanklin AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0081-SPHXAmerican Lubrication Equipment, Inc., Owner; Baltimore Recreation, LLC, Lessee 23 W. Aylesbury RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionCommercial recreational facility
2014-0082-AGiant3600 Millford Mill Rd Parking, signs
Granted & dismissed
2014-0083-AJohn E. and Deborah Schmidt 1104 Arran RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0085-AWendy Ann Quitasol and Anita Boulton Quitasol7527 La Hirondelle Club RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0086-ABryan A. and Karen L. Adams6 Ridgecliff CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0088-AIsaac D. and Tabitha L. Weinstein 9536 Hallhurst Rd Admin Variance 
2014-0089-ANew Antioch Baptist Church of Randallstown Md., Inc.5609 Old Court RdVarianceSigns
2014-0090-AJames P. Clerkin and Lauren M. Copeland4640 Bucks Schoolhouse RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0091-AJennifer Rennebu, Owner12 Oakwood RdVariance 
2014-0092-A Suzanne A. and Richard M. Long Jr.3871 Schroeder AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0093-ABellona Lane Orthopedic Associates, LLC 8322 Bellona AveVarianceSign
2014-0094-SPHKarole and James Riffin11019 Gateview RdSpecial HearingCaboose in res.
2014-0094-SPHKarole and James Riffin11019 Gateview RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied - appealed
2014-0095-ARichard J. and Mary Lynne Veltman613 Hastings RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0096-AMichael J. and Jayme M. Uhlfelder3430 Philips DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0097-SPH 7914 Springway Rd Oct 2
2014-0098-ARoy Litz, Owner2613 Beckleysville RdVariance 
2014-0099-ASMC Pomona Apartments, LLCPomona DrVarianceSigns
2014-0100-ABrian F. and Patricia McNabb4318 Cottington RdVariance 
2014-0101-AVaibhav H. and Swati V. Mehta8861 Paddock LnAdmin Variance 
2014-0102-AAndrews Expo Properties, LLC6420 Dogwood RdVariance 
2014-0103-X Green Valley Farms, LLC13220 Long Green PikeSpecial ExceptionAnimal boarding, farm market
2014-0104-ARichard R. and Sheryl Morris847 Kellogg RdVariance 
2014-0105-A Golden Arch Realty/Mann Holding Company, LLC, Owner; McDonald's USA, LLC, Lessee3950 and 3954 Northpoint BlvdVarianceParking, signs
2014-0106-AJames Alban10807 Greenspring AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0107-AMurat M. and Julie B. Dorkan 11812 Greenspring AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0108-SPHEarl and Nina Purdue, Owners403 Chapelwood LnSpecial HearingKitchen in floodplain
2014-0109-AFrederick T. and Catherine M. Swift18 Lauriann CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0110-ADenise A. Angles and William L. Allen529 Oella AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0111-ARichard L. and Linda N. Stempor605 Almond AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0112-ADellcrest Realty LLC, Owner Dellcrest Properties 1, LLC, Lessee 1 Easter CtVariance 
2014-0113-AG. W. Site Services, Inc.7517 Rossville BlvdVariance 
2014-0114-AWendi R. Bukowitz903 Timber Run RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0115-SPHRobert C. Waldhauser, Owner1500-1508 Riderwood DrSpecial Hearingfloodplain, appealed, dismissed
2014-0116-SPHARestoring Life International Church, Owner; Seasons Maryland LLC, Purchaser401 Reisterstown RdSpecial hearing & varianceParking - denied
2014-0117-AStephen W. and Deidre A. Seipp217 Melancthon AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0118-AEdwin and Dolly Brake 9 Fieldstream CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0119-ALeyla Abdu1 Maple AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0120-AStoler Properties, LLC11275 Reisterstown RdVarianceSigns
2014-0121-AKenneth R. Belton30 Clematis CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0122-AHamid and Maryam Esfandiari3512 Blue Coat RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0123-XJames Dimick Jr. and Robert George Dimick826 Chester RdSpecial ExceptionFishing
2014-0124-AFox and Forch, LLC, c/o Sheldon Forsheimer3016 Lightfoot DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0125-AJerry Lynn Smith Sr. and Robin A. Smith343 Sassafras RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0126-AChristopher H. Lee and Susan D. Ginkel11530 Falls RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0127-SPHBGE, Owner13030 Hanover Rd Special HearingExtension
2014-0128-ATariq and Donna Khan1333 Dillon Heights AveVariance 
2014-0129-ALeo P. Callaghan (Trustee), Owner; Doug Bernia, purchaser/lessee1317 Wildwood Beach RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0130-AHerbert Tart, Jr, Jason Wayne Tart and Corey Ray Tart600 Almond AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0131-SPHXARiverwatch, LLC, Owner; Two Farms, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee118 Mount Carmel Rd Special Hearing, Special exception & varianceSigns, gas station, appealed
2014-0132-XAJay Weinstein, Owner; Bonnie J. Miller D.V.M, Purchaser12802 Sagamore Forest LnSpecial exception & variancePrivate kennel - denied
2014-0133-ARutherford Windsor LLC2747 N Rolling Rd  
2014-0134-ASteven M. Richardson1600 Holly Tree RdVariance 
2014-0135-ABernadette T. and Clarence D. Poehler12241 Harford Rd Admin Variance 
2014-0136-XAPatricia Buck Miller, Owner; Megan Miller, Lessee 9730 Conmar Rd Special exception & varianceProfessional office
2014-0137-AJohn Hock2627 Pot Spring RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0138-ADaniel R. Dodd and Sandra L. Brooks1200 Cowpens AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0139-AThomas A. and Angela B. Michel500 Chalfonte DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0140-A Terry and Theresa A. Williams506 Highland AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0141-SPHAGordon K. Harden, Owner; McDonald's USA, LLC10021 Reisterstown RdSpecial hearing & varianceParking, signs - denied, small size does not make it unique
2014-0142-ALouis and Mary Simmons, Owners C&D's Installers, Inc.,6760 Graceland AveVariance 
2014-0143-AEvan S. and Cheryl A. Mickel4 Broadridge LnAdmin Variance 
2014-0144-XADavid A. Cuomo, Owner; Amanda E. Tyler, Lessee2341 York RdSpecial exception & varianceDog grooming
2014-0145-AWilliam Shull and Sherry Bramande1726 Earhart RdVariance 
2014-0146-AMichael Nivens4503 Long Green RdVariance 
2014-0147-ARobert J. Schmid3003 Benson Mill RdVariance 
2014-0149-SPHGeorge R. and Linda E. Gabell16306 Old York RdSpecial HearingIn-law apartment
2014-0150-ALaurence H. and Stephanie W. Ross15605 Carroll RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0151-SPHXHoward M. and Joyce White4510 North Point RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionContractors' storage yard
2014-0152-A Leslie L. Sunderhaus (Spanglo)30 Yew RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0153-ACarl Alan and Laurel N. Koziol 11 South Belle Grove RdDevelopment Plan and Variance 
2014-0154-AKaren B. Cicmanec22 Linden TerAdmin Variance 
2014-0155-SPHLyncare, LLC, Owner; Sweetwater Pool and Spa, Lessee6619 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing 
2014-0156-AThomas P. and Linda I. Sparks (Trustees)2409 Crestnoll RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0157-SPHJohn D. and Laura D. Heim19 Hanover RdSpecial Hearing3 apartments
2014-0158-AA and I Realty, LLP6440 Baltimore National PikeVariance 
2014-0159-SPHXASchaefer-Timonium, LLC, Owner; Enterprise RAC care of Baltimore, LLC, Purchaser2312 York RdSpecial Hearing, Special exception & variance Detailing cars
2014-0160-ADonald C. Wright 5943 Loreley Beach RdVariance 
2014-0161-AChristian Merlo and Jamie Smith 609 Stoneleigh RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0162-ABrian M. Shulman1434 Galena RdVariance 
2014-0163-SPHX10825 Beaver Dam Rd, LLC, Owner10825 Beaver Dam RdSpecial Hearing and Special Exception 
2014-0164-AChristopher H. Bready34 Cedar AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0165-ABeth El Congregation of Baltimore8101 Park Heights AveVariance 
2014-0166-AJohn M. and Debra R. Stover (Trustees)15 Ivy Reach CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0167-SPHX HJR Benson Venture, LLC, Owner; GH Traders, Inc., Lessee3107 Hammonds Ferry RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionFuel service, convenience store
2014-0168-AMichael J. Foley1013 Chestnut AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0169-SPHBradley Mudd2116 Merritt BlvdSpecial Hearingin-law apartment
2014-0170-SPHATridel Inc., Owner85 Yew RdSpecial hearing & variance 
  & 15-0867
Ravenhurst Property Mohrs Lane and Campbell Boulevard Sligh and Howarth Associates, LLC and Sleepy Hollow Woods, Inc., Owners Ravenhurst, LLC, DeveloperMohrs Lane and Campbell BlvdSpecial hearing & variance & Development Plan 
2014-0172-ARoy E. (Deceased) and Jean Jones, Owner Robert Long Contract Purchaser3505 Beach RdVariance 
2014-0173-ASecurity Center, LLC, Owner; Weis Market, Inc., Lessee1809/1811 Rolling RdVarianceParking
2014-0174-SPHDebra G. Schubert, P.R. for Estate of Elise M. Temple4137 Wards Chapel RdSpecial Hearing 
2014-0175-AWayne W. Davis, Owner; Ms. Patricia Johns, Lessee12102 Belair Rd VarianceSetbacks, appealed
2014-0176-SPHDulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Inc.200 E. Padonia RdSpecial HearingPet cremotorium
2014-0177-ABeltway Investors1306/1308 Bellona AveVariance 
2014-0178-A and
Recovermat Mid-Atlantic LLC2202 Halethorpe Farms RdVariance and Special HearingJunkyard?
2014-0179-ACharles A. and Rebecca P. Newhall3111 W. Golf Course RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0181-XPainter Mill Venture, LLPRed Run BlvdSpecial ExceptionLiving in commerical bldg
2014-0182-ACharles B. and Rebecca A. Adams14834 Falls RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0183-SPHJohanna Zentz11525 Falls RdSpecial HearingSmall lot
2014-0184-AMeyerhoff Irrevocable Trust, Owner; Max E. Blumenthal and Thomas F. O'Neil, Jr., Trustees 12428 Park Heights AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0185-ARichard M. Folio6200 Glen Falls RdVariance, appealed
2014-0185-ARichard M. Folio6200 Glen Falls RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2014-0186-ANicholas Harrigan and Anthony Harrigan4046 Link AveVariance 
2014-0187-ANicholas Harrigan and Anthony Harrigan4050 Link AveVariance 
2014-0188-A2066 York Rd Partnership2066 York RdVarianceSigns
2014-0189-AVenture BG LLC3597 and 3531 Washington BlvdVarianceSigns
2014-0190-SPHXHunt Valley Baptist Church, Inc. 821 Shawan RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionChurch
2014-0191-X6326 Security Boulevard Baltimore, LLC, Owner; Amalgamated Transit Union-Local 1300, Purchaser6326 Security BlvdSpecial ExceptionUnion hall
2014-0192-ADebra Franklin1117 Engleberth RdVariance 
2014-0193-ADoris and Nancy Williams8 Hillside AveVariance 
2014-0194-AJoseph P. Dwyer106 Mount Carmel RdVarianceParking
2014-0195-AMark D. and Cara R. Norris228 Homevale RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0196-AKenneth D. and Kathy J. Boone6938 Gunder AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0197-APeter W. and Delores L. Rusta12 N. Beaumont AveVarianceChickens
2014-0198-SPHXAMakhanjit Singh and Rajinder Kaur8434 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceAuto sales at service garage
2014-0199-AStuart N. Foote1 Holmes AveVarianceRecreational vehicle
2014-0200-SPHThomas T. and Joanna K. Lawry11711 Bellvue AveSpecial Hearing 
2014-0201-SPHMark A. and Mary E. Orlando Llewellyn902 Elm Ridge AveSpecial HearingApartments
2014-0202-SPHMark A. and Mary E. Orlando Llewellyn 940 Elm Ridge AveSpecial HearingApartments
2014-0203-SPHJeanette Siverd (Diegel), Diana (Passapae) Wagner and Linda Hammond1228 Kahler AveSpecial Hearing 
2014-0205-SPHARay and Doris Eller12305 Belair RdSpecial hearing & variancePole barn
2014-0206-ACarl F. and Wendy J. Geppert10517 Old Court RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0207-SPHAMichael Lund and Charlene Debra Petersen2509 Butler RdSpecial hearing & varianceAccessory dwelling
2014-0208-SPHMichael G. and Johanna Coughlin401 Walpole CtSpecial HearingApartment
2014-0209-SPH1107 Lawrence LLP1107 Lawrence AveSpecial HearingTowing, storage vehicles
2014-0210-AGeorge L. and Kathleen A. Dudgeon7709 Old Harford RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0211-ALaFayette Homes, Inc.9218 Liberty RdVariance 
2014-0212-XMD Eye Care Real Estate, LLC, Owner; WSA, LLC Lessee8625 Pleasant Plains RdSpecial ExceptionCommunity building
2014-0213-SPHARobert E. and Leslie J. Knisley 1809 Emory RdSpecial hearing & varianceHorses
2014-0214-ARaymond E. and Linda S. Bass8 Walkway CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0215-ARobert A. and Jennifer H. Seidel 12905 Tufton Woods CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0216-SPHAAlgirdas M. Veliuona120 Stonewall RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0216-SPHAAlgirdas M. Veliuona120 Stonewall RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed, dismissed
2014-0218-ADavid M. and Carolyn M. Mummert23 Greentree DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0220-APhilip J. Fewster4300 Meadowcliff RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0221-A 1915 Oak Dr See 2014-0037
Formal demand by ALJ
2014-0222-AGeorge R. Norris, Inc.901 Merritt BlvVarianceSigns
2014-0223-ARyan T. and Marcelina L. McGirr202 Rollingbrook WayAdmin Variance 
2014-0224-AAntonio G. Martinez 106 West Chestnut Hill LnAdmin VarianceDenied
2014-0224-AAntonio G. Martinez106 W. Chestnut Hill LnMotion for Reconsideration 
2014-0225-AKimco Realty2080 York RdVarianceSigns
2014-0226-SPHJeffrey Foucault, Christopher Barstad and John Butz, Owner605 Kenwood AvenueSpecial Hearing 
2014-0227-ADerrick and Leah Wettstein1951 Freeland RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0228-A 4214 Hanwell Rd Granted
2014-0229-AJason R. Campo and Loretta A. Legg214 Antietam RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0230-APatrick C. and Linda T. Kerr3500 Galloway RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0231-ADavid and Marilyn Cox7100 Upper Mills CirVariance 
2014-0232-ARonald T. Sweet Jr. and Roberta H. Sweet2011 Tred Avon RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0233-XChuck-E Cheese8888 Waltham Woods Rd Arcade, Granted
  & 01-0528
Morsberger Property 1st Material Amendment to the 2nd Refined631 Winners Circle Development Plan, Special Hearing, Special exception & varianceDismissed w/o prejudice
2014-0235-SPHADr. Narender and Bhavneet Bharaj2100 East Joppa RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0237-ARobert S. and Margaret A. Lawrence230 Hopkins LnAdmin Variance 
2014-0238-SPHXAAdeela Ahmad8201 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceFuel service
2014-0239-SPHADennis K. and Elizabeth J. Agboh9329 Liberty RdSpecial hearing & varianceGranted
2014-0239-SPHADennis K. and Elizabeth J. Agboh9329 Liberty RdMotion for ReconsiderationRescind previous
2014-0240-SPHXMerritt Manor, LLC, Owner; DMD Gyms, LLC d/b/a Gold's Gym1131 Merritt BlvdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionHealth club expansion (community building)
2014-0241-ALindley A. Corcoran 1904 Lindemann LnAdmin Variance 
2014-0242-ARohini Ralby10913 Park Heights AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0243-A 6400 Pratt Ave  
2014-0244-A 6402 Pratt Ave  
2014-0245-XAEMZA, Inc., Owner3300 Washington BlvdSpecial exceptionparking
2014-0246-ALillian and Jeremy Lauer1043 Chester RdVarianceBoat lift
2014-0247-SPHACarol and Edgar Lassahn and 7401 Belair Rd, LLC.Belair RdSpecial hearing & varianceFuneral home, signs
2014-0248-APaul Crist1132 Susquehanna AveVariance 
2014-0249-A 2701 Maurleen Ct Withdrawn
2014-0250-SPHMd. Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority, (Property Owner) Charlestown Community, Inc. (Facility Owner)715 Maiden Choice LnSpecial Hearing 
2014-0251-SPH 9533 Liberty Rd Granted, restrictions
2014-0252-XA 224 E Padonia Rd Parking, Class B group care
2014-0253-SPHXHarnek Singh and Charanjit Kaur7400 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionParking - denied
2014-0254-SPHAAmelia Saydee9100 Meadow Heights RdSpecial hearing & varianceAssisted living
2014-0255-ARonald O. and Claudia J. Ciolfi16304 Matthews RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0256-SPHASarju David Singh8234 Belair RdSpecial hearing & varianceParking
2014-0257-ADaniel Zafrir4516 Wards Chapel RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0258-AJonathan D. and Kathleen D. Fine2 Medori CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0260-AJeffrey M. Gredlein and Elizabeth L. Jones900 Weatherbee RdAdmin Variance 
2014-0261-AVincent M. and Monica E. Guida409 Woodbine AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0262-A 528 Cranbrook Rd Signs - granted
2014-0263-A 9946 York Rd Signs - granted
2014-0264-AWilliam R. & Kathleen M. Bacon7704 German Hill RdVarianceParking
2014-0265-SPHJames Kenneth Powell, Jr.13663 Bottom RdSpecial Hearing2 dwellings, appealed, dismissed
2014-0266-AMargaret M. Streckfus10 Ensign CtAdmin Variance 
2014-0267-SPHAMichael A. Jacobus & Cary G. Barbin303 S. Rolling RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0268-SPHAMichael A. Jacobus & Cary G. Barbin303A S. Rolling RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2014-0269-ARonald Goldstein1417 Francke AveVariance 
2014-0270-ADonald R. Anderson609 Oak Hill RdVariance 
2014-0271-AJustin P. and Tracy D. LeBrun422 Maryland AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0272-A and
Suat Yelken7022 Bellona AveVariance 
2014-0274-SPHCarroll Island Associates, LP, Owner; Middle River Hobbies, Lessee164 E. Carroll Island RdSpecial HearingModel car racing
2014-0275-ALaurie G. Gregg212 Montrose AveAdmin Variance 
2014-0276-ALawrence J. & Deborah L. Dobrovolny627 Longview DrAdmin Variance 
2014-0278-A and
Recovermat Mid-Atlantic LLC2202 Halethorpe Farms RdVariance and Special HearingJunkyard
2014-0279-AR & B Development Company41 Stemmers Run RdVariance 
2014-0280-ARichard L. and Karen S. Roberts1816 Morning Walk DriveVarianceAmended order
2014-0281-ABarry and Sara Pipino11907 Woodberry PlVariance 
2014-0283-SPHThomas and Victoria Baird4009 Briar Point RdSpecial Hearing 
2014-0284-SPHJoseph Wayne Sloboda1918 Sunberry RdSpecial Hearing2 dwelling units
2014-0285-AJames L. Lekin and Kathleen Ryan Lekin13816 Cripplegate RdVariance 
2014-0286-ARoy and Benita Finkelstein7213 Verbena RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2014-0287-AWilliam J. and Diane K. Schmittinger426 Katherine AveVarianceFence - link wrong
2014-0288-ALarry and Vicki Lewis605 Rockaway Beach Rd

2014-0290-ADavid W. and Darlene J. Baugher 617 Rockaway Beach AveVariance, appealed, dismissed
2014-0294-XTowson Circle Holdings, LLC, Owners; Cinemark USA, Inc., Lessee303 E. Pennsylvania AveSpecial ExceptionArcade
Fiscal 2015 cases (filed July 2014 - June 2015) online list
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2015-0001-SPHACandice M. Holt8613 Old Harford RdSpecial hearing & varianceMedical office
2015-0002-AJean-Paul and Justyna B. Sardin312 Reserve CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0004-SPHThe Belvedere Baptist Church of Baltimore, Owner; Davenport Preschool, LLC, Lessee1301 Cheverly RdSpecial HearingChild care, appealed
2015-0005-AMRC Enterprise, LLC516 Middle River RdVariance 
2015-0006-ARoss P. and Sandra Flax900 Army RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0007-ADavid C. and Elizabeth J. White9 Spring Green LnVariance 
2015-0008-AJoseph A. and Amy M. Bakewell8200 Jeffers CirAdmin Variance 
2015-0009-AKelly M. Gombeski (nee Simons)600 Allegheny AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0010-AAaron J. and Susana M. Tsui1914 Clearwood RdVariance 
2015-0011-AHoward and Debra G. Mirvis2318 Cavesdale RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0012-AKristi K. Rasmussen and Daniel P. Mullahey5612 New Forge RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0013-AThomas J. and Sara E. Smith303 Pine Forest CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0014-AJohn B. and Cindy A. Domingo4104 Halifax CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0015-SPHEpiscopal Church of Christ the King, Owner; Episcopal Community Services of Maryland, Lessee1930 Brookdale RdSpecial HearingBoarding house
2015-0016-APhilip M. and Denise A. Andrews222 Greenspring Valley RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0017-ARobert R. and Kelly A. Decker2636 Openshaw RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0018-AMary Gast2110 Rosalie AveVariance 
2015-0019-AJoseph P. and Patricia A. Ambrose13901 Bottom RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0020-AMatthew T. Holley and Rebecca Snyder2372 Sweet Meadow RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0021-A and 2015-0022-AKFI Statutory Trust321 and 323 Townsend RdVariance 
2015-0023-AAmanda Lugo (Snedegar) 9342 Beowulf CirAdmin Variance 
2015-0024-AFlightline, LLC 2539 Barrison Point RdVariance 
2015-0025-ASFB LLC Mid State Community Bank 5705 Kenwood AveVariance 
2015-0026-ADavid Disanti1325 Ridge RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0027-AJoyce K. Wilkins 225 Wickersham WayAdmin Variance 
2015-0028-ADean E. Geber2110 Harmony Woods RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0029-ARhonda and Raymond Zaquen295 S. Stuart StreetVariance 
2015-0030-A210 Warfield Road, LLC17 Garnet AveVariance 
2015-0031-AD. Carey Development, LLC3628 Bay DrVariance 
2015-0032-AKaren L. Callahan8101 Halton RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0033-AKurt E. and Michelle A. Nachtman 1 Lamont PlVarianceChickens
2015-0034-ASusan E. Callahan107 S. Rolling RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0035-AAnthony S. Hall9021 Tarpleys CircleAdmin Variance 
2015-0036-ADawn V. Lewis1507 Rawlings Well RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0037-SPHATowson Circle Holdings, LLC103 E. Joppa RdSpecial hearing & varianceSigns
2015-0038-AMartin and Sheila A. Beall 2126 Rosalie AveVariance 
2015-0039-SPHNTKT, LLC 4242 and 4244 Butler RdSpecial HearingTransfer
2015-0040-ATABCO Towers Associates, LLLP305 E. Joppa RdVarianceParking
2015-0041-ADouglas S. and Michelle L. Ramer14 Crestline CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0042-XAdebayo and Modupe Togun2324 N Rolling Rd Class B office in RO
2015-0043-AThomas E. Eline300 Oakwood RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0044-AChristopher M. and Meredith W. Lewis3 Brook Valley CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0045-SPHRichard and Sarah Telljohann4824 Carroll Manor RdSpecial Hearing 
2015-0046-ATroy Griffin 212 Neel AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0047-SPHACharles & Teresa Jerscheid12533 Ulrich Ave garage to apartment
2015-0048-A1801 YR, LLC1801 York RdVarianceSigns
2015-0049-AMichael B. and Stacey S. Fein 2 Jarretts CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0050-SPHALoch Raven Improvements, LLC, Owner Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC6810 Loch Raven BlvdSpecial hearing & varianceSigns
2015-0051-AWalter A. and Marcia T. KukLn6530 Mt. Vista RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0052-ATatyana Khazanova6806 Cherokee DrAdmin Variance 
2015-0053-XA1765 Joppa Rd, LLC1765 Joppa Rd used car sales, signs, Oct 27, granted
2015-0054-SPHAMark and Kathleen Schatz2008 Norhurst WaySpecial hearing & varianceAccesory apartment
2015-0055-SPHPaul Godwin, Owner; Charles and Ingrid Castronovo, Interested Parties1452 Shore RdSpecial Hearing 
2015-0055-SPHPaul Godwin, Owner; Charles and Ingrid Castronovo, Petitioners1452 Shore RdRemand from BoA, appealed
2015-0056-XAMJM Investment Properties, LLC., Owner; Insurance Auto Auctions Corp., Lessee8143 Beachwood RdSpecial exception & varianceJunkyard
2015-0057-SPHAChabad Israel Center7807 Seven Mile Ln RTA
2015-0058-SPHDerek Ecolono716 Scarlett DrSpecial HearingBoarding house - denied
2015-0059-A 6508 Greenspring Ave  
2015-0060-AMichael Blue and Amanda Setser1 Belle Grove RdVarianceGarage - denied
2015-0061-AElliot and Rachel Balis1008 Hilton AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0062-SPHLoch Raven Improvements, LLC, Owner; Harvest Towson, Inc., Lessee6820 Loch Raven Blvd.Special HearingSign
2015-0063-AMarguerite W. Forner404 Campbell LnVariance 
2015-0064-AMark E. and Stacey J. Reeves1423 Providence RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0065-AAbraham and Alice Prasadu, Owners; Carolyn Robinson-Owens and Darryl W. Owens, Purchasers 8731 Meadow Heights RdVariance 
2015-0066-AScott A. and Helen S. Walper5839 Loreley Beach RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0067-AVEI Circuit, LLC8823 Pulaski HighwayVarianceSigns - condition
2015-0068-AGene N. and Shelley A. Ensor 6017A Loreley Beach RdVarianceRV - denied
2015-0069-ACommunity Development Capital Group, LLC and Beazer Homes Corp.100 and 101 Cobble DrVarianceSigns
2015-0070-AJoseph E. and Dina L. Carr7807 Shadow Knoll CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0071-AKatherine and Christopher Corzine 7 Palo CrtVarianceChickens
2015-0072-AThomas and Carol Newhart1945 Victory DrVariancePigeons
2015-0073-AHiroshi and Mineko Nakazawa10509 Stevenson RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0074-ARoger L. Hawkins1417 Woodbridge RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0075-AMaciej T. and Holly M. Mycka7419 Brookwood AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0076-AMichael and Ina Z. Quartner13040 Tarragon RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0077-A 9412 Belair Rd Assisted living
2015-0078-ADarien R. Esler1212 Regester AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0079-AJustin and Heather Woody7508 Days Woods RdVariance 
  & 11-0955
Robert Kraft, Owner Patapsco Builders, LLC, Contract Purchaser Nuttal Avenue, LLC, Developer4323 Forge RdSpecial Variance and Development Plan 
  & 09-0819
FR White Marsh Incorporated care of Federal Realty Investment Trust 627 York Rd703 Washington AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceSign, dogs
2015-0082-AJudson M. Englert and Corrine R. Kliment2360 Sweet Meadow RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0083-ATodd D. and Karen J. Carbaugh13808 Devonfield DrAdmin Variance 
2015-0084-ARobert Reiner and Claire Piltz424 Katherine AveVariance 
2015-0085-AKevin D. Hetman124 North Beechwood AveeAdmin Variance 
2015-0086-SPHAGoldman8420/8430/8432 Stevenson Rd Withdrawn
2015-0087-SPHAMichael and Geraldine Harris12351 Long Green PikeSpecial hearing & varianceIn-law apartment
2015-0088-AChristopher T. and Beth A. Somers824 Kingston RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0089-AMary F. Grogan312 Stillwater RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0090-ADouglas Hinchy and Ng Ching Shan94 Gwynnswood RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0091-AJames R. and Linda H. Pietila12400 Glenbauer RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0092-XCatherine H. Robinson2012 Far Out LnSpecial ExceptionPrivate kennel
2015-0093-AAdam M. and Ilene E. Fidel2300 Hidden Glen DrAdmin Variance 
2015-0094-ADonald L. and Shirley L. Snyder6401 Brinton RdVariance 
2015-0096-XATimberline Properties, LLC, Owner; The Harvey Salt Co., Lessee 1325-1335 Mohrs LnSpecial Exception and Variance Trucking facility, setbacks
2015-0097-XCorner Properties, LLC Legal Owner, The Harvey Salt Co., Lessee 10001 Pulaski HwySpecial Exception Contractor's storage yard
2015-0098-ACharles and Dorothy Ey2412 Lodge Farm RdVariance 
2015-0099-SPH 21535 Middletown Rd 2nd dwelling - withdrawn
2015-0100-AAlisha Polk6923 Blanche RdVariance 
2015-0101-SPHA 1509 Rita Rd Child care - class A
2015-0102-ADavid J. and Stephanie Eiswert18 Starlight Farm DriveAdmin Variance 
2015-0103-AChristopher A. Peterson2331 Lincoln AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0104-ATalmudical Academy of Baltimore, Inc4445 Old Court RdVariance 
2015-0105-AGGCV Real Estate, LLC10100 Reisterstown RdVarianceSigns
2015-0106-SPHXA 109 Back River Neck Rd  
2015-0107-AScott Copinger1300 Shore RdVariance 
2015-0108-SPH Dale M. Kelley, Owner; Gordon Covington, Purchaser-Lessee3536 Beckleysville RdSpecial HearingWithdrawn
2015-0109-ARedeemed Christian Church of God2021 Lord Baltimore DriveVarianceParking
2015-0110-AMilton Wolfe7433 Prince George RdDev plan & variance 
2015-0111-A134 Cockeysville, LLC134 Cockeysville RdVariance 
2015-0112-XMaliheh Investment Properties, LLC9412 Belair RdSpecial ExceptionAssisted living
2015-0112-XMaliheh Investment Properties, LLC9412 Belair RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2015-0113-A 8600 Liberty Rd Parking 46/63, signs
2015-0114-SPHSean W. and Megan W. Dobbs21535 Middletown Road Special hearing & variance"In-law" apartment - denied
  & 14-034W
Aron Herschel and Hanna Leah Schnur2701 Maurleen CtAdmin Variance and Fence Waiver 
2015-0116-ACharles E. and Cynthia M. Joynes4201 Wynfield DrAdmin Variance 
2015-0117-SPHAKevin Bielat, Contract Purchaser320 Pennsylvania AveSpecial hearing & variance 
2015-0118-SPHAMcDHAID, LLC1845 E Joppa RdSpecial hearing & variancesigns - conditions
2015-0119-ACharles A. Lipsey Jr.816 Seneca Park RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0120-XABarry K. Treas601 Back River Neck RdSpecial exception & varianceParking
2015-0121-AShawn M. and Maria Lawson1823 Misty Morning DrAdmin Variance 
2015-0122-AJeffrey K and Darlene M. Soter404 Gerries AveVariance 
2015-0123-SPHACaren E. and Robert E. Wittbecker352 Upperlanding RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0125-AAndreas Grothe21301 Dunk Freeland RdAdmin variance 
2015-0126-SPHChestnut Ridge Real Estate1055 W Joppa RdSpecial hearing 
2015-0127-SPHKyle O'Haro1717 Carroll AveSpecial Hearing 
2015-0128-ADavid Zichos1200 Burke RdVariance 
2015-0129-ADarrell A. and Carol Jean Spera201 Sherwood RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0130-AKenneth L. Bazemore Jr.105B Oak AveAdmin Variance 
  & 08-0524
Hunt Valley Presbyterian Church, Inc.13015 Beaver Dam RdCRG Plan and Special HearingDismissed - CRG
2015-0132-A8801 Mylander, LLC8801 Mylander LnVariance 
2015-0133-AFolly Farm, Inc.3448 Butler RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0134-SPHARenfro Carter2105 Vailthorn RdSpecial hearing & variancePigeons
2015-0135-AMichael MarzulloLot 85, Gum Spring Farm, Rossville BlvdVariance 
2015-0136-ARalph and Colleen Baugher41 Left Wing DrVariance 
2015-0137-SPHAPacker Realty III, LLC9801 Pulaski HighwaySpecial hearing & varianceSigns
2015-0138-SPHXAProtestant Episcopal Church, Owner; Christian Athletic Association, Contract Purchaser200 Ingleside AveSpecial Hearing, Special exception & varianceCaretakers quarters, parking
2015-0139-AHarry G. Pappas Jr. 12500 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin Variance 
2015-0140-AWilliam L. Tarbert Jr.17220 York RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0141-ABruce Jay and Marlene Wolff Solomon3804 Thoroughbred LnAdmin Variance 
2015-0142-SPHChristie Benet and Elizabeth Worthington Benet3636 Bellmont AveSpecial Hearing 
2015-0143-AFrancis K. and Christine E. Miller3518 Century AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0144-AInez Houston6627 Brighton AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0145-AMP63, LLC7535 Holabird AveVarianceSigns
2015-0146-ACarol M. Holland1151 Foxwood LnVariance 
2015-0147-AHenry A. and Nicole Lederer7505 La Hirondelle Club RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0148-SPH 19300 York Rd Parking, septic
2015-0149-SPHXArnold T. and Anita Abel23 Liberty Ridge CtSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionProf office - CFP
2015-0150-ARobert D. and Kelly J. Cook4319 Winterode WayAdmin Variance 
2015-0154-ARobert P. Wilhelm Jr., Owner; Stephen DeAngelis, Purchaser7305 Cheryl AveVariance 
2015-0156-ARichard D. Henderson, II9311 Sea Horse CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0157-AJose A. Pina, Jr.316 Bowleys Quarters RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0159-AJoseph Norman3807 East Joppa RdVariance 
2015-0160-ARichard T. and Iris F. Hardingham610 Riverside RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0161-SPHPamela Suarez3620 Langrehr RdSpecial Hearing2-unit dwelling
2015-0162-AMary Elizabeth Anne Brandenburg1259 Delbert AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0163-ATammi Reeder1201 Eastern BlvdVarianceSigns
2015-0164-SPH 11700 Crossroad Cir  
2015-0165-SPH 11700 Crossroad Cir  

Tred Avon Capital Trust

15 Meadow Rd



9523 Pulaski Highway, LLC, Owner; Primax Properties, LLC, Purchaser

9523 Pulaski Highway



Kent B. and Joyce R. Miller

303 Lochview Ter



Rockaway Beach Improvement

628 Rockaway Beach Rd

Special Exception

Carport as civic use

Ramon Gonzalez Vera and Ana Jimenez

940 Olmstead Rd

Special Hearing and Variance

2015-0171-AAaron Juni and Rena May2501 Smith AveVariance 

Brezhnev, LLC, Owner; GN Reisterstown, LLC

1101 Reisterstown Rd

Special Hearing and Variance

Dunkin Donuts - parking
2015-0172-SPHABrezhnev LLC, Owner; GN Reisterstown LLC, Contract Purchaser1101 Reisterstown RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2015-0173-AReddy Vishnunandan and Phousavanh Vilivanh4543 Bennerton DrAdmin Variance 
2015-0174-ASusan E. Leslie5404 First AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0175-SPHAGerard and Theresa Athaide8115 Bellona AveSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2015-0175-SPHA (wrong link)Gerard & Theresa Athaide8115 Bellona AveMotion for Reconsideration 
2015-0176-AGerard and Theresa Athaide8117 Bellona AveVariance 
2015-0177-XAOlubunmi Owojuyigbe6505 Liberty RdSpecial Exception and VarianceProf office
2015-0178-SPHARoute One Development9895 Belair RdSpecial hearing & variance 
2015-0179-SPHLeonard and Mildred Hutschenreuter6200 Hutschenreuter LnSpecial HearingNon-density transfer
2015-0180-AScott E. and Kathy A. McKelvey12847 Harford RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0181-AWilliam J., John L. and Frank Comotto, Owners; Jenkins Builder, LLC, Purchaser341 Nicholson RdVariance 
2015-0182-AWilliam J., John L. and Frank Comotto, Owners; Jenkins Builder, LLC, Purchaser339 Nicholson RdVariance 
2015-0183-AKevin A. and Mercedes M. Kelch611 Berrymans LnAdmin Variance 
2015-0184-AAllan F. Charles10522 Burnside Farm RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0185-XTerry A. and Sheila M. Ramsey, Owners; 9002 Harford Road, LLC, Purchaser9002 Harford RdSpecial ExceptionLiving quarters in commercial building - withdrawn

Robert Eaton

3524 Meadowside Rd

Admin Variance 
2015-0187-SPHAD. Carey Development, LLC3549 Bay DrSpecial Hearing and Variance 

Aaron D. and Kathryn A. Sloboda and Gregory P. and Annette S. Merritt

3027 Black Rock RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0189-SPHCub Hill Rentals, LLC, Owner; Best Friend Pet Crematorium, Inc.10108 Harford RdSpecial HearingPet crematorium

Karen P. and Cao-Ly Tran

401 Dixie DrAdmin Variance 

Eugene C. Salvo Jr. and Doris Salvo Gryctz

2634 Holly Beach RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0192-A 1401 Reisterstown Rd Sign, parking 43/94
2015-0193-AJoseph H. and Lorie L. Durkee6717 South River DrAdmin Variance 
  & 04-0736
Blue Ocean Dolfield, LLC9014 Dolfield RdDev plan, special hearing, variance 
2015-0195-ASkyworks of Virginia, LLC2932 Hammonds Ferry RdVariance 
2015-0196-XARoger Elliott15815 Falls Rd Riding stable, appealed, dismissed
2015-0197-AAiden F. Jones5112 Forge RdVariance 
2015-0198-AShimon Y. Messing3510 Old Court RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0199-ACarolina Jesus-Acosta and Noel Rosado-Adames115 Woodholme AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0200-AAntonio Jones8612 Willow Oak RdVariance 
2015-0201-ARyan Wenrich8944A Satyr Hill RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0202-SPHAHarry R. and Sharon L. Stewart8911 Millers Island RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceGarage
2015-0203-SPHALSOP 3MD 4, LLC care of Greenfield Partners, LLC311 International CircleSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking in RC6
2015-0204-AJoseph P. Hepp III and Kristi L. Hepp65 Belmore RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0205-A 10401 York Rd signs
2015-0206-A 7801 Eastern Ave Lots of signs
2015-0207-ASteward & Elizabeth Macis93 Hillside RdAdmin variance 
2015-0208-SPHMichael P. Smith, Per. Rep. (Estate of Myles R. McComas)17318 Falls RdSpecial Hearing, appealed
2015-0209-SPHAEduardo Dubois7126 Dogwood RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2015-0210-ACharles C. and Mary Formby2408 Bauernschmidt DreAdmin Variance 
2015-0211-SPHEdward L. and Linda M. Gittings, Owners; Carroll Independent Fuel, LLC, Lessee8602 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing 
2015-0212-ARonald & Janet Hash4230 Chapel RdAdmin variance 
2015-0213-X Shopping Center Associates1955 E. Joppa RdSpecial ExceptionArcade
2015-0214-XOctavia L. Carter4325 Washington BlvdSpecial ExceptionContractor's storage yard - dismissed
2015-0214-XOctavia L. Carter4325 Washington BlvdSpecial ExceptionContractor's storage yard
2015-0215-XPaul V. and Barbara Ann Morley4 Country Hill CtSpecial ExceptionHome office - CFP
2015-0216-AMichael O'Neal Sr.1914 Van Buren RdVariance 
2015-0217-SPHA 4516 Jolly Acres Rd  
2015-0218-ACynthia and Richard Detorie, Owners; Kevin R. Ralston, Purchaser2417 Estelle AveVariance 
2015-0219-SPH 7115 Dogwood Rd Office bldg in O3
2015-0220-XARaphael J. and Mary Louise Santini9736 Harford RdSpecial Exception and VarianceClass B Office bldg
2015-0221-ADavid F. and Lynne E. Cook1418 Galena RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0222-ANorris L. and Robin L. Riley4920 Tartan Hill RdVariance 
2015-0223-SPHFriends of Lubavitch Inc.14 Aigburth RdSpecial HearingParsonage - denied
2015-0224-ADTMPTKJC, LLC2 Fifth AveVariance 
2015-0225-AEben C. and Joan K. Eck3106 W. Golf Course RdVariance 
2015-0226-SPHASeminary Galleria LLC1407-1447 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2015-0227-AZachary and Rachael Belcher6884 Leslie RdVariance 
2015-0229-AMFB Randallstown LLC, Owner; Ruby Tuesday, Inc., Lessee8731 Liberty RdVarianceSigns
2015-0230-AMarilynn A. Perrelly20 Mamopa CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0231-AJohn T. Williamson, Owner; Diane Archer, Lessee8222 Brattle RdVarianceParking
2015-0232-SPHHunt Valley Towne Centre, LLC Sears Roebuck and Co., Owners118 Shawan RdSpecial HearingParking
2015-0233-ARichard A. and Denise M. Salamone18802 Fox Chase CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0234-ARichard and Pamela V. Gawrych11 Lynn Ridge CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0235-SPHA 2012 Far Out Ln Private kennel
2015-0236-SPHX11222 York Road Investments, LLC, Owner; Diamond Exchange USA II, Inc., Lessee11222 York RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionPawn shop, sign
2015-0237-ADon and Kathy Ordakowski1011 South Rolling RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0238-ABernadette Clay2508 Offutt RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0239-SPH 8420 Stevenson Rd Synagogue - see 2015-276
2015-0240-AEric W. Tipton1713 Cape May RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0241-AGregory W. Ruff6 Sylvanoak WayAdmin Variance 
2015-0242-A 14014 Mantua Mill Rd  
2015-0243-ASalvador Sanchez1317 Fuselage AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0244-SPHAKimco Realty2145 and 2159 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2015-0245-ANorino Properties LLC, Owner; Chick-fil-A, Inc., Lessee2008 and 2012 E. Joppa RdVarianceParking
2015-0246-SPHFrank E., III and Ellen L. Potepan2017 Western Run RdSpecial Hearing 
2015-0248-ATodd S. and Cynthia D. Grill1210 Cedar LnAdmin Variance 
2015-0249-A 17 Rolling Rd  
2015-0250-SPH 4511/4517 Bucks School House Rd  
2015-0251-XRLQ, LLC4717 Washington BlvdSpecial ExceptionService garage
2015-0252-AFairlyn Grace Bailey2123 Rockhaven AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0253-ALusine Ayrapetian123 Oakmere RdVariance 
2015-0254-AIngrid West1431 A Providence RdVariance 
2015-0255-AShopping Center Associates1955 Joppa RdVarianceSigns
2015-0256-SPHABlair and Sons Company, Inc., Owner AAA Mid Atlantic, Inc., Lessee2223 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2015-0257-ANora Zadbeh and Eliyahu Nourmand2532 Farrington RdVariance 
2015-0258-ACarole L. Roos 1914 Hannah AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0259-AKevin A. and Rachele Amster2505 Apache CirAdmin Variance 
2015-0260-SPHACarly and Samuel Fisher11110 Reynolds RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2015-0261-A 11127 Reisterstown Rd  
2015-0262-AEllen Blonder6208 Marglenn AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0263-SPHA 13204 Falls Rd  
2015-0265-SPHASS and H II, LLC10810 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking
2015-0266-AVernon and Kathleen Villaluz8710 Roper RdVariance 
2015-0267-SPHJustin R. Howard and Amanda R. Saffer17203 Falls RdSpecial Hearing 
2015-0269-ACharles C. and Lynn H. Freitag13011 Gent RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0270-SPHEllwood C. Payne, deceased Bernadette P. Aley, Personal Representative7611 Cypress AveSpecial Hearing 
2014-0271-ADeborah G. Bark313 South Stuart StAdmin Variance 
2015-0272-SPHAMerritt Boulevard Property, LLP1501-1575 Merritt BlvdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
  & 01-0489
George and Wilhelm C. Helfrich, Owners GW Helfrich, LLC, Developer7301 Dogwood RdDevelopment Plan Special Hearing 
2015-0274-AYork Hill Realty, LLC1502-1516 York RdVarianceSigns
2015-0275-A 9008 Dogwood Rd  
2015-0276-SPH 8420, 8430, 8432 Stevenson Rd  
2015-0277-SPH 3013 Third Ave Home business - firearms
2015-0278-AJohn M. and Ann B. O'Neill6 Fiske AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0279-AAllan F. Hill Jr. and Joan M. Thompson-Hill4205 Brookside OaksAdmin Variance 
2015-0280-ABenjamin and Erin Brooks230 Chantrey RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0281-AKevin Benhoff1606 Potspring RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0282-A 917 Middle River Rd  
2015-0283-AElias D. Poe IV and Katharine C. Poe308 South Wind RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0284-A 4111 Hupa Pl Parking
2015-0285-AJon and Katie Fulkerson11309 Holter RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0286-SPH 1600 Whitehead Ct  
2015-0287-AAndrew S. and Susan A. Lohmeyer19632 Gunpowder RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0288-ASarah J. Dew, Julia M. Dew & Bailey A. Dew16332, 16334 & 16342 Matthews RdVarianceDenied
2015-0288-ASarah J. Dew, Julia M. Dew, and Bailey A. Dew16332 Matthews RdMotion for Recon.Granted
2015-0289-AArthur C. Douglas and Vicki J. Douglas (Trustees)4 Silver Maple CtVariance 
2015-0290-AMichael G. and Karen Lynn Fitzpatrick6918 Ridgeway RdAdmin Variance 
  & 11-1033
Bateman and Loundas LLC, TAGF, LLC10037, 10039, 10101 & 10105 Harford RdDevelopment Plan and Variance 
2015-0292-AScott Development, LLC8890 McDonough RdVariance 
2015-0293-AEdythe Brooks102 East AveAdmin Variance 
2015-0294-SPH 510 Quarry View Ct  
2015-0295-A 9 Lincoln Ave Parking
2015-0296-AJustin and Heather R. Hoffman2307 Blackberry RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0297-AGuy Lester Barnes2932 St. Lukes LnAdmin Variance 
2015-0298-ARonald E. and Donald H. Bohlen3806 Chestnut RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0299-AJose Boscana and Vilmarie Santiago6 Blinker CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0300-SPHAMark L. Markell330 Townsend RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceApartment
2015-0301-AMagledt Road Development, LLC9834 Magledt RdVariance 
2015-0302-SPHA 206 Morris Ave  
2015-0303-ABrett I. and Denise J. Moritz613 Cameron Ridge CtAdmin Variance 
2015-0304-SPHAStanley and Denise Feiden, and Paul and Rosemary Krause, Owners
JC Bar Development, LLC, Contract Purchaser
2915 Joppa RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking in res.
2015-0305-SPHAEstate of Elaine P. KruseCedar RdSpecial Hearing 
2015-0306-SPH 724 Belfast Rd  
2015-0307-AJohnathan E. and Stephanie M. Krouse4027 Osborn RdVariance 
2015-0308-SPHAPaul Greene19030 Middletown RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2015-0309-A 502 Stoneleigh RdAdmin Variance 
2015-0310-SPHA &
Kimco Realty7912 Belair RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
Fiscal 2016 cases (filed July 2015 - June 2016) online list
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2016-0001-A 8231 Bon Air Rd  
2016-0002-ALisa Clark12108 Lamottes CtAdmin Variance 
2016-0003-SPHBoone Kondylas, LLC "Dock of the Bay"9025 Cuckold Point RdSpecial HearingRestaurant w/ music - denied
2016-0004-SPHJonathan & Shannon Hershfield15819A Yeoho Rd  
2016-0005-A 2624 Masseth Ave  
2016-0006-AThomas L. Gibson, III2 Runway CtAdmin Variance 
2016-0007-A 3518 Galloway Rd  
2016-0008-A 8027 Shore Rd  
2016-0009-XAWhite Marsh Storage, LLC, Owner;
Peak Acquisitions, LLC, lessee
8121 Belair Rd Living in commercial
2016-0010-AVictor G. Armstrong Sr.519 Grovethorn RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0011-ARetail Properties Business Trust, Owner;
Chick-Fil-A, Inc., Lessee
5198 Campbell BlvdVarianceParking
2016-0012-ATimothy and Andrea Tenne607 Round Oak RdVariance 
2016-0013-APaula A. Heneberry64 Cedar AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0014-SPHMontessori Society10807 Tony Dr  
2016-0015-A 7209 Verbena Rd  
2016-0016-AArtur Kasperski and Marta Kasperska601 Goucher AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0017-AWarren and Tammy Senez962 Homberg AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0018-AErrol D Harry and Triyawattie Ramchand945 Kinwat AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0019-AJoseph Steneman2105 Edmondson Ave  
2016-0020-ABSH Properties, LLC, Owner; Gavigan's Home Furnishings, Purchaser1750-1754 E. Joppa RdVariance 
2016-0021-SPHA 555 W Towsontown Blvd  
2016-0022-SPHA 21101 Gunpowder Rd  
2016-0023-SPHXSGAS Holdings, LLC, Owner; 7-Eleven, Inc., Purchaser2326 Sparrows Point RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionService station
2016-0024-ASusan J. Landis, Owner; C.G. Homes, Inc., Purchaser635 W. Seminary AveVariance 
2016-0025-SPHWilliam M.B. Jr. and Karen Chandler, Owners;
Anitra and Jerome Schorr, Purchasers
2890 Anderson RdSpecial HearingNumber of lots - RC2/RC7
(BGE split)
2016-0026-AMarilyn G. Lee2900 Anderson RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0027-AMichael and Kristine Weber9100 AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0028-AKevin L. and Christina Maex-Murphy718 NollmeyerVariance 
2016-0029-AAndrew M. and Rebecca M. Weaver9021 Kahl AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0030-AEdward C. Riemer, Owner; Thomas Scherr, Purchaser201 Sudbrook LnVariance 
2016-0031-AFrank Kaniecki3 Patapsco AveVariance 
2016-0032-AKaren Lloyd-Williams3927 Algiers RdVariance 
2016-0033-SPH 258 Henrietta Ave Floodplain
2016-0034-SPHAGarrison Towson, LLC, Owner Towson Commons Retail, LLC Contract Purchaser 401-435 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking 25/274
2016-0035-A 9624 Harford Rd  
2016-0036-A 9626 Harford Rd  
2016-0037-ARoger D. and Mary E. Shewell11917 Meylston DrAdmin Variance 
2016-0038-A 7839 St Patricia Ln  
2016-0039-A 7506 Bay Front Rd  
2016-0040-SPH 110 Sherwood Ave 2-family dwellings
2016-0041-SPHARyan James Vaughan, et al, owners;
Maryland Financial Realty, Inc. Purchaser
9805 York Rd & 9804 Monroe StSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking 31/62
2016-0041-SPHARyan James Vaughan, et al, owners;
Maryland Financial Realty, Inc. Purchaser
9805 York Rd & 9804 Monroe StMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2016-0042-AThomas O. and Susan L. Frech9116 Old Harford RdVariance 
2016-0044-A 9219 Harford Rd signs
2016-0046-APikes Village, LLC911, 917 and 919 Reisterstown RdVarianceSign
2016-0049-ALisa Ann Hurowitz1702 Lenore Ct  
2016-0053-XA2710 Hammonds Ferry Road, LLC2710 Hammonds Ferry RdSpecial Exception and Varianceused vehicle sales
2016-0054-ASanto Mirabile1417 Shoemaker Rd  
2016-0056-APatrick R. and Tiffany M. Klein11011 Braylee Hollow CtAdmin Variance 
2016-0057-SPH MP63, LLC, Owner;
Brinker of Baltimore County, Inc, Lessee
1734 Merritt BlvSpecial HearingSigns
2016-0059-AKevin W. and Alison B. Hudson208 Midhurst RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0060-SPHRichard S. and Susan W. Lehmann7700 Crossland RdSpecial HearingPorch in floodplain, appealed
2016-0061-SPHCharles Finnegan7914 Springway RdSpecial HearingFlood Plain
2016-0062-SPHAJohn A. and Bernadette S. Hoffman, Owners:
A & I Realty, LLLP, Purchaser
1936 Powers LnSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking
2016-0063-SPHRosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association9616 and 9618 Belair RdSpecial HearingParking in residential
2016-0064-SPHXA11303 Beach Road, LLC (Loreley Beach Community Association)11303 Beach RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceParking, community building in RC2
2016-0065-SPHABradley Bayliff615 Westminster Pike Apartment
2016-0066-SPH 2656 Beckleysville Rd Dog kennel
2016-0067-AJames L. Edwards333 Margaret AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0068-ADarrell C. and Joy N. Edwards4709 Long Green RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0069-ALifebridge Health Inc. Northwest Hospital Center Inc.5330, 5332 and 5400 Old Court RdVarianceSigns, etc.
2016-0070-SPHXLutherville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.1605-1607 Bellona AveSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionExpansion
2016-0071-A 2312 Lodge Farm Rd  
2016-0072-ARonald L. Decker130 Cedarmere RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0073-AMarlene K. Langdon1329 Brook RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0074-ASon T. Doan6624 Aaron Mee WayAdmin Variance 
2016-0075-SPHAMichael and Norleen Smith335 Loreley RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2016-0076-AFloyd and Renay Rothstein7209 Verbena RdVarianceDenied, appealed, dismissed
2016-0077-A 3020 Sheppard Rd  
2016-0078-A2331 York Road LLC, Owner; Team Towson LLC, Lessee2331 York RdVarianceSigns
2016-0079-SPHStephen Monaco and Jenny Kirkbride2033 Northeast AveSpecial HearingBlacksmith in residential
2016-0080-SPHACarmen Prato, Owner  7820 Westmoreland AveSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2016-0081-A 8914 Grove Rd  
2016-0082-AAdrian & Amy Tenney816 Cedar Ave  
2016-0083-ADavid M. and Rose M. Kausch6023 Lorely Beach RdVariance 
2016-0084-AJoyce A Smith4112 Pine Hill Rd  
2016-0085-XLucille Widerman, owner;
Makia Properties, LLC, purchaser
10100 Liberty Rd Used motor sales
2016-0086-X11121 Pfeffers LLC11121 Pfeffers RdSpecial ExceptionSolar array - utility use
2016-0087-AMichelle Lascola1134 Susquehanna AveVarianceNot unique - denied
2016-0088-ADennis M. and Patricia A. Brown6909 Harewood Park DrAdmin Variance 
2016-0089-SPHRichard K. Adolph and Irwin M. Baddock, Owner; SAHBI HOOKAH, INC., Lessee28 W. Pennsylvania AveSpecial HearingDenied
2016-0090-ARobert M. and Patricia A. Rubino6 Westcroft CtAdmin Variance 
Arthur H. Becker Jr. and Nancy D. Miller (Trustees), Owners Gaylord Brooks12170 Falls RdSpecial Hearing and Development PlanSmall lots - denied
Arthur H. Becker Jr. and Nancy D. Miller (Trustees), Owners Gaylord Brooks12170 Falls RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2016-0092-AFour Sixes Building LLC6666 Security BlvdVarianceSign
2016-0093-AFour Sixes Building LLC  6666 Security BlvdVarianceSign
2016-0094-A 617 Rockaway Beach Ave  
2016-0095-AKarlene Jacobs3 Jameson Ln  
2016-0096-AJulius Che Nyambi57 Caraway RdVariance 
2016-0097-SPHANoor Properties8901 Clement Ave Parking, etc.
2016-0098-ADAKSH, LLC4 Old Court RdVarianceParking 6/11
  & 08-0524
Hunt Valley Presbyterian Church, Inc.13015 Beaver Dam RdSpecial Hearing and Development Plan, appealed
2016-0100-AChristopher A. and Cristin L. Berrier240 Hopkins LnAdmin Variance 
2016-0101-A 716 Nollmeyer Rd  
2016-0102-SPHMoreland Memorial Park Cemetery, Inc.1601 Taylor AveSpecial HearingMausoleums
2016-0103-AMatthew and Elizabeth Waskiewicz14350 Cuba RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0104-AKelvin & Pamela Jones125 Nunnary Ln  
2016-0105-ABarry & Frances Dukes7007 Oliver Beach Rd  
2016-0106-ASeminary Galleria, LLC1407 York RdVarianceSigns, denied, appealed
2016-0107-XACarol Elizabeth and Carey Lue Carton21305 Heathcote RdSpecial Exception and VarianceBrewery
2016-0108-SPHXLois Reithlingshoefer and Clyde A. Morris, Owner; Merry Meadows Recreation Farm, LLC, Lessee1523 Freeland RdSpecial Hearing and ExceptionCampsites, etc.
  & 01-0584
Security Blvd Ventures, II, LLC, Owner U.S. Home Corporation, Developer7726 Johnnycake RdDevelopment Plan 
  & 01-0584
Security Boulevard Ventures II, LLC, OwnerU.S. Home Corporation, Developer7726 Johnnycake RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed
2016-0110-SPHAJohn and Tom Properties, LLC, Koros, LLC, Owners;
J.C. Bar Properties, Inc., Purchaser
4140 E. Joppa RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking
2016-0111-ASalvatore and Vincenza Caltabiano2203 Crestnoll RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0112-XGeorge and Virginia Wampler, Owners; Les White, Purchaser21213 York RdSpecial ExceptionBrewery
2016-0113-AWendy Zukerberg Mendelson, Owner; Kristie Hausner, Purchaser2406 Holly Neck RdVarianceSmall lot
2016-0114-AGary and Nancy Lambert3444 YorkwayVariance 
2016-0115-ARobert K. and Pricilla Brooks Smith516 Wilton RdVariance 
2016-0116-SPHRobert A. and Joyce T. Wetzler6217-6227 Glen Falls RdSpecial HearingAnimal boarding
2016-0117-SPHXAJoetrin, LLC8930 Liberty RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceParking
2016-0118-ADiana Fowlkes3613 Sollers Point RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0119-SPHXALawrence and Nancy Odette, Owners; Matthew B. Hitt, Purchaser1805 East Joppa RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceShared parking
2016-0120-ARodger O. and Linda M. Robertson9 Quail Hill CtAdmin Variance 
2016-0121-ALeah H. Covington4108 Harbrent WayAdmin Variance 
2016-0122-ATreasure Coast Management, LLC, Owner; 25 Midway, Inc., Lessee2713-2715 North Point RdVarianceParking-denied, appealed
2016-0123-SPHJulia B. Silber523 Morris AveSpecial Hearing 
2016-0124-AMarie P. Zellers8934 Satyr Hill RdVariance 
2016-0125-AFrank D. and Cynthia S. Young19121 Falls RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0126-SPHADavCo Restaurants LLC, Owner AutoZone Development LLC, Lessee10109 Reisterstown RadSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking in DR16, parking 28/37
2016-0127-SPHX10 Music Fair Real Estate, LLP, Owner; Diamond Automotive Services Inc., Purchaser10 Music Fair RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionCollector Car Corral
2016-0127-SPHX10 Music Fair Real Estate, LLP, Owner; Diamond Automotive Services Inc., Purchaser10 Music Fair RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2016-0128-AKMW and Associates, LLC2108 Thistlebloom RdVariance 
2015-0129-AJoseph Kulikosky207 N. Branch RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0130-AMoshe Loecher and Lauren S. Sontag 3313 Carroll AveVariance 
2016-0131-SPHAMP63, LLC, Owner Choice One Urgent Care, Lessee1730 Merritt BlvdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2016-0132-ABeverly and Kenneth Brazerol1144 Engleberth RdVariance 
2016-0133-SPHXA16 Willow Avenue, LLC16 & 18 Willow AveSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceClass B office
2016-0134-AWoodholme Properties Limited Partnership1809 Reisterstown RdVarianceSigns
2016-0135-AChristopher & Kelly Cortina13 Seminole Ave  
2016-0136-AHeather Wirth and Samuel Bogucki404/406 E. Pennsylvania AveVariance 
2016-0137-AGoose Neck Homes, LLC1334 Goose Neck RdVariance 
2016-0138-SPHMary Madeline and Kevin Lee Arnold210 Bowleys Quarters RdSpecial HearingService garage
"runs w/land"
2016-0139-SPHXABroadmead, Inc.13801 York RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceExpansion
2016-0140-SPHAHigh Tide, LLC  2346 Schaffers RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceGuest quarters
2016-0141-AAntoinette Coco and Bruce Worley1201 North Point RdVariance 
2016-0142-AJoseph G. Sweet6702 Edwards AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0143-ARobert Estes and Christine Zeng4501 Wilkens AveVariance 
2016-0144-ADerek Siehler and Milana Vayner2342 Sweet Meadow RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0146-SPHALouis Claude Burch, III, Owner830 Upper Glencoe RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2016-0147-APavel Gordiychuk and Natalya Kovalenko9204 Sandra Park RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0148-AYevgeniy Molotkov and Anna Gold2338 Sweet Meadow RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0149-A 1510 Maywood Ave  
2016-0149-AEdward L. and Katherine L. Mitzel1510 Maywood RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2016-0150-SPHAAmalgamated Transit Union Local 13006326 and 6410 Security BlvdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking
2016-0151-ADavid M. Hopkins9356 Beowulf CirAdmin Variance 
2016-0152-A 56 Blister St  
2016-0153-AElizabeth R. Good and Reza Mazhari551 Allegheny AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0154 5233 King Ave Signs
2016-0155-ARonald L. Decker130 Cedarmere RAdmin Variance 
2016-0156-SPHVilla Nova Community Association4010 Buckingham RdSpecial HearingSign - denied
2016-0157-SPH 12402 Regwood Rd  
2016-0158-SPHAEllen McBarrow Burger and Kirsten Burger13607 Brookline RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceDenied - not unique
2016-0158-SPHAEllen McBarrow Burger and Kirsten Burger13607 Brookline RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed
2016-0159-ACPHarford, LLC, C and S Realty, LLC 27804-7814 Harford Rd and 2908 Taylor AveVarianceParking 53/243
2016-0160-AMatthew T. Dabbs2827 Florida AveVariance 
2016-0162-AWTWM, LLC1201 Eastern BlvdVariancePrivate car wash
2016-0163-ARaymond and Karen Evans2612 Holly Beach RdVariance 
2016-0165-ATracy and Ryne Laxton  13 Ryan Frost WayVarianceFence
2016-0166-ALandsdowne Volunteer Fire Association140 Laverne AveVariance 
2016-0167-AKenneth R. and Yvonne E. Barracks Francis504 Nollmeyer RdVariance 
2016-0168-AJames F. Knott, Jr.7608 Curving LnAdmin Variance 
2016-0169-AIsaac Properties, LLC11505 Jerome AveVariance 
2016-0170-SPH31 Mar14 Aigburth Rd  
2016-0171-AChristopher R. and Katherine L. Nickoles1008 Nicodemus RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0172-A4 Apr1801 York Rd Parking 110/141
2016-0173-ARonald L. Schoelkopft19610 Old York RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0174-AAnn-Louise and Michael Hardesty2735 Waldor DrVariance 
2016-0175-AJeffrey J. and Rebecca Ann Marsiglia301 Felton RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0176-ADaniel L. and Vienna C. Dietrich11444 Glen Arm RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0177-ADavid K. and Laurence C. Weis 301 Greenspring Valley RdVariance 
2016-0178-SPHAKimco Realty Corporation

11317 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking, signs
2016-0179-AJohn P. and Jennifer Korfiati19 Wagon Wheel CtAdmin Variance 
2016-0180-ADaniel D. Goral and Kimberly R. Bleakley404 Katherine AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0181-AMedical Office Building, LLC23 Crossroads DrVarianceSigns
2016-0182-SPH4 Apr6A Beaumont Ave 2-family dwelling
2016-0183-SPHX4 Apr12 Music Fair Rd  
2016-0184-ARobert L. Poole, Owner' Stewart Majerowicz, Lessee6921 Sollers Point Rd Fence
2016-0185-AScott D. and Jennifer Burger2043 Old Valley RdVariance 
2016-0186-AClinton Pettiford Jr.7022 Glen Spring RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0187-A19 Apr10100 Reisterstown Rd Signs
2016-0188-SPHXArthur O. and Sharon Y. Jackson9420 Dogwood RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionClass B Groups Child Care
2016-0189-ASaman Radparvar and Bahareh Imanoel6521 Gardenwick RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0190-ASuraj Mammen and Molly Suraj17 Cody AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0191-SPHDavid Zichos4606 E. Joppa RdSpecial Hearing 
2016-0192-SPHAAllender, L.C., Owner; Ryan Homes, Purchaser11500 Terrace DrSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2016-0193-AMichael J. Kasputis, Owner; Carpentry Unlimited Homes, Inc., Purchaser1129 Maple AveVariance 
2016-0194-AJerry Bentley, Jr.2326 Hoover LnVariance 
2016-0195-APaul N. and Carolyn M. Hoffman630 West Timonium RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0196-ADavid Collignon, Owner; David and Kimberly Collignon, Purchasers2506 Holly Beach AveVariance 
2016-0197-ABrian Behner846 Oakleigh Beach RdVariance 
2016-0198-AKevin S. and Kerry Openshaw17280 Bushland RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0199-AJB Sommer, LLC9716 Belair RdVarianceParking 19/58
2016-0200-ABCBT, LLC18 Old Padonia RdVariance 
2016-0201-SPHC.G. Homes, Inc206 Morris AveSpecial HearingUndersized lot - denied
2016-0202-AJonathan Ehrenfeld and Shoshamah Szanzer3502 Southvale AveAdmin variance 
2016-0203-SPHAGary C. and Kathleen Loraditch3643 Bay DrSpecial Hearing and VarianceAccessory apratment
2016-0204-AVincent A. Geppi303 Bloomsbury AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0205-SPHAHeath & Catherine Frome11116 Old Carriage Rd Acc. appartment
2016-0206-ADarsan, LLC7325 Waldman AveVariance 
2016-0207-ADarsan, LLC7327 Waldman AveVariance 
2016-0208-SPHThomas and Natalie Gabler1613 Dennis AveSpecial Hearing2nd story in flood zone
2016-0209-SMay 239307 Lyons Mill Rd  
2016-0210-AMay 234500 Ridge Ave  
2016-0211-AJacy Butcher9136 Cowenton AveVariance 
2016-0212-SPHMay 23238 Linden Ave  
2016-0213-AMichael P. Stambaugh9508 Dundawan RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0214-ARoss and Emily Taylor8641 Park Heights AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0215-ATimothy M. Costin19 Clipper RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0216-AAndrew and Ellen Fish7 Broadridge LnAdmin Variance 
2016-0218-ASteven Kovens322 Hedgepocket WayAdmin Variance 
2016-0219-XMay 269616/9618 Belair Rd Class B in RO
2016-0220-AJudith Griffith and Deborah A. Barringer3830 New Section RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0222-ADavid L. Stanton and Deborah A. Armbrewster1 N. Beaumont AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0223-AKevin B. Merrill1848 Circle RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0226-ASept 293020 Willow Ave  
2016-0227-AMichael A. Zarolinski and Ashlee F. Fox12204 Happy Hollow RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0228-SPHMay 262826 Florida Av  
2016-0229-AKevin A. and Vanessa L. Eskridge16916 Wesley Chapel RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0233-SPHMay 263121 Wards Chapel Rd  
2016-0234-SPHMay 2732 N Prospect Av  
2016-0235-ARoy Krause & Diana Brodowsky-Krause20 Gyro DrAdmin Variance 
2016-0236-ASept 292999 Willow Ave  
2016-0237-AMichael J. and Barbara Chiosi514 Whinstone DrAdmin Variance 
2016-0240-AMay 271826/1828 Beechwood Av  
2016-0242-AJoshua E. and Alanna P. Ditman2028 Willowcrest CirAdmin Variance 
2016-0243-AEdwin Sanchez6904 Ridgeway RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0244-SPHRREF II SB, MD, LLC18034 York RdSpecial HearingRC4 <3a
2016-0245-A8833 Belair LLC8833 Belair RdVarianceParking 62/118
2016-0246-AMichael W. and Maria J. Darby1222 Riverside AveVariance 
2016-0247-AJay A. and Helga B. Nelson2107 Eastham RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0248-AChristopher and Taylor Shoffner2125 Benson Mill RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0249-ARichard E. and Melissa K. Peters3404 Winterset CtAdmin Variance 
2016-0250-AChaoneng Wu432 Ingleside AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0251-AJanet L. Adams615 Miller RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0252-SPHXASligh and Howarth Association, Inc.Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceMobile home park in ML-IM - granted
2016-0252-SPHXASligh and Howarth Associates, Inc.Pulaski HwyMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2016-0253-ARobert S. Frederick160 Kingston Park LnVariance 
2016-0254-SPHARobert M. and Sherry Nally2909 Stockton RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceTrailer
2016-0255-AMcDonald's5302 Campbell BlvdVarianceParking 39/60, signs
2016-0256-AGordon K. and Katherine K. Harden830 Seneca Park RdVariance 
2016-0257-ASamuel Shafer & Christopher Collazo2247 Redthorn Rd  
2016-0258-AJune 13100 Seminole Ave  
2016-0259-SPHALawson and Bailey DeVries101 Chatolanee Hill RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceIn-law apartment
2016-0260-AJane M Ness3522 Louth Rd  
  & 04-0752
Post 521 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Owner 214 Tollgate Rd, LLC Developer214-216 Tollgate Road Development PlanSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceParking on residential
2016-0263-ARuth Shpritz2 Hounds Hollow Ct  
2016-0264-AWilliam & Caroline Brewer8321 Analee Ave  
2016-0265-ADonald and Eva Nieberlein2914 Delaware AveVarianceChickens on 6,250 sq ft
2016-0266-AThomas Schaffer and Paul Gregory106 Maryland Ave  
2016-0267-SPHA12460 Dulaney, LLC12460 Dulaney Valley RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking 122/412 in res. & in CR
2016-0268-AChristopher J. and Michele Neuman (Kaiser)4515 White Marsh RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0269-APaul A. and Anne Y. Gurbel7208 Bellona AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0270-ATopher J. and Ashley M. Brewer321 Chattolanee Hill RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0271-SPHABryan and Caulina Merrick

110 Greenwood AveSpecial Hearing and Variance

Church, parking in DR
2016-0271-SPHABryan and Caulina Merrick110 Greenwood AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2016-0272-ALeroy and Sharon Henry11 B Walk AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0273-AWestview Center Associates, LLC, Owner;American Signature, Inc., Lessee5840 Baltimore National PikeVarianceSigns
2016-0274-AWestview Center Associates, LLC

5840 Baltimore National PikeVarianceSigns
2016-0275-SPHIsaac Properties, LLC11505 Jerome AveSpecial HearingDensity
2016-0276-ALloyd and Sheila Shafferman, Owners; Michael Jenkins, Purchaser2613 Brannan AveVariance 
2016-0279-ABarry Jackson and Emily Kirk

2117 Oak RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2016-0281-AJudith G. and Erik W. Leppo7521 Kelseys LnAdmin Variance 
2016-0282-ASusanne McPherson Grice, et al2512 Baurenschmidt DrVariance 
2016-0283-A1735 Searles, LLC8203 Gum Tree DrVariance 
2016-0284-A1735 Searles, LLC8203-A Gum Tree DrVariance 
2016-0285-SPHOwings Mills Transit, LLC10101 Grand Central AveSpecial Hearing 
2016-0286-ASean and Kimberly Yackulak4211 Perry Hall RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0287-XA8312 Pulaski, LLC217 North Point BlvdSpecial Exception and VarianceUsed vehicle sales, parking
2016-0288-AJohn & Susan Waesche1643 Beaver Brook Ln  
2016-0289-SPHXJay M. Simonds, LLC5701 Deer Park RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionLandscape service operation
2016-0290-ACynthia A. Settar (Demoss)203 Burning Tree RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0291-ASanjaykumar Patel308 Timber Grove RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0292-SPHSteven and Jenesse Wannall20 Hazel AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2016-0294-AJuly 1117 Rolling Rd  
2016-0295-ABrian C. and Rachel M. Bauder8347 Tally Ho RdVariance 
2016-0296-AScott A. and Helen S. Walper5839 Loreley Beach RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0297-ABrian & Laurel Zemil8206 Nina Ct  
2016-0298-AGGCV Real Estate, LLC10100 Reisterstown RdVarianceSigns
2016-0299-AJohn P. and Denise E. Shaduk

10590 Bluebell WayAdmin Variance 
2016-0300-SPH14 July14401A Cuba Rd New lot?
2016-0301-SPHKevin A. and Vanessa L.C. Eskridge16916 Wesley Chapel RdSpecial Hearing2 bathrooms in acc structure
2016-0302-XJonathan R. Rathbone18301 Gunpowder RdSpecial ExceptionRiding stable/boarding
2016-0303-ANoe Isidro Hernandez Reyes603 Shirley Manor RdVarianceSetback, denied
2016-0304-AMoshe Loecher and Lauren R. Sontag3313 Carroll AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0305-SPHASchaefer-Timonium LLC20 and 22 Timonium RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2016-0306-SPHAJacy Butcher 9136 Cowenton AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceIn-law suite
2016-0307-A Jeffrey McCubbin13005 Eastern AveVarianceChickens - granted
2016-0308-SPHAug 414 Aigburth Rd Compliance with code, case 1605427-no violation
, appealed, dismissed
2016-0309-ARichard and Darlene Iammarino1202 2nd RdVariance 
2016-0310-AJeffrey T. and Julie A. Mintiens615 Fairway DrAdmin Variance 

Paul and Joy Halcott

3457 Loganview Dr


2016-0312-AChris Johnson3942 New Section RdVariance 
2016-0313-AOwen D. and Leslie L. Stewart3201 Granite RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0314-AWinsome Beckford8659 Winands RdVariancePoultry - denied

Forty York Road Association Limited, Owner; 40 York Road U15 LLC, Purchaser

40 York Rd

Special Hearing

2016-0316-ARyan and Laura Williams3108 River Drive RdVariance 
2016-0317-ARyan and Laura Williams, Owners; Barry Koluch, Purchaser3108A River Drive RdVariance 
2016-0318-AAmy J. Combs3401 Baker Schoolhouse RdVariance 
2016-0319-AE. Dale III and Marlene A. Adkins11041 Greenspring AveVariance 
2016-0320-AGilbert K. Agyapong1756 Forrest AveAdmin Variance 
2016-0321-SPHAChristopher and Taylor Shoffner2125 Benson Mill RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceBathroom in garage
2016-0322-ADan Mar Enterprises, LLC10901 McCormick RdVariance 
2016-0323-APhilip S. and Diane L. Weglein11 Blenheim Farm LnAdmin Variance 
2016-0324-XLivegreen Landscape Associates, LLC619 Westminster PikeSpecial ExceptionLandscape business in RC4
- approved w/conditions
2016-0325-SPHKenilworth Limited Partnership800 Kenilworth DrSpecial HearingParking 764/807
2016-0326-AMaria T. Aldave444 Chalfonte DrAdmin Variance 
2016-0327-A 3311 Timberfield Ln  
2016-0328-SPHACommunity Enterprise, Inc.4217 Fitch AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceSorting rubbish - denied
2016-0328-SPHACommunity Enterprise, Inc4217 Fitch AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceAmended
2016-0329-AGlenn D. Thomas16104 Carroll RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0330-ARaymond and Debra Cegelski107 First AveAdmin Variance 

Judy C. Walter

11215 Beach Rd


2016-0332-AMichael Sterling2934 Kuntz RdVariance20' from pasture
2016-0333-AMelissa Norton19517 Graystone RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0334-ACR of Maryland, LLC1206 Limekiln RdVariance 
2016-0335-SPHXDonald E. and Kathleen F. Lippy15700 Hanover PikeSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionSolar panel array, appealed
2016-0336-AHawkins Manor Realty LLC, Owner; Ryan Homes, Purchaser916 Oakfield CtVariance 
2016-0336-AHawkins Manor Realty LLC, Owner; Ryan Homes, Purchaser916 Oakfield CtVarianceAmended
2016-0337-AAnthony W. and Melissa A. Zahn4818 Mt. Carmel RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0338-AAzar Nourani Namini and Dean Alex f/k/a/ Kheyraddin A. Alekperov25 Belfast RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0339-ADaniel F. and Kristie B. DeMaso1310 Aintree RdAdmin Variance 
2016-0340-AChaim More1304 2nd RdVariance 
Fiscal 2017 cases (filed July 2016 - June 2017) online list
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2017-0001-ADixon Avenue LLC8004 Hillendale RdVariance 
2017-0002-ADixon Avenue, LLC12425 Stony Batter RdVariance 
2017-0003-AMichael C. Lam6803 Woodrow AveMotion for ReconsiderationDenied - appealed, remanded
2017-0004-SPHSept 167110 Liberty Rd  
2017-0005-AAug 147 Silver Fox Ct  
2017-0006-XWBAL Division Hearst Corporation8629 Winands RdSpecial ExceptionMicrowave tower

Joseph J. Brusak III and Kathleen A. Brusak

7612 Mount Vista Rd

Admin Variance

Whalen Property, Old Rolling Road Overlook1121 Rolling Rd Dev plan denied
and 01-0589

Whalen Properties

1121 South Rolling Rd

Motion for Reconsideration (modification)

Steep slope

David A. Chiveral and Courtney E. Chiveral

1500 Chesapeake Rd

Admin Variance

2017-0010-SPHDental Properties, LLC109 Old Padonia RdSpecial Hearing 
2017-0011-ADaniel N. Thomas908 Middle RdVariance 
2017-0012-ADaniel N. Thomas910 Middle RdVariance 

Susan D. Frush-Crowl and Kevin D. Crowl

15000 Dover Rd

Admin Variance

2017-0014-AAug 82309 Winterwood Rd  
2017-0015-ARobert F. and Annie G. Harris921 Virginia AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0016-AEdgar Rodriquez77 A Bond AveVariance 

Lawrence T. Brown

2321 Harford Rd

Admin Variance

2017-0018-AKersten R. and Tara C. Von Jacobi6011 Loreley Beach RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0019-ADennis and Barbara Kurgansky7514 Days Woods CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0020-AIlene Uram 6604 Shelrick PlAdmin Variance 
2017-0021-AMarcia A. Barton11909 Woodberry PlAdmin Variance 
2017-0022-ARichard D. and Amy S. Sarver7512 Lhirondelle Club RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0023-SPHAColonial Stoler, LLC11311 Reisterstown RdSpecial hearing, varianceSign - denied
2017-0023-SPHAColonial Stoler, LLC11311 Reisterstown RdMotion for ReconsiderationSign - denied, appealed, denied, appealed to Circuit Court
2017-0024-A9028-22 Belair Road, LLC9022 Belair RdVarianceParking 18/25
2017-0025-ABlind Industries and Services of Maryland3345 Washington Blvd  
2017-0026-ADaniel Lee Michaels110 Woodland AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0027-A Ngoc Trang Thi Le6942 Gunder AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0028-SPHARichard George & Kathleen Kohlerman D'Antonio5402 Patterson RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0029-AJeffrey E. and Cindy M. Schreiber2003 Thistlewood RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0030-AChaim S. and Esther D. Kahn   2325 Blackberry RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0031-SPHAKenneth & Whitney Klein5507 Ranelagh Rd In-law apartment
2017-0032-SPHMary C. Morrison5206 Carroll PlaceSpecial Hearing2-unit dwelling
2017-0033-ARobert S Cooper909 Cold Spring RdVariance 
2017-0034-AKenneth A. and Susan D. Hall9624 Mason AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0035-SPHGregory Murawski, deceased, & Donna Hall901 Elm Ridge Rd 2 apartments
2017-0037-AJason and Mina Jackson1105 Susquehannah Ave  
2017-0038-APhilip S. Gelso and Jacqueline F. McCusker12414 Hunters GlenAdmin Variance 
2017-0040-AFrancis and Nancy Murry18115 Schoolhouse RdVariance 
2017-0041-SPHAJerry W. Birchfield, Jr.414 Riverside RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0042-AZachary and Kristen R. Crouse12014 Philadelphia RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0043-SPHASept 309616, 9634, 9646 Reisterstown Rd Signs
2017-0044-ADarryl C. Dancy1301 Dorchester AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0045-SPHXADoug & Jennifer Smith, owners;
Rene Rodgers, purchaser
3900 Annapolis Rd Class B child care, sign
2017-0046-AThe Gospel Church in Action, Inc.16 Roberts AveVariance 
2017-0047-SPHXASahi Petroleum Marketing5931 Baltimore National Pike Parking 11/12
2017-0048-XAOct 18, 1:308201 Liberty Rd Service station
2017-0049-SPHWayne and Diane Totaro2015-2021 Rocky Point Rd  
2017-0050-SPHA and
Ger Construction LLC1110 and 1112 Burke RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0052-ANikolaos A. and Maria M. Kastellorizios5 Farwell CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0053-AChristina L. and Douglas L. Simms, Sr.3100 YorkwayAdmin Variance 
2017-0054-AMarsha Denise Noble, Owner; Robert E. Click, Purchaser807 Bengies RdVariance 
2017-0055-ABrian M. Rogers4029 Holly Knoll DrVariance 
2017-0056-A 1017 Bowleys Quarters Rd  
2017-0057-AEdwin L Bulson, III208 Arms Chapel RdAdmin varinace 
2017-0058-A 14 Forest Glen Ct  
2017-0059-A 2807 10th St  
2017-0060-AKristian and Pamela Thompson2422 Poplar RdVariance 
2017-0061-ACindy Lou Claudy51 Mavista AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0062-XANov 3, 1:302937 Paper Mill Rd Private kennel and vet office
2017-0063-SPHDavid and Katherine Cox1227 Piney Hill Rd In-law apartment
2017-0064-ASecurity Station Investors, LLC, Owner;
Octapharma Plasma, Inc., Lessee
1700 Rolling Rd Signs
2017-0065-ALori Ann Toscheff10103 Tipperary RdAdmin Variance 
 and 04-0749
Baker Development/Swim Club Baker, LLC2515 Baublitz RoadDevelopment Plan and Special Hearing 
 and 04-0749
Baker Development/Swim Club Baker, LLC2515 Baublitz RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2017-0067-AJohn F. Tewey and Laura F. Mullally122 Midhurst RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0068-AJoseph Nso Egbe6776 Real Princess LnAdmin Variance 
2017-0069-SPHARyan & Kimberly Cook and Geroge & Shirl Scaletta4910 Black Rock RdSpecial Hearing and Variancefence, Class A child care
2017-0070-SPHNov 3, 11:003805 Edgewater Pl Residence in ML
2017-0071-ARollie Lomax, Jr.510 Whinstone DrAdmin Variance 
2017-0072-A 830 Kenilworth Dr Signs
2017-0073-AStephen F. and Mary D. Hall9406 Concord CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0074-AJeremy E. and Kimberly M. Lauer1041-1043 Chester RdVariance 
2017-0075-XRR Partnership11227 Reisterstown RdSpecial ExceptionUsed vehicle sales
2017-0076-AParshu and Mon Rai1502 Chesaco AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0077-ACarroll E. Hoffstetter, Jr.1232 S. 48th StVariance2 RVs- denied, but...
2017-0078-SPHAMcDonald's Corporation2116 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking 40/71, signs
2017-0079-AClassic, LLC602 Oakdean RdVariance 
2017-0080-A 8710 Weitz Manor Ln  
2017-0081-AJohn E. Phair5533 Windsor Mill RdVariance 
2017-0082-AGeorge and Shirl Scaletta4900 Black Rock RdVariance 
2017-0083-AMindy P. and Anthony S. Johns16007 Trenton RdVariance6' fence, appealed
2017-0084-SPHAS and S Enterprises1609 E. Joppa RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking 39/47, parking in res.
2017-0085-SPHXAJudith and Jerry Nelsestuen and Andrew Fraser, Owners;
John Woodward, Purchaser
9300 Lyons Mill RdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceSigns, child care
2017-0086-SPHJeremy Patterson203 Baltimore AveSpecial Hearing 
2017-0087-A 2350 Searles Rd  
2017-0088-AKenneth W. and Dolores A. Baquol2414 Frederick RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0089-SPHABeard Properties, LLC, Owner;
McDonald's Corporation, Lessee
5637 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0090-SPHAMcDonald's Corporation502 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns, parking 30/62 - FTA, dismissed
2017-0091-APaul and Elizabeth Nygren6519 Gilmore StAdmin Variance 
2017-0092-XAIslamic Society of Baltimore6607 Johnnycake RdSpecial Exception and VarianceParking 0/10, FTA - dismissed
2017-0092-XAIslamic Society of Baltimore6607 Johnnycake RdMotion of reconsiderationGranted (for new hearing)
2017-0093-AKelly A. Darpino7933 Charlesmont RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0094-AShawn T. DeHart and Clare M. Peterson12202 Stoney Batter RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0095-ADavid G. Schiavone106 Smithwood AveVariance 
2017-0096-AJoseph George Bell Jr., Owner;
Mike Berkson, T/A That Mattress Store, Lessee
8555 Pulaski HighwayVarianceSigns - withdrawn
2017-0097-ADerek J. Van Duzer and Kimberly Williams-Van Duzer1913 Oakland RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0099-AGGCV Real Estate LLC, Owner; Zoe's Maryland, LLC10100 Reisterstown RdVariance 
2017-0100-SPHANancy L. and Gregory McKibbin1208 Susquehanna AveSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0101-XA11956 Philadelphia Rd Solar panels - postponed
2017-0102-AThe Keith B. Sullivan Revocable Trust12227 Cleghorn RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0103-AGeorge U. McFadden Jr. and Mary R. McFadden610 Fuselage AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0104-X632 Freeland Rd Solar array - postponed
2017-0105-AJerry E. and Tina M. Lopez806 Seneca Park RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0106-ADeborah E. Razgaitis17916 Marshall Mill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0107-XSept 11, 1:305298 Frye Rd Solar array
2017-0108-XDavid Matthews, owner;
Bluefin Origination 2, LLC, lessee
20450 Middleton RdSpecial exceptionSolar array
2017-0108-XFreeland Legacy Allinace20450 Middleton RdMotion for recon.Denied
2017-0109-SPHXADec 16607 Frederick Rd Car wash, parking 19/25
No one at hearing
2017-0110-ABrian and Linda A. Mozelack18133 School House RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0111-ALaker Capital Group, LLC, Owner;
15102 Hanover, Inc., Lessee
15102 Hanover Pike Parking 53/100
2017-0111-AHanover Road Assn, George Harmon15102 Hanover PikeMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2017-0112-ADaniel L. and Jennifer A. Cooper58 Montvieu CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0113-SPHDec 19, 1:30502/504 Montclair Ct , appealed
2017-0114-SPHKatrina & Wilmington Grewe5 Missi Ct New lot, denied, appealed
2017-0116-ADogwood Associates, LP2375 Rolling RdVarianceSigns
2017-0117-AJames W. Ancel, Sr.1421 Wine Spring LnAdmin Variance 
2017-0118-ADonald W. and Danielle Crislip8211 Cornwall RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0119-AMaria Leonor Ramon and Juan Sebastian Delgado8600 Springvale DrAdmin varianceDeck in storm drain easement - denied
2017-0119-AMaria Leonor Ramon and Juan Sebastian Delgado8600 Springvale DrMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2017-0120-SPHHenry & Sharon Tusa Halperin7708 Crossland Rd Floodplain
2017-0121-ABrett M. Martinez2134 Lodge Forest DrAdmin Variance 
2017-0122-SPHDan Koch11319 Bird River Grove Rd Split, appealed
2017-0123-A 309 Oberle Ave Narrow lot, granted
2017-0124-AWilliam R. Sheckells535 Wampler RoadAdmin Variance 
2017-0125-SPHPikesville Communities Corporation1000 Reisterstown RdSpecial HearingMural, sign
2017-0126-XA6207 North Charles Street, LLC6207 N Charles Convenience store >1500 sq ft
2017-0127-AGeorge A. and Christine S. Roberts1001 Litchfield RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0128-ARonald Wayne and Natalie A. Patek4807 Ruby AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0129-ARobert W. and Mary Ellen Dietrich (Trustees)1337 Brook RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0130-AMichael Bruzdzinski1866 Marshall Rd Chickens, pig <1a - granted
2017-0131-SPHARegina Kidd619 Northern Ln Small lot - denied
2017-0132-AJohn and A. Renee Whelehan2712 Holly Beach RdVariance 
2017-0133-ALuiz and Natalia Diaz Rodriguez2315 Winterwood RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0134-AKenwood Corporate Drive, LLC8011-8023 Corporate DrVariance 
2017-0135-ADaniel E. and Christine M. Basham3113 Monkton RdVariance 
2017-0136-SPHCristiano Alfonso Marchiori6808 Ridgewood RdSpecial HearingBoarding house in DR2
dismissed w/prejudice
2017-0137-ARichard & Peggy DeCosta14907 Dunstan LnAdmin Variance 
2017-0138-A1735 Searles Road, LLC3202 Grace RdVariance 
2017-0139-A1735 Searles Road, LLC3200 Grace RdVariance 
2017-0140-AThomas & Cecelia George1503 Malvern AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0141-XAFerraro and Spanellis, LLC8776 Philadelphia RdSpecial Exception and VarianceCar wash
2017-0142-XJPH, LLC, owner; DABBCA Constuction, purchaser6923 Ebenezer RdSpecial exceptionContractor's storage yard
2017-0143-AFrank W and Carol Ferro116 Greenridge RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0144-ABentzion S. and Sara S. Zuckerman6711 Chokeberry RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0145-AKevin J. Richardson4220 Hanwell RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0146-AStewart & Anne B Stack, owner;
David Schivone, purchaser
507 S. Rolling RdVariance 
2017-0147-SPHAPhillip & Diana Marsiglia3910 Dance Mill Rd in-law apartment - denied
2017-0148-AFeb 9, 10:005201 Campbell Signs
2017-0149-AJoseph F. and Donna M. Marx15 Bellclare CirAdmin Variance 
2017-0150-ARonald Joseph Galitsky Jr.4501 Linden AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0150-ARonald Joseph Galitsky, Jr4501 Linden AveAdmin VarianceAmended
2017-0151-SPHAIKEA Property, Inc. 8352 Honeygo BlvdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2017-0152-AFrancisco J. Velez Vera11621 Eastern AveVariance 
2017-0153-SPHAPeacock Properties, II, LLC5 Timonium RdSpecial hearing & varianceBusiness parking in res.
2017-0154-ADixon Avenue, LLC8006 Hillendale RdVariance 
2017-0155-ACaleb R. Kelly, III703 B Padonia RdVariance, appealed
2017-0156-AGary A. and Nicole M. Plowman3637 Hernwood RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0157-AEdythe Brooks102 East AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0158-AWalter and Christina Serio11521 Long Green PikeVarianceChickens on .6a
2017-0159-AKings Point AssociatesLiberty Rd, nw cor Marriottsville Rd Sale of trailers from BL, parking 464/791
2017-0160-AChaim T. and Batya L. Preiser2908 Chokeberry CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0161-XOct 11, 20189740 Reisterstown Rd Royal Farms, signs

Robert J. Goetz

1206 W. Lake Ave

Special Hearing

Portable sawmill - denied
2017-0163-SPHAllender Air, LLC601 Bowleys Quarters Rd Granted 10 Feb with restrictions
2017-0164-SPHJoshua Willet101 N. Symington AveSpecial HearingNonconforming 2-family apartment
2017-0165-AAlfonso F. and Elvira Reynon7625 Chesterfield WayAdmin Variance 
2017-0166-ADaniel S. Cohen and Jodie A. Groth126 Forest DriveVarianceChickens on .4a
2017-0167-ASandra G. Small4223 Darnall RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0168-SPHXApr 20, 1:306709 Whitestone Rd Commercial kennel in ML
2017-0169-SPHFeb 23, 11:007801 Harford Rd Contractor's storage yard, withdrawn?
2017-0170-ADonovan M. and Brandon M. Anderson1306 Westburn Rd VarianceAssisted living - withdrawn
2017-0171-ADon Irwin and Scott Dawson400 Marlyn AveVariance 
2017-0172-AThe Grand Lodge of Ancient Free And Accepted Masons of Maryland304 International CirVariance 
2017-0173-A 17111 Hunter Green Rd  
2017-0174-AMichael I. Greenebaum8548 Leisure Hill DrAdmin Variance 
2017-0175-SPHHenry Nooft Jr. and Jeffrey Nooft542 Back River Neck RdSpecial Hearing 
2017-0176-AGreenspring Drive 2109-2115, LLC2109-2115 Greenspring DrVarianceParking 41/57
2017-0177-XASohan L. Sambhi and Joginder Kaur9217 Liberty RdSpecial Exception and VarianceUsed vehicle sales
2017-0178-AJason & Mina Jackson1105 Susquehanna AveVariance 
2017-0179-ATimothy E. Laubach6824 Harewood Park DrAdmin Variance 
2017-0180-SPHDrew and Caroline Pinkin101 Chattolanee Hill RdSpecial HearingIn-law apartment
2017-0181-SPHACongregation Ohel Moshe2808 Smith AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceSynagogue addition
2017-0182-SPHA521 E. Joppa Road, LLC, Owner; Nursez R US- Lessee521 E. Joppa RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceAmenity space
2017-0183-XABlessing Groups of Company6844 Fait AveSpecial Exception and VarianceLiving in commercial building
2017-0184-ALisa Levy20 Greenview AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0185-XWhite Marsh Mall, LLC, Owner;
Dave and Buster's of Maryland, Inc.
8200 Perry Hall BlvdSpecial ExceptionArcade
2017-0186-SPHXMudgett Properties, LLC8306, 8310 and 8312 Harford RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionParking in res., service garage with sales
2017-0187-ABryan D. and Caroline K. Casey1200 Boyce AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0188-SPHAEntourage Development LLC, Purchaser (Sonic)1631 E Joppa Rd (Sonic) Drive-in, appealed, dismissed
2017-0189-AAnne I. and Christopher K. Steuart3105 Hunting Tweed DrAdmin Variance 
2017-0190-AMyron O. and Mary R. Sadowyj3708 Stansbury Mill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0191-AMinebank, LLC809-810 Gleneagles CtVariance 
2017-0194-SPH31 Prospect LLC 31 North Prospect AveSpecial HearingRebuild house in floodplain
2017-0195-SPHAWilliam and Mary Streeter1309 Old Eastern AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceBarn height
2017-0196-AJoshua and Devorah E. Grunwald6519 Edenvale RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0197-AJovita Biemer9700 Winkler StAdmin Variance 
2017-0198-AJeffrey A. and Michelle C. Ruback14012 Fox Hill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0199-ADavid C. and Tracy T. McCullough1133 North Point RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0200-AJoseph V. Gennusa, III and Mara I. Lebowitz1907 A Halethorpe AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0201-ASweta Investment, LLC900 Eastern BlvrdVarianceDrive thru to block parking
2017-0202-SPHAAndrew and Lindsay Nixon2414 Stockton RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceIn-law apartment
2017-0203-AHarbor Realty1601 Joppa RdVarianceAuto service (gas) station on 22,320 sqft
2017-0205-ALinda Brandenburg26 Chatsworth AveAdmin variance 
2017-0206-SPHA and
Warshaw One, LLC17-23 Wade AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceSmall lots - partially denied
2017-0208-ARoy A. and Johanne L. Place1611 Hunter Mill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0209-XHillendale Business Trust, Owner;
Planet Fitness Growth Partners, Lessee
6821-6899 Loch Raven BlvdSpecial ExceptionCommunity building (Planet Fitness)
2017-0210-AShawn F. and Kelly A. Ellis3920 Donerin WayAdmin Variance 
2017-0211-APenguin Properties, LLC503 Academy RdVariance 
2017-0212-ADouglas G. and Charlotte M. Karmasek198 German Hill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0213-SPHAStonehenge, LLC11317 York RdSpecial Hearing & VarianceSign, parking in RC6
2017-0214-SPHAJames and Patricia O'Donnell21239 Mikules Manor RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceAccessory apartment, height
2017-0215-AJoseph P. Geipe Jr. and Joyce L. Geipe121 Central AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0217-AWilliam F. Schollian Jr. and Angelika R. Schollian9138 Glenmill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0218-SPHAWestland Gardens, Owner;
J.C. Bar Properties, Purchaser
4703-4709 Wilkens Ave (St Stephen Luth, etal, owner) Drive thru, parking 58/71
2017-0219-ABarry & Eva Koluch9234 Todd AveVariance 
2017-0220-AKaren Llufrio3720 Chestnut Rd  
2017-0221-AHank P. Jedema and Holly M. Moore1020 Windsor RdAdmin VarianceGarage
2017-0221-AHank P. Jedema and Holly M. Moore1020 Windsor RdMotion for Reconsideration (add bathroom)Granted

Manus B. Sellman, Owner;
Gardiner Wolf Furniture, Lessee

6415 Baltimore National Pike


Parking 141/342
2017-0223-XClub Centre, LLC1496 Reisterstown RdSpecial ExceptionCommunity building for recreatonal
2017-0224-ARobert W. and Mary E. Dietrich1337 Brook RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0225-AWampler VillageSalix CtVariance 
2017-0226-AWilliam & Susan Hearn1826 Beechwood RdVariance 
2017-0227-APaul & Micelle Oliver3825 Bay DrVariance 
2017-0228-A 7727 Meath Rd  
2017-0229-APaul & Patricia Ercolano, etal8 Country Club LnVarianceStructure 20 ft high
2017-0230-AMorris and Jody Harden16301 Dark Hollow RdVariance 

Morris and Jody Harden

16301 Dark Hollow Rd

Motion for Reconsideration (modification)

2017-0231-SPHARasha Realty, LLC7404 Windsor Mill Rd Business parking in res, buffers
2017-0232-AJohn F. Jimenez222 Sacred Heart LnVariance 
2017-0233-AMichael & Amanda Home16826 Wesley Chapel RdAdmin varianceGarage in front 24 ft high
2017-0234-SPHAJimmy & Jayne Shannon1153 Seneca Rd In-law apartment
2017-0235-AJohn & Catherine Plasterer2004 Summit AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0236-SPHRegina Kidd619 Northern Ln Small lot
2017-0237-SPHAEdward & Lisa Etchison1922 Stockton Rd 2nd dwelling
2017-0238-AJoshua and Tziporah Gamzeh6809 Timberlane RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0239-AStephen & Tammy Pedrick1822 Cainewood CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0240-SPHSt Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church7860 Hillsway Ave Day care
2017-0241-SPHAFP SUB LLC, Owner;
Weis Markets, Inc., Lessee Petitioners
7923, 7925 and 7927 Belair RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceGranted
2017-0241-SPHAMike Pierce7923, 7925 and 7927 Belair RdMotion for correctionGranted
2017-0242-SPHAHelen E. Scharat1233 Piney Hill RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceHeight, recording studio
2017-0243-ADenise Noon4628 Todd Point LnAdmin variance 
2017-0244-SPHMartin, Joseph and Thomas Kelly, Owners;
Patricia Smith, Purchaser
13230 Long Green PikeSpecial HearingIn-law apartment
2017-0245-AWilliam & Eleanor Schneider4203 Green Glade RdAdmin variance 
2017-0246-AJohn F. Sr. and Anita A. Totty, et al.1701 Beechwood AveVariance 
2017-0247-AJohn F. Sr. and Anita A. Totty, et al1702 Beechwood AveVariance 
2017-0248-AJohn F. Sr. and Anita A. Totty, et al.1704 Beechwood AveVariance 
2017-0249-AMorey & Lauren Zuskin4 Moores Branch CtAdmin variance 
2017-0250-AJohn and Marisa Olszewski8820 Chesapeake AveVariance 
2017-0252-SPHAFirst Latin American Church of the Nazarene of Baltimore, Inc.2 Lastgate RdSpecial Hearing and Variance Church
2017-0253-AGary F. and Lori M. Caligiuri1145 Seneca RdVariance 
2017-0254-AErin Leigh Killough502 Stoneleigh RdAdmin variance 
2017-0255-AS.F.B., LLC5705 Kenwood AveVariance 
2017-0256-AJames and Beth Rich1201 Bayside RdVariance 
2017-0257-AChristopher & Victoria Compton6 Coniston RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0258-XJune 29, 10:006263 & 6267 Kenwood Ave Moon bounce/community building
2017-0259-AKenilworth Limited Partnership, Owner;
Trader Joe's, Lessee
800 Kenilworth DrVariance Signs, denied
2017-0259-AKenilworth, LP, owner; Trader Joe's leasee800 Kenilworth DrMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2017-0260-ARyan & Teresa Trexler18006 Marshall Mill Rd  
2017-0261-SPHA1616 York Road LLC and Three W Realty, LLC1616-1618 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns, parking 29/38
2017-0262-AKevin & Dawn Corun12025 Stoney Batter Rd  
2017-0263-SPHAJoseph F. and Annette L. Lavezza11903 Long Green PikeSpecial Hearing and Variance Garage
2017-0264-ADerek Tucker7914 Subet RdVariance 
2017-0265-AHuynh Long and Luu Mai Long23 Granny Smith CtVariance 

Dogwood Management LLC, Owner;
Casey Brooks, Purchaser

14232 Jarrettsville Pike

Special Hearing

Parking 29/53 
2017-0267-A 11106 Greenspring Ave  
2017-0268-AJerome and Brunilda Stephens8715 Dogwood RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0269-AMark & Julie Baumgartner12206 Happy Hollow Rd  

James W. and Carol Ann McBride

2909 Ritchie Ave


2017-0271-AWilliam V. and Deborah L. Wills3812 Benson AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0272-AEverett G. Sillers and Gregory R. Beal6339 Frederick RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0273-AJoshua D. and Kelly J. Stone1710 Ruxton RdAdmin variance, appealed

Little Roundtop Development LLC

10220 Liberty Rd

Special Hearing, Special Exception and Variance

Unique because not a perfect rectangle
2017-0275-AMarcus E. Dana and Julia G. Rosselli2925 Merrymans Mill RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0276-AJacob and Jaimie Toroney24 Elray RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0277-APhilip E. and Batya B. Kahn2500 Ozark CirAdmin Variance 
2017-0278-ASusan Obrecht and John Wilbur1325 Broadway RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0279-AAllen and Julie P. Shutt1309 Ruxton RdAdmin Variance 

John Rowland

7230 Hughes Ave


2017-0281-XTemescal Wellness of Maryland, LLC1636 Reisterstown RdSpecial ExceptionCannabis dispensary - denied (technicality)
2017-0281-XTemescal Wellness of Maryland, LLC1636 Reisterstown RdMotion for reconsiderationCannabis dispensary - granted, appealed
2017-0282-A 211 Lincoln Ave  

Charles and Katherine Albertson

5633 Patterson Rd



David H. and Tyler D. Eggelton

4010 Briar Point Rd

Special Hearing and Variance

Small lot in RC5
2017-0285-AJonathan A. and Jane R. Panitz142 Edgewood AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0286-AAlan D. and Brittany M. Keller17111 Hunter Green RoadVarianceAccessory structure - denied
2017-0287-ADeanna Lenehan Cunningham28 Sanford AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0288-ARobert Crusse Jr.7511 North Point RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0289-SPHXABiehan Arvon & Ali Mehr10926 York RdSpecial HearingService garage in ML
2017-0290-AEdward T. Phillips Jr. and Janet L. Eulert13025 Manor RdAdmin Variance 

Mark D. McColloch

407 Brook Rd

Admin Variance

2017-0292-XCompass LLC, Owner;
5512 Ebenezer Road LLC, Purchaser
5512 Ebenezer RdSpecial ExceptionCannabis dispensary - denied
2017-0293-SPHXAJune 19, 1:3010620 Reisterstown Rd Car wash, business parking in residential
2017-0294-ARonald L. Sauer29 Hydroplane DrVariance 
2017-0295-AYoon Hee Hwang and Heungju Hwang2648 Masseth AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0296-SPHAJune 29, 1:307914 Aiken Ave Class A group child care
2017-0297-SPHAAPEC Ground Properties7400 Dogwood RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceLandscape service
2017-0297-SPHAAPEC Ground Properties7400 Dogwood RdMotion for reconsiderationDenied, appealed (cancelled)
2017-0298-AMcDonald's USA, LLC9100-9106 Belair RoadVarianceParking 50/76, signs
2017-0299-SPHGGCL RSC, LLC, Owner;
Chick-fil-A, Inc. Lessee
11987-12001 Reisterstown RdSpecial HearingSign
2017-0300-SPHKaren L. Leishure522 Virginia AveSpecial HearingResidence in garage
2017-0301-SPHARichard O and Elizabeth Huffman, Owners;
White Marsh Child Care, Inc., Lessee
8650 Winding WaySpecial Hearing and VarianceChild care
2017-0302-SPHACGX Life Sciences, Inc.7458 German Hill RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceBusiness parking in res. - appealed
2017-0303-AEditha S. Bardoguillo9614 Oak Summit AvenueVarianceUtility trailer parked in front
2017-0304-ANoah and Carol Rhoades6744 Bessemer AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0305-AInnocent Akpuaka6817 Real Princess LnVariance 
2017-0306-AJustin Kotler9 Deneison RdVariance 
2017-0307-SPHChris A. Owens and Francis J. Koerner Sr.9616 Mason AvenueSpecial Hearing3 rental units - denied
2017-0308-SPHAStanley John and Wanda Lee Wolinski908 Lutz AveSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0309-XATwo Farms, Inc.8817 Wise AvenueSpecial Exception and VarianceGas station, car wash, sign
2017-0310-AAdriene C. Cooper1826 Maxwell AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0311-AHelen and Robert Streib12615 Dulaney Valley RdVariance 
2017-0312-AJustin I. Giwa and Chiedza A. Mgodi4205 Herrera CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0313-AWadkins Construction, Inc.5301 Bush StVarianceAppealed
2017-0314-SPHAJoshua Martin Kiesling6907 Ebenezer Rd Special Hearing and Variance 
2017-0315-ATonya Jenkins Edwards8502 Allenswood RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0316-AHP Maryland, LLC9851 Branchleigh RdVariance 
2017-0317-AAmanda B. Coleman and Justin Phelps14 Bellclare CirAdmin variance 
2017-0317-AAmanda B. Coleman and Justin Phelps14 Bellclare CirMotion for ReconsiderationDenied
2017-0318-SPH &
Swim Club Baker, LLC, Owner;
Baker Development, Developer
2515 Baublitz RdSpecial Hearing and Development Plan 
2017-0319-SPHAJanice C. Spencer1114 Lower Glencoe RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceGarage
2017-0320-SPHAHaxia Chen Diggs and Susan Zhou226 Meadowvale RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceGroup child care
2017-0321-AWilliam T. and Elaine G. Lennox3706 A Meadowhill CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0322-SPHXWeis Markets, Inc.7179 Holabird AveSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionSign - canopy, electronic
2017-0323-ASean Berenholtz10805 A Linson RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0324-ADavid A. and Courtney E. Chiveral1500 Chesapeake RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0325-A8 Ellens Choice Way 
2017-0326-ARandy A & Virginia Rollins11716 Hamilton PlAdmin Variance 
2017-0327-XRaymond V. and Sandra P. Frank, Owners; Inverness Brewing, LLC, Lessee2800 Monkton RdSpecial ExceptionBrewery
2017-0328-AMarsha Noble803 Bengies RdVariance 
2017-0329-SPHAMarsha Noble, Owner; Robert E. Click, Purchaser805 Bengies RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0330-AAsha and Chandler Tschand1016 Ingleside AveVarianceParking 36/41
2017-0331-AHarold Morris 3rd3674 Revolea AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0332-SPHXARoger L. Elliott15815 Falls RoadSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceRiding stable, dismissed 8/16/17, "res judicata", appealed (12/12/17)
2017-0333-SPHAJuly 17, 11:009500-9532 Watts Rd  
2017-0334-AStephen T. and Stephanie P. Christ6 Quelet CtAdmin Variance 
2017-0335-SPHMichael C. Lam, Owner; Isaac Gheiger, Purchaser6803 Woodrow AvenueSpecial HearingAppealed
2017-0336-AAmy L. Deputy914 Lower Glencoe RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0337-AJohn C. Hood Jr. and Deborah A. Hood1714 Carroll AveAdmin Variance 
2017-0338-SPHAKIMCO Realty Corporation7923, 7925 and 7927 Belair RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceSigns
2017-0339-A Corinne and Adam Janet3417 Garrison Farms RdVarianceAppealed
2017-0339-ACorinne and Adam Janet3417 Garrison Farms RdMotion for ReconsiderationDenied, appealed
2017-0340-AAndre C & Marian White9318 Lyonswood DrAdmin Variance 
2017-0341-SPHAStella Maris, Inc.2300 Dulaney Valley RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0342-AGerard and Eileen Fieden2708 Holly Beach RdVariance 
2017-0343-XAGeraldine Auchincloss and Frank Cashin, III18801 Spooks Hill RdSpecial Exception and VarianceKennel
2017-0344-XGrfeen Road Farm, LLC, owner;
Bluefin Origination 3, LLC, leesee
14502 Green Rd Solar array
2017-0345-AToro Services, LLC322 St. George RdVariance 
2017-0346-AJames and Kathleen Althoff4109 Baker LnVariance 
2017-0347-ARichard G. and Dorothy C. Hyman (Trustees)14540 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin Variance 
2017-0349-SPHWilliam G. Pearce4502 Ridge AveSpecial Hearing2 apartment buildings
2017-0350-AEdward L. and Katherine L. Mitzel1510 Maywood RdAdmin Variance 
2017-0351-SPHAChurch Lane Shops, LLC9920, 9924 and 9926 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking 426/503
2017-0352-ARegent Development Company1544 York RoadVarianceSigns
2017-0353-AHarry Sample Jr., et al, Owners, William M. Fejes, Purchaser 2028 Poplar RdVariance 
2017-0354-ACheryl Nelson7894 Harold RdVariance 
2017-0355-SPHAWhite Marsh Mall, LLC Owner;
Dave and Busters of Maryland, Inc. Lessee
8200 Perry Hall BlvdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2017-0356-XRoyal Farms7560 Belair Rd Hearing 10/25/17. order 10/31/17
Fiscal 2018 cases (filed July 2017 - June 2018) online list
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2018-0001-ANicholaos G. and Victoria A. Diacoloukas7515 Days Woods CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0002-AP & S Builders, Inc.499 A Epsom RoadVariance 
2018-0003-AJay M. King13410 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin Variance 
2018-0004-APaul and Margherita Virgintino2313 Estate AveVariance 
2018-0005-SPHArkady and Svetlana Klimenko5158 Byerly RoadSpecial Hearing 
2018-0006-ARandi and Erik Kaustel206 Dumbarton RoadVariance 
2018-0007-SPHXBaltimore County Game and Fish Protective Assoc. of Glen Arm3400 Northwind RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionCommunity building
2018-0008-A Familia Posterus, LLC3120 W Golf Course RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0009-AGregory T. Pederson and Stacey L. Kerr104 Greenbrier RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0010-SPHWellhan and Guang Li8334 Bletzer RdSpecial HearingDismissed
2018-0011-SPHAHarold Jolle and John Grewe, Owners;
Masen Jolle, Purchaser
Wilson RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0012-AMary Linda Haddaway1712 Beechwood AveVariance 
2018-0013-AChesapeake Custom Properties, LLC 3200 Grace RoadVariance 
2018-0014-ADaniel and Yehudis Hutman 6702 Maurleen RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0015-SPHAProsperity Investment Enterprise, LLC2507 North Point Rd Parking 19/20, business parking in res.
2018-0016-AFrank L. Cherry 3rd and Pamela L. Cherry1931 Hillside DrAdmin Variance 
2018-0017-SPHJohn M. and Adrian Goodman7702 Bay Front RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0018-A, 2018-0019-A, and 2018-0020-ASt. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, Inc.26, 28 and 30 Shipley RdVariance 
2018-0021-ADonna Lee Dolly and Theresa M Ash962 Lance AveVariance 
2018-0022-AThomas S. and Alisha D. Wrightson9134 Philadelphia RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0023-SPHAAvadhut Donuts, LLC6100, 6102 & 6104 Old Frederick RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking33/53, signage limits
2018-0024-SPHDeborah J. Cascio and Terri L. Miller1937 Silver LnSpecial HearingCombine 2 lots
2018-0025-ACraig Andes2124 Alma AveVariance 
2018-0026-AJoseph L. and Karen C. Jenkins111 Gothard RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0027-AMichael & Sue Ann Glover601 Upland RdAdmin variance 
2018-0028-ARichard and Gloria Bruzdzinski2501 Holly Neck RdVariance 
2018-0029-AAvrohom Y. and Elisheva Goldsmith6812 Cherokee DrVariance 
2018-0030-XHHK Farms, LLC, owner;
OneEnergy Development, LLC leesee
1139 Monkton Rd Solar array
Appealed, CBA hearing 9/20/18+
2018-0031-ARichard T. and Karen T. Shortess13414 Longnecker RdVariance 
2018-0032-SPHJohn F. and Ann R. Whelehan2712 Holly Beach RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0033-A9800 Reisterstown Road, LLLP9800 Reisterstown RdVarianceParking 99/193
2018-0033-A9800 Reisterstown Road, LLLP9800 Reisterstown RdCorrectionParking 99/197, restriction on signs
2018-0034-AGeraldine E. and Joseph W. Bonner Sr.1003 Nicodemus RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0035-ACharles A. and Giovanna E. Gilman11106 Greenspring AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0036-ADaniel R. and Ashley L. Easton2113 Lodge Farm RdAdmin Variance 
&  08-0886
CR Golf Club, LLC11700 Falls Road Development Plan 
2018-0038-AAnita Delahay829 Loyola Drive Admin Variance 
2018-0039-AAdam R. and Chaya B. Caine 6800 Darwood DriveAdmin Variance 
2018-0040-SPHAJune 7, 3:302918 Willoughby Rd  
2018-0041-ABruce B. and Kimberlee A. Eline604 Stone Barn RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0042-SPHA 221 Oak Ave  
2018-0043-AThelma Lee Podles7214 River Drive RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0044-AJane Beach1230 Engleberth RdVariance 
2018-0045-AJohn J. Squires Jr. and Elizabeth Squires 10882 Sandringham RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0046-A 4029 Holly Knoll Dr 3 horses, withdrawn
2018-0047-XDec 18, 10am15637 York Rd Solar pannels - 9a - granted
Appealed, CBE hearing 8/21/18+
2018-0048-SPHXAMahe Properties, LLC, Owner;
Mission Maryland, LLC, Lessee
6328 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceParking, signs
2018-0049-AEleanor M. Pettipaw and David Hardell2826 Ridge RoadAdmin Variance 
2018-0049-AEleanor M. Pettipaw and David Hardell2826 Ridge RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2018-0050-SPHXOct 2, 1:30 - Royal Farms107 Mt Carmel Rd Floor space of 11,576 sf
2018-0052-XADonald E. and Kathleen Lippy, Owners;
New Source Generation, LLC. Lessee
15700 Hanover RdSpecial Exception and VarianceSolar facility, denied
Appealed, CBA hearing 9/18/18+
2018-0053-ALarry M. and Susan E. Weissman3507 Northridge DrAdmin Variance 
2018-0054-SPHXMD Transportation Authority, Lodge 34 Of Fraternal Order of Police, Owner;
Prime Tower Development, LLC Lessee
730 Wampler RdSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionCell tower
2018-0055-AGFV Shawan Office, LLC, Verizon Maryland, LLC99 Shawan RdVarianceSigns
2018-0056-AJames F Cox Sr. and Doris M. Cox2543 Barrison Point RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0057-ADortzbach Family Care Trust51 Burkshire RdVariance 
2018-0058-AEric & Angela Surratt5207 Carroll PlAdmin variance 
2018-0059-SPHXAPerry Hall Boulevard Commercial, LLC, Owner;
Two Farms, Inc., Purchaser/Lessee
Perry Hall & White Marsh BlvdSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceAccess thru residential, signs
2018-0060-AYougendranath and Roop R. Sampathi2030 Willowcrest CirAdmin Variance 
2018-0061-SPHAWinterset LLC1524 York RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceParking in residential
2018-0062-AGary Hofmeister2306 Martin DrVariance 
2018-0063-SPHMichael Gitagia and Shareba Kerriem4 Marbledale CtSpecial HearingAssisted living facility, denied
2018-0064-ADavid and Terri L. Yox10607 Vincent Farm LnAdmin Variance 
2018-0065-SPHATyler J. Williamson931 Susquehanna AveSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0066-SPHMichael Gitagia and Shareba Kerriem9101 Bengal RdSpecial HearingAssisted living, dismissed (FTA)
2018-0067-SPHATurnpike Associates, LLLP11706 Reisterstown RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0068-AJin Xu6320 Southwood RdAdmin variance 
2018-0069-APatrick C & Diane M Malone8 Old Manor CtAdmin variance 
2018-0070-AThe Keith B Sullivan trust1227 Cleghorn RdAdmin variance 
2018-0071-ARockpool Property Acuisition Trust10136 Falls RdVariance 
2018-0072-XJerry Philips, owner; Forefront Power, lessee19735 Graystone Rd Solar field
2018-0072-XJerry Philips, owner; Forefront Power, lessee19735 Graystone RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted in part
2018-0073-ALeroy Nesbitt Jr.3500 Washington AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0074-SPHA1402 York Rd, LLC1402/6/8 York Rd Wholesale flower farm
2018-0075-AAlleen Wiggins and Evelyn Chatmon, Owners;
The Kiley Property Group, Purchaser
7407 Beech AveVariance 
2018-0076-SPHFrank2800 Monkton Rd "Non-commercial, private parties", withdrawn
2018-0077-XDec 4, 1:30 postponed2316 Ridge Rd Solar Field
2018-0078-XDelores White-Rose, owner;
Forefront Power, lessee
9155 Old Court RdSpecial exceptionSolar field
2018-0079-ADavid A. and Patricia L. Mayhew 2 Nuthatch CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0080-AAlex and Mary Hertzman1402 Maywood AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0081-XRodick Realty, LLC, owners; Two Farms, Inc, leessee10740 Pulaski Hwy Car wash, etc.
2018-0082-APatrick D. Pretty Jr. and Sondra L. Pretty1306 Felton CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0083-AAldis1600 Old Eastern Ave Parking 76/94
2018-0084-SPHRolling Road Plaza Business Trust, owner
Bridgestone Reatil Operations, lessee
1100 N Rolling Rd Signs
2018-0085-AHenry & Angela Putty8260 Streamwood DrAdmin variance 
2018-0086-APatrice Bullock4 Geier Ct Denied 11/2/17
appealed 11/23/17?
2018-0087-A 976 Seneca Park Rd  
2018-0088-ADavid A. Fogle and John P. Miller207 South Rolling RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0089-AJoseph & Michaela Moran309 W Chesapeake Ave  
2018-0090-XA9719 Investment, LLC9717 Reisterstown Rd Used car lot, signs
2018-0091-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4204 Louisa Ave  
2018-0091-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4204 Louisa AveMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0092-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4202 Louisa Ave  
2018-0092-SPHATYKA Building Group, LLC4204 Louisa AveMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0093-AJames R. Morgan and Elizabeth M. Bidinger12 Foreston Valley CtAdmin Variance 
2018-0094-AJoshua and Elise Steinharter2713 Woodcourt RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0095-SPHXA11956 Phil Rd, LLC, owner;
Turning Point Energey, LLC, lessee
11956 Philadelphia Rd Solar facility, setbacks
2018-0096-XACEC Tollgate, LLC10620 Reisterstown Rd Car wash
2018-0097-ASteven & Phyllis Gardener2312 Riverview RdAdmin variance 
2018-0098-ARichard & Sharon Childs13 White Spruce CtAdmin variance 
2018-0099-SPHXJames & Marlene Barbey10821-10825 Philadelphia Rd Service garage expansion
2018-0100-SPHEnvision Builders, LLC925 Ellendale Dr Undersized lot, appealed
2018-0101-XStilling Properties, Owner; Two Farms, Lessee6124 Edmonson Ave (Royal Farms) Flood plain
2018-0102-SPHACEM Securities, owner; Panda Express, lessee7699 Harford Rd Signs
2018-0103-SPHPine Grove Church2015 Mt Carmel Rd Changeable copy sign - denied,
appealed - dismissed
2018-0104-AThomas & Kimberly Bonvissuto19025 York RdAdmin variance 
2018-0105-XDavud Musayev, owner; Sunay Ahmedov, lessee1200 White AveSpecial exceptionUsed car sales
2018-0106-AKurt Heydt12500 Jerusalem Rd Denied
2018-0107-SPHAMarcy Stempler40 Caveswood Ln  
2018-0108-AVincent & Linda Muffoletto4549 Fitch AveAdmin variance 
2018-0109-XAShirlen Co, owner; National Motors, lessee6612 Baltimore National Pike Used vehicle sales, parking 20/92
2018-0110-SPHACole Wm Randallstown MD, LLC, owner;
Wall-Mart Stores East, lessee
8730 Liberty Rd Signs, parking 661/805
2018-0111-SPHXAStephen & Helen Elmore, Star Bright Farm2950 Garrett Rd Farm market and ag & trade school
2018-0111-SPHXAStephen & Helen Elmore, Star Bright Farm2950 Garrett RdMotion for reconsiderationClarification granted
2018-0112-SPHDulaney Valley Memorial Garden200 E Padonia Crematorium
2018-0113-SPHSt Ambrose Housing Aid Center8 Shipley Ave Lot line
2018-0114-SPHASt Ambrose Housing Aid Center10 Shipley Ave Lot line
2018-0116-AJonathan & Constance Thayer7211 Bellona AveAdmin VarianceGranted with conditions
2018-0116-AJonathan & Constance Thayer7211 Bellona AveMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0117-SPHADennis Kundratic41 Northwood Rd  
2018-0118-SPHADennis Kundratic39 Northwood Rd  
2018-0119-XAJas Real Estate9115/9127 Liberty RdSpecial exceptionUsed vehicle sales, signs
2018-0120-XChesdel Associations, LP. owner
AGG Wellness, Inc, lessee
101 E Chesapeake Ave Cannabis dispensary
2018-0121-SPHAWellhan & Guang Li8334 Bletzer Rd Accessory apartment
2018-0122-XNepali American Cultural Center12231 Harford Rd Church in RC2 - granted
Appealed, CBA hearing 7/19/18+
2018-0123-SPHXMargaret Neubauer, owner; Solar Smart, LLC, lessee9203 Dogwood Rd Solar
2018-0123-SPHXMargaret Neubauer, owner; Solar Smart, LLC, lessee9203 Dogwood RdMotion for reconsideration< 6a
2018-0124-SPHXMargaret Neubauer, owner; Solar Smart, LLC, lessee10021 Old Court Rd Solar
2018-0125-SPHANoth Point Shopping Center, LLC and Wal-Mart2399 North Point Blvd Signs
2018-0126-AFrank & Michele Cimino18400 Vernon RdAdmin Variance 
2018-0127-XBGE10790 Raphel Rd Solar array
2018-0128-AMDK Martin Farms, LLC7216 Ridge Rd  
2018-0129-ARobert Kelly & Holly Taylor14045 Sunnybrook RdAdmin variance 
2018-0130-AJan 5100 Villa Capri Cir (Not on MyNeighborhood)
2018-0131-AMichael & Melissa Bondi6621 Edenvale RdAdmin variance 
2018-0132-AAndre & Barbara Brown3721 Lanamer Rd  
2018-0133-XSt Mary's Orthodox Catholic Church911 Shawan Rd Cemetery
2018-0134-SPHXA2700 North Point, LLC2700 North Point Rd Trucking facility, etc.
2018-0135-ABrandon & Emily Munson, owner;
Laura Robertson, purchaser
16743 Wesley Chapel Rd Hearing 1/5/18, order 1/8/18
2018-0136-ABush River, LLC4813 Ridge RdVarianceAppealed
2018-0137-SPHAAdvantage Homes, Inc10131 Bird River Rd  
2018-0137-SPHAAdvantage Homes, Inc10131 Bird River RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0138-AJonathan & Jennifer Vassil6421 Murrary Hill RdAdmin variance 
2018-0139-SPHA2710 Hammonds Ferry Road. LLC2710 Hammonds Ferry Rd Used car lot
2018-0139-SPHA2710 Hammonds Ferry Road. LLC2710 Hammonds Ferry RdMotion for recon.Used car lot
2018-0140-SPHXWHite Marsh Truck Stop, LLC11424 Pulaski Hwy Used vehicle sales
2018-0142-XARosedale Investment, LLC, Owner;
Auto Point Enterprise, LLC, Lessee
8302 Pulaski Hwy Used motor vehicle sales
2018-0143-SPHACandlelight Realty1835 Frederick Rd  
2018-0144-SPHAMegan Avery14 W Seminary Licensed professional planner?
2018-0146-AEthan Haire18820 Fox Chase CtAdmin variance 
2018-0147-AShaewn Schaeffer & Christine Anderson6610 Mt Vista RdAdmin variance 
2018-0148-AScott Dawson, owner; Joshua Wisneski, purchaser114 Mace Ave  
2018-0149-SPHAPremier Lounge, LLC180 Winters Ln Bus parking in res, parking 7/91
Denied, appealed
Hearing 8/7/18
2018-0150-AColonial Stoler, LLC11309 Riesterstown Rd  
2018-0151-AMeir Strobel and Sara Gerstenfeld2901 Chokeberry Ct  
2018-0152-SPHJohn Copsey8432 Oakleigh Rd  
2018-0153-AJoseph & Karen Jenkins111 Gothard RdAdmin variance 
2018-0154-AMillard & Karen Leary1513 Burke RdAdmin variance 
2018-0155-SPHEl Paso Colby, Inc6136 Deer Park Rd  
2018-0155-SPHEl Paso Colby, Inc6136 Deer Park RdMotion for recon.Denied, appealed
2018-0156-AFrank & Kimberly Battaglia1126 Susquehanna RdAdmin variance 
2018-0157-SPHOMO Dynasty, LLC5A Elmont Ave  
2018-0158-AEdward Auld8211 Peach Orchard RdAdmin variance 
2018-0159-AEllen Elaine Warner11309 Mayberry Ave  
2018-0160-SPHASalvatore & Karen Difatta413 Osage Rd  
2018-0161-SPHBlue Ocean Seoul Plaza6901 Security Blvd Granted, appealed
2018-0162-AJames Kelly1801 Dunwoody RdAdmin variance 
2018-0163-ALuke & Deirdre Reavey913 Arran RdAdmin variance 
2018-0164-AHarry & Deanna Groff9306 Sea Horse CtAdmin variance 
2018-0165-SPHAPatrick and Deborah Svehia1721 Edmondson Ave  
2018-0166-SPHAOwings Mills Harvest Church of God, Inc605 Westminster Pike Expand church
2018-0167-SPHAMarina McDonald8219 Scotts Level Rd Assisted living within 100ft
2018-0168-XASG Maryland, LLC; Two Farms, Inc9500-9526 Pulaski Hwy Gas station, signs (Royal Farms)
2018-0169-AOlympic Holdings, LLC11156 Red Lion Rd  
2018-0170-AMarc & Abigail Randell5 Dutton AveAdmin Variance 
2018-0171-X13523 Long Green Pike, LLC2718 North Point Blvd Auto repair and used car sales
2018-0172-XShops at Perry Hall, LLC, owner;
AutoBell Car Wash, Inc, Lessee
9805 Belair Rd Car wash in BL
2018-0173-ASherlin Enterpriase, Inc, owner;
Harbor Freight, purchaser
6212 Baltimore National Pike Parking 63/108
2018-0174-AThomas & Kerry Vaydo624 Yarmouth TerAdmin variance 
2018-0175-AHunt Valley Towne Center, LLC, owner;
Lifebridge Health, Inc, lessee
118 Shawan Rd Sign
2018-0176-SPHA9804 Reisterstown Rd Signs (lots), hearing 3/2/18, order 3/6/18
2018-0177-SPHADavid Lee Harris1035 Cedar Creek Rd  
2018-0178-AAlan & Marci Elkin11989 Long Lake DrAdmin variance 
2018-0180-SPHKaren Pritchett10251 Bird River Rd  
2018-0181-AJustin & Emily Hartzell57 Windmere ParkwayAdmin variance 
2018-0182-AAlice Lambert, rep. of Owner;
Taylor Lambert, purchaser
2025 River Rd  
2018-0183-ABrett Williams & Nicole Brummer6406 Murray Hill Rd  
2018-0184-ADMS Parkville, LLC7803 Harford Rd  
2018-0185-SPH1630 West Joppa Rd LLC, Two Farms, Inc1628&1630 W Joppa Rd Royal Farms, flood plain
2018-0185-SPH1630 West Joppa Rd LLC, Two Farms, Inc1628&1630 W Joppa RdMotion for reconsideration Granted
2018-0187-AEllen & Arnie Katz2005 Thistlewood Rd  
2018-0188-ARichard & Nancy Hudes1115 Hidden Trail Dr  
2018-0189-AElliott & Ashley Mutch8 Swanhill Dr  
2018-0191-SPHXAChristina Kesting10932 Philadelphia Rd Class B Group child-care, 100 children on 1a - denied
2018-0192-AOekos Dundalk, LLC1401-1417 Merritt Blvd Signs (lots)
2018-0193-AGood Luck Homes, LLC201 South Patapsco Ave  
2018-0194-XAtkinson; One Energy Development932 Freeland Rd Solar - granted
Appealed, hearing 7/24/18+
2018-0195-XAWillowdale Farm Addociates, owner;
Farmacy Cultivated Craft, leesee
3100 Black Rock Rd Farm Brewery
2018-0196-ABrian & Erika Wodka808 Walker Station Ct  
2018-0197-AHenry and Nancy Abrams7606 Curving LnAdmin variance 
2018-0198-AJeffrey & Teresa Hollar11127 Bird River Grove Rd Chickens on .26a
2018-0199-AGer Construction, LLC1110 Burke Rd  
2018-0200-SPHATaylor Shoffner and Susan Kennan2125 Benson Mill Rd In-law apartment
2018-0201-SPHSharon Hall5219 Forge Rd Undersized lot
2018-0202-ARoberta & Paul Jenkins, owners
Shane Snyder & Jody Costa, purchasers
344 Miles Rd  
2018-0203-AJames & Stephanie Wacker2312 Turkey Point Rd  
2018-0204-A 1513 Burke Rd (address is wrong)
2018-0205-AEverygreen Homes, LLC3 S Morerick Ave  
2018-0206-XDays Woods Properties, LLC8104 Philadelphia Rd Service garage
Corvette sign
2018-0207-XAOlufemi Olawale and Omowumi Olawale3507 North Rolling RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceCommunity care center
2018-0208-APaul & Tracy Carroll611 Worcester Rd Order 3/16/18
2018-0209-AMargaret Susan Guiou3 Kilkea Ct  
2018-0210-ARebecca Gephardt & David Lawson3004 Dungalow Rd  
2018-0211-XDominique & Coery Hannah4406 Worthington Ave Private kennel
2018-0212-ABrian & Denise Fiorucci13309 Bottom Rd  
2018-0213-AWarren & Nancy Mickey9810 Oakpark DrAdmin varianceOrder 3/16/18
2018-0214-AOwings Mills Mall, LLC10300 Mill Run Cir Signs (lots)
2018-0215-ACharles Matthews500 Deacon Brook CirAdmin varianceGranted 3/22/18
2018-0216-ARobert & Sharon Stark6111 Hutschenreuter Rd  
2018-0217-AEva Ward12033 Jerusalem RdAdmin varianceGranted 3/22/18
2018-0218-AWilliam & Amy Nicely2241 Monocacy Rd  
2018-0219-SPHAThe Pikesville Jewish Congregation, Inc.7644 and 7646 Carla RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0220-ASASC Stone Properties, LLC18 Delray Ave Hearing 4/13, granted 4/16
2018-0221-ALarry Murray1510 Rawlings Well Rd Order 3/29/18
2018-0222-ACharles Horich2911 Rain Tree Ct  
2018-0223-XHolly Neck, LLC1015&1017 Back River Neck Rd Child care
2018-0224-SPHAJohn and Cynthia Markley6718 North River DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceGarage as guest dwelling
2018-0225-SPHPierre V Jr & Sherree Burton3930 Sybil Rd Pigeons
2018-0226-AKaren M Barry2 Farnham Way  
2018-0227-A 5433 Joppa Rd  
2018-0228-A 923 Bowleys Quarters Rd  
2018-0229-AMcDonogh School8600 McDonogh Rd Hearing 4/13, granted 4/16
2018-0230-A1313 York Road, LLC1313 York Rd Signs
2018-0231-AJefrrey M & Veronia M Goodwin3704 Marriottsville Rd  
2018-0232-A 8 Hillsyde Ct Withdrawn
2018-0233-AJoseph W Cutrone & Anna L Duval823 Kingston Rd  
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, owner
Isaac Yair, leesee
520 Reisterstown Rd Used cars, trailer, part denied
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, owner
Isaac Yair, leesee
520 Reisterstown RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, owner
520 Reisterstown RdMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2018-0235-AJohn J & Eileen Kavanagn2003 Windys Run Rd  
2018-0236-SPHMDC Investments7938 33rd St Undersized lot
2018-0237-AAndy P & Mark Beytin710 Church Rd  
2018-0238-ASandy Swaim926 Fairmount Ave  
2018-0239-AKaren Ellen Bush8203 Tama Ct  
2018-0240-SPHManor Tavern Real Estate, LLC15819 Old York Rd Manor Tavern - parking
2018-0241-SPHRoss and Emily Taylor, owner;
Marcia & Barry Friedman, petitioners
8641 Park Heights Ave CE CC1800019, appealed
2018-0242-ACalro & Theresa Gizzi3118 Northwind Rd Chickens
CE CC1800780
2018-0243-AManubhai & Geetaben Rami32 Harrod Ct  
2018-0244-AVadim & Allison Shapiro12408 Garrison Forest Rd  
2018-0245-ARichard Kinkel & Jonanna Biehler247 Blanheim Rd  
2018-0246-ACharles & Giovanna Gilman11106 Greenspring Ave Order 4/13/18
2018-0247-ABernard Cumberland7612 Cedar Rd  
2018-0248-AGerald & Cecile Marin5808 Dillon John Ct  
2018-0249-AMoshe & Muriel Assouline-Shoshan3423 Terrapin Rd  
2018-0250-AMatthew & Rebecca Hudson6601 Darnall Rd  
2018-0251-SPHGlen Arm Properties5323 Glen Arm Rd Access not thru fee-simple
2018-0252-SPHAMargaret Geigan and Monica Geigan213 Glider DrSpecial Hearing and VarianceAppealed
2018-0253-ARyan & Melissa Williams7600 Belmont Ave  
2018-0254-AAnna Marie Smith1111 Hart Rd  
2018-0255-AThomas & Frances Gray9321 North Point Rd  
2018-0256-AMartin Masemore18221 Forreston Rd 150ft setback in lieu of 300ft - denied
2018-0257-ARussell Irvin218 West Seminary Ave  
2018-0258-AAnn Holmes30 Arkla Ct  
2018-0259-XBoumi Temple Corporation, Owner; Verizon Wireless, Lessee5050 King AveSpecial ExceptionTelecom tower
2018-0260-XHearing 5/292401 Stringtown Rd Telecom tower
2018-0261-AAllen & Susan Wroe8 Worthington Hill Dr  
2018-0262-ARichard & Cathy Stryjewski9026 Hinton Ave  
2018-0263-ATimothy & Patricia Mann5026 Shirleybrook Ave  
2018-0264-ADavid & Douglas Schafer, owners;
Eris Bers, purchaser
2925 Illinois Ave  
2018-0265-ADavid & Douglas Schafer, owners;
Eris Bers, purchaser
2927 Illinois Ave  
2018-0266-AJerry Ciezkowski7517 Fort Ave  
2018-0267-ACMW Properties, LLC7519 Fort Ave  
2018-0268-SPHCarolyn Whittington, Owner; Paulette Ringley, Trading as Humane Domain, Lessee4231 Wards Chapel RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0269-SPHAJohn Liepold11420 Reisburg Ln  
2018-0270-SPHHearing 6/214 Geier Ct Assisted living 978 ft distant
2018-0271-XAFiona Langham & Ronald Rash13401 Jarrettsville Pike Kennel
2018-0272-AChesapeake Custom Properties, LLC1708 Beechwood Ave  
2018-0273-AKatrina Koch, Owner; Brian Stachorowski, Purchaser4003 Bay DrVariance 
2018-0274-XAHoward Hospitality, Inc.4508-4514 Painters Mill RdSpecial Exception and VarianceSigns
2018-0275-AElle Management, LLC611 Reisterstown RdVariance 
2018-0276-ARipley Family Trust;7343 Brightside Rd  
2018-0277-AMargaret Pierson1900 Wilson Point Rd  
2018-0278-SPHAGeorge B. and Ellen M. Antonakos4403 Meadowcliff RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0279-AEliane & Pangiotis Patiniotis507 St Francis Rd  
2018-0280-AJohn Christou and Tracy Dofflemyer Christou8111 Duvall AveVariance 
2018-0281-AJames & Susan Szamski11747 Harford Rd  
2018-0282-AMartiza Muneton8307 Oakleigh Rd  
2018-0283-SPH7531 Stream Crossing Rd Hearing 5/18, granted 6/26
2018-0284-SPHKaren Lynn Weeks2262 Monocacy RdSpecial Hearing 
2018-0285-SPHAWayne & Debra Sullivan8929 Philadelphia Rd  
2018-0286-AShirley Alderson12 Timber Way Ct  
2018-0287-SPHATrustees of Collective Christian Ministries, Inc., Collective Christian Ministries, Inc.; Edward Jr. and Cleotha McLaurin, Owners; P and S Development Company, Applicant/Developer9136-9138 Liberty Rd  
2018-0288-ACesar Urgiles Rodriguez3020 Virginia Ave  
2018-0289-SPHJune 22, 1:305800-5806 Windsor Mill Rd Cemetery monument sales
2018-0290-ALindsay & Robert Barranco15710 Yeoho Rd  
2018-0291-AJana May Leonard6526 Blackhead Rd  
2018-0292-SPHABrian Schmuff13012 Harewood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceGarage - denied
2018-0292-SPHABrian Schmuff13012 Harewood RoadMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2018-0293-ABradford & Patricia Herling2430 Lightfoot Dr  
2018-0294-AIan & Courtenay Shure1208 Boyce Ave  
2018-0295-ATimothy Hines & Diane Molina10 Cedar Grove Ct  
2018-0296-SPHAJuly 17 1:30 10/30/18 (not posted online)7701-7703 German Hill Rd (Royal Farms) Parking 31/37
2018-0297-AGGCV Real Estate, owner;
Palio-Foundry Row LLC, lessee
10100 Reisterstown Rd signs
2018-0298-SPHFredrick J & Michelle Burgeson12504 Dover Rd  
2018-0299-ALeonard C Redmond III & Shelly R Redmond7 Barstad Ct  
2018-0300-A1801 YR, LLC1801 York Rd  
2018-0301-SPHA623 S Marlyn Ave 5 houses and commercial use
Hearing 6/25, granted 6/26
2018-0302-A 2104 Streamway Ct Hearing 6/25/18, order 6/26/18
2018-0303-SPH5700 Edmondson, LLC5711 Edmondson Ave  
2018-0304-SPH5700 Edmondson, LLC5701 Edmondson Ave  
2018-0305-AJennifer L. Ashton432 Virginia AveAdmin variance 
2018-0306-SPHSatyr Limited Partnership2023-2053 Joppa RoadSpecial HearingParking 267
2018-0308-XSchool of Living21300 Heathcote RoadSpecial ExceptionCamp, commmunity building - denied
Schools - granted
2018-0309-AEllen R. and Mark A. Sizemore (Trustees)11910 Ridge Valley DrAdmin variance 
2018-0310-SPHLeonard Berger / Holly Neck LLLPHolly Neck Rd  
2018-0311-SPHAAshley Suprik4620 Forge RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceGroup child care center
2018-0312-A1740 East Joppa Road, LLC1740 East Joppa RoadVariance 
2018-0313-SPHAJoshua and Ashley Hines11638 Greenspring AvenueSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0314-AMichael F & Fay A Short12813 Cunninghill Cove Rd  
2018-0315-AShirley Wright1103 Pleasant Valley Dr  
2018-0316-SPHXTimonium SAB, Inc, owner; Sheetz, Inc, lessee400 W Padonia Rd Parking, etc.
2018-0317-XTwo Farms, Inc100-114 W Padonia Rd Service station/car wash
2018-0318-ATariq & Donna Khan1331 Dillon Heights Ave  
2018-0318-ATariq and Donna Khan1331 Dillon Heights AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationGranted
2018-0319-ACanterbury Property, LLC, owner; Riggs, LLC, purchaser300 Whitney Ln  
2018-0320-A 15251 Dover Rd Withdrawn
2018-0321-SPHAGregory V. Ottensmeyer3339 Edwards LaneSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0322-SPHDavud Musayev, Legal Owner; Sunay Ahmadov, Lessee 1200 White AvenueSpecial Hearing 
2018-0323-SPHATimothy Arnett3617 Telmar RoadSpecial Hearing and Variance
2018-0325-ABattaglia Homes, LLC 2909 Raintree CourtVariance 
2018-0326-AJoseph Esposito8116 Redstone RoadVariance 
2018-0326-AJoseph Esposito8116 Redstone RdMotion for ReconsiderationGranted for new variance
2018-0327-XThe Shops at Perry Hall, LLC, owner; Mid Atlantic Lubes, LLC, lessee9805 Belair Rd Service garage in BL
2018-0328-AAnne Dalsheimer Milch1011 Wagner RoadVariance 
2018-0330-AAustin & Tracey Root316 West Wind Road  
2018-0331-XA 14538 (Old) York Rd Landscape co. in RC, hearing 10/5/18
2018-0333-ARicardo & Ana Lobo3616 Stansbury Mill Rd  
2018-0334-AEdward Stuckey Jr & Nicole Stuckey11718 Hillside Ave  
2018-0335-ASean & Katherine Holt30 Montview Ct  
2018-0336-SPHTSC Marriottsville, LLC10530 Marriottsville RdSpecial hearing 
2018-0337-A15 Belfast Rd, LLC15 Belfast Rd  
2018-0338-SPHAPerry and Jill Sparr958 Seneca Park RoadSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2018-0339-AWinston & Elizabeth Jackson235 N Beaumont Ave  
2018-0340-XYogeswar, Inc., Owner; Charm City Relief Partners, LLC, Lessee5225 Baltimore National Pike Cannabis
2018-0341-AAlbert Smith & Kelle Moran921 Dunellen Dr  
2018-0342-SPHSept 13, 1:30 or Oct 29?1101 Bowleys Quarters Rd Office and indoor/outdoor storage (in BL)
CE CC1710981
2018-0343-ARobert & Lisa Copton202 Abbeyhill Ct  
2018-0344-XMichael R. Cooke and Alexandra Von Paris, owners; Elizabeth Pieper, Lessee14345 Jarrettsville PikeSpecial ExceptionAnimal grooming
2018-0345-SPHABrandon Chasen1712 Pin Oak AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDismissed - no show
2018-0346-SPHXADan Mar Enterprises, LLC, Owners;
10825 Beaver Dam Road, LLC, Purchaser (Highs)
10901 McCormick Rd Fuel service station, signs
2018-0347-ACharles and Mary Pierce3704 Stansbury Mill Rd  
2018-0348-ATheodore and Cheri Taylor602 Westminster Pike  
2018-0349-AJoseph and Debra Glenn601 North Woodward Dr  
2018-0350-SPHAW ARC PH Centre owner VIII, LLC8867, 8903, 8905 Belair Rd  
2018-0351-SPHAW ARC PH Centre owner VIII, LLC4313 Ebenezer Rd Lots of Signs
2018-0353-AChristopher W. Jeffries2005 Hammonds Ferry RoadAdmin variance 
2018-0354-APremier A-2 Timonium MD, LLC9701 Beaver Dam Rd  
2018-0355-AJennifer A. and Paul Swanson2107 Forest Ridge RoadAdmin variance 
2018-0357-AMelvin Joseph Carter11520 Stocksdale RoadAdmin variance 
2019-0358-SPHACasey & Joann Carvell3504 Chapman Rd(Not posted online - D4)
2018-0359-SPHXAWoodbrook Corner, LLC, Owner;
Shamim Malik, Lessee
6201 Charles St Car wash
2018-0360-AChristopher Neal and Julia Nyman13940 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin variance 
2018-0361-A 3005 Wells RdAdmin varianceOrder 7/27/18
2018-0362-A 5318 Bangert StAdmin varianceOrder 7/27/18
2018-0364-AS. Habeeb & Aneesa Ashruf1301 Lincoln Woods DriveAdmin variance 
2018-0365-ATradepoint Atlantic, LLC1600 Sparrows Point BlvdVariance 
2018-0366-AFrank and Thelma (Stapf) Bright 537 Bayside DriveAdmin variance 
2018-0367-ACharles S. Rehak 3rd and Linda M. Rehak5 Periwinkle Ct  
2018-0368-SPHA Keith Barko, Owner; Michael Knighton Jr., Purchaser;3606 Southside AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceDenied - deed restriction
2018-0369-APedro Aponte 901 Emerson Avenue Admin variance 
Fiscal 2019 cases (filed July 2018 - June 2019) online list
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2019-0001-AAaron Naiman6711 Darwood Dr  
2019-0002-SPHAVincent M. and Alison C. DeAugustino18827 Spooks Hill RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2019-0003-ACR of Maryland, LLC926 Ellendale DrVariance 
2019-0004-AThomas & Rena Fiorello11101 Greenspring Ave  
2019-0005-SPHAJonathan R. Eber8500 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceBoarding house - denined
2019-0006-AByrd Design and Build LLC6109 Falls RdVariance 
2019-0007-ASteven & Jill Crawford1310 Musgrove Rd  
2019-0008-AOct 41416 Francke Ave 9 chickens on .22a
2019-0009-ABruce Leibowitz & Karyn Dillon2 Sunnydale Way  
2019-0010-AMelissa Le Roux (Peterson)602 Goucher Ave  
2019-0012-SPHAOct 107909 Pulaski Hwy Residential, car rental
2019-0013-ADelores & Adam Cassell3111 Rheims Rd  
2019-0014-ASylvester and Isata George26 East Elm AveAdmin variance 
2019-0015-ATimothy J. Clancy6720 Laurel DrAdmin variance 
2019-0016-AKurt Heydt12500 Jerusalem Rd See 2018-0106-A
2019-0017-AVincent and Heather Kerner314 Worthington RdAdmin variance 
2019-0018-AAmir Raminfar and Youna Mehrabi6500 Gardenwick RdAdmin variance 
2019-0019-AVivaldi Q. Nguyen929 Bardswell RdAdmin variance 
2019-0020-APamela A. and Thomas A. Walinski9400 Georgia Belle DrAdmin variance 
2019-0021-AKensington Associates, LLC817 Maidens Choice Ln Signs (not posted online - D1)
2019-0022-SPHEstate of Robert L. & Christine Martin, PR, Owners; Alpha Homes, LLC, Purchaser7002 Railway Ave Pub in res. (Hops Inn) denied (not posted online - D7)
2019-0023-SPHEstate of Robert L. & Christine Martin, PR, Owners; Alpha Homes, LLC, Purchaser7004 & 7006 Railway Ave 2+2 dwellings - denied (not posted online - D7)
2019-0024-A 7623 Carla Rd  
2019-0025-XASept 254805 Joppa Rd Group child care (not posted online - 5th)
2019-0026-SPHOct 96307 Cedarwood Rd  
2019-0027-ARay G. Decker Sr. and Michelle D. Decker4316 Leola AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0028-AGraig C. Brubaker and Carolyn Anthon1100 Linden AveAdmin variance 
2019-0029-AReginald W. and Caula Frazier1013 Rowe LaneAdmin Variance 
2019-0031-SPHAGeorge S. Nyquist Jr.873 Ivy Hill Rd Tennis court in floodplain (not posted online - D2)
2019-0032-ATobias Ott974 Seneca Park Rd  
2019-0033-AWindsor MZL, LLC1809,1811 Rolling Rd Parking 378/452
2019-0034-AJames K. and Stephanie L. Wacker2312 Turkey Point RdAdmin Variance 
2019-0035-AWilliam Orval Henry4422 Ridge AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0036-SPHAOct 55400 Old Court Rd Signs
2019-0037-AOct 10704 Hunter Way  
2019-0038-AGurdial Bhulla and Baljinderjit Kaur6600 Kelly Ann WayAdmin variance 
2019-0039-AOct 11215 Melancthon Ave 11 chickens on .93a
2019-0040-AMary Susan Cole13 Seminole AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0041-AGreenspring Dr  
2019-0043-ARobert N. and Megan K. Oster6649 Walnutwood CirAdmin Variance 
2019-0046-AJohn W. Sanders 3rd and Judith B. Sanders5902 Church LnAdmin Variance 
2019-0047-XAOct 258202 Pulaski Hwy Used vehicle sales
2019-0048-A 7917 Elmhurst Ave  
2019-0049-A 7600/7604 York Rd Parking in ROA
2019-0054-ALiberty Plaza Holdings, LLC, Owners; SunTrust Bank, Lessee8700 Liberty Rd Signs
2019-0058-A 1722 Beechwood Ave  
2019-0059-A 6930 Gunder Rd  
2019-0060-APaul A. Moskunas12428 Harford RdAdmin Variance 
2019-0061-AOct 118130 Norris Ln Storage of gases, tank of propane
2019-0063-AJames & Mary Kalb33 Bloomingdale AveAdmin variance 
2019-0064-ANicholas & Erin Miskelly5 Whitwick CtAdmin variance 
2019-0065-AJames & Cacelia Hughes3502 JoAnn DrAdmin variance 
2019-0066-SPHOct 257436 Bradshaw Rd 2 or 3 unit dwelling
2019-0067-SPHXOct 412400 Owings Mills Blvd Auto service
2019-0069-SPHOct 251316A Mt Carmel Rd  
2019-0071-AJohn & Deanna Sakellaris702 Ivy Hill RdAdmin variance 
2019-0072-ASadaf Mustafah & Naser Eddin6604 Weymouth CtAdmin variance 
2019-0073-AJames L & Lindsey Ellison9416 Dogwood RdAdmin variance 
2019-0074-AJoseph K & Lauren McNamara5080 Springhouse CirAdmin variance 
2019-0075-A 7514 Knollwood Rd  
2019-0076-AYavorivsky1400 A Edmondson Ave  
2019-0076-ANelson3505 Houcks Mill Rd  
2019-0080-A 3705 Tulip AveAdmin variance 
2019-0081-A 11502 Wallace Dr  
2019-0085-A 17106 Masemore RdAdmin variance 
2019-0087-A 2311 Rockwell AveAdmin variance 
2019-0089-A 2901 Chokeberry CtAdmin variance 
2019-0095-A 25 Deep Dale DrAdmin variance 
2019-0096-A 510 Gun RdAdmin variance 
2019-0097-A 8207 Anita Rd  
2019-0098-A 6302 Chesworth RdAdmin variance 
Note: Those without links have not yet been concluded or published (or they just failed to post them online).

Updated 10 Oct 2018