Decisions of the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges

This list includes those since FY 2009 which are or were found online in their orignal PDF form (machine searchable and readable by the blind). At present, those issued before FY 2015 are no longer online at Baltimore County, so the following provides links to a local archive where copies exist. There are many that are never online (no link provided), perhaps because they were withdrawn or the staff simply failed to put them online. Click here for a list. (I am trying to get PDF copies, but it requires filing a PIA request, which should not be needed.) For some others, I am getting a scanned copy to post here.

The earlier zoning case files are being placed online. Those for 2014 and before are available. These are a scan of the entire case file, including a copy of the order, plats, appeals, etc. If you need one for FY 2014 or before, try the following to get it. Enter the year and the case number and click "Get!". If you get a 404 error, it is not yet available through this utility (maybe doesn't exist).
Year    Number    

As an alternative, use MyNeighborhood, find the property by address and, from the Layer List, make sure that "Zoning History Cases" is turned on, click the 3 dots to the right to make sure that pop-ups are enabled. Then click on the property that shows cross-hatching and step through the displays until the desired case is shown, scroll down to "More info" and click to download. This currently contains cases up through 2014. (A few in early FY 2015 are available, probably those issued in CY 2014.)

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Entries highlighted in light red are those in which the owner of this website appeared or testified as a protestant or petitioner.
Items highlighted in light blue were attended out of interest.
Those without links in the 1st column have not yet been concluded or published (or they just failed to post them online).
Scheduled hearing dates shown in 2nd column.
Those without entries in the last column are mostly requests for setback variances or narrow lots.

Variance, Special Exceptions, etc.

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Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2019-0001-AAaron Naiman6711 Darwood Dr  
2019-0002-SPHAVincent M. and Alison C. DeAugustino18827 Spooks Hill RdSpecial Hearing and Variance 
2019-0003-ACR of Maryland, LLC926 Ellendale DrVariance 
2019-0004-AThomas & Rena Fiorello11101 Greenspring Ave  
2019-0005-SPHAJonathan R. Eber8500 Old Harford RdSpecial Hearing and VarianceBoarding house - denined
2019-0006-AByrd Design and Build LLC6109 Falls RdVariance 
2019-0007-ASteven & Jill Crawford1310 Musgrove Rd  
2019-0008-A 1416 Francke Ave 9 chickens on .22a, denied, order 10/10/18
2019-0009-ABruce Leibowitz & Karyn Dillon2 Sunnydale Way  
2019-0010-AMelissa Le Roux (Peterson)602 Goucher Ave  
2019-0012-SPHAPIC Capital, LLC7909 Pulaski Hwy Residential, car rental
2019-0013-ADelores & Adam Cassell3111 Rheims Rd  
2019-0014-ASylvester and Isata George26 East Elm AveAdmin variance 
2019-0015-ATimothy J. Clancy6720 Laurel DrAdmin variance 
2019-0016-AKurt Heydt12500 Jerusalem Rd See 2018-0106-A
2019-0017-AVincent and Heather Kerner314 Worthington RdAdmin variance 
2019-0018-AAmir Raminfar and Youna Mehrabi6500 Gardenwick RdAdmin variance 
2019-0019-AVivaldi Q. Nguyen929 Bardswell RdAdmin variance 
2019-0020-APamela A. and Thomas A. Walinski9400 Georgia Belle DrAdmin variance 
2019-0021-AKensington Associates, LLC817 Maidens Choice Ln Signs (not posted online - D1)
2019-0022-SPHEstate of Robert L. & Christine Martin, PR, Owners; Alpha Homes, LLC, Purchaser7002 Railway Ave Pub in res. (Hops Inn) denied, appealed, withdrawn
2019-0023-SPHEstate of Robert L. & Christine Martin, PR, Owners; Alpha Homes, LLC, Purchaser7004 & 7006 Railway Ave 2+2 dwellings - denied, appealled, withdrawn
2019-0024-ARubin & Ester Rakovsky7623 Carla Rd  
2019-0025-XAWithdrawn4805 Joppa Rd Group child care
2019-0026-SPHJohn A Miller, owner; Benjamin S Gary, purchaser6307 Cedarwood Rd  
2019-0027-ARay G. Decker Sr. and Michelle D. Decker4316 Leola AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0028-AGraig C. Brubaker and Carolyn Anthon1100 Linden AveAdmin variance 
2019-0029-AReginald W. and Caula Frazier1013 Rowe LaneAdmin Variance 
2019-0031-SPHAGeorge S. Nyquist Jr.873 Ivy Hill Rd Tennis court in floodplain (not posted online - D2)
2019-0032-ATobias Ott974 Seneca Park Rd  
2019-0033-AWindsor MZL, LLC1809,1811 Rolling Rd Parking 378/452
2019-0034-AJames K. and Stephanie L. Wacker2312 Turkey Point RdAdmin Variance 
2019-0035-AWilliam Orval Henry4422 Ridge AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0036-SPHALife Bridge Health, Inc5400 Old Court Rd Signs
2019-0037-ATrina Culbreath704 Hunter Way  
2019-0038-AGurdial Bhulla and Baljinderjit Kaur6600 Kelly Ann WayAdmin variance 
2019-0039-AMatthew Cimino & Jessica Lehson215 Melancthon Ave 11 chickens on .93a
2019-0040-AMary Susan Cole13 Seminole AveAdmin Variance 
2019-0041-ABaltimore County, owner
TLR Land Ventures, purchaser
Greenspring Dr Order 10/10/18
2019-0042-SPHASolov 13, LLC11117 Reisterstown Rd Non-conforming use
2019-0043-ARobert N. and Megan K. Oster6649 Walnutwood CirAdmin Variance 
2019-0044-SPHXWorthington Family Properties, LLC10800-10806 Liberty Rd  
2019-0045-ALenore Rudick1 William CtAdmin variance 
2019-0046-AJohn W. Sanders 3rd and Judith B. Sanders5902 Church LnAdmin Variance 
2019-0047-XAFazal, LLC8202 Pulaski Hwy Used vehicle sales
2019-0048-ALikainvest, LLC7917 Elmhurst Ave  
2019-0049-SPH7600 LLC and 7604 LLC7600/7604 York Rd Parking in ROA
2019-0050-AThomas & Patricia Kane308A Oberle Ave  
2019-0051-ADaniel & Kelly Hunter308 Oberle Ave  
2019-0052-ACharles Brown619 West Seminary Ave  
2019-0053-SPHX901 Monkton, LLC1901 Monkton Rd Non-conforming commercial building
2019-0054-ALiberty Plaza Holdings, LLC, Owners;
SunTrust Bank, Lessee
8700 Liberty Rd Signs
2019-0055-SPHAAmy Deputy914 Lower Glencoe Rd  
Forefront Power, LLC, lessee
20135 Old York RdSpecial ExceptionSolar field - withdrawn 9/20/18
2019-0057-XThe Farm, LLC, owner
Forefront Power, LLC, lessee
20920 Old York RdSpecial ExceptionSolar field
2019-0057-XThe Farm, LLC, owner
Forefront Power, LLC, lessee
20920 Old York RdMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2019-0058-APTL Re Corp, owner;
Matthew W Baumgartner & Shannon Kief, purchasers
1722 Beechwood Ave  
2019-0059-AWilliam & Mildred Jones6930 Gunder Rd  
2019-0060-APaul A. Moskunas12428 Harford RdAdmin Variance 
2019-0061-ABobs Transport & Storage, owner; Airgas USA, lessee8130 Norris Ln Storage of gases, tank of propane
2019-0062-AFP SUB, LLC7923,7925,7927 Belair Rd Signs
2019-0063-AJames & Mary Kalb33 Bloomingdale AveAdmin variance 
2019-0064-ANicholas & Erin Miskelly5 Whitwick CtAdmin variance 
2019-0065-AJames & Cacelia Hughes3502 JoAnn DrAdmin variance 
2019-0066-SPHRichard & Dennis Robinson7436 Bradshaw Rd 2 or 3 unit dwelling
2019-0067-SPHXOwings Mills Sports Arena Partner, LLC, owner;
Diamond Automotive Service, LLC, purchaser
12400 Owings Mills Blvd Auto service
2019-0068-ACarole Huselton & Eric Smith6829 Echo Acres LnAdmin variance 
2019-0069-SPHBarry & Taunia Durst1316A Mt Carmel Rd  
2019-0070-XHoward Bank, owner;
Mid-Atlantic Lubes, LLC purchaser
1641 Joppa Rd Service garage, appealed, hearing 4/2/19
2019-0071-AJohn & Deanna Sakellaris702 Ivy Hill RdAdmin variance 
2019-0072-ASadaf Mustafah & Naser Eddin6604 Weymouth CtAdmin variance 
2019-0073-AJames L & Lindsey Ellison9416 Dogwood RdAdmin variance 
2019-0074-AJoseph K & Lauren McNamara5080 Springhouse CirAdmin variance 
2019-0075-AAbraham Kidane & Semira Maharena7514 Knollwood RdAdmin variance 
2019-0076-AMaria Yavorivsky1400 A Edmondson AveAdmin variance 
2019-0077-SPHAV & E Industries, owner
Copart Inc, purchaser
Patapsco Ave Temp storage of used and damaged cars
2019-0078-AZoya Aronova & Juliya Leviyeva2913 Garnet Rd  
2019-0079-AMartha Parsons Nelson3505 Houcks Mill RdAdmin variance 
2019-0080-ADavid Bryson & Joyce Wooten3705 Tulip AveAdmin variance 
2019-0081-AGregory & Tracy Stolins11502 Wallace DrAdmin variance 
2019-0082-AReisterstown Village Investors, LLC10 Village Center Rd Signs (Weis)
2019-0083-AAdam & Elizabeth Gerber11964 Park Heights Ave  
2019-0084-SPHRobin Buettner1100 Westminster Pike ECC outside URDL - denied
2019-0085-ADavid & Sara Sides17106 Masemore RdAdmin variance 
2019-0086-SPHMetthew Riemer7418 Cheapeake Rd Bath house with kitchen
2019-0087-AChristopher & Caitlin Taddiken2311 Rockwell AveAdmin variance 
2019-0088-ASheehy White Marsh Property, LLC5361 Nottingridge Rd Signs
2019-0089-AMeir Strobel & Sara Gerstenfeld2901 Chokeberry CtAdmin variance 
2019-0090-SPHChristina Miller4730 Byron Rd Assisted living within 1000 ft
2019-0091-ARaymond Havard346 Wye Rd  
2019-0092-SPHPostponed1838 Greene Tree Rd Health club/parking 96/498
2019-0093-AJames Pitcher410 Belfast Rd  
2019-0094-SPHXANickbiel, LLC, owner; Jabber Five, Inc, lesee1701 York Rd Medical clinic, parking 13/21 (listed as 19-157)
2019-0095-ASpencer & Bria Sinnott25 Deep Dale DrAdmin variance 
2019-0096-AWilliam & Caroline Moore510 Gun RdAdmin variance 
2019-0097-AMali Sateri8207 Anita RdAdmin variance 
2019-0098-ANasir Hamidy6302 Chesworth RdAdmin varianceDenied, appealed
2019-0100-XANov 269808 Liberty Rd Medical clinic
2019-0101-AKien T Le4061 North Point Blvd  
2019-0102-AYing Wei Lum & Lauren Lum8308 Tally Ho RdAdmin variance 
2019-0103-ADKW Non-DST Trust12416 Hunters Glen  
2019-0104-AMichelle Weatherby1885 Northurst DrAdmin variance 
2019-0105-XA8301 Oakleigh Road, LLC8301 Oakleigh Rd Child care, 20 kids, 0.197a
2019-0106-AJason & Alexis Timoil509 East Seminary AveAdmin variance 
2019-0107-ADavid & Avigail Weatcatch2721 Woodcourt RdAdmin variance 
2019-0108-AEleanor Hardy, owner
Michael & Heather Brenner, purchaser
19675 Eagle Mill Rd setback from pasture
2019-0109-A1923 Brady Avenue, LLC1923 Brady Ave  
2019-0110-A1923 Brady Avenue, LLC1925 Brady Ave  
2019-0111-AAnthony & Patsy Norris28 Rhonda CtAdmin variance 
2019-0112-A200 220 North Point Eat, LLC, owner
U-Haul, lessee
222 North Point Blvd  
2019-0113-SPHAVance Meyer2630 Masseth Ave  
2019-0114-ACanuso Builder Seneca Creek, LLC501-519 Schmidt Rd  
2019-0115-AChristine Kelly13235 Old Hanover RdAdmin variance 
2019-0116-ARandy McMonigle7611 Fitch Ln  
2019-0117-ALisa Ann Phelps10705 Lakespring WayAdmin variance 
2019-0118-AFrederick Schroeder;5 Glider Dr  
2019-0119-AAndrea Mitsos & Dale Lawrence706 Goucher AveAdmin variance 
2019-0120-ANeil Didriksen & Jane Brown208 Woodbrook Ln  
2019-0121-SPHRobert & Melissa Aldave6305 Mount Ridge Rd Non-conforming 2 unit dwelling
2019-0122-ARandy McMonigle7609 Fitch Ave  
2019-0123-SPHPerry Hall Blvd Commercial, LLC, owner; Two Farms, Inc, purchaser8301 Perry Hall Blvd Appealed
2019-0124-A 6011 Loreley Beach Rd  
2019-0125-AThomas Leon17 Elm DrAdmin variance 
2019-0126-ACharles R Tracey IV2006 Poplar Rd  
2019-0127-AMichael Mioduszewski7606 Riddle Ave  
2019-0128-AMichael Mioduszewski7608 Riddle Ave  
2019-0129-ADennis & Doris Balsarick6915 Harewood Park DrAdmin variance3 RVs
2019-0130-AYork Aylesbury, LLC2010 York Rd Sign 207 sq ft/100
2019-0131-A 4 Chelmsford CtAdmin variance 
2019-0132-AStacey Haines11117 Bird River Grove Rd Poultry on 0.5a
2019-0133-SPHAAlexa Gagliardi1907 Ridge Rd  
2019-0134-AEirc & Melissa McDemmott Lane16540 Yeoho RdAdmin variance 
2019-0135-APedro & Christina Damil4825 Sweet Air RdAdmin variance 
2019-0136-ABayview Properties, LLC2700 West Woodwell Rd 
2019-0137-AHyde Park Station, LLC, owner
Sweta Investment, LLC
1580 Hyde Park Rd Sign
2019-0138-XSteven Wilson, owner
Parkton York Solar, Lesse
21138 Old York Rd Solar facility
2019-0139-AWesley & Tonica Henry3312 Offutt RdAdmin variance 
2019-0140-AThomas & Tamara Watson538 Belfast RdAdmin variance 
2019-0141-XShafi Javid, MD, owner
ICFTS MD Solar, lessee
15009 Hanover Pike Solar 12a
2019-0142-XJavid Shafi, Owner; Kerri Neary, Lessee19620 Resh Mill Rd Solar 875kV - withdrawn
& 08-791
Arthur H. Becker Jr., Trustee and Nancy D. Miller, Trustee, owners; Gaylord Brooks Realty Co. Inc., developer/Applicant12170 Falls Rd Area in RC5
2019-0144-SPHAOekos Dundalk, LLC1401-1417 Merritt Blvd Parking 990/1131
2019-0145-ARussell MooreWalnut Ave, Lot 11  
2019-0146-ARussell MooreWalnut Ave, Lot 13, s of Maple 
2019-0147-XElaine Oursler Burns, Owner;
SGC Power, LLC, Lessee
715 Westminster Pike Solar
2019-0148-AYitchak Khoshkeraman & Aviva Askarinam3402 Slade Ave  
2019-0149-ALeah Cooper & Michael Klunk618 Warren RdAdmin variance 
2019-0150-AMagid Elias6401 Sherwood Rd No info online
2019-0151-ANadia Elias6403 Sherwood Rd No info online
2019-0152-A 7518 Far Hills DrAdmin varianceGranted 1/3/2019
2019-0153-AJoseph Citrano, Jr, owner
Kierra Thomas, lessee
467 Pembrooke Blvd  
2019-0154-AJames Jr and James Smith Sr9017 Ermike CtAdmin variance 
2019-0155-ADerrick Agyemang-Duah2400 Perring Woods RdAdmin variance 
2019-0156-AAl Investments7822 Eastern Blvd Parking 6/7, etc.
2019-0157-ABenjamin Hoffman8500 Topping Rd  
2019-0158-ARaply Kruger, Jr18619 Graystone Rd  
2019-0159-SPHALittle Pond, LLC11526 Falls Rd Guest house
2019-0160-ADreamhouse, LLC2122 St Lukes Ln  
2019-0161-SPHAChristopher Bowers820 Upper Glencoe Rd  
2019-0162-SPHARuxton Towers, LLC8415 Bellona Ln Signs
2019-0163-X40 Clubhouse, LLC, owner
Daniel Frey, Lessee
300 Clubhouse Rd Service garage in ML-IM
2019-0164-AVictor & Rosemary Bongiorno1316 Burke Ave  
2019-0165-AJSJ Enterprises45 Gwynns Mill Ct Parking 13/21, other
2019-0166-ARalph & Karen Krach541 Compass Rd RV in front yard
2019-0168-XRussell Carter and Tiffany Stearns, owners; Follow My Lead, LLC, lessee2705 Greenspring Valley Rd Kennel
2019-0168-XFrederick Smallkin, protestant2705 Greenspring Valley RdMotion for postponementDenied
2019-0169-SPHAMichael & Jennifer Cordes1317 Western Run Rd  
2019-0170-SPHADennis Agboh, owner; Valerie Bonahjah, lessee9329 Liberty Rd Signs
2019-0171-XAFeb 258202 Pulaski Hwy Used motor vehicle lot
2019-0172-AMiddelsex Associates, LLP, owner; Auto Body Evolutions, lessee1400 Eastern Blvd Parking 1111/1140 - Auto Body?
2019-0173-AChadlyn, LLC925-929 Milford Mill Rd  
2019-0174-SPHAChioma AgwuRossville Blvd, s of Gum Spring  
2019-0175-ADoreen Lucke2807 Alabama Ave  
2019-0176-ADoreen Lucke2809 Alabama Ave  
2019-0177-APatton Holding, LLC600 Oakdean Rd  
2019-0178-AKennard Huster2830 Louisiana  
2019-0179-ARobert & Gail Woods3028 Dunglow RdAdmin variance 
2019-0180-AMelissa Breidenstein & Thomas Myers, Jr2222 Caves RdAdmin variance 
2019-0181-AJulio & Sheila Vazquez1111 Gladway Rd  
2019-0182-AHealthcare Realty Trust, Inc.9101 Franklin Square Dr 2 signs 97/25
2019-0183-XFeb 28PostponedFalls Rd Solar
2019-0184-SPHAChapin & Fanca Kraenzlin10600 Park Heights Ave Detached accessory living structure
2019-0185-ADimitre & Vania Petrova14306 Oak Meadow RdAdmin variance 
2019-0186-A38 Gibbons Blvd  
2019-0187-AForte Equity II, LLC42 Gibbons Dr  
2019-0188-SPHATarget Corp1727 Reisterstown Rd Signs-Target
2019-0189-XMerritt-M15, LLC, owner
Highs of Baltimore, LLC, lessee
11250-11254 Dolfield Blvd Fuel service station, BM IM, 340ft on minor arterial
2019-0190-A 105 Dihedral DrAdmin variance 
2019-0191-XWight Avenue Lot 3, LLC11100 York Rd Gas station
2019-0192-ASalvo Industrial Park4136 E Joppa Rd 3 Joint ID signs
2019-0193-ARyan Ramey1900 Ellinwood Rd  
2019-0194-ASacred Monastery and Holy Trinity Father8400 Park Heights  
2019-0194-ASacred Monastery and Holy Trinity Father8400 Park HeightsMotion fo ReconsiderationDenied
2019-0195-AWards Chapel United Methodist Church11023 Liberty Rd Manual changeable copy sign 50/25 -church
2019-0196-ALawrence Theodore, Owner,
Chesapeake Custon Properties, LLC, purchaser
2408 Ruth Ave  
2019-0197-AMar 1556 W Timonium Rd/
2125-2245 Greenspring Dr
 Joint ID sign 100% changeable copy, order 3/26/19
2019-0198-AErica Harvey1824 Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2019-0199-AAlvin Vossier4710 Greencove CirAdmin variance 
2019-0200-A 2036 Tred Avon Rd Home occupation
2019-0201-AFP Sub, LLC, owner
PSP Stores, LLC, lessee
7923 Belair Rd Pet shop
2019-0202-SPHApr 2510246 Reisterstown Rd  
2019-0203-AJohn Greene & Maria Bozzuto-Greene10510 Burnside Farm RdAdmin variance 
2019-0204-XAJohn Inscore & Elizabeth Collins13 Margaret Ave Apartment, parking 9/10
2019-0205-AKariAnn Scavuzzo-Knoedler8042 Bradshaw Rd  
2019-0206-XTowson TC, LLC, owner
Round 1 Entertainement, Inc, Lessee
825 Dulaney Valley Rd Arcade
2019-0207-SPHEva Ward12033 Jerusalem Rd  
2019-0208-AMichael & Amanda Pyne2207 Ridge Rd  
2019-0209-SPHDWK Services, LLC21434 York Rd Apartments
2019-0210-AKevin & Tiffany Audin3907 Briar Knoll Cir  
2019-0212-SPHSharon Green710 Academy Rd
230 Mt Desales Rd
2019-0213-SPHWilliam Fink, ownere
Michael J Fink, purchaser
433 52nd St 2-unit dwelling
2019-0214-AKenilworth, LP, owner
Jill Acquistion LLC, lessee
800 Kenilworth Rd Sign
2019-0215-AKathleen Lawman Lamb & James Lamb911 Army Rd  
2019-0216-ASharon Zamrzla22 Right Elevator Dr Denied
2019-0217-SPHADingler Family, LLC11021 Pulaski Hwy Vehicle storage
2019-0218-SPHOtters Hollow Properties, LLC1900 Monkton Rd Comm. parking in RC-7
2019-0219-XAApr 101525 York Rd Parking 0
2019-0220-AMohammed & Fahana Mufti6413 Windsor Mill Rd  
2019-0221-AMar 252501 Barrison Point Rd  
2019-0223-SPHJulie Van Campen & John Hobaugh7605 Mt Vista Rd Accessory building residence
2019-0224-SPHAAlbert Kirchmayr2507 Island View Rd  
2019-0225-ARichard & Connie Huber912 Frog Mortar Rd  
2019-0227-ASpencer & Kerry Kress Levy30 Aston Ct  
2019-0228-ACraig & Lee Ann Reich2506 Deer Meadow Ct  
2019-0229-AStephen & Wendy Mooney21250 Orwig Rd  
2019-0230-ADavid & Kimberly Nacrelli6507 Sherwood Rd  
2019-0231-AApr 26 - postponed1726 Reisterstown Rd Parking/signs
2019-0232-AJustin Shaffer66 Riverside RdAdmin variance 
2019-0233-ARussell & Kristine Moore6300 Pinehurst RdAdmin variance 
2019-0234-AJames & Verna Jones, owner
Krystyna Osowski, purchaser
7520 Avondale Ave  
2019-0235-SPHApr 181145 Concordia Dr Revise 2007-0202
2019-0236-SPHSarikas Properties, LLC, owner
Dr Ira Luskin, purchaser
1050 Cromwell Bridge Rd Vet school
2019-0238-SPHApr 1833 S Prospect Ave 2-unit dwelling
2019-0239-A2274 Monocacy Rd  
2019-0240-A101 Compass Rd RV
2019-0241-A7224 Holabird Ave  
2019-0242-A7222 Holabird Ave  
2019-0243-AJudith & Jonathan Tortora2 Keyser Woods CtAdmin variance 
2019-0244-ALots 141&142 Chesaco Park Small lot
2019-0245-XAApr 256426-34 Baltimore National Pike Gas station, signs
2019-0246-SPHApr 25
GSD White Marsh, LLC, owners
No location Construct building with shipping containers
2019-0247-A9770 Powder Hall Rd  
2019-0248-A 2944 Wood Valley Dr Solar panels in side yard
2019-0249-A221 Virginia AveAdmin variance 
2019-0250-SPHApr 2616 Wyndcrest Ave In-law apartment
2019-0251-AMichael & Nicole Billops4108 Brookside OaksAdmin variance 
2019-0252-AJay King13410 Jarrettsville PikeAdmin variance 
2019-0253-SPHAApr 268867-8905 Belair Rd Sign on pad site
2019-0254-SPHApr 291746 Joppa Rd Service garage
2019-0255-SPHMay 102006 Far Out Ln Non-density transfer
2019-0256-A3806 Chestnut Rd  
2019-0257-AJoseph Blaylock279 Mantrose AveAdmin variance 
2019-0258-AMichael & Anna Kobus8201 Selwin Ct 
2019-0259-A14410 Cuba Rd  
2019-0259-SPHAMay 615829 Falls Rd  
2019-0260-SPHAMay 61120 Freeland Rd  
2019-0261-ARobert & Eleanor Romadka10416 Vincent RdAdmin variance 
2019-0262-AShawn & Paula Campbell12620 Dulaney Valley RdAdmin variance 
2019-0263-XMay 89500 Old Court Rd Landscaping business
2019-0264-SPHMay 63200 Timberfield Ln  
2019-0265-AColleen Mallon7340 Brightside RdAdmin variance 
2019-0266-AAdam & Daniella Goldsmith2099 Thistlewood Rd  
2019-0267-ABrent Yoder4514 Todd Point Ln  
2019-0268-A8248 Northview Rd  
2019-0269-ACraig &Cindy Marhefka14410 Cuba Rd  
2019-0270-AMay 107308 Eastern Ave Parking 23/59
2019-0271-APatricia McCartin12508 Jerusalem Rd  
2019-0272-A2313 Westchester Ave  
2019-0273-A7313 Bellona Ave  
2019-0274-A1304 Burke Rd  
2019-0276-ADogwood Rd Setback from pasture 150/200
2019-0277-SPHMay 1315801 Old York Rd Equine vet
2019-0281-A898 Susquehanna Ave Chickens on ,735a
2019-0282-SPHAMay 139541 Belair Rd Parking in DR3.5
2019-0283-SPHAMay 136941 Mt Vista Rd Large garage
2019-0284-A223 Gralan Rd  
2019-0289-A8200 Pumpkin Hill Ct  
2019-0297-A10130A Liberty Rd  
2019-0299-A10510 Vincent Rd  
2019-0300-A18323 York Rd  

Updated 24 April 2019