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Proposed Regional Park at "Mt Vista Park"

Effective Jan 1, 2009, the County terminated the lease to the Revenue Authority for the land used for the Gunpowder Falls Golf Course. The land has been turned over to Recreation and Parks. Also, in 2007, the County purchased the adjacent 27 acre Schmidt property for $1,066,505.

In 2015, the County demolished the club-house building on the property, which appeared to be a very usefull building for offices and Rec&Park activities. The excuse was that it had a mold problem. We all know that mold problems are caused by a lack of proper maintenance and care of a building. I have it on good advice that mold mitigation would have cost less than demolition, and we'd still have a building to use. My theory is that the County administration wanted the building our of their way so that it would not impede whatever secret plans they have for the property!

According to county documents, Rec and Parks intends to build a $4.5 million regional park, with indoor facilites, ballfields, and pavilions. It would serve the Carroll Manor, Perry Hall, and White Marsh areas, which do not have sufficient indoor facilities. There is concern that such a facility would include a large building and lighted ball fields.

And a further kick-in-the-ass to residents, in 2016 the Kamenetz administration announced that it has already made a deal to have a commercial company install solar panels on a part of the park. For more, see here!

As a further concern to residents, the Maryland Transportation Authority bought the Rutkowski farm in August 2009 (for $1,085,500) and stated that they plan to relocate their maintenance facility here. While the Rutkowskis had planned to sell it to a private party who wished to build a couple new houses, that plan was scuttled when the property was rezoned to RC-7 during the 2008 CZMP, apparently at the request of some community members who wanted to "preserve" the property. Now, instead of several nice, well-designed houses, we might get a truck maintenance facility (and possibly salt-storage) for the long-term, and, in the "short-term" during the multi-year construction project, a staging yard for many gigantic trucks, similar to the environmental disaster off Lillian Holt Dr by the Beltway (which used to be a playground). See aerial photo.

The possibility of the County and State "swapping" the Rutkowski and Schmidt properties was mentioned at several community meetings. If done, it would, at least, keep the maintenance facility adjacent to I-95 and keep heavy traffic off of Raphel Rd. Click here for more.

Click here for map of properties.

The proposal to run a gas pipeline through this property from a new LNG plant at Sparrows Point has now been dropped. It seems that the industry has switched from wanting to import gas to wanting to export it.

It should be noted that "Mt Vista" is a historical place which was located at the other end of Mt Vista Rd by Harford Rd, thus, this park has been incorrectly named. Kingsville residents should come up with a better name and push for its use. The early land grants for this area were "Swanson" in 1665, "Simm's Choice" in 1674, "James' Park" in 1685 and "Annapolis" in 1748. (The county courthouse was on the other end of "Simm's Choice" from 1692 to 1712.) Elizabeth Raphel bought this property in 1836, thus "Raphel Park" is the obvious choice.

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