Quarterly Subdivison Reports

Here again, the County is removing older data from their web site and only keeping the previous year's reports accessible, even though the older reports are still valid and of interest to citizens. The 2009 through 2015 reports are no longer online at the County web-site, so the links below provide archived copies.

The following are no longer online. These are links to local archived files:

The following are still online.
These links are to the Baltimore County website:

2009 1st Quarter
2009 2nd Quarter
2009 3rd Quarter
2009 4th Quarter

2010 1st Quarter
2010 2nd Quarter
2010 3rd Quarter
2010 4th Quarter

2011 1st Quarter
2011 2nd Quarter
2011 3rd Quarter
2011 4th Quarter

2012 1st Quarter
2012 2nd Quarter
2012 3rd Quarter
2012 4th Quarter
2013 1st Quarter
2013 2nd Quarter
2013 3rd Quarter
2013 4th Quarter

2014 1st Quarter
2014 2nd Quarter
2014 3rd Quarter
2014 4th Quarter

2015 1st Quarter
2015 2nd Quarter
2015 3rd Quarter
2015 4th Quarter

2016 1st Quarter

2016 2nd Quarter
2016 3rd Quarter
2016 4th Quarter

2017 1st Quarter

Updated 17 June 2018