Baltimore County Board of Appeals Decisions

The following are links to copies of decisions signed and issued by the Board of Appeals for Baltimore County.

The Opinions are listed by the year's case number, for example, cases with a CBA-13- or beginning 13-000- are listed under 2013.

Name(s)Location/AddressCase NumberType of Appeal
Dennis K. and Elizabeth J. Agboh 6411 Liberty Rd 10-004-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing
Dennis K. and Elizabeth J. Agboh 6411 Liberty Rd 10-004-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing/Ruling on Motion for Reconsideration
Wayne J. and Lisa S. Knell 115 Burke Ave 10-042-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing
Jason and Herbert Tart 5022 Forge Rd 10-057-A Zoning/Variance - Dismissal
Robert Boutwell 18426 Falls Rd 10-082-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing/Dismissal
Christopher Malstrom 8301 Wilson Ave 10-094-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing/Final Decision
16 Skidmore Court, LLC 16 Skidmore Ct 10-133-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing - Dismissal
Karen Treat and Alverta Tutchton 2610 Holly Beach Rd 10-152-A Zoning/Variance - Dismissal
Ronald and Pamela Tate 7 Calgary Ct 10-156-A Zoning/Variance
Bear Creek Properties, L.L.C. 601 Wise Ave 10-158-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance
Russ and Brenda Kahn 14225 Longnecker Rd 10-173-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing
Quartner Commercial Properties 5509 Baltimore National Pike 10-182-XA Zoning/Special Exception/Variance - Dismissal
Lubomir Todorov 14006 Jarrettsville Pike 10-217-A Zoning/Variance - Dismissal
Nicholas Foehrolb 9501 Philadelphia Rd 10-225-A Zoning/Variance/Remand Order
Rainbow Hall, LLC 10729 Park Heights Ave 10-280-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing
Joseph and Patricia Shanahan 3505 Glenwood Ave 10-309-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing - Dismissal
Agboh-Waters 6411 Liberty Rd 10-314-SPHXA Zoning/Special Hearing/Special Exception/Variance
Robert and Diane Brown 21 Greenwood Ave 10-367-A Zoning/Variance
Dennis L. Collins 7819 St. Patricia Lane CBA-10-001 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Ronald Snyder 12730 Eastern Ave CBA-10-002 ERS - Dismissal
VFW Gunpowder Post 10067 6309 Ebenezer Rd CBA-10-003 Code Enforcement
Mildred Ziomeck and Philip Tagliaferri 17052 Troyer Rd CBA-10-004 Code Enforcement
Ewings Enterprise LLC 151 Bengies Rd CBA-10-005 Consent Order
Joyce Lynn Kreglow 1905 Haselmere Rd CBA-10-006 Animal Hearing Board
Gambrill Farms Two, LLC Vincent Farm Property CBA-10-007 and CBA-10-008 EPS Forest Buffer - Dismissal
Clayton's Automotive 8031 Norris Lane CBA-10-009 Towing License - Dismissal
Maryvale Preparatory School 11300 Falls Rd CBA-10-010 EPS Forest Buffer
Westwicke/Maryvale Preparatory School 11300 Falls Rd CBA-10-013 and 09-202-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance/Development Plan
Doris M. Silwonuk 1122 Foxwood Lane CBA-10-012 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Barry Mehta 5550 Baltimore National Pike CBA-10-014 Code Enforcement
Richard C. Monk 422 Oak Lane CBA-10-015 Animal Hearing Board
Rachel Bell 1104 Hewitt Way CBA-10-016 ERS - Dismissal
Aaron Jenkins 7422 Remoor Rd CBA-10-017 ERS Decision
Kaaren Priester 2112 Ebbvale Rd CBA-10-018 ERS - Dismissal
Corman Marine Construction, Inc. 711 East Ordance Rd CBA-10-019 DPW - Dismissal
Schenuit Investment, Inc. 10 Towsontown Boulevard CBA-10-021 LPN - Dismissal
Marina Holdings, LLC Riverside Ave a/k/a East Riverside Ave CBA-10-023 Road Closing - Dismissal
Barry Mehta 5550 Baltimore National Pike CBA-10-024 Code Enforcement - Dismissal
Edward J. Parr, Jr. 1022 Foxridge Lane CBA-10-025 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Timothy N. Harvey, Sr. 4538 Mount Zion Rd CBA-10-026 Code Enforcement
Maurice N. Clark 6831 Fairlawn Ave CBA-10-027 ERS - Dismissal
Timothy J. Otte 1122 Linden Ave CBA-10-028 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Southwest Enterprises, Inc. 5647 Southwestern Boulevard CBA-10-029 Code Enforcement
Nadine Czech 1015 Foxridge Lane CBA-10-030 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Deoneseos Ntavos 7603 Knollwood Rd CBA-10-031 Animal Hearing Board
John and Victoria Posey/Posey Property/Tufton Farms 13101 Dover Rd, Lot 4 CBA-10-032; CBA10-033 and 07-470-SPH EPS/Zoning - Dismissal
Curran Property Ivy Reach Court/Happy Hallow Rd CBA-10-034 PDM/Development Review and Approval
Mike Scott, General Contracting 10391 Reisterstown Rd CBA-10-036 PDM/Building Permit - Dismissal
Stephen J. Grenfell 241 Mallow Hill Rd CBA-10-037 ERS - Dismissal
Salvatore and Denise Fili 15329 Tanyard Rd CBA-10-038 Animal Hearing Board
Mary J. Shorter 8607 Drumwood Rd CBA-10-039 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Richard Alan Levin and Eleni Koroniou 25 East Seminary Ave CBA-10-040 Animal Hearing Board
Ray M. Singer 7956 Bank Street CBA-10-041 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Shane Whalen 8637 Oakleigh Rd CBA-10-042 Animal Hearing Board
Name(s)Location/AddressCase NumberType of Appeal
Esplanade at Red Run Red Run Blvd., N. of Lakeside CBA-11-001 Refinement/DRC
Louise Nelson 9733 Matzon Rd CBA-11-002 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Kevin L. Baggett 1104 Hewitt Way CBA-11-003 ERS - Dismissal
Juan Ramon Viego 417 Ruby Ave CBA-11-005 DPW/Sewer Service Charges
Sotiris Stakis 1752 Langport Rd CBA-11-006 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Barry Mehta 5550 Baltimore National Pike CBA-11-007 DPW/Sewer Service Charges - Dismissal
Charles Cordwell 1249 Neighbors Ave CBA-11-008 ERS - Dismissal
Elaine Collins 7933 Wynbrook Rd CBA-11-009 ERS - Dismissal
Charlestown Retirement Community 701 Maiden Choice Lane CBA-11-010 and CBA-11-011 DRC - Dismissals
Stanley Siedlecki 4309 Springwood Rd CBA-11-012 ERS - Decision
Terry Randall 3148 Baybriar Rd CBA-11-013 ERS - Remand Order
Terry Randall 3148 Baybriar Rd CBA-11-013 ERS - Dismissal
Donna Duto 12335 Boncrest Dr CBA-11-015 ERS Decision
Richard and Monica Levine 976 Western Rd CBA-11-016 Code Enforcement
Raji, LLC 6120 Baltimore National Pike CBA-11-017 Code Enforcement
Sandra Davis 9513 Fuller Ave CBA-11-018 ERS - Dismissal
James Robinson 606 Beavers Ct CBA-11-019 ERS Decision
Miles Towing/PLE Towing 5220 Washington Boulevard CBA-11-020 Towing License - Dismissal
Joseph E. Wharton 8116 Del Haven Rd CBA-11-021 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Richard and Anna Romesburg 1205B East Homberg Ave CBA-11-022 Code Enforcement
Chester Moraniec 609 Kingston Rd CBA-11-023 ERS Decision
Charles Dawson 7844 Magledt Rd CBA-11-024 ERS - Decision
Diana and William Donoho 8539 Chestnut Oak Rd CBA-11-025 Code Enforcement
Deborah Bolyard 54 Valley View Rd CBA-11-026 ERS - Dismissal
Mark Dubbert 10 Patterwal Ct CBA-11-027 Code Enforcement
Henry P. Ruth 4014 St. Monica Dr CBA-11-028 TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
John J. Clarke, Jr. 15297 Dover Rd CBA-11-029 ERS - Dismissal
Crossroads Reserve, LLC 9653 and 9655 Belair Rd 11-002-X Zoning/Special Exception - Dismissal
Redeemed Christian Church of God 7704 and 7710 Windsor Mill Rd 11-028-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance
Andrew J. Mattes, III, et ux 2534 Island View Rd 11-051-SPH Zoning/Special Hearing/Remand Order
Carol Reed 4800 Deer Park Rd 11-081-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance
Mohammad Akram 202 Fox Haven Ct 11-101-A Zoning/Variance
Cohb, LLC 3939 New Section Rd 11-114-A Zoning/Variance
John Edward Hauser, Jr., et al 826 Sue Grove Rd 11-120-A Zoning/Variance
Mark Wilson 10705 Park Heights Ave 11-129-A Zoning/Variance - Dismissal
Abiodun and Omobolarinwa Somide 9601 Liberty Rd 11-138-A Zoning - Remand Order
Dulaney Center Business Trust 901 Dulaney Valley Rd 11-144-A Zoning/Variance - Dismissal
Matthew and Dulaney Dent 6 Betty Bush Lane 11-148-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance - Dismissal
Charles and Ingrid Castronovo 1501 Shore Rd 11-222-A Zoning/Variance
Diana Ervin 11565 Philadelphia Rd 11-174-A Zoning/Variance/Dismissal
Oliver and Felecia Webb 7205 Fairbrook Rd 11-243-A Zoning/Variance
Charles R. and Cindy L. Popp 1516 Arbutus Ave 11-256-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance - Dismissal
Joann Garrity 5230 Washington Boulevard 11-258-SPHXA Zoning/Special Hearing/Special Exception/Variance
Debbie Sharp and Joseph Campayno 8729 Dogwood Rd 11-279-SPHX Zoning/Special Hearing/Special Exception
Christian Life Church W/S Deer Park Rd, W end Winands Rd 11-311-SPHA Zoning/Special Hearing/Variance
Dat T. Tran
1402 E. Joppa Rd 11-366-ASA Zoning/Variance/Special Variance
Baltimore County, Maryland; Security Boulevard Ventures, LLC and Thomas and Barbara Palacorolla Johnnycake Rd/Fairbrook Rd M.C. 11-01 Zoning Map Correction
Baltimore County, Maryland; Security Boulevard Ventures, LLC and Thomas and Barbara Palacorolla Johnnycake Rd/Fairbrook Rd M.C. 11-01 Amended Zoning Map Correction - Amended
Baltimore County, Maryland; John A. Hatfield; Elizabeth Proutt; and Mary Louise Trimmingham E/S Falls Rd, opposite Hillside Rd M.C. 11-02 Zoning Map Correction
Name(s)Location/AddressCase NumberType of Appeal
William Jeffrey Nicely12216 and 1222 Eastern AveM.C. 12-01Zoning/Map Correction
Yoo Kwan and Sang Hwa Jun8902 Harford RdM.C. 12-02Zoning/Map Correction
McAvoy Enterprises, LLC2531 Putty Hill Ave12-007-SPHZoning/Special Hearing
William J. Turner3219 East Joppa Rd12-138-XAZoning/Special Exception/Variance
Anderson GM10111, 10125, 10131 York Rd and 10 Halesworth Rd12-150-SPH and CBA-12-061Zoning/Special Hearing and PUD Amendment - Opinion
New Plan Holdings, LLC8700 Liberty Rd12-192-AZoning/Variance/Remand Order
Joseph and Margaret Ardolino1502 Walker Rd12-253-AZoning/Variance - Dismissal
Joseph Cox647 Charles Street AveCBA-12-001ERS - Dismissal
Raymond D. and Vickey L. Burke16306 Matthews RdCBA-12-002PIA/Letter Decision/Denial of Waiver
Roderick Day2111 Lukewood DrCBA-12-003ERS Decision
Thomas Mason Gross Jr.1425 Langford RdCBA-12-004Animal Hearing Board
Alberta L. Jenkins4402 Noreen RdCBA-12-005TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Christopher Grutkowski411 Kennard AveCBA-12-006ERS - Dismissal
George Turnbaugh303 Timothy DrCBA-12-007ERS - Dismissal
Donna L. Ferrell-Biehler8186 N. Boundary RdCBA-12-008TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Five M, LLC/AKA The Ridge at Old CtS/S Old Court Rd; E of Springbriar LnCBA-12-009Development Plan Decision
Thomas McKnight Marshall Jr.1606 Frederick RdCBA-12-010AHB - Dismissal
Thomas McKnight Marshall Jr.1606 Frederick RdCBA-12-010AHB - Ruling on Motion for Reconsideration
Aigburth Vale, LLLP212 Aigburth AveCBA-12-011Code Enforcement
Christian Life ChurchW/S Deer Park Rd, W end Winands RdCBA-12-012Development Plan
Alma Gatley17030 Evna RdCBA-12-014Animal Hearing Board
Edgemere Bowling Alley6809 North Point RdCBA-12-015Fire Inspection and Violation - Dismissal
Mirza Yalcin9403 Turf RdCBA-12-016Code Enforcement
William F. Kerchner Jr.1005 St. Charles AveCBA-12-017Code Enforcement
Rodney Crouch1210 Hilldale AveCBA-12-018Code Enforcement
Lawrence Minton7320 Waldman AveCBA-12-019ERS - Majority and Concurring Decision
Gregory Garliss40 Washington RdCBA-12-021ERS - Decision
Charlotte McKim Wharton1201 Geist RdCBA-12-022Animal Hearing Board
Baltimore County Organized Licensed Towers, Inc., Varsity Auto Repair, Inc., T/A Varsity Towing, Pollard's Towing Company and Lock's Garage, Inc.3 Ensor AveCBA-12-023PAI/Towing/Dismissal
Frederick Bell406 Montrose StreetCBA-12-025Animal Hearing Board
Sarah Papay1050 Marleigh CircleCBA-12-026AHB - Settlement Order
Gary Grief934 Oakleigh Beach RdCBA-12-027DEPS - Consent Order
Mercedes Lebron-Gonzalez1917 White Oak AveCBA-12-028TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Vincent Farm PropertyVincent Farm Lane at Gambrill RdCBA-12-029Design Review - Dismissal
The Opening of a Portion of Johnnycake RdJohnnycake RdCBA-12-030Road Opening
Rushley Rd Property1907 Rushley RdCBA-12-031 and CBA-12-032DEPS - Sub Curia
Dominic Trionfo7005 Oliver Beach RdCBA-12-034ERS - Dismissal
Katherine Breighner8002 Kavanagh RdCBA-12-035TE/Granting of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Closing a Portion of Bengies Rda portion of Bengies Rd containing 0.006 acre (260 square feet)CBA-12-036DPW - Remand Order
Daniel Maisonet3613 Hilmar RdCBA-12-037AHB - Amended Opinion
Daniel Maisonet3613 Hilmar RdCBA-12-037Animal Hearing Board
Thomas R. Davidson8033 Kimberly RdCBA-12-038TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Mary F. Hughes936 Foxcroft LnCBA-12-039TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Richard R. Hughes Sr.936 Foxcroft LaneCBA-12-040TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
John R. Mulvaney Jr.8822 Golden Tree LnCBA-12-044DPW/Sewer Service Charges - Dismissal
Elizabeth West8370 Hillendale RdCBA-12-046TE/Granting of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
John W. Kenyon III and John W. Kenyon IV102 Linden TerraceCBA-12-047Code Enforcement
Pullen Tour Service, Inc.3118 Hammonds Ferry RdCBA-12-048Code Enforcement
Richard E. Spilman1708 Watervale RdCBA-12-049ERS - Dismissal
Gary Roth, Owner - Kids First Swim School9970 York RdCBA-12-050Code Enforcement
Plaza Investors LLC600 Reisterstown RdCBA-12-053DRP/Stipulation and Order
Claudette V. Hesson953 Joshua Tree CtCBA-12-054DPW/Sewer Service Charges - Dismissal
Richard A. Levin71 Greenwich PlCBA-12-058AHB - Settlement Order
Kelly E. Blake and Mary Patricia Blake7242 Sindall RdCBA-12-059TE/Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Anderson GM10111, 10125, 10131 York Rd and 10 Halesworth RdCBA-12-061 and 12-150-SPHZoning/PUD Amendment and Special Hearing - Opinion
Henry Willliam Gladding - Ashley Fox2703 Wildberger Ave Apartment 1CBA-12-062AHB - Dismissal
YMCA of Central Maryland600 W. Chesapeake AveCBA-12-063PAI/Decision letter/Spirit and Intent/Dismissal
Name(s)Location/AddressCase NumberType of Appeal
Linda Senez341 Worton Rd13-014-AZoning, Variance
Ingeborg and Domenico Occorso12519 Falls Rd13-021-AZoning, Variance
1600 Frederick Rd, LLC1600 Frederick Rd13-071-SPHZoning, Special Hearing, Dismissal
William and Mary Groff, Legal Owners; DMS Tollgate, LLC, Contract Purchaser10609 Reisterstown Rd13-080-XZoning, Special Exception
Associated Catholic Charities, Inc2829 Lodge Farm Rd13-103-SPHXAZoning, Special Hearing, Special Exception and Variance
Shreyas and Nisha Panchigar4381 Hollins Ferry Rd13-115-XAZoning, Special Exception and Variance, Dismissal
9400 Liberty Limited Partnership, Legal Owners; Two Farms, Inc, Lessee9043 Liberty Rd13-132-XAZoning, Special Exception and Variance, Remand Order
Reverend Lucy Ware4512 Old Court Rd13-147-SPHAZoning, Special Hearing and Variance
The Belvedere Baptist Church of Baltimore, Legal Owner; Davenport Preschool, LLC, Lessee1301 Cheverly Rd13-166-XZoning, Special Exception, Dismissal
Michael R. Mardiney Jr., M.D., Legal Owner; Entourage Development, LLC, Contract Purchaser or Lessee2027 York Rd13-171-SPHXAZoning, Special Hearing, Special Exception and Variance
Frank and Joyce Habicht5809 Hazelwood Ave13-217-AZoning, Variance
Robert Pritchard and Lynn Fontana, Legal Owners; Richard and Marcie Rosario, Contract Purchasers12202 Happy Hollow Rd13-256-AZoning, Variance, Dismissal
Kim Hammond6314 Falls Rd13-265-SPHAZoning, Special Hearing and Variance
Harlan Zinn809 Cold Spring Rd13-295-SPHZoning, Special Hearing
Kamilah Shortridge, Legal Owner; Cynthia Shipley, Petitioner5939 Prince George Street13-306-AZoning, Variance
Ross Ridge Apartments6800 Averill RdCBA-13-001Code Enforcement, Dismissal
Gary Logan8424 Charlton RdCBA-13-002Employees Retirement System, Dismissal
Deborah Sandy15 Foundry RdCBA-13-003Employees Retirement System, Dismissal
Mary and Robert Pencarski6427 Catalpa RdCBA-13-004DEPS, Variance
Amanda Erin Manown5014 Mount Carmel RdCBA-13-005Animal Hearing Board
Christine A. Tokar4703 Grand Bend DrCBA-13-006Animal Hearing Board
Stephen and Sharon Crum7310 Gunpowder RdCBA-13-007Code Enforcement
Andrew Hoffman
12163 Woodland DrCBA-13-008Employees Retirement System, Dismissal
Helen Potrzuski66 North Dundalk AveCBA-13-009Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
William C. Corrigan7305 Berkshire RdCBA-13-010Denial of Reserved Handicapped Parking Space
Nicole A. Kane11927 Thurloe DrCBA-13-011Animal Hearing Board
Christiane Rothbaum300 Hopkins RdCBA-13-012Code Enforcement
Richard and Denise Jones8207 Longpoint RdCBA-13-013Code Enforcement
Nicholas Kim28 Westminster Bridge WayCBA-13-014Animal Hearing Board
Plaza Investors, LLC600 Reisterstown RdCBA-13-016Design Review Panel
Daniel and Vienna Dietrich11444 Glen Arm RdCBA-13-017Code Enforcement
Charles and Mary Macgill319 Gun RdCBA-13-018Code Enforcement
Mary Prietz3543 Bay DrCBA-13-020DEPS Citation, Dismissal
Tatiana Rowan33 Gorsuch RdCBA-13-021Animal Hearing Board
Grace Stultz2760 Yarnall RdCBA-13-022Denial of reserved handicapped parking space, Dismissal
FMR, Inc
436 Back River Neck RdCBA-13-023Towing License
Autumn J. Lubawski (minor) care of Crystal L. Drew, parent1913 Marsdale RdCBA-13-024Denial of reserved handicapped parking space
Whalen Properties LLC (aka Southwest Physicians Pavilion)
350 Kenwood AveCBA-13-025Zoning, PUD Decision
Mark Generald Banks 2nd
4417 Annapolis RdCBA-13-026Animal Hearing Board
Dawn and Francis Kline1846 Edgewood RdCBA-13-027Code Enforcement
Mary Ann North1209 Deanwood RdCBA-13-028Denial of reserved handicapped parking space, Dismissal
Steven and Joanne Galasso10903 - 10911 Falls RdCBA-13-029Appeal of Director Letter
Michael Priet7806 Saint Gregory DrCBA-13-030Denial of reserved handicapped parking space
United, LLC205 E. Joppa RdCBA-13-031Fire Inspection Citation
2816 Old North Point Rd, LLC
2816 Old North Point RdCBA-13-032Code Enforcement, Remand
Terry and Laurie Stanzione1926 Westchester AveCBA-13-033Animal Hearing Board
Mary Jane Archer1732 Amuskai RdCBA-13-034Animal Hearing Board
Mays Chapel Elementary School12550 Roundwood RdCBA-14-035Lot Line Adjustment
Patricia A. Burr8043 Wynbrook RdCBA-13-036Denial of reserved handicapped parking space
Marie E. Michaud1520 Dornton AveCBA-13-037Denial of reserved handicapped parking space
2400 North Point, LLC2400 North Point RdM.C.-13-01Zoning Map Correction
Baltimore County, Maryland; and Robert and Betty Ann Palmer412 Armstrong RdM.C.-13-02Zoning Map Correction

Those after 2013 are still online here.